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Full text of "Records of the First Church at Dorchester, in New England, 1636-1734"

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This Is Produced By The Photoduplication Program 
Of The New England Historic Genealogical Society, 
Boston, Massachusetts 



First Church at Dorchester 



Boston, Mass. 

Grorge H. Ellis, 141 Franklin Street 



COPYWGHT, 189:, 






At a meeting of the First Church, Dorchester, held 
July, 1888, it was voted to print the first manuscript 
volume of the Church Records, 1636-1734. The 
pastor (Rev. C. R. Eliot), Rev. S. J. Barrows, Will- 
iam B. Trask, and the deacons (Henry Humphreys, 
Hiram Clapp, and Richard C. Humphreys), were 
appointed a Committee upon editing. The work 
of transcribing the Records was intrusted to Rev. 
Charles H. Pope, that of writing the Introduction to 
Rev. S. J. Barrows and Mr. William B. Trask. 


The First Church of Dorchester was formed in England by 
the great historic forces which sowed the seed of Puritanism 
on the shores of Massachusetts Bay. The " Mary and John " 
which brought the first company of our Dorchester settlers was 
the second of the seventeen ships which sailed from England to 
America in 1629-30. The one hundred and forty* emigrants 
who embarked on this vessel at Plymouth March 20, 1629-30,! 
were gathered for the most part from Devon, Dorset, and Somer- 
setshire. Before setting sail from England, a church organiza- 
tion was formed with due solemnity, and ministers were chosen. 
This event is thus described by one of their number, Mr. Roger 
Clap, in the memoir left for his children: — 

"There came many Godly Families in that Ship: We were of 
Passengers many in number (besides Sea-men) of good Rank : 
Two of our Magistrates came with us, viz. Mr. Rossiter and Mr. 
Ludlow. These Godly People resolved to live together; and 
therefore as they had made choice of those two Revd. Servants of 
God, Mr. John Warham and Mr. John Maverick to be their Min- 
isters, so they kept a solemn Day of Fasting in the New Hospital 
in Plymouth in England, spending it in Preaching and Praying: 
where that worthy Man of God, Mr. John White of Dorchester in 
Dorset was present, and preached unto us the Word of God, in 
the fore-part of the Day, and in the latter part of the Day as 
the people did solemnly make Choice of, and call those godly 
Ministers to be their Officers, so also the Revd. Mr. Warham and 
Mr. Maverick did accept thereof, and expressed the same. So we 
came, by the good Hand of the Lord, through the Deeps com- 
fortably; having Preaching or Expounding of the Word of God 
every Day for Ten Weeks together, by our Ministers." (Memoirs 
of Roger Clap, p. 39.) 

•John White says: "There passed away about 140 persons out of the west, 
ern parts from Plimmouth." (Force's Tracts : Vol. II. John White's " Planter's 
Plea," p. 35.) Winthrop, writing to his wife from aboard the "Arbella," March 
28, 1630, says, " The ship which went from Plimouth carried about 140 per- 
sons." (Savage's " Winthrop," 1st Ed. 1825. p. 368.) 

t The dates throughout are given in old style. 


The " Mary and John " arrived at Nantasket May 30, 1630. A 
few days later the passengers had effected a settlement at Dor- 
chester, being thus about a month earlier than the rest of the 
Winthrop Colony. On June 6, the first Sunday after the land- 
ing, services of gratitude and praise were held under the open 
sky.* And this day, which commemorates the planting in the 
wilderness of the church organized in Plymouth, England, is coin- 
cident also with the settlement of the town. 

It is not possible to make a complete list of the passengers of 
the " Mary and John." Nor is it possible to give the names of 
those who constituted the first membership of the church on its 
organization in England or on its establishment in Dorchester. 
Prior to 1636 no records of the church are extant. Such names 
of the first church members as can be discovered must be gath- 
ered from other sources. 

The records of the town begin Jan. 16, 1632-33^ Two miss- 
ing leaves probably contained its proceedings from 1630. A list 
of the male settlers of the town, whose names appear scattered 
through its pages prior to Aug. 23, 1636, comprises one hundred 
and forty-five names. Of these many came in 1633 on a sn ip 
from Weymouth, England, which brought about eighty passengers, 
who, Winthrop t says, settled at Dorchester. It is not easy always 
to distinguish the settlers of 1630 mentioned on the town records 
from those of 1633 or later dates, nor is it possible to say with 
absolute certainty who of these were church members. The date 
of application for freemanship is a partial guide, since, after May 
18, 1 63 1, persons who became freemen of Massachusetts Bay 
Colony were required to be members of a church. The order 
requiring this was passed at a General Court held at Boston on 
the date above and reads "& to the end the body of the comons 
may be p'served of honest & good men, it was likewise ordered 
and agreed that for time to come noe man shalbe admitted to the 
freedome of this body polliticke, but such as are members of some 
of the churches within the lymitts of the same." 

Among the first group of men who applied for this privilege 
Oct. 19, 1630, seven months before the passage of this order, are 

•Discourse of Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D.D., July 4, 1830, p. 8. 

t There are three earlier entries, one dated January 2t. It is uncertain 
whether this is 1631-2 or 1632-3. 

t Savage's " Winthrop," 1st Ed. p. 105. 


thirteen names of Dorchester people. Five of these names — 
John Crabb, Christopher Gibson, Mr. Ralph Glover, Mr. Richard 
Southcoate, and Mr. Thomas Southcoate — are not entered subse- 
quently as having taken the oath, but the name of Gibson occurs 
later on the church records. After the passage of the order re- 
ferred to, it is safe and, indeed, necessary to assume that all those 
made freemen were members of the church. 

List of those made Freemen from May 18, 1631, to 
of Church Records, Aug. 23, 1636. 


Benham, John 
Branker, Mr. John 
Capen, Bernard 
Capen, John 
Carter, Joshua 
Clap, Roger 
Clarke, Joseph 
Clement, Augustine 
Cogan, Mr. John 

Collacott, Richard 
Cooke, Aaron 
Deeble, Robert 
Denslow, Nicholas 
Dewey, Thomas 
Dimmock, Thomas 
Duncan, Nathaniel 
Dyer, George 
Eales, John 
Eggleston, Bagot 

Feakes or Fookes, 

Filer, Walter 
Ford, Thomas 
French, Stephen 
Gaylord, William 
Gibbs, Giles 
Gillet, Jonathan 
Grant, Matthew 
Grenaway, John 

Gunn, Thomas 
Hart, Edmund 
Hatch, Thomas 
Hathorne, William 
Hayden, John 
Holcomb, Thomas 
Hosford, William 
* Hoskins, John 
Hoyt, Simon 

Hulbert, William 
Hull, George 
Hull, John 
Jeffrey, Thomas 
Leavitt, John 
Lumbert, Thomas 
Marshall, Thomas 
Mason, Capt. John 
Maverick, Mr. John 
Maverick, Moses 
Minot, George 

Phillips, John 

Pomeroy, Eltweed 

Pope, John 

Randall, Philip 

•Rawlins, Thomas 

Read, William 

Rockwell, William 

Rossiter, Bray 

Sension, Matthias 

Smith, John 

Smith, Henry 

Southcoate, Capt. 

Stoughton, Mr. Israel 

Stoughton, Thomas 

Strange, George 

Swift, Thomas 

Terry, Stephen 

Thornton, Thomas 

Tilley, John 

Twitchell, Joseph 

Upsall, Nicholas 


Moore, John 

Newbery, Mr. Thomas Warham, Mr. John 

Newton, John 
Parker, James 
Parkman, Elias 
Pierce, John 
Phelps, William 

Wilkins, Bray 
f Williams, Roger 
Wilton, David 
Witchfield, John 
Wolcot, Henry 
Wright, Henry 

Phillips, George 
Total, 84 

•There are two of these names, John Hoskins, 1631 and 1634, and Thomas 
Rawlins, 1631 and 1635-36. There is a strong probability that they both 
belong to Dorchester; but we cannot be certain. 

t This was not the more famous man who bore the same name. 


In those days migrations and transmigrations were common. 
Dorchester took and gave with the rest. We have seen that the 
membership of the church was swelled by arrivals subsequent to 
that of the " Mary and John." Exchanges were also made 
between the towns. The names of some of the early settlers can 
be traced in the records of other towns to which they soon after 
removed. It was not to be expected that the dauntless enterprise 
which had brought the Puritans to these shores would permit 
them to remain on the fringe of the coast. The "Westward Ho" 
spirit early showed itself in organized as well as individual migra- 
tion. One of the earliest, largest, and most important of these 
migrations from Dorchester occurred in 1635-36, when a large 
portion of the population removed to Connecticut and settled at 
Windsor. This colonial swarming reduced the original hive, 
a goodly number of the church members going with the junior 
pastor, Mr. Warham, to Windsor, and becoming the nucleus of 
another church in that place. 

The depletion caused by the migration to Connecticut, as well 
as the influx of new colonists in 1635, ^ e< ^ t0 ^ e reorganization 
of the Dorchester Church, when Richard Mather was called to 
its pastorate in 1636, and the covenant with which this volume 
begins was adopted. 

As many of the first members who came in the " Mary and 
John" went to Windsor, the question has been raised whether the 
church in Dorchester or the First Church in Windsor, Conn., is 
the proper heir of the church gathered in Plymouth, England. 
Since it is beyond doubt that both churches were essentially de- 
rived from the same historical root, both may rightfully and fra- 
ternally claim to be children of the same parentage. The question 
of ecclesiastical primogeniture is not here intrinsically important. 
Any facts, however, which show the original relation of the two 
churches to each other and to the parent church organized in 
England are interesting and valuable. More light is needed on 
various points. Dogmatism must be dismissed. The early set- 
tlers hardly imagined how much every scrap of information con- 
cerning their doings would be prized in later days, or they would 
have taken pains to anticipate our doubts and questionings. 

Three questions are naturally suggested by the emigration to 
Windsor of so large a number of the Dorchester plantation. 
First, did the church go to Windsor by an official act as a church 


organization ? Second, what proportion of the church member- 
ship went ? Third, what was meant by a " new church " in Dor- 
chester ? 

I. Did the church go to Windsor by an official act as a 


The only conclusive evidence on this point would be the records 
of the church previous to 1635. These, as has been said, are not 
extant. What action the church took, or whether it took any, is 
therefore not known. The subject of the emigration to Con- 
necticut excited heated and prolonged debate in the colonial gov- 
ernment.* Urgently advocated on one side, it was vehemently 
opposed on the other. The division most probably extended to 
the Dorchester church also. At least it is suggested by the fact 
that the church membership did not go as a unit. A part went 
to Windsor, a part remained in Dorchester. 

In examining the question, care must be taken to distinguish 
between the church acting as a church organization and the simple 
body of church members acting individually or fraternally. The 
distinction was not carefully made by the early New England his- 
torians. This has led to misconception and misapplication of their 
words by later writers. Winthrop, Thomas Shepard, and Rich- 
ard Mather were contemporaries of the first settlers. Winthrop, 
in his Journal, vol. i. 183, 1636, says, " Mr. Mather and others of 
Dorchester, intending to begin a new church there {a great part of 
the old one being gone to Connecticut), desired the approbation of 
the other churches and of the magistrates." It is clear from Win- 
throp's statement that a new church organization was formed in 
Dorchester. He does not say, however, that the Dorchester 
church, as a church, had gone to Connecticut. His language, "a 
great part of the old one being gone to Connecticut," refers appar- 
ently to the colony of church members. Had the church taken 
formal action and gone as an organization, we should suppose 
that Winthrop would have mentioned it. His reticence gives 
color to the probability already assumed, that the controversy 
about the emigration shattered and divided the original organi- 

Rev. Thomas Shepard, of Newtown, now Cambridge, was also 
present at the council in Dorchester, April r, 1636, mentioned by 

•Savage's "Winthrop," vol. L 140. 


Winthrop. He was one of those who were not satisfied with the 
qualifications of some who presented themselves for approval at 
that gathering. He publicly expressed his dissent. After return- 
ing home, he wrote a letter to Richard Mather, for whom he had 
a strong personal friendship, endeavoring to console him upon 
his failure to secure the approbation of the magistrates and the 
neighboring churches. There is nothing in this letter which 
throws light on the question whether the Windsor emigrants went 
forth as an organized church or not, unless it be the assumption 
of the need of a new church in Dorchester, and the use of the 
expression a "foundation for a church," as if it were wholly a 
new structure. (Albro's Life of Shepard, p. 215, et seq. Origi- 
nal in library of Massachusetts Historical Society.) 

In his reply to this letter, Richard Mather, with warm affection 
and deep humility, reciprocates the kindly feeling of Mr. Shep- 
ard. He regrets the bringing of "stones so unhammered and 
unhewn," evidently referring to the new immigrants. Only one 
passage in his letter has significance with reference to the 
point we are considering. It is the following: "But you will 
say, Why, then, did you present yourself with the people before 
the Lord and the churches? I will tell you the truth therein. 
They pressed me into it with much importunity, and so did 
others also, till I was ashamed to deny any longer, and laid it on 
me as a thing to which I was bound in conscience to assent; 
because, if I yielded not to join, there would be, said they, no 
church at all in this place, and so a tribe, as it were, should 
perish out of Israel, and all through my default." (Albro's 
Life of Shepard, p. 219. Original in library of Massachusetts 
Historical Society.) While Shepard treats the matter as if it 
were a new foundation, Mr. Mather's words seem to imply that a 
church or tribe already existing would perish unless he yielded 
to their importunities to come to them. A large portion of the 
church membership had gone to Windsor with one of its pastors. 
The pastor remaining in Dorchester had died. The flock was 
scattered and without a shepherd. These may have been strong 
arguments in the importunity which induced Mr. Mather to 

• It is interesting to note that between the leaves of the letter of Thomas 
Shepard to Richard Mather of April 2, 1636, in the library of the Massachu- 
setts Historical Society, and what is apparently a copy by Mr. Shepard of Mr. 


Increase Mather, in the life of his father, Richard, referring to 
the same event, says, " The church which was first planted in that 
place, being removed with the Reverend Mr. Warham to Con- 
necticut, there was an Essay towards Gathering a church April i, 
1636." (Life and Death of Rev. Richard Mather, edition of 
1850, p. 73.) The natural assumption from Increase Mather's 
words is that the church went as a church. Yet we cannot be 
sure that he did not mean simply the body of church mem- 
bers. William Hubbard, 1682, says: "The first attempt of gath- 
ering any church in the year 1636 was at Dorchester on the first 
•of April, when the former pastor and most of the old church 
being removed to Connecticut, Mr. Richard Mather, with several 
Christians that came along with him out of Lancashire, having 
settled their habitations there, and intending to begin a new 
church, desired the approbation of the magistrates, and of the 
neighboring churches," etc. (General History of New England, 
p. 273.) Hubbard, like Winthrop, is explicit in the expression 
"most of the old church being removed to Connecticut." He 
evidently refers to the body of church members. If the church 
took any organic action, it is not alluded to. 

Cotton Mather in 1702 simply follows his father Increase, say- 
ing, " The church formerly planted there being transplanted with 
Mr. Warham to Connecticut, another church was now gathered 
here Aug. 23, 1636, by whose choice Mr. Mather was now become 
their teacher." (Magnalia, vol. i. p. 450, Life of Richard Mather, 
Hartford Edition, 1853.) 

Mather's reply, are found two pages of memoranda, possibly the outline of a 
sermon ; and between these, without word or comment, are written the follow- 
ing twenty-one names: Mr. [Nathaniel] Duncan; John Grenaway; Richard 
Callacott; William Rockwell; JohnHolman; Bernard Capen ; Richard Wade; 
Thomas Dimmock ; Robert Deeble ; John Pope ; John Phillips ; John Ben- 
ham ; William Hannum; John Capen; Nicholas Upsall ; Thomas Swift; 
Thomas Deeble; Thomas Millett; Augustine Clement; Thomas Twitchell ; 
John Holland. Nearly all of these names, as will be seen by comparison with 
the lists herein, are of people then in Dorchester; and most of them had come 
before Mr. Mather. Others were later arrivals. Two of these names, those of 
John Holman and Thomas Dimmock, had a line drawn through them. It is 
impossible to tell just what this memorandum was made for. It may be the 
names of those who importuned Mr. Mather to settle in Dorchester. Twelve 
of these names are afterwards found on the church records. It is worth 
while noticing also that three of these persons (William Rockwell, William 
Hannum, and Thomas Deeble) afterwards went to Windsor. Did they intend 
to go when this memorandum was written ? 


Mr. James Blake, Jr., born April 30, 1688, one of the most 
accurate and trustworthy of the local historians of Dorchester, 
says : " Mr. Warham and about a half of the church removed to 
Windsor in Connecticut Colony, and Mi. Mather and his people 
came and joined with Mr. Maverick and that half of the church 
that were left, and from these people so united are the greatest 
part of the present inhabitants descended." (Annals of Dor- 
chester, 1750, p. 14.) The natural inference from his language is 
that the church did not go to Connecticut as an organization, but 
rather that the emigration divided the original society. 

In strange contrast to Blake's are the words of Governor 
Hutchinson in 1764: "Mr. Warham, their minister, and the 
whole church followed the next year." (History of Massachu- 
setts, vol. i. p. 96, edition of 1795.) Hutchinson is thus unques- 
tionably wide of the mark ; and many of the later historians have 
copied his misleading statement, which a reference to Winthrop 
would have corrected. 

Important in its bearing on this subject is the manuscript title- 
page of this the first and oldest volume of the Dorchester church 
records. It reads : " Records of the Second church in Dorchester 
which was gathered after the First Church Removed and settled 
themselves at Windsor. Beginning August 23 Anno Domini, 
1636." It must be carefully noted, however, that this title-page 
is not a part of the original records, but a later addition made 
some eighty years thereafter, probably by Rev. John Danforth, 
who appears to have taken charge of the book on the death of 
Deacon Daniel Preston in 1695. Here, again, the question 
arises, Does Mr. Danforth refer to the church membership as 
removed and settled at Windsor or to the church as an organi- 
zation ? Probably on the title-page no attempt is made to state 
all the facts, but simply to indicate that the new or Second 
Church was numerically the successor of the first. Yet the word- 
ing of the title-page, though written by a later hand, gives strong 
color and support to the yet unverified surmise that the church 
went to Windsor as a church organization. 

As will be seen, however, from previous quotations, so loosely 
is the word " church " used by writers of the time, and so often 
without any distinction between the church as an organization 
and the church as a congregation of individual worshippers, that 
it would not be safe to adopt one signification as wholly exclusive 
of the other. 


The question, therefore, as to whether the church at Windsor 
went as a church organization can be decisively answered, it would 
seem, only by recovering its original records. There is little 
hope of finding these ancle'nt records either in Windsor or in Dor- 
chester. On the one hand, it is assumed that they were taken by 
Mr. Warham to Connecticut; on the other, that they remained 
with the senior pastor of the church, Mr. Maverick, in Dorchester. 
It is not impossible, however, since manuscripts vastly older have 
been by good fortune exhumed from obscurity, that the missing 
records may some day be brought to light. Should this good 
fortune occur, on no point will they be examined with more inter- 
est than on this one concerning what action, if any, the church 
took in the heated controversy relating to the emigration. Until 
such decisive evidence is produced, we may accept the judgment 
of a former editor of the Puritan Recorder, now Congregationalist 
(presumably Rev. Parsons Cooke, D.D., of Lynn, Mass.), who 
said, in 1855, "Whether the Windsor church removing from 
Dorchester, removed in an organized capacity, that it voted in 
church meeting to remove as a church, and carried with them 
their church records, formally dismissing those left behind, and 
continuing to keep their records as the same church, more light 
is required. As to the evidence produced by Mr. Jabez H. 
Hayden, in his very acceptable article, it proves clearly that 
another church was organized at Dorchester. Of this we were 
well aware ; but the expression ' a large part of the old one 
being gone to Connecticut ' would seem to indicate that the 
church itself did not go. The difficulty about all the docu- 
ments relating to this subject is that the writers seem to have 
treated the question as to the preservation of the original or- 
ganization as a matter of little consequence ; while they state 
the fact of the removal, and so use expressions which may 
be construed either way." (Stiles's History of Windsor, 864.) 
Whether that portion of the church which went to Windsor was 
formally reorganized or not after settlement there is not known. 

II. What proportion of the membership went to 
Windsor ? 

From the quotations already given from early historians, it will 
be seen that their language was sometimes misleading on this sub- 
ject. Thus Hutchinson says, "The whole church went to Con- 


necticut " ; and the same might be inferred by a modern reader 
unacquainted with the facts from the language of Increase Mather 
and Cotton Mather, his son. They give no indication that even 
a part of the old church remained in Dorchester. Nor does the 
manuscript title of this volume of the church records already 
quoted and ascribed to Rev. John Danforth give any intimation 
that a part of the old church remained in Dorchester. Even Dr. 
Thaddeus Mason Harris, one of the most honored and learned of 
the pastors in the Dorchester succession, in an early article on 
the history of the First Church, failed to make this distinction. 
Dr. Harris said, "Their whole church and most of the congrega- 
tion determined upon going." (Massachusetts Historical Society 
Collections, First Series, vol. ix. p. 153.) This mistake may have 
been derived from Hutchinson. However that may be, twenty- 
six years afterwards, Dr. Harris took pains to correct his error. 
In a sermon delivered on the celebration of the two hundredth 
anniversary of the church, held July 4, 1830, he says, "Some of 
the first comers still remained here," and again, "A number 
of church members remained," thus materially qualifying his 
previous language and referring to the remainder as the nucleus 
of the reorganized church. 

Of the older historians, Hubbard and Winthrop are more accu- 
rate, the former saying " most of the old church being removed to 
Connecticut," and the latter saying " a great part of the old one 
being gone." James Blake, Jr., is also careful and explicit on this 

Fortunately, we are not dependent wholly upon surmises or 
loose statements, either ancient or modern, concerning the pro- 
portion of the Dorchester people who went to Windsor. A study 
of the early town records throws some light on the question. 

The first emigration to Windsor took place October, 1635. It 
was continued in the spring of 1636. We have already given a 
list of those who were made freemen and who were therefore nec- 
essarily church members from the passage of the law imposing 
this requirement May 18, 163 1, to Aug. 23, 1636, the date at 
which the church records begin. We now present the same list 
of freemen, arranged chronologically with reference to their date 
of admission to freemanship, and giving also the date on which 
their names last appeared in the town records. Of those who 
remained subsequent to 1640 it is so stated. 



List of Freemen admitted before Aug. 23, 1636, the opening 
Date of the present Church Records. 


[John Crabb, Christopher Gibson, Mr. Ralph Glover, Mr. Richard 
Southcoate, and Mr. Thomas Southcoate, before referred to, are among 
the names of those who desired to be made freemen Oct. 19, 1630, from 
Dorchester, but are not entered subsequently as having taken the oath.] 

May 18, 1631. 

Mr. John Maverick 
Rev. John Warham 
Capt. Southcoate 
Thomas Stoughton 
Bray Rossiter 
Bagot Eggleston 
Stephen Terry 
John Benham 
George Phillips 
Roger Williams 
John Moore 
John Hoskins 
Matthew Grant 
Simon Hoyt 
Henry Smith 
Thomas Ford 
Nicholas Upsall 
John Pierce 
Thomas Rawlins 
George Dyer 
William Rockwell 
John Grenaway 
Thomas Lumbert 
William Gaylord 
William Phelps 

Last mentioned in 

June 27, 1636. 

Feb. 10, 1634-5. 
Feb. 10, 1634-5. 
Feb. 13, 1638-9. 
Jan. 18, 1635-6. 
Jan. 16, 1636-7. 
April 23, 1638. 
May 24, 1634. 
Nov. 2, 1635. 
Feb. 10, 1634-5. 
Dec. 29, 1634. 
June 27, 1636. 
after 1640. 
after 1640. 
Nov. 22, 1634. 
after 1640. 
Jan. 2, 1637-8. 
after 1640. 
March 18, 1637-8. 
March 18, 1637-8. 
July 5, 1635. 


William Hulbert 

April 1, 1632. 

after 1640. 

John Phillips 
John Hull 

Aug. 7, 1632. 

July 5, 1636. 
after 1640. 


Nov. 6, 1632. 

Mr. John Branker Sept. 10, 1637. 

March 4, 1632-3. 

George Hull June 27, 1636. 

Eltweed Pomeroy March 1, 1635-6. 

Nicholas Denslow July 5, 1636. 

Giles Gibbs after Feb. 1, 1635-6. 

John Newton Nov. 22, 1634. 

Richard Collacott after 1640. 

John Smith after 1640. 

June 11, 1633. 

David Wilton Jan. 6, 1633-4. 

John Witchfield April 17, 1635. 

Nov. 5, 1633. 

Mr. Israel Stoughton after 1640. 

Mr. John Cogan Aug. 5, 1633. 

April 1, 1634. 

George Mi not after 1640. 

Henry Wolcot April 17, 1635. 

William Hosford April 17, 1635. 

May 14, 1634. 

Roger Clap after 1640. 

Joshua Carter Nov. 2, 1635. 

Joseph Tuchell (Twitchell) after 1640. 
Thomas Hatch, sold house and land to 

John Phillips at or before Oct 31, 1639. 

BrayWilkins after 1640. 
John Eales,sold his land in Dorchester Oct 28, 1640. 

Philip Randall April 17, 1635. 
Thomas Holcomb, sold homestead to 

Richard Jones Aug. 12, 1635. 
Thomas Dewey, sold homestead, same date as above, conveyed 

to Richard Jones. 

Thomas Jeffrey April 17, 1635. 

James Parker April 23, 1638. 

Walter Filer June 27, 1636. 

John Hayden March 18, 1637-8. 

Edmund Hart Feb. 1, 1635-6. 

William Hathorne Oct 2, 1636. 

Stephen French Dec. 1, 1634. 

John Capen after 1640. 



Sept. 3, 1634. 

Moses Maverick Jan. 6, 1633-4. 

Mr. Thomas Newbery, inventory of his 

estate made Jan. 28, 1636. 

John Pope after 1640. 

Thomas Thornton Feb. 18, 1635-6. 

Matthias or Matthew Sension March 18, 1637-8. 

March 4, 1634-5. 
Capt. John Mason 

Joseph Clarke 

John Tilley 

May 6, 1635. 
Thomas Swift 

George Strange 

Nathaniel Duncan 

Thomas Marshall 

Henry Wright 

Jonathan Gillet 

Thomas Gunn 

Robert Deeble 

Henry Feakes or Fookes 

Elias Parkman 

Aaron Cooke 

William Read 

John Leavitt 

Sept. 2, 1635. 

March 3, 1635-6. 

Feb. 10, 1634-5. 
Nov. 22, 1634. 
Jan. 2, 1637-8. 

after 1640. 
Nov. 22, 1634. 
after 1640. 
Feb. 10, 1634-5. 
after 1640. 
July 5, 1636. 
Feb. 10, 1634-5. 
after 1640. 
Jan. 4, 1635-6. 
July 5, 1636. 
July 5, 1636. 

March 18, 1637-8. 

Nov. 2, 1635. 

May 25, 1636. 
Bernard Capen after 1640. 

Augustine Clement after 1640. 

Thomas Dimmock 

March 18, 1637-8. 

This list comprises 84 names. So many, at least, we may 
assume were members of the church. We cannot say that they 
were the only members. Undoubtedly there were some who 
joined the church who are not recorded as freemen. Thus, 
taking the names of church members entered on the church 
records previous to Nov. 4, 1639, we find that, out of 60 names, 
17 of them were not freemen at that time. Of these, 7 
were subsequently admitted to freemanship; but 10 are not 



found on the lists of freemen. It is not improbable that they 
may have been sworn in, and no record made of the fact. We 
may therefore assume that there were other church members pre- 
vious to 1636 who were not recorded as freemen; but how large 
a number we cannot tell. The 84 names we have given, however, 
are not a matter of conjecture, but of record. Turning again 
to the town records, we find that out of these 84 names, all 
of whom must be regarded as church members, 35 were in 
Dorchester up to the 1st of January, 1637-38. The following 
are the 35 names derived from the list above : — 

Names of Freemen found in Dorchester Town Records on 

or after Jan. 1, 1637. 

Such as signed or owned the covenant of the church reconstituted Aug. 

23, 1 636, are indicated by a *. 

John Benham 

in Dorchester, March 18, 
1637-8; removed, say* Sav- 
age, to New Haven, 1640, 
and died 1661. 

* Nicholas Upsall 

died Boston Aug. 30, 1666. 

John Pierce 

died Boston Sept. 17, 1661. 

* George Dyer 

died Dorchester 1673. 

William Rockwell 

went to Windsor soon after 
Tan. a, 1637-8; died there 
May 15, 1640. 

♦John Grenawry 

living in Dorchester Nov. 12, 

Thomas Lumbert 

in Dorchester March 18, 
1637-8; Barnstable 1639; 
died, says Otis, about 1667. 

William Gaylord 

went to Windsor; last men- 
tioned in Dorchester March 
18, 1637-8. 

William Hulburt 

in Dorchester Dec. 1, 1634; 
went to Windsor and 
Northampton ; died, says 
Savage, 1694. 

John Hull 

was in Dorchester May ao, 
1639, and perhaps later. 

Giles Gibbs 

went to Windsor previous to 
March 1, 1635-6; died May 
31, 1641. 

Richard Collacott 

in Dorchester May 13, 1667, 
died Boston July 7, 1686. 

•John Smith 

died Dorchester 1676 or 1678. 

* Israel Stoughton 

died in England 1644 or 1645. 

•George Minot 

died Dorchester ■ Dec 34, 

John Moore 

in Dorchester April 33, 163S; 
went to Windsor. 

Roger Clap 

died Boston Feb. a, 1690-91. 

•Joseph Tuchell 

in Dorchester 33 Feb., 1646. 

Thomas Hatch 

made sale Oct. 3:, 1639, to 
John Phillips. 

* Bray Wilkins 

last mentioned in Dorchester 
Feb. 33, 1646-7; went to 

John Eales 

went to Hingham, sold land 
in Dorchester Oct. 38, 1640. 

James Parker 

went to Weymouth ; in Dor- 
chester perhaps 1638. 

John Hayden 

probably in Dorchester 
March 18, 1637-8, and of 
Brain tree 1640. 

•John Capen 

died Dorchester April 4, 1693 ; 
deacon 33 years. 

•John Pope 

died Dorchester Oct. 18, 1686. 

Matthias Sension 

Dorchester March 18, 
1637-8; went to Windsor, 
thence to Norwalk, where 
he died in 1669. 

John Tilly 

name last appears in Dor- 
chester Jan. a, 1637-8. 

* Thomas Swift 

died Dorchester May 4, 167s 
[Town Record]. 

•Nathaniel Duncan 

in Dorchester March 14, 
1645-6 ; in Boston after 

* Henry Wright 

last mentioned Feb. 7, 1641. 

* Robert Deeble 

in Dorchester Feb. 7, 1641. 

•William Read 

told land and house to 
Thomas Clarice Aug. 36, 

Bernard Capen 

died Dorchester Nov. 8, 1638. 

•Augustine Clement 

died Dorchester 1674. 

Thomas Dimmock 

last mentioned March 18, 
1637-8. ^ 


Such action, if any, as was taken by the church must have 
been taken between the fall of 1635 and the spring of 1636, 
when the larger body of colonists went. Of these 35 persons, 
7 are supposed to have gone to Windsor between 1637 and 1640. 
It would be unsafe to assume that they decided to go to Wind- 
sor when the larger body of colonists went. They may have 
gone as individuals, to join the colonists who had preceded 
them. Nor can we assume that all those persons whose names 
are not found on the town records later than 1634-35 went to 
Windsor. Some of them are known to have gone to other 
places. Of others nothing is known, except that they disap- 
peared at an early date. We must guard, therefore, against con- 
cluding that all those who left Dorchester between 1634 and 
1637, went to Windsor. Matthew Grant mentions but 15 names 
as having come up with the church from Dorchester. 

Laying aside conjecture and appealing to the records, we find 
that of 145 male inhabitants mentioned on the town records prior 
to Aug. 23, 1636, the date of the reorganization of the church, 
35 of that number appear on the records on or after Jan. 1, 1637- 
38. These 35 are recorded as freemen, and must have been 
members of the church. In other words, when the church was 
reorganized under Richard Mather in 1636, there were, as far 
as can be ascertained in Dorchester, about 35 persons who were 
church members at that time, 7 of whom afterwards went to 
Windsor. Of the 28 persons remaining, all but 4 were admitted 
to freemanship before the arrival of Richard Mather, Aug. 17, 
1635, and were thus members of the church before its reorgani- 
zation. In the list above only male names appear, because only 
males were admitted to freemanship. It would be difficult to 
compile a list of the women who went or remained. 

Thus it will be seen that the whole church membership did not 
go to Connecticut or elsewhere, and that there was a sufficient v 
number of members in Dorchester to preserve the continuity of 
the church life. 

Of the 28 persons enumerated, 19 are found on these records as 
members of the reorganized church. Three of these signed the 
covenant in 1636. Others owned the covenant on dates between 
1636 and 1639 ; one in 1640, one in 1644. Roger Clap and Rich- 
ard Collacott are recognized as members, but are not recorded as 
owning or signing the covenant. 


The question how many of the original members of the church 
formed at Plymouth, England, and who came over in the " Mary 
and John," went to Windsor cannot be definitely answered. It is 
a question of subordinate interest, because the membership of the 
church was re-enforced by arrivals from England up to the year 
1635. Deacon Ebenezer Clapp, for twenty-five years a deacon of 
the First Church, and an industrious and indefatigable student of 
the history of the church and town, undertook before his death in 
188 1 investigations on this point. Unfortunately, however, we 
have no complete or trustworthy record of the names of all the 
passengers who came in the " Mary and John," nor can we say, 
except in certain cases, who of them were church members. Any 
such list must be hypothetical. It will be of interest, however, to 
mention the conclusions reached by Deacon Clapp, although he 
did not present them as authoritative or final. His list of sup- 
posed passengers by the " Mary and John " comprised 59 names. 
The number of emigrants whom he traced to Windsor was 50. 
Of these, 30, he supposed, came over in the "Mary and John," and 
20 were later arrivals. Subtracting the 30 identified as going to 
Windsor, we have 29 names remaining, or about one-half of the 
original number of male passengers, according to this hypothetical 
list. Of these 29 who did not join the Windsor company, 11 died 
or removed to other places or returned to England, leaving 18 of 
the original company in Dorchester. But, as we have remarked 
above, the important question is not how many of those who 
went to Windsor came over in the " Mary and John," but rather 
how many of the enlarged roll of church members in 1635-36 emi- 
grated or remained. On this point the names and figures we 
have given from the town records furnish the most reliable data. 

III. What was meant by a new church in Dorchester? 

Reverting to the authorities already quoted, we are struck by 
the diversity of expression in regard to the reorganized church. 
Winthrop says " a new church was gathered." Increase Mather 
says " a church was constituted." Hubbard, following Winthrop, 
though he mistakes the date, says " another church " ; while 
Blake simply says that, when "these two companies of people 
were thus united, they made one church." The difference of ex- 
pression shows that accurate and technical definition was not 


intended by these writers. The circumstances attending the for- 
mation of this " new church " were peculiar. When we examine 
them, we see that the " new church " designated by Winthrop 
could not mean a new church in the sense in which that term 
applies to such churches as have never had any previous exist- 
ence. From the language of Winthrop, three things are at once 
evident : first, that there had been a church in Dorchester ; sec- 
ond, that a part of it had gone to Windsor ; third, that it was 
necessary to reconstitute or amalgamate the old and the new 
material which remained. 

The adoption of the new covenant was a new epoch, but it is 
not in itself a conclusive sign of an entirely new organization. 
The Dorchester church made a new covenant in 1842, but this 
marked only another epoch in its existence. 

Another important fact must not be forgotten : it was not the 
going away of the Windsor emigrants alone that rendered reor- 
ganization necessary. The coming in of a fresh element and the 
selection of a new pastor were important factors. If no new ele- 
ment had arrived while the Windsor emigration was going on, it 
is doubtful if the church would have needed reorganization. But 
in those days only a church member could become a freeman. It 
was necessary that church order should be closely observed. The 
rise of Antinomianism about this time, of which Shepard (who 
did much to produce the stay of proceedings April, 1636) was 
a determined opponent, excited new vigilance and caution. The 
general disturbance produced by the influx and efflux of settlers 
also unsettled the Dorchester plantation, and made church reor- 
ganization necessary. This was the view taken, after mature 
study, by Dr. Harris, who said : "As a number of church members 
remained, and the place of those that had left had been in a good 
degree supplied by new emigrants, they agreed to call an eccle- 
siastical council to assist in constituting them in church order, 
with proper officers. It convened on the 1st of April, 1636; but, 
'the messengers of the churches not being satisfied concerning 
the qualifications of some that were proposed as members, the 
work was deferred.' On the 23d of August following, a church 
was reorganized, ' with the approbation of the elders and magis- 
trates.' " * 

•Discourse of Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D.D., delivered July 4, 1830, 
p. 14. 


This is also the view of a former editor of the Boston Re- 
corder, who said : " It is true that both here and at Cambridge, 
after the removal of some of the first settlers to Connecticut with 
their ministers, another organization of the church was had. For 
new emigrants had come in and purchased the houses and lands 
of those emigrants to Connecticut ; and so great was the change 
of people that there would be occasion for the reconstruction of 
the church, whether the people who left went in an organized body 
or were organized anew in their new field." 

One point must not be overlooked. There is no indication 
that by the Windsor emigration religious services were suspended 
in Dorchester. The emigrants to Windsor did not go all at once. 
The first party went in October, 1635, others not until the spring 
of 1636, while others did not go until two or three years after the 
reorganization of the church. But how small a gap there was 
between the corporate life of the old church and that of the re- 
organized church is seen when we compare dates. It must not 
be overlooked that the senior pastor of the church, Mr. Maverick, 
did not go to Windsor. Whether he had any intention of doing 
so is not known; but, at any rate, he died on the 3d of Feb- 
ruary, 1635-36. Mather, importuned to come to Dorchester, 
must have consented as early as March, though the council was 
not called until April, and he was not finally settled until August. 
Blake says, " Mr. Mather and his people came and joined with 
Mr. Maverick." So far as the blending of the people is con- 
cerned, he is right. If we are to understand from these words 
that Maverick and Mather were contemporaneous pastors of the 
renewed church, he is wrong. But, if Blake meant that Maverick 
and Mather had both ministered to the amalgamated congrega- 
tion before the ecclesiastical council, it is very probable. Al- 
though the council was not held until April, Mather had come 
from England with his party nine months before. Many of 
his people immediately took the places of those who went to 
Windsor. Mather's arrival was six months before Maverick's 
death. It is therefore probable that he preached some time for 
the Dorchester people during the continuance of Mr. Maverick's 
pastorate. But, leaving out probabilities, one fact is conclusive : 
that the gap between Maverick's death in February and the call- 
ing of the council and reorganization of the church under Mather 
in April was only two months, and to the final reorganization 


seven months. During this time the meeting-house was, no 
doubt, opened every Sunday for religious service ; and the con- 
tinuity of the church service probably remained unbroken, though 
the ordinances may not have been administered. 

Some of those who signed the new covenant were undoubtedly 
passengers in the "Mary and John." Were they all members of 
the original church? This we cannot positively say. Not all 
who came in the " Mary and John" joined the church before sail- 
ing. Roger Clap, for instance, did not join it until after it was 
established in Dorchester ; and it is worthy of note that he did 
not sign the new church covenant. Nevertheless, he was recog- 
nized as a member of the church of Dorchester for many years 
after the reorganization. Blake says, "He continued a member 
of this church for the space of sixty years." Another case is 
that of Richard Collacott. He was admitted to freemanship 
March 4, 1632-33, and was thus one of the early residents and 
church members before the Windsor emigration began. There 
is no record of his ever having owned the covenant of the reor- 
ganized church or of having been formally admitted. But the 
proof of his membership appears on the church records Jan. 13, 
1660, when we read that Richard Collacott and his wife were dis- 
missed to join the new church at Boston. Thus it seems that the 
early membership of these persons was not abrogated by the Con- 
necticut emigration and did not need to be renewed. If this was 
the case with Roger Clap and Richard Collacott, it was possibly 
the case with others of the first members, though most preferred 
to own the new covenant. Among those who did this prior to 
1639 was Nicholas Clapp, who came to Dorchester in 1633, and 
may have been a member of the church before the reorganiza- 
tion, though he is not found among the list of freemen. There 
were possibly others, as has been suggested, who may have been 
members and not freemen, and whose names would swell the list 
we have made. ' 

The oldest religious societies in Massachusetts, the Dorchester 
church among them, are dual organizations, consisting of church 
and parish. The discussion concerning the continuity of the 
church does not affect in any way the continuity of the parish. It 
is worth while to note that, under Massachusetts law as it is at 
present interpreted, the body of church members who went to 
Windsor ceased to be a church when they separated from the 


Dorchester parish. The decision in the famous Dedham case is 
familiar. " It was laid down that a church separating from a par- 
ish for any cause loses its existence, and that never in Massa- 
chusetts had a church a legal existence apart from the parish." 
It is not necessary to review or discuss the justice of this decision. 
There is no occasion to appeal to it in this case. It is simply suf- 
ficient to say that, according to Massachusetts law as at present 
interpreted, the party that remained with the church in Dorches- 
ter in 1636 became, through its connection with the parish, suc- 
cessors to all property, rights, and titles of the original church. 


The following points may be deduced from the above exami- 
nation : — 

1. That the whole church membership did not go to Windsor, 
but only a part of it. This is supported by the testimony of 
Winthrop, Blake, Hubbard, and a careful study of early records 
as to the number of those who left and those who remained. 

2. Whether the Windsor party went as a church organization 
or simply as a colony of fellow church members is not known. 
Both views have been maintained : the decisive evidence is 
lacking. The editor of the Boston Recorder truly says: "The 
difficulty about all the documents relating to this subject is that 
the writers seem to have treated the question as to the preserva- 
tion of the original organization as a matter of little consequence, 
while they state the fact of the removal, and so use expressions 
which may be construed either way." 

3. The new church in Dorchester was an amalgamation of old 
and new elements, partly due to the departure of early members 
and partly to the arrival of new material. The probability is that 
the church was much broken up by the ebb and flow of emigra- 
tion. This transition period was so serious that reorganization 
was desirable. 

4. The question of continuity does not affect the continuity 
of the parish. According to Massachusetts law, the First Church 
and Parish of Dorchester has a clear title for two hundred and 
sixty years. 

5. The historic connection of the Dorchester church with the 
church formed at Plymouth, England, is direct and unbroken. It 


is maintained by genetic lines of membership. Some streams 
of blood from the heart of the Plymouth (England) church still 
flow in the membership of the church at Dorchester. The pres- 
ent church owes its existence to that immigration ; not merely 
through a parish continuity, but through a continuity of member- 
ship and Sabbath meetings and Christian life and work ; that is 
to say, through its life as a church. 

6. The churches at Dorchester and Windsor are thus both heirs 
of the same parentage. 

All that has been attempted in this introduction has been to 
bring together such facts as are now available concerning the 
period in the history of the church preceding the date of these 
records, in the hope that future investigators may be able to 
supplement the facts, and to verify or correct the conclusions. 

No analysis of the present volume of records has been at- 
tempted. Its publication places it within the range of all stu- 
dents of New England history ; and the notes made by the faith- 
ful transcriber, Rev. Charles H. Pope, who has shown a deep 
interest in the work, furnish all the detail necessary for those who 
have not access to the original manuscript. 

The events recorded in this, the oldest existing volume of 
records, have been the subject of comment and review in sermons 
preached at Dorchester, by Rev. John Pierce, D.D., of Brookline, 
Mass., June 17, 1830; by Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D.D., 
on the 200th anniversary of the church, July 4, 1830; by Rev. 
Nathaniel Hall, on the 240th anniversary, June 19, 1870; and 
in the Proceeding of the 250th Anniversary [Boston : Geo. H. 
Ellis. 1880]. Much interesting and useful matter concerning 
the church has been published in the History of Dorchester 
[Boston. 185 1 ]. The story of town and church has also been 
briefly told in the " Memorial History of Boston." 

Samuel J. Barrows. 
William B. Trask. 


While the reader is put in possession of the identical spelling 
and punctuation of the original records, there are a few particu- 
lars, which could only be gleaned from close study of the old 
volume, that ought to be definitely mentioned for the benefit of 
all who may study this transcription. 

First, there are two sets of entries : those beginning with the 
title-page, and continuing with the Covenant, list of members, 
and records of meetings ; then an altogether separate series, 
begun at the end of the book, which was turned upside down, 
wherein baptisms were recorded and afterward a variety of other 
items. One who is poring over the book for any special purpose 
needs to take these two sets of entries as, in effect, two parallel 

Before making this copy, the original was paged continuously 
through the two parts, so that pages 4 and 169 are contemporane- 
ous, and so on. 

Second, it is possible to say pretty nearly when these records 
were begun. The first dated entry, properly speaking, is that 
which registers the baptism of Rebecca Wiswall, April 6th, 1639, 
p. 171, the statements on pp. 169 and 170 being avowed recollec- 
tions. From this time the baptisms are constantly dated, while 
the admissions to the church are dated from Nov. 4, 1639 (p. 6). 
The names of those who signed the Covenant are all in one hand- 
writing, easily identified as that of the "teacher," Mr. Mather, 
who speaks of himself under that title on p. 173. He is clearly 
the penman of the chief part of the records for some years ; but 
another hand appears from time to time, — namely, that of Deacon 
John Wiswall, who gradually took the whole work in charge. His 
autograph is to be seen on p. 258, disfigured by an altogether 
different penman's addition of the word " Dea.," which was not 
transcribed, of course. In 1657-58 Deacon John Capen began to 
record; but "ffeb 91/2" another person made affectionate mem- 


orandum that he had " ended his work " (p. 136). Next Deacon 
Preston's marked chirography follows until Oct. 22, 1695. From 
that point the facile pen of the Rev. John Danforth carries on 
both parts of the record, till some person not identified completes 
the volume. 

Third, we have a most important succession of annotations on 
the earliest records, made by one who had excellent opportunities 
of knowing whereof he wrote. From the beginning of the baptis- 
mal entries (p. 169) Mr. Danforth interpolated remarks upon the 
persons mentioned in the records. These often contain matte" 
of the highest historic-genealogical value. We have printed them 
in parenthesis, as they are easily distinguished from the few 
parenthetical remarks of the clerks themselves. It is certain that 
Mr. Danforth wrote these, both from the writing itself and from 
several particular entries. Note specially a father's remark on 
his child's baptism, p. 233; the initials "I. D." after the date 17 16 
on p. 238 ; the reference to the " last words in the pastor's hear- 
ing," p. n ; and notably the kind and thankful remarks upon the 
ordination of his colleague on p. 167, where " the aged pastor " 
breathes such noble thoughts in forms so classical. Mr. Danforth 
also copied from the town book into the margin of this record the 
dates of birth of many of the children baptized in the church, his 
general accuracy in which attests the value of his annotations. 

The title-page of the ancient volume was evidently written by 
Mr. Danforth, probably soon after 1695, when he took charge of 
the book. 

Elder Topliff's list of the localities where the founders of the 
town had resided (p. 25), made not far from 1700, is a docu- 
ment of great value. 

No one who studies this record closely can fail to be impressed 
with the pure devotion and lofty standards of the Dorchester 

Charles Henry Pope. 



Dorchester, the 23 th day of the \ 
6 th moneth. Anno. 1636. \ 

Wee whose names are subscribed being called of God 
to joyne o'selves together in Church Comunion, from o r 
hearts acknowledging o r owne unworthines of such a 
priviledge or of the least of Gods mercyes, & likewise 
acknowledging o r disability to keepe coven' w ,h God or to 
p'fourme any spirituall duty w ch hee calleth us unto, 
unlesse the Lord Jesus do enable us thereunto by his 
spirit dwelling in us, Doe in the name of Cht Jesus o r 
Lord and in trust and confidence of his free grace assist- 
ing us freely Coven' & bind ourselves solemnely in the 
presence of God himselfe, his holy Angells and all his 

1. servants here present that wee will by his grace assisting 
us endevour constantly to walke togeather as a right 
ordered Congregacon of Cht. according to all the holy 
rules of a church-body rightly established, so farre as wee 
do already know it to bee o r duty or shall further und r - 

2. stand it out of Gods holy word : Promising first & above 
all to cleave unto him as o r chiefe & onley good, and to 
o r Lord Jesus Cht as o r onely spirituall husband and 

3. Lord, & o r onely high priest & Prophet and King. And 
for the furthering of us to keepe tttis blessed Comunion 
w th God and w th his sonne Jesus Cht and to grow up more 
fully therein, wee do likewise promise by his grace assist- 
ing us, to endevour the establishing amongst o r selves 
of all his holy ordinances w ch hee hath appointed for his 
churches here on earth, and to observe all and every of 
them in such sort as shall bee most agreeable to his will ; 
opposing to the utmost of o r power, whatsoever is con- 
trary thereunto, & bewayling fro o r hearts o r owne neglect 
thereof in former tyme, and our polluting o r selves therein 
w 01 any sinfull inventions of men. 


4. And lastly wee do hereby Coven' & p'mise to further 
to o r utmost .power, the best [3] spirituall good of each 
other, and of all and every one that may become mem- 
bers of this Congregacon, by mutuall Instruction repre- 
hension, exhortacon, consolacon, and spirituall watchful- 
nes over one another for good; and to bee subject in 
and for the Lord to all the Administracons and Censures 
of the Congregacon, so farre as the same shall bee guided 
according to the rules of Gods most holy word. 

Of the integrity of o r heartes herein, wee call God the 
searcher of all hearts to witnesse ; beseeching him so to 
blesse us in this and all o r Enterprises, as wee shall sin- 
cerely endevour by the assistance of his grace to observe 
this holy Coven 1 and all the braunches of it inviolably for 
ever ; and where wee shall fayle there to wayte upon the 
Lord Jesus for pardon and for acceptance and healing for 
his names sake. 

Richard Mather : 
Nath : Duncan : 
George minot : 
Henry withington 
Thomas Jones 
John Pope 
John Kingesley. 

[4] The names of such as since the constituting or gath- 
ering of the church at dorchester have been added to the 
church and joyned thereunto as members of the same body, 
by profession of faith and Repentance and taking hould of 
the Covent before the Congregacon ; viz. 

m r Israel Stoughton : (Esq) m* 6 Elizabeth Stoughton 

John Gloover : (Esq) Katharin Mather 

James Bate Elizabeth withington 

Humfrey Atherton (Esq) Martha minott 

John Holland Anne Glover 

John Pierce Elizabeth Duncan 

Christopher Gibson Marie Gibson 

John Phillips X Joanna Phillips 

William Sumner X Marie Sumner 

John Greene way X Mary Greeneway 

Barnabas ffawer 

nathaneel wales X Susan wales 

Thomas millett X mary millet 


John Smith 
Raph Tomkins 
Richard Hawes 
George Dyer 
(Deacon) Edward Clappe 
nicholas Clapp 
nicholas Upshall 
Edward white 
Augustine Clement 
Alexander miller 
(m r ) Oliver Purchase 
william Clarke 
(Eld r ) John wiswall 
Thomas wiswall ' 
Gabriel Meade • 
Thomas Dickerman 

Robert Deeble 
Thomas Swifte 
Joseph ffarneworth 
william Reede 
Joseph wilson 
Jeffrey Turner 
John Rigbie 
John Gornehill 
william Robinson 
Richard withington 
Henry Condliffe 
nathaneel Houlder 
John maudesley 
& ( m r william Tompson 
•§j < m r George moxon 
'§ ( m r Samuel Newman 
Michael willyes 
william Blake 

Thomas Lewis 

X dorothy Smith 
Judith Holland 

X Anne Hawes 

X Abigail Dyer 

X Prudence Clappe 

X Sarah Clappe 

X Dorothie upsall 

X Martha white 

X Elizabeth Clement 

X Sarah Purchase 
X Sarah Clarke 
X margret wiswall 
X Elizabeth wiswall 
X Joanna Meade 

Elizabeth Kingesley 


Purnell Pierce 
X Elizabeth Swifte 
X Elizabeth ffarneworth 

m™ Knight 

Isabell Gill 
X Isabell Rigbie 
Margret Styth 
Rebecca vener 
ffaith withington 
Lydia Horrockes 
Abigail Cogan 

Barbara Clappe 
X Anne moxon' 
X Sybill Newman 

Joane willyes . 
X Agnes Blake 

Alice Bate 

Lydia Bate 

mary Bate 

Elizabeth Condliffe 

Alice Rickdall 

mary Preston 

Ales Kimberley 

Ales North 

Agnes Lane 

Mary Lovett 


Thomas Clarke 

Nicholas Butler 


John Capinne 

Edward Brecke 
Joseph Jewet 
George Aldridge 
Thomas Hawkins 
Hopestill ffoster 

Richard williams 
Tho' Touleman 
Henry woodward 

X mary Knight 

M rU Trowbridge 
Hannah wilkins 
Elizabeth Tilestone 
Judith Smeade 
Susanna Starre 
Constant Starre 
Rachel Bigge 
Patience ffoster 

X Joyce Butler 
Elizabeth Pitts 
Ursula Greeneway 
Joane Martine 
ffrances Hill 

Sarah Topley 
Dorothy Barker 
Joane Capin 
Radigan Capin 
Jane Pope 
Ellen Jones 
Susanna Lyon 

X Mary Jewet 

X Catharin Aldridge 
mary — Hawkins 
Anne Bishopp 
Thomassin Beton 
Anne Bayly 

X ffrances williams 
Elizabeth williams 

Elizabeth ffarnham 

4 da 

9 th mo 


Henry Kebby 
Jonas Humphrey 
Richard Baker 

Richard Sykes 

m r Nehemiah Bourne 

George Procto r 

m r 


Dinah ffawer 
mary Waterhouse 
m™ Hannah Bourne : 


21 da : 10 th mo 1639 

m r Jonathan Burre : 
George Wickes 
m™ Earwinge : 

Decimo 4 12 mo 1639: 

m r Robert Hawoorth 
m r (Tho) waterhouse 
m r John Holman 
Jeremiah Houchin 
Clement Topley 

Decimo 9"° : 4 mo : 1640 

Braue wilkins 
Robert Peerce 
Robert ffuller 
Rodger Billindge 

20 of 9 mo 1640 

David Seleeke 
John Gill 
Tho miller 
Tho Leike 
Tho Davenpo rt 
Sarah Collen 
margaret Bate 
goodwife maudsley 
goodwife Bird 
Henry wright : 

16 of 2 d mo 1641 

Andrew Pitcher 
Mary Brecke 
Widow Jones 
Henry Bridgram 
Dorcas y e blackmore 
Good 7 Munninges 
Good y Lippincot 
Elizabeth Craine 

m™ ffrances Burre 
Jane Wickes 

X m™ waterhouse 

X Houchin 

m™ Cooper 
Rebecca Burre 

X Elizabeth Drake 
X Anne Peerce 

Phebe Sykes 

margaret Anglesey 

mary Cooke 

margaret Lewer 



goodwife Gill 


29 of 8 mo : 1641. 

Goodwife George 
m™ Patten 
Goodwife willeyes 
Elizabeth Gallet 
Goodwife Whipple 


28 of 12 mo 1641. 

William Pond 
nathaniell Howard 
goodman Newton : 

X goody Pond 
X goody Howard 
goody Deeble 
mary withington 

Tho Burd ^ 
John Pratt 
William Triscott V 
William Turner 
John ffrench J 

27 of 1 1 mo 42 

Goodman Ware 

Richard Eavins 

2 mo Decimo 7*° 43 

5 : 3 mo 43 

Henry Waye 
Richard Waye 

goody Pratt 
goody wright 
Goody Eavens 

8 1 mo 1644 

Joseph Twichell 
Richard Hall 
Tho Trott 
Jasp Rush 
Nicholas Boulton 

Goody Billindge 
mary Davenport 



10 May 1646. Baptised, Samuel Topliff 

(son of Clement Topliff ) 
t , who was ordained Ruling Elder 
ffeb. 3. 1 70 1 -2 : 



The kev d m r John Wilson jun r 
He was Coadjutor to the Rev d m r Mather two Years; 
& then dismissed, that so Medfield might have a Pastor & 
He was Pastor of Medfield 40 years. 


10 : 47 : Baptised Hopestill (y* son of Capt. Roger Clap) 

who was born Dec. 6. 47. 
(Sam! son of william Trescot born whose wife was 

George Diers daughter) 




[10] At a church meetinge 19. (10) 53 where was p r sent 
theise bretheren 

m r mather 

Elder withingto Captaine Atherton 

Richard Baker Ensigne ffoster 

Richard Leeds Robt Howard 

John Gornhill Thomas wiswall 

Henry Cundliffe Joseph ffarnwoorth 

Lawrance Smith william ware 

william Triscot Thomas Burd 

Thomas Swift John wiswall 

the vote was whether they were all willinge that Dorcas 
was to be Redeemed & that Ensigne ffoster & the 2 deacons, 
should goe to Boston to inquire ffirst what the magest could 
doe by power & after to goe & Compound w ,h Liuetennant 
Cooke or any other ffor her Redemptio & to ingage an oxe 
and a Cow in m r Howard handes for p't of payement. & in 
case y m selves ingage for the Rest the bretheren above 
named doe p'mise to Laye downe for the present amonge 
y m the sume untill it can be had againe from the whole 
church by Contribution or otherwayes : the vote was affirm- 
ative & the p'mise ffull her Redemptio was to be ffree. 


(1649 The Reverend M r John Wilson was Ordained Pas- 
tor of the Church in Dorchester as a Coadjutor to the ReV^ 
m r R. Mather o r Teacher. 

The Rev'd m r Wilson Removed from Dorchester to Me<f- 
field to take the Pastoral Care of y e Church at Medfield.) 

[11] The 15 September 1680 about 10 of y c Clock in 
y e night m r fflint departed this life y e day before there was 
a fast keept for him he was ordained pastor to this Church 
y e 27 10 71 

The 28 4 82 m r John Danforth was ordained pastor to 
this Church at Dorchester 

The 12 3 86 Elder James Humphrey dep M ed this lif in 
y e morning about break of day being y e day of Election for 
that yeer & buryed y e 14 3 86 being y e day y' Randolf came 
to new England 

(having been Deacon 2 years & an half & Ruling Elder 
17 years & 4 moneths. 

April 4 th 1692. Deacon John Capen deceased having 
been Deacon, 33, years, & almost 2 1 


June 28. 1700. at 2 or 3 h. P.M. — Elder James Blake 
departed this Life, in y e 77 th Year of His Age & 14 th year of 
his Eldership compleat & 19 days over: some of His Last 
Words in the Pastors Hearing were these : "Amen. Even 
so come Lord Jesus." 

He was Deacon also 14 years, wanting a fortnight.) 

19 (2.) 54 

we the deacons of dorchester were w 01 edward Breck & 
Received ffrom him one oxe. & an heffer prized at 9 pound 
therteene shillinges 4 pence by william Clerke & John Smith 
ffor the use of the Children of John Rigby. their markes 
under our handes are the oxe beinge at m r mather muche 
beffore, we cropt the tage of the nearer eare & ffor the 
heffer she beinge cut of the nearer eare beffore we cut the 
hither corner of & Cropt the ffurther a Little ffurther we 
Receaved 3 pound 16" 8 d 13* of it upon accompt about 2 
Cowes at Nashawaye w ch the Childrens mother bought w" 1 
io u that was had ffrom Robt Badcocke both are dead & 


only a small yearlinge Liveinge upo that accompt & 3" 3 s 8 d 
is in Edward Clap hands the same daye we gave a Receipt 
fo r 74 pound upo accompt & did demand security ffor 24 
pound yet in his handes : 

both oxe & heffer are all blacke 

17 th (12) 54 

Sould unto Henry Merrifeild an heffer ffor w ch he is to 
paye seaven Poundes by 35 s a yeare in ffower yeares : ffor 
w ch he hath signed 4 bills w ch are in bro Clap handes ffor 
the use of John Rigby children 

also sould unto John Plumbe an oxe at 6 powndes whereof 
is paid 30" in Indian Corne & the Rest is secured by bro 
Gierke 30 s & by goodman Sanders 3" next yeare at harvest. 

9 (2) 55 
Delivered unto Ed Clap 10 bus one pecke of Indian corne 
upo accompt of Rigby children w ch I Receaved ffrom John 
Plumbe — 1 — 10 — 9 

p me Jo wiswall 

[13] The 13 th of y e 12 Mo 58 was John Capen ordained 
Deacon to y e Church of Dorchester. 

(% The 4 th of Aprill 1692 Deacon John Capen a military 
officer 50 years at length a Capt : & Deacon of y e ch h 34 
years in His fourscoreth Year Rested from His Labors & 
Slept in y° Lord.) 

The 8 th day of y e Eleventh Month 1664 being Saboth day 
deacon Edward Clap departed this lif & now resteth with 
the lord ther to keepe an eternal Saboth w ,h god & Christ 
in heaven, after y' he had faithfully served in y e office of 
a deacon for the space of about five or six and twenty yeers ; 
and being the first Church officer of this church that was 
taken away by death since the first Joyning together in Cov- 
enant which is now 28 yeers fower months and odd days 

The 3 d of y e 4 th m° 1666 was James Humphrey ordained 
Deacon to y e Church of Dorchester. 

The 2 of y e (12 th ) 66 Elder henery Withington departed 
this lif on y e last day of y e weeke towards night after he had 
faithfully served in y' office of a Rulling elder about 29 or 
30 yers in this Church at Dorchester being y e 2 d Church 
officer y* was taken away by death 

The 13 (11) 68 was James Humphry ordained a rulliny 

The 23 of y e (2) 69 Mr Mather y" teacher of this ChaftCH 


departed this lif about io of y* Clock on y e evening before 
being y e first teaching officer y* have been taken away by 
death since y e first gathering of y e Church w ch is now 32 
yeers & 8 months Compleate 

The 24 10 th Mo 167 1 M r George Minot Elder of y e Church 
he dyed one the Lords day about y e latter p' of y e day being 
y e 4 th Church officer y' was taken away by death 

The 30 4 72 James Blake was ordained a deakon to y e 
Church of dorchester look now of this one 

leaf back 

[14] Dismissions of members of this church unto other 
churches w ch have been since John Capen was ordained 
Deacon: Colected & put together being untill this 16 of 
y e (1) 6| scattered up and downe in severall places of this 

[We omit all these entries, which are given in /oca.] 

The 14 (3) 65 was Edward Blake dismissed to Joyne to y* 
new Church at Boston : 

The 28 (3) 65 was Joseph Leeds dismissed to y e Church 
at Northampton Thankful! Baker (whose name was formerly 
ffoster) was dismissed to Joyne unto y e new Church at Bos- 
ton y e 11 (4) 1665 The 3 (4) 66 Elizabeth ffrey (being mar- 
ryed to a man at Water-towne) was dismissed to Joyn to y' 
Church Mary How also (who marryed to one Underwood 
of watter-towne) was the same day dismissed to Joyn to that 
church at watertowne The 17 4 66 was y e wife of Tho : 
mekins dismissed to Joyn to the Church at hadly at Qeenec- 

The 8 th (7) 66 John Modesly y e Sone of John Modesly was 
dismissed to Joyne to y e church at Winsor although not in 
full Communion with us but by vertue of his fathers being 
in Covenant w ft y e Church at Dorchester 

The 17 (12) 66 Sarah y e daughter of Gabrill mead being 
maryed to a man at Cambridg was dismissed to Joyn to 'hat- 
Church though she was not [17] a member in full com- 
munion but by vertue of her fathers Covenant . 

y e wife of Gamalliell Beaman dismissed to y e 
Church at Lanchaster y e 24 (3) 68 

Mr Robt Howard & his wife dismissed to Joyne to y* 
first church at Boston y e 16 of August 1668 

Mary y e Daughter of Sister Smith being marryed to Captin 
^Johnsons Sonne at Rocksbery, she was dismissed to that 
C^utfch y e 3 (n) 68 she being noe member in full Comunion 
fooT hy vertue of fathers Covenant 


The 7 th (i) 6f prais-ever Turner though not yet in full 
Comunion was dismissed to Joyne to y e Church at North- 

The 6 (4) 69 y e two yonger daughters of Henery Wood- 
ward was dismissed to Joyne to y e Church at Northampton 
though neither of them are yet in full Communion 

The 25 5 69 Mary y e daughter of William Trescot who 
marryed unto John Hemaway and Johana y e daughter of 
Richard Euens who maryed w th Joshua Hemaway weer both 
dismissed to Joyne to y c Church at Rocksbery though nei- 
ther of them are yet in full Comunion 

The 6 (1) f I Sister Agnes Blake (y e wife of Will" 1 Blake 
deceassed) she haveing removed her dwelling to Boston was 
dismissed to Joyne to y e theird Church in Boston 

The 27 (1) 70 Deacon Jn° Wiswall was dismissed y e first 
Church at Boston The 29 (3) 70 Henery Mason & his wif 
weer dismissed to Joyne to y e first Church at boston 

The 25 7 70 patience y e wif of Nathaniell Homes & daugh- 
ter to Clement Toplif was dismissed to Joyn to y e Church 
of Rocksbery though not yet in full Comunion with this 

[18J The 9 (8) 70. a dafter of Sister Picher who mar- 
ryed one bugbee of Rocksbery was dismissed to Joyne to y e 
Church at Rocksbery she was not in full comunion 

The 12 1 \6}\ John Holbrook was dismissed to Joyne to 
y e Church at Rocksbery he was not in full Communion some 
there weer w ch did not act in this vote 

18 12 71 Bathshuah y e daughter of Thomas Tilstone who 
marryed w th Jn° Pason was dismissed to Joyne to y e Church 
at Rocksbery she was not in full Comunion as yet 

Alsoe y e same day was John Blake dismissed to Joyne to 
y e third Church in Boston Also Hannah gmdafter of yV 
Widdow Hill wif to one ffisher dismissed to Joyne to y 6 
Church at Tanton & another of her daughters was dismissed 
y e same time but whether she was .in full Comunion I doe 
not yett know: neither her name but since I understand y' 
her name is Rebeckah who is marryed to a man at Tanton 
& y 4 she was in full Comunion. 

Ann Legar of Boston who was y e daughter of William 
Blak sen r dismissed y e 21 : 2: 72 to Joyne to the 
Church in Boston 

The wife of Tho Meakins was dismissed to Joyne to y* 
Church at Hat-feild y e 2 4 72 

ffrancis Hill that was ; but now francis Asten was dis- 
missed to Joyne y e Church at Tanton y e 28 4 : 74 - 


John Gils dafter y e wife of Joseph belcher was dismissed 
to Joyne to y e Church at brantree 6 (7) 74 she was not in 
full Comunion 

old m™ Mather & Sister Clements was dismissed to y 
therd Church in Boston y e 10 th 1 1 74 

M™ Taylor who was y e dafter of m r Stoughton dismissed 
to y e 3 d Church in boston though not in full Communion 

[19] i° y e 6 m° 1676 The daughter of Nathaniell Glover 
now wif unto Mr Rawson of Boston she was dismissed to 
y e 3 d Church in Boston though not in full Communion but 
by fathers Covenant 

Dorcas y e neger being formerly a member of this Church 
was dismissed to joyn to y e first Church at boston y e 27 6 76 

Hanah y e dafter of Isack Joanes dismissed to y e 3 d Church 
in Boston though not in full Communion y e 25 Aprill 80 

Elizabeth Baker y e wif of Prat of Waymoth 
August 81 not in full Comunion dismissed to Joyn to y e 
Church at Waymoth and Jn° Beaman not in 
full Communion dismissed to y e Church at 

The 18 7 81 weer dismissed 

And about a moneth after 
were Dismissed together 
w ,h y r Children — 
Eben r Claps Wife 
George Lyons Wife 
James Tuckers wife 
George Sumers wife 


( Thomas Swifts wif 
Anthony Newtons wif 
Tho Holmans wif 
y e widdow Salsbery & 
Ed Vose his wif all in full Com- 
union to Joyn to y e Church at 
Melton both they & their 

V Incres Turnear not in full Comunion was dismissed to 
Jcine to y e Church at Northampton Voted & granted in y e 
4L1 m° 82 

The 2 (1) 8| Richard Hall Jun r though not in full Corn- 
union was dismissed to Joyn to y e Church at Rocksbery 

5 4 84 Hanah y e daughter of William Chaplin & now y e 
wife of Joseph Goad not in full Comunion was dismissed to 
Joyne to y* Church at Rocksbery 

y" first of y e 4 82 was dismissed m r Joseph Capen to Joyne 
to y e Church at Topsfeild in order to his ordaination of a 
pastor to that Church w ch was accomplished y e 11 4 84 

y e 7 9 86 was dismissed y e wif of Johnathan Hill to Joyn 
to y e Church at Bridgwater 


y e 7 of August 87 was dismissed Samuell Trescott to Joyn 
y e Church at melton 

The 2 7 88 was dismissed y e wife of Edward Vos to Joyne 
o y e Church at melton & her dafter though not in full 

[20] The 23 Sep 88 was dismissed the Children of 
Thomas Vose of melton Thomas & Henery Vose not in full 
Coniunion but by mothers Covenant 

The 25 of No 88 Ezra Clap was dismissed to Joyn to y e 
Church at Melton 

The same day was John Bolton dismissed to Joyn y e 
Church at Bridgwater 

The 15 4 90 was Atherton Mather dismissed to Joyn to 
y e Church at Winsor in Quenectecot though not in full 

ocktober y e 20 95 was m ,er Joseph Lord and Increase Sum- 
ner and william pratt wer dismissed for y e gathering of A 
church for y e South corelina. 

[21] A ust °f y e names of thos who weer adult & have 
p'sonally in publique Submited them selves to y e Goverment 
of Christ in y e Church & have assented to y e doctrin of 
faith & given Satisfaction before y e Elders Concerning their 
knowlidg & afterward being p'posed to y e Church for their 
Satisfaction as to their Conversation & regular walking 
some time before their calling forth to owne y e Covenant 

The 29 5 j/ thes p'sons under named weer called uppon 
in y e publique & owned y e Covenant 
Mr Timothy Mather 
Thomas Andrews 
John Breck & his wife 
Thomas Trot & his wife 
mr Nathaniell Glover 
Samuell Trescot 
Samuell Maxfeild & his wife 
Charles Davenport 
Hopestill Humphry 
Isack Humphry 
John Blackman 
Ebenezer Withington 
James Baker 
Richard Hall 
Samuell Hall 
Johnathan Hall 
John Trescot 
John Blake 


Comfort & 

Standfast ffoster 

Elhanan Lyon 

John Smith 

Preserved Capen 

Ann Davenport 

Susanna y e wif of hope Clap 

Mary y e wife of Eb Withington 

y e wife of Samuell Hix 

Elizabeth Blake 

Hester Clap 

Mary He wens 

Anna Withington 

M™ Glover 

Nehemiah Clap 

Richard Euens 

Matthias Euens. 

[22] The 22 8 82 thes following had y e Covenant 
declared to them or the substance of it for their owning of 
it being y e first in Mr. Danforth time 

Samuell Rigbys wif 
Samuell Peltons wif 
Joshu Henshaws wif & 
Joseph Birch his wife 
y' last of thes y c Elder said y l her father had been sent unto 
to own y e Covenant & he said he was willing to doe w l was 
needfull — but as yet he had not don it but his daughter 
did as y e rest owne y e Covenant, her fathers name is Timothy 
Wales the son of goodman Wales her grandfather he was 
a member but not her Immediat parent. 

8§ Elizabeth y e wife of Watching. Atherton & dafter f* 
Sam Rigbe & Mehittabell y* dafter of Sam Rigby ben^ 
adult owned y e Covenant ' 

10 4 83 James & Mary Smith being adult owned y* Cov- 
enant being y e children of Jn° Smith deceased ther mother 
in full Comunion 

24 4 83 Patience y e wife of Ed Blake owned y e Covenant 
in o r Church though her husband a member at Melton 

Some time this year 84 y e wif of one Nile of Brantry y e 
daughter of Roger Belleng owned y fc Covenant 

14 4 85 Ebenezer Davenport son of Tho Davenport owned 
y* Covenant 

The 29 of May 87 Robt Spur Jun r owned y e Covenant & 
had his Child baptized 


The 1 1 of Sep 87 Mary goodall who is y e dafter of Tho 
f^odesly owned y e Covenant & her Child baptized same day 

The 8 of 11 8g Sarah & hanah y e grand daughters of 
Sister Merryfeild owned y e Covenant & weer both baptized 
same day 

& y e wif of Ebenezer Joans Goodman Chaplins daughter 
he owned y e Covenant y c same time 

The 20 3 88 John Brown owned y c Covenant & had his 
£hild baptized same day 

Merriam y e wife of John Glover & dafter of Jn° Smith 
deceased owned y e Covenant y e 24 march 8f 

Susana y e dafter of Sam Rigby owned y e Covenant & 
Was baptized same day 9 of february 89 or 90 

[23] mn m ^ s owned y e Covenant y e 29 4 90 

Joseph Mather owned y e Covenant the 13 5 90 & had his 
Child baptized same day 

John & Israeli Minot owned y e Covenant y e 19 aprill 91 
y e children of John Minot deceased 

May y e 15 : 92 the wife of John Brown owned the cov- 

July y* 10 92 John Stiles y e wife of Joseph Bird; and 
Sarah leach, owned y e covenant John Stiles and Sarah 
leache wer batised y e 17 July 92 and widow content mason 
was cast out of y e church the same day for her great wick- 
ednes Runing A way from her fathers house with peetter 
wood which was Another womans husbond : and for stealing 
of her fathers mony and other goods which shee caryed 
Awaye with her 

July 3 92 wher as malachi holloway being A child of this 
church and living att Tanton was by A vote of this church 
Recomendd to the church of Tanton but he Refused to be 
„iider the wach of that church, excleming Aganst them. 
as being covenant Breakers and being no church of christ 
and so forth : the church of Tanton made complaint of him 
to the church of Dorchester of his contemptous carige 
declaring allso that he was other wise scandolus the church 
of Dorchester upon debatte of the mater (on May 1" 91) 
desiered the Elders to send to him to speak with him and 
<}eall with him about thes matters but tho they Sent once 
and Againe [24] sdl though he came thorow y 9 town of 
Dorchester yett he wold not com att the elders to speak 
with them now this 3 July 92 the Elders declaring this to y e 
church and y e church wotted for to send to him to come 
before them 

The Elders discoursed him at Tanton & dealt with Him 



& upon what He spake to them the matter was deferred, on 
hopes that He might be recovered. 

July. 21. 95. Mary maroh Admited to Enter y e CovenanT" 
in order to her Baptisme 

Agust y e 4 95 Damaris y e wife of James haws entred y" 

[25] Information of Elder Topliff 

Major Bourn by John Andrews, on y e oth r side of y e way 

Mr Ludloes sold to m r Hull & H. Leveret at last to m r 

Mr Rossiter mr Howards 

Mr Bates 

Mr Eells dwelt at Fox point : sold His Land to m r Patten 

Major Clark in mr Jones's Lane 

Mr Mathers Sold to E. Williams. 

Mr Bur Jones 

Mr Wilson in mr Leeds Lane 

Mr Phillips in mr Leeds Lane Sold to m r Garnsey. 

Mr Garnsey in Leeds lane Sold to m r Stoughton 

Capt. Hawkins dwellt on Southwest side of Fox point 

M r Holland 

M r Patten at Fox Point 

M r Gibson — by Father ways 

M r Houghton in old m r wm Blakes house Sold to mr Capen 

M r Beaumont bought & built on part of m r Isaac Jones 

D r Memory By Fath r Maudsleys 

M r Sellick with m r Gibson by Father Ways 

M r Collicot — Lieutenant Halls • .o- 

M r Flints bought of m r Clark — now U wiswells 

M r Purchase J Capens 

M r Millet Town Records in part burnt in His House. 

M r Procters — sold to David Jones 

M r Shepard Fath r Hixes old house & orchard 

M r Meads where Capt Fosters malthouse is. 

M r Lake 

M r Davis — where y c minestry house now stands 

M r Bullock dwelld at Fox Point 

M r Pattens at Fox Point over against Capt : Hawkins. 

J M ohn Mafon j on * ri S ht hand ^^ t0 Fox Foint 
M r Clements — Sold to m r Humfrey — near m r Capens 
John Popes — in Desire Claps Land in y* way to Roxbury 

£ - In -iX\J\ 

i/Ss. UJt. 


M r 'Pooles — w r Francis Price lives. 

Mpijor Tings bought Last by Col. Tailer, or m r Stoughton. 

Margery Lever 

Gelprge Procter — His House sold to David Jones then to 
J. Ba/iton 

M' Plimbles sold to Col. Spur. 

Robert Stanton — in y* y' is now m r Lions East orchard 

Benj. Merrifields in y e Country Rode — sold to wiat & 
Tro ts. 

V/ m Rones — wr m r Isaac Royal lives 

Bray Wilkins by old m r Math's or y e same now Eb. 

Father Greenows ) T ^>. , ,. , . . 

Ursula Battens } J os ' Bird llved there 
**• Birst. Cane a free Negro, wr Fath r Woods lived. David 
'• Sm(ths. 

Mi r Howards — wr Jon Jones lives & His orch d sold to m r 

ty[ r Way wr Capt Brecks Cider mill is. 

N< r Georges — by Nathan Bradley 

I, l r Wales ) , ., , . , 

M r Lawrance | both near ^ wharf 

Slaml Peltons near rn/ Glovers 

Hil r Rigbey of m r Holman Elder Prats & now Hopestil 
Capens. / 

Father Sanders — Fr. Bacons by moth r Georges. 

FT ath r Bartholomew. ov r agst m r Mathe r s or williams's. 

^l r Bates He built first y e Mill going to y e Neck. 

I^ath' Dier — m r Trescots now Eb. Maudslys Jun r . 


5 March 7? 

nhr fflints exhortation to the Children of y e Church taken 
brfcffly as he spake it by J C 

I To y e seed of y* Church 

ftirst Consider that you are by yo r beirth taken in to y a 
Church as being y e seed of y e Church 17 genesis I will be 
the^ god & y e god of their seed after them in their genera- 
tions hence y e apostLs doe aply that in y* 2 acts 36 y e p'mise 
is TO you & to yu r seed &c soe y l it is y* faithfull & their 
ge d & their Children y' are called : that is thos that are soe 
vi ^bly soe, & upon this they weer baptized & after y* they 
w er in comunion with y e Church 

I Cor 7 14 y e unbeleveing husband is sanctified &c y* is 


with federal hollynes, therefore all y e children of y e fait-hful 
they are borne in y e Covenant, and this is y e great p r veledg 
of y e godly, & by this they are distinguished from pa r 0ns 
& heathen 

2 Consider y l you have been p r veledged with y e meavis of 
grace upon this being in y e Covenant to you belonW, y« 
p'misses & you have had saboths & teachings 59 Esa 1 vs. 
my spirit shall not depart &c y l is they shall have y* me^ns 
of grace, and you have enjoyed all this under a Cove- 
nant, this have been yo r great p'veledg. therfore bewarev of 
shewing any unbeseeming fram of sperit 3 Rom 6 what 
advantageth y e Jew &c and if you have been unprofitable 
under it y e fault is yours 

3 Consider y' you have been baptized ; & soe have m;jde 
a vow & given up yo r selves unto y e lord 1 Cor 12 13 
therfore Consider how sollemly you ther engaged to 
owne yo r union with y* body of Christ which is his Church 

4 Consider how great and sollemne p'fession you are Cal led 
upon to make this day, he y* cannot say that he will n dt 
be a shebolith [27] W M De n °e benjamite this day £;od 
requiers y' you should heer him, & submite yo r selves u rito 
him, beware therfor of Casting off yo r subjection to y 
lord Jesus christ. god will receave it in heaven & \jvill 
Charge it upon such as shall reject it, but I hope better 
things of you 1 Cor 12 13 noe man calleth Jesus lord but 
by y e sperit, therfore thos y l will not call Christ their lord 
he have not y e sperit, let none Count it a small matter to 
disowne y e lord Jesus Christ 

5 Lastly be sure to be sencear doe not put of y e l->rd 
Jesus with a meere formall p'fession, but say it in y* spirit 
be not Children 18 Psal latter end, it was said of david 
y' his Children should ly unto him, but god calls for other 
things 63 Esa 9 therfore look up to god in y e feare of tod 
for y e help of his §perit y l what you profess with with yo r 
tongue you may own it sensearly XV th your harts 

March 4 7$ 

Dorchesters Covenant for 

Uppon serious search into o' owne hart & ways in this '"ay 
of divine Rebuk finding o r selves guilty of many hainousVlo- 
lations of o r holly Covenant by omissions of duty & Cspft\ 
missions of Iniquitie Wee doe Judge & Condemn our setygs 
for y e same, & doe Joyntly & severaly Renew our said h(Ay 


Covenant with god & one with another ffurther p'ticularly 
& sollemnly promising in the name & by y e grace of o r Lord 

ffirst to Reforme our owne harts, by endeavoring to re- 
cove : y e sperit life & power of godlines, with our first love 
faith zeale & integritie : laboring by y e sperite to mortefie 
y e d ^eds of y e flesh, and to have & maintayn a most impartiall 
zeale against sin, & to waite on o r lord Jesus for y e fresh 
Communication of y e sperit of grace & life 

Secondly to Reforme o r famelys, Engageing our selves to 
a Concientious Care to set up & maintaine the [28] Wor- 
ship of god in them and to walk in o r houses with perfect 
harts in a faithfull discharge of all Domestick dutys : Edu- 
cating Instructing & Charging our Children and our house- 
hol ds, to keepe y e ways of y e lord ; Restraining them as much 
h& in us lyeth, from all evil & especially y e Sins of y e times 
and watching over them in y c lord 

Thirdly to Reforme (according to our place & power) the 
ginerall growing evill of this time ; as prid appearing in 
gaudy apparell or otherwise and prophanesses, and prophana- 
tion of gods holly Saboth taking gods holy name in vaine 
all irreverance in y e ordinances & worship of god, disobedi- 
ent to Superiors, in family, town, Church or Common 
V'-alth, drunknes, Idlenes, Vaine Company keeping, Un- 
ri hteous dealling between man & man, lasciviousnes, Un- 
cJeanness, false speaking, Slandering, Coveting, with all 
other Violations of gods holy law 

•ffowerthly to Reforme our Church, to lay aside all Envy, 

^ftath, Evill Surmises, Jelousies, Respect of p'sons, Undue 

designings, sidings, Contentions, & what ever is Contrary 

To sound love & Charitie ; to owne & obay them y 1 are over 

us" in y e lord To uphold, maintaine, encourage, cleave to & 

stalnd by a godly able painfull faithfull powerfull ministry in 

this Church & Congregation ; and to o r power to Encurrag 

Cleave to & stand by one another, in times of p'secution, to 

lahour to recover (in a Joint Concurrance with y e ministeriall 

au:horitie which Christ hath appointed in his Church) the 

Vigorous, studious & impartiall Adminestration of discipline, 

to. uphold y e due administration of all gods holy ordinances, 

to be very serious & solimn in o r preparations unto, and 

attendance uppon god in all divine Worship & Sabbaths, 

fflsts, Sacraments, that we may obtaine y e saveing good of 

itoem & gods presence and blessing in & by them, & that y* 

lord Jesus may grant us a regular and beautifull disposition 

according to y e laws & rules of y e gosple in all things 


[29] ffifthly To Reforme our defects and neglects of 
duty toward y e Children of y e Covenant, humbly & from o r 
harts accknowlidging & bewailling o r sin heerin, beseeching 
& waiting upon god in o r lord Jesus for pardon & healling 
by his name. \ 

unto y e p'formance of thes things wee doe in y e name of 
o r lord Jesus Christ Engage o r selves unto god taking -this 
holy Covenant by a renewed act of Confederation uppoi o r 
selves Sollemly with full purpos of hart in y e strength of 
Christ to stand to it in all y e parts of it v and in the £ull 
obligation & extent of it. beging of god guidance grace & 
healling for his nams sake Amen 

165 1 

25 (2) 52 

James Blake et uxor 

William Sumner Jr & uxor William Blake 

Isaac Jones 

John Holland 

3 (8) 52 

Edward Blake, 

mary Lawrance I 

Nathaniell Glover ) f , 

Henry Layeland j 2 " [3) 53 

14 (8) 55 

Richard Waye fformerly a member upo his Removall neaft^ 
unto Salem was dismissed thither & joyned there but upD^ 
his Returne unto Dorchester he was haveinge his dismissicyy 
there Receyved unto the church of Dorchester w^out &ny 
Relatio only standinge fforth and owninge & assentinge to 
the Covenant breiffly Repeated unto him : the same day was 
Admitted his wiffe Hester Waye 14 (8) 55 & Hannah Bil- 

18 (3) 1656 


The "day abovsaid was admitted into church ffellowshjoe 
theise p'sons underwritten upo occasio of different exp'sipfls 
used in y e p'poundinge of them, at ffirst unto the churches 
Consideratio viz that some were in some degr. of memh^ft 
shipe more then other Edw Breke at their admissio asked 
y* que ffirst whether one of y m he named was a member 


heinge ansrd negatively he Replyed he could not act in a 
Waye of sep r atio : wh word was taken offensively, but he 
ffered to maintaine his p r sent speech & fformer u (3) 56: 
&,ffurther said he beleived and owned her p member. 

Ammiell Weekes ) 

et uxo r ejus > 18 (3) 1656 

uxo r william Weekes ) 
Since then Roger Sumner & his brother were Admitted 

Hester Mason ) . . , 

goody et Beaman j \ ' 5 


1658 1659 


Daved Joanes (4) 58 

M r Pelletyah Glover & ( - . . r8 

M r Eliazer Mather j 20 {7) 5 ° 

Enoch Wiswell } 

Samuell Clap [ i^ 7 (12) 58 

Thomas Moadesley ) 
The same day M re Mather & her Daughter Mary Cotton 
weer dismissed from y e Church at Boston & upon making 
their relation of y* work of faith was admitted into y e Church 
The same day alsoe Clement Maxfeild & Mary his wife 
i»eing formerly members of this Church & remouving to 
Tanton for some time weer dismissed thether & upon their 
tetorn againe to this Church weer admitted only upon ther 
renewing their Covenant 
The same day also was John Capen ordained Deacon 

Nathaniell Clap, ^ 

Thankfull ffoster admitted y" 

Prudence Clapp > 

Sarah Clap & 20 d (12) 58 

Elizabeth Clap J 

Jacob Hewens & Mary the wife of 

Rodger Sumner ) d , * 

Abraham Staple \ 20 ^ l) 5 * 

Joseph 1 ^j 

Benjamen & [ Leeds & I d () 

Hannah ) j ' w " 

Mary y e wife of Jacob Hewens 1 

John Blackman & Sarah his wife & 

Elizabeth & j 

Mary \ ffry being dismissed from y* Church of 

Waymouth viz : the two latter p'sons 
they wer all admitted y e io d (5) 59 



Admitions 1660 1661 1663. 

Hanah y e wife of Henery Garnesy admitted y e 22 of y e (2) 6c 
The day above said hanah y e daughter of Thomas Andrews 
desired letters of dismittion to Joyn to y e Church of Rocks 
bery allthough she was not statted member but by vertue of 
her parents Covenant : & it was granted only b r Breck (a 
presbyterian &) ffoster (an Independ') & Mead would not act 
w th y e Church. The same Day M™ Mary Glover who lattly 
Marryed to Mr Hinkly about Sandidg desired letters of 
dismittion to y' Church ther but weer not at that time 
granted : it being soe suddently after her removall thither 
& they not being in a Capaccety for y e injoyment of y e ordi- 
nances haveing noe officers for to dispense y e same 

The 27 (8) 61 

The day abovesaid m r Increase Mather was admitted into 
the Church 

The 9 th (1) 61 was admitted unto full Communion w th y e 
Church James White and Margaret y e wife of James Tro- 
bridg and Hanah Hill 

Hannah y e wife of James Minot and Mary Atherton 
admitted to full Communion the 13 (5) 62 

John Gill admitted the 21 (7) 62 

Mary y e wife of Thomas Moadesly admitted the 8 (12) 62 

M r Increas Mather & his wife wer dismissed to Joyn to 
the new church at Boston the 12 (2) 63. 

Goodwife Dickerman dismissed to y e Church at Meadfeild 
wheer her husband doe live y e 14 th (4) 63 

1663 1664 1665 

the 25 (8) 63 

Nathaniell Clark y e sonne of william Clarke who was tf&T 
in full Communion w" 1 y c Church was dismissed for to Joyntf 
to y e Churh his father was formerly dismissed & Joyned 

The 3 of y e 2 d Mo 64 

The wife of Roger Sumner was dismissed to Joyne unto 
y e Church at Lanchaster 

Alsoe y e same time was Joane the wife of John Ellice of 
Meadfeild (who formerly was y e wife of John Clapp) dis- 
missed to Joyn to the Church at Meadfeild 


The 1 1 (7) 64 

The day above said ther was admitted to y e Church the 
wife of William Chapman & Mary y e Daughter of goodman 

The same day was dismissed the wife of Tho Wiswall & 
y wife of goo: Kimwright w ch was y e wife of John Hollond 
& Margaret y e wif of James Trowbridg all of them to Joyn 
to y e Church latly gathered at Cambridg Villedg called 
Nonantom wher Mr John Elliot is pastor (since Newtown)* 

The 25 (7) 64 ther was dismissed M™ Dummer who was 
formerly y e wife of m r Burr to Joyne to the Church at Rowly 

The 12 th of y e (12) moneth 64 ther was admitted into y e 
Church True-cross y e wife of Stephen Minot & Rebeckah y e 
daughter of y e Widdow Hill 

Ebenezer Clap was admitted into full Communion w th y* 
Church the 21 of y e (3) 65 

The 27 (6) 65 ther was admitted into y e Church thes p'sons 
^Thomas pearce ( Ruth y e wife of 
^Timothy Tilston { Timothy ffoster 




1665 66 67 68 

And Sarah y e wife of Timothy Tilston who was alsoe 
Baptized y e same time alsoe being not baptized before 
The 26 (9) 65 was admitted into full Communion 

Obediah Haawes 

John Capen Jun r 

Nicholas George 

Robbert Spur & 

Rebeckah y e wif of Samuell Sumner 

The 4 (1) 6 5-6 admitted 
John Minot 

Sarah y c wif of david Joans 
Mary Euens (since Bradley) 

The 21. of y e (2) 6j was Susanna y* daughter of William 
daniell admitted to full Communion 

Mary y e wife of James Humphrey & Sarah y e wife of 
Increas Sumner weer both admitted y e 8 (7) 1667 

Judeth y e wife of Jasper Rush & Mary y e wife of Obediah 
Haws & Sarah y e wife of John Homes admitted y* 3 (9) 67. 

Deborah y e wife of Robt Searl admitted y e 8 (1) 1667-8 

Henery Leadbetter & Sarah his wife and George Lyan & 
Hanah his wif all admitted y e 5 (2 d ) 1668 


M r William Stoughton and M r Josiah -fflint admitted the 
12 of y e 9 m° 1671 

The 31 (1) 72 weer admited m r William pole & his wif & 
m™ Withington all members of y e Church at Tanton & being 
dismissed weer receaved without relation, only entering intb 

The same time admitted Susanna the wif of John Capen 
Jun r and Elizabeth y e wife of John Bird & Mary Capen y e j 
daughter of John Capen sen r 

[36] j 

y e wife of Henery More Admitted y e 21 5 72 
The 4 1 1 72 weer admitted j 

Obadiah Swift 
Joseph weeks 
John Bird 
Eliazer Hawes 
Sarah y e wife of James whit 
Mary y e wife of James Bird 
Elizabeth y e wife of Nathaniell Clap 
James ffoster admited the 16 (1) 7 2-3 
Samuell Toplif & his wife and John Withington admitted 
y« 27 2 73 

Elizabeth y* wife of John Tolman admitted y e 17 6 73 
being dismissed or recommended unto this Church by y e 
Church at Lin though not in full Comunion but by her 
relation was receaved 

y e wife of Georg Sumner Admitted y e 12 8 73 
Samuell Capen Admited the 4 th 1 1 73 
The wife of James Robinson admitted y e 15 12 73 
Thomas Tolman Jun r & his wife admitted y e 17 3 74 
Israeli mead & his wife admitted y e 16 6 74 
Barnard Capen admitted the 8 9 74 
John Tolman admited 
Henery withington & 
Increas Sumner — 
Hope Clap 
Desier Clap & 
Sarah Clap admitted 

Danell pres.ton Jun & his wife Jn° Baker & preserved his 
wife & y e wife of Samuell Robinson all admitted y e "2 11 j6 
at m r flints hous Thanfull Baker widdow formerly a mem- 
ber of this Church & dismissed to y* 2 d Church in Boston 
was readmitted againe y e 152 "]"] being dismissed from y' 



77 78 79 80 81 

The 7 May 1677 ther was admitted into full Communion 
Thes p'sons following 

James Blake Jun r 

Thomas Holman & Abigail his wif 

y e widdow Salsbery 

Waite : y e wif of Tho Vose 

y e wife of Edward Vose 

Susanna y e wife of Samuell Capen 

Mary y e wife of Samuell paule 

Martha y e wife of Eeben : Williams 

y e wife of Roger willice 

John Wales Sen' 

The 5 6 77 ther was admitted 

Samuell Hix & 

y e wife of James Tucker the daughter of Tho Tolman Sen r 

The 2 8 77 was admitted 
Ephraim & j Tucker 
/Manaseth ) 

Nathaniell Glover 

preserved Capen. 

y e wife of Ebenezer Clap 

y e wife of William Ryall \ 

Sarah Davenport 

The 4 9 77 admitted James Tucker & 

Mary y e wife of Samuell Maxfeld 
William Ryall admited y e ) « 

& y e wife of Richard Butt— j 4 ' 

The 26 3 78 was admitted the wife of Thomas Andrews 

Susana y e wif of Hopestill Clap & the wif of flrances Ball 
admitted y e 17 No 78 being y e first day of meeting at y e 
New meeting hous 
Joseph Leeds & 
Elizabeth y e wife of Jn° Withington admitted the 128 79 

The 28 March 80 admitted 

Jn° pason 

Israeli How 

Barnard Capen wif 

Joseph Skiltons wif 

Hanah Capen admitted y e 8 (6) 80 

m r Joseph Capen admitted y e 19 12 81 

m r John Danforth admitted y 19 12 81 

thes two last weer admitted before wee had a teaching 


82 83 84 

The 20 6 82 there was admited to full Comunion thes y 

Goodman Heauen 

Nehemiah Clap & his wife who was dismissed from 

John Trescot & 

Samuell Trescots wife these weer y e first y l weer admitted 
since m r Danforth was ordained. 

The 12 9 82 admitted to full Comunion Merriam y e wift 
of Ellis wood 

The 28 11 82 admitted to full Comunion Roger Belleng 
Jun r & Ebenezer Williams 

The 18 1 83 Charles Davenport & his wif & Tho Bird's 
wife admitted to full Comunion 

The 2 10 83 Timothy ffoster wife being dismissed from 
the Church at Charlstowne was admitted to full Comunion 
w* us 

The 21 10 8^ The wife of Henry Roberts was admitted to 
full Comunion 

The 17 12 83 was admitted mary Taylor y e dafter of Will 
Chaplin to full Comunion 

The 30 (1) 8J was admitted to full Comunion Samuell 
pason & y e wife of James Barbor & Constance Withington 

The 22 4 84 was Joseph Leeds his wife admitted to full 

The 3 6 84 admitted to full Comunion Sarah y e Widdow 
of Elisha ffoster & Mary y e wife of preserved Capen 

The 26 October 84 was admitted to full Comunion 

Samuell & 

Susana Capen y e Sone & dafter of John Capen Jun r & y e 
same day he had a dafter baptized whos name is Hannah 
borne y e 21 8 84 in y e Morning 

The 11 of y e 11 M° 84 weer admitted to full Comunion 
Ephraim pason & Katteron his wife 

The 12 2 85 admited to full Communion M™ fflint & 
Elizabeth weibb & Mary y e dafter of Tho peirce 


The 16 6 85 was admitted to full Comunion 
John Bolton 
Thankfull weeks & 
Sarah Trescot 

r 8? 


The 21 (i) 8\: Noah Beaman & Ebenezer Weeks admitted 
to full Communion 

The 25 5 86 was y c widdow Lawranc y e wif of Nicholas 
Lawrance admitted to full Comunion 

The 3 8 86 was Henry Garnesy admitted to full Comunion 
(Notwithstanding His opinion for Prelacy) 

John Blake & 

Elizabeth his sister weer both admitted to full Comunion 
y e 26 10 86 

The 15 3 87 weer admitted to full Communion 

John Breck & his wife 
' Ebenezer Bellenge and 
• Hanah y e wife of James Blake Jun r 

The 6 of November 87 was admited to full Comunion y* 
wif of William Trescot & y e wif of Henery Withington & 
Ebenezer Lyon 

Mr Nathaniell Clap & Thomas Trot Jun r admitted y e 10 

? 8 
peter Lyon Jun r admited 2 4 89 

Standfast ffoster & his wif admited to full Comunion y e 16 
No 89 

Thankfull & 

daughters of Jn° Capen Jun r 

Sarah y* 

admitted to full Comunion 

y e 16 12 8fo 

March 30 90 David Jones Jun r : Eb : 

Jones wife y e wif of John pason (viz) 

Hanna (Payson) & Johana his dafter admited to full Corn- 

y e 3 of August 90 

y e wife of peter lyon and mehittabell Lion admitted to full 

y e 21 10 90 
' y e wife of Hope Humphrey admitted 22 1 9$ 

The 15 June 91 was admitted to full Comunion 

Mary y e wife of Samuell pason & anna y e wife of James 
ffoster & Elizabeth y e dafter of Thomas Modesly 

The 2 d of August Admitted to Full Comunion 

Mary The wife of Samuel Wales. 

Samuel Wales himself admitted to full Comunion y e 13 
Sep 91 

John y e son of Thomas peirce admitted y* 7 1 9J 

8: 12, 90 Tim. Tileston Robt Spurs wife & Ruth Foster 

4. 8. 91. Sam. Trot: Miriam Triscot own d Covent 

5. 1. 92. John Pierce own 1 y* Coven 1 



Maye y e 15 widow pope was Admited Into y e church. Sep- 
tember y e 11 92 Elias wood being A member of y e church 
of Deadam now living In Dorchester was dismised from 
them : and was Admited Into y e church 

March y e 19 g% william prat and his wife wer dismised 
from y e church of waymouth to y e church of Dorchester and 
wer Admited Into y e church y e sam day 

Aprill y e 30 93 Jeams Bishop and John clape wer Ad- 
mited Into y e church. 1 

may y e 1 93 Thomas Andrews was Admited to full Conj- 

June y e 18 93 philip withington and his wife: Joseph 
weeks and his wife : Johnathan Clap and his sister Elizeb y e 
son and daughter of nathaniell Clape wer Admitted to ful 1 

. June y e 25 93 Joshuah story and Ebenezar Billings wife 
wer Admited Into y e church 

July y e 30 93 Dorothy capen daughter of John capen war, 
Admited to full comunion 

July y* 15 94 the wife of Thomas Tollman Jun was ad- 
mited to full comunion. the same day y e wife of Thomas 
moadsly (Jun) was also admited 

September y 2 d 94 m r lord our scoole master was admitted 
to full comunion 

(21. 6. 92 M™ Wiswall was admitted into full Com :) 

October y e 14: 94 Joseph hewens was admited to full corn- 

January y e 13 95 Samuell paul was admited to full corn- 

february y e 24 95 Thomas Euens was admited to full com-, 

Aprill y e 7 95 m r henery flint was admited to ful comunion 

febr 23 d Rebecca wife of Jonathan Jones (1695-6 admitted 
to full Comunion 

April 5. 96 Eliz : Wife of Jonathan Hall was taken into 
full communion) 

Nov. 1. 96. M™ Danforth — } were 

mercy Trot wife of S. Trot > accepted 
Susanna Bradley — ) to full Corn : 

Febr. 14. 96 : deliverance wife of Jos. Withington admit- 
ted to full Comunion. Sarah Pearse Daught r of Tho Pearse 
accepted to Comunion 



(The wife of Benj. Leeds admitted to full Comunion Je- 
mima Blackman) 

febr. 26. 98 M r Josiah Flint admitted to full Comunion 

April. 2. 99. Mary the Wife of John Minot & Mary the 
wife of John Browne were admitted unto full Comunion. 

April. 9" 1 99. Ebenezer Clap son of Broth 1 " Nath : Clap & 
Sarah wife of Peter Hix admitted to full Comunion 

May. 7 th . 99. Ebenezer Maudsley & Miriam y e wife of 
James Bird Junior were admitted unto full Comunion. 

May. 21 : 99. Samuel Clap junior & Patience wife of Noah 
Beamon were admitted unto full Communion. 

August. 20. 99. Sarah y e wife of Desire Clap was admitted 
unto full Comunion. 

October. 15. 99. m r John Robinson admitted to full Corn- 

November 26. 99. Humfry Atherton admitted to full Com- 

January. 14. 99. John Tolman jun & Susannah His wife 
admitted to full Comunion. 

'April the 7 th 1700. Johanna The wife of Joseph Bird Abi- 
gails y e wife of John Pearse & Mary wife of Samuel Paul 
adm tted to full Comunion 

JuUy. 14. 1700. Elizabeth Daughter of Tho* Pearse was 
admitted to full Comunion. 

J. nuary 12: 1700. Hopestill & Isaac & Ruth Humfrys 
ad tted to full Comunion. 

1 J*n. & Febr. 1701. were admitted to full Comunion. 

I isign James Bird 

I ")bert Spur 

J hn Blackman 

J seph Leeds & His wife 

1 homas Lion 

£}mith Woodward 

Samuel Claps wife 

Humfry Athertons wife 

10. Oliver Wiswall & His wife 

March. 1. 1702: Benj. Blackman admitted. 

l^eb. 7. 170I Ebenezer withington & His wife admitted to 
ful, Comunion 

Nov. 7. 1703 Abigail wife of Obadiah Swift admitted to 
full Communion 

,Febr. 25. 1704. M r Samuel Wiswall o r schoolmaster was 
admitted into full Comunion. 

July. 8. 1705 : Mary daughter of John Blake was admitted 
irto Full comunion. 


August. 19. 1705. Hannah Daughter of m r John Capen 
was admitted unto full Cornunion. 

March. 2. 170? Hannah & Elizabeth Glover Admitted. 

April. 13. 1707 James Trott was admitted to full Com" 

May. 25. 1707. Ebenezer Withington Junior was admitted 
to full Coniunion. 

Dec? 28. 1707. John Withington & His Cousen Samuel 
Withington & Samuel Hall were admitted to Full Cornunion. 

March. 21. 17O3 These 5 were admitted to full Com : viz 

Irijah Wales & His wife 

Jabez Searle & His wife 

& wid : Hall 

f Joseph Maudsley^j 

M 2 T7nsJ ^ ^* s w ^ e I admitted to full 

y I Samuel Tolman [Coniunion 

(& His wife J 

January. 16. Eliz. wife of Jonathan Hall 

170JJ & Daughter of Deacon Clap admitted to full 
Feb. 1- 20. Lidia wife of Ebenezer Jones 

(Here follow thirty-nine blank leaves : then we find records of nvjch 
earlier date, which should be connected with pages [12] and [190].) 


The 15 th of y e (4) 59 ther was a ginerall day of Humiliation 
in all y e Churches of this Jurisdiction for thes Reasons v 

In y e behalfe of o r Native Cuntry y e feares of Comotior & 
trouble breaking forth in Cuntry & parlament 

y e erreperable rents & devissions in many Churche in 
this Cuntry espesally Hartford 

y e hand of god gon out against us in y e unseasonable * ;tt 
& raigne this last spring , 

y e sad face of things in regard of y e rising generattion 

m r pelletiah Glover preached in y e fore noone from y« 2 
Cron : 7 14: 15: 16 m r Mather preacht in y e 
from y 6 Hosea 1 ' 

The 5 of y (5) 59 J 

This day the Teaching & rulling elders of o r Church I as 
messengers of y* Church mett at Rocksbery, w th y e messin 
gers of other Churches, for to heare the Indeans make a re- 
lation, of the worke of God upon ther soull : at w ch time ther 
weer six made ther relation in the Indian tongue, & repeated 
by m T Eliat in Englesh wittnessed unto y e truth of his trans- 


lation, by m r pearson of long Island, & Goodman ffordgier 
[Folger] of Martins Vinyard : & m r Eliats owne sone : & be- 
cause y e time would not p'mit for y e other two Indians to 
make ther relation at that time, therefore y e relation w ch they 
had made y e day before unto m r pearson in privat it was de- 
clared by m r pearson : & many questions put to y e Indians in 
point 01 knowledg to y e great rejoising of y e hearers & soe 
it was left in y e Closs of y e day to y e Counsell of y e messen- 
gers of y e churches what was next to be done 


The 3 of y' (5) 59 

This day letters were read in y* Curch from y e ginerall 
Court at Quenectecot, & from y e Church at Hartford y e sub- 
stance wherof was y' y e church of dorchester would send 
M r Mather w th other Elders of other Churches to meet at 
hartford uppon y c 19 of y e 6 month next for to heer & give 
Counsell about y e dissiding of y e differences in y l Church & 
y e desenting p'ty : y e matter was taken into Consideration 
untill another time 

The 10 of y e (15) 59 a letter is read and agreed on by y e 
church for to be sent to y e place above mentioned for to 
excus y' Churches not sending of M r Mather according to 
ther request, in regard of y" diffeculty of y e Jorney unto his 
adged body w th intemations y l if they should appoint y e 
place of meeting to some wheer in y e bay, y e Church would 
afford them any help they Could 

The 14 th of y e (6) 59 Motion was made from severall of y e 
elders of y e bay unto y e Church of Dorchester whether it 
^weer~not meete y' those nine Churches to whom y e Church 
at Hartford had formerly sent should not vollentarely by 
ther messengers appoint a Councell to be assembled some 
wheer in y e bay for y e hearing of those differences w ch weere 
in that Church & notice to be given unto both p'tys if they 
would come unto it being looked at as y e last remedy y l 
would be off'ed for y e healling therof : y e Church Consented 
& made choys of M r Mather o r Teacher 

The 23 (8) 59 Mr Mather (who was y e Churches messenger 
for y' bussynes of Hartford) did make a retorneof that 
Messadge by publeshing in wrighting y e determination & 
sentance of y e Councell, & the loveing & Comfortable 
acceptance therof in both p'tys w a ther readynes to acc- 
knowledg & make Confession of y e faillings of each to y e 
other, for w ch we ought to give god y e praise : y e expences of 


this meetting was discharged by those several! churches who 
sent ther messengers it Amounted unto i u 8 s 7 d for each man 


The 9 e (8) 59 Was Mahalaleel Munings dismissed unto y e 
New Church at Boston : he dyed y e 27 of y e (12) 59 being 
drowned in y e mill Creeke at Boston in y e night 

The 13 th (9) 59 it was declared unto y e Church & Com- 
mended unto them from y e generall Court for to have a pub- 
lique day of thanksgiveing to be observed by all the Churches 
w th in this Jurisdiction : in humble and thankfull acknowledg- 
ing the mercy of god to New england Viz in the Continua- 
tion of o r peace & for y e gracious retorne of o r prayers put 
up unto him in y e wett spring by giveing us a seassonable 
seedtime & harvest ; & for gods giveing his people a Joynt 
Consent for to w^stand & suppress y e blaspheamers of his 
truth & gosple & other p'ticulers then mentioned & y e day 
appointed is to be the 8 th day of y e (10) 59 

The 5 of y e (12) 59 it was p'possed by o r Teacher unto y e 
Church from some of y e elders hearabouts whether it weer 
not Convenient y' the Churches (as many of them as Could) 
should Joyntly set apart a day of humilliation on y e behalf 
of o r native Cuntry they being at this time in such an un- 
settled way of government being w th out p'tector & w th out 
parlament only y e power remaining in y e army & they alsoe 
being devided : whether (I say) god doe not call us to doe 
some thing more than ordinary for them in earnest prayer 
to god for them : y e day p'possed is the 22 of this Instant: 
to y e w ch this church did Joyntly consent 

The 19 th of y e (12) 59 was Jeremi Haaws y e servant of Mr 
patten and Thomas Lake y e servant & kinsman of o r Brother 
Tho : Lake called forth publiquely & reproved for mis-behav- 
ing in y e assembly in y e 


former p't of this day it being y e saboth before y* day of 
humiliation for Ingland, it being shewed to us this day y* 
reformation of sinnes is requiered in those y l come to humble 
ther soulls before y e lord : 

The 25 of y* (1) 1660 

The day above said was report made by M r Mather unto 
the Congregation, of a sad accident y' was fallen out at Hart- 
ford, namly of a yong man named Abraham Warner, about 


y e adge of 20 years (who being left of god & prevailed w th 
by satan) drowned himself in y e watter, leaveing behind him 
in his brothers pocket a writting to his father wherein he 
doe advis his father to look to y c ways & walkings of his 

M r Mather uppon this occasion gave an exortation first 
unto Children to take heed of refusing instruction from ther 
parents & not to pleass themselves w th this that they weer y e 
Children of godly parents as it seems this yong man was 
And 2 alsoe unto parents to looke to y e ways & walkings of 
ther Children & ffamelys aleaging y e example of Elly &c : 

The 13 (3) 1660 

This day M r Mather after the evening exercise desiered 
to speake a word or two unto y e Church the substance therof 
was this viz 

first he desiered y e Church & y e members of it to take 
notice : that (as it was a whill since Concluded namly y' y e 
Children of such as are members of the Church are to be 
lookt at as members alsoe, though as it they have not been 
receaved to y e lords supper) soe both himselfe & y e other 
elders doe still look at them 

[46] . 

soe to be & therfore not to be thought by any y* it is for- 
gotten or their minds Changed but doe look at such Children 
whose parents on or both who are in Covenant w th y e Church 
y* ther Children are members alsoe : 

2 Secondly his exortation was unto the breatheren & 
sisters of the Church that they would mind it & make Con- 
science of p'forming y* duty of watchfulnes & exortation or 
Consolation or rep r hention unto such Children according as 
ther adge & Capassety did requier or would admite off 

3 Thirdly his exortation was unto such Children of y e 
Church that they would soe look at themselves as to expect 
y e benifite & p r veledge of Church watchfulnes & that they 
would soe Carry themselves as such as must give an account 
in casse of defect according as ther adge or Capassety 
would p'mitt 

after he had ended his spech then both y e rulling elders 
stood up first thone & then y e other & seconded what M r 
Mather had said : & said y l it was ther mind alsoe & that they 
did not dissent from any thing y l o r teacher had at this time 


The I oth of y e (4) 60 

This day it was commended to o r Church amongst y* 
others of this Jurisdiction from the ginerall Court of a pub- 
like day of Humilliation to be keept by all y e Congregations 
in this Collony in y e behalfe of o r Native Cuntry y e great 
fears of troubles breaking forth ther & y c destractions y l 
are amongst them as also in regard of o r selves for the rissing 
gineration the day to be keept is the 21 of this instant 


June on w ch day M r pelletiah Glover preached in the fore- 
noon out of the 1 Zackery 3 

& M r Mather in y e afternoon out of the 21 Ezekell 27 

The 15 of y e (5) 60 at y e motion of y e Church of Tanton 
by ther letter ther was Chosen M r Mather & M r Withington 
(as messengers of this church) for to goe to Tanton to- 
gether w th y e messengers of y e Church of Boston & Way- 
mouth for to heer y e difference y l is between them & M r 
Street & to help them by ther Counsell & advise : y e day of 
meeting to be y e 25 of this Instant 

Alsoe y e day above said y e Church was put in mind (by y e 
elders) of ther slacknes in coming to y e Contribution & dis- 
charging ther nots to y e Deakons 

The 29 (5) 60 M r Mather & M r Withington who weer y : 
Churches messengers to Tanton retorned theire messadge 
namly y' y e offences beetween both p'tys weer heard and dis- 
cussed a comfortable essew obtained through y e blessing of 
god : and thanks was retorned unto this Church for sending 
help unto them 

The 26 (6) 60 

Rogger Sumnei was this day dismissed from this church 
y* he might w th other Christians at Langchester Joyvie to- 
gether for y e begining of a Church ther : ' 

The 9 (7) 60 

This day after the evening exersis y* Church being desired 
to stay M r Mather made report to y e Church of y e greate 
desier of the wife of James Minot to have her Children bap- 
tized though as yet \ 

[48] I 

they neither she nor her husband weer Judged mee. to 
Come to y e lords table ; to w ch end they had both of tiiem 
p'mised m r Mather y l they would publikly owne and fake 
hold of ther fathers Covenant 


To this divers of y e Church shewed their Consent but 
some weer unsatisfied & therfore it was defered untell y e 
next lords day being 
16 (7) 60 the 16 of this instant ; but yet y e same breatheren 

weer unsatisfied & deferred until 
30 (7) : 60 a fortnight after & then y e question was more 

fully discoursed but not concluded 
7 ( 8 ) 60 The 7" 1 of y c 8 th M° 1660 after y e exercis Elder 
withington stood up before y e Assembly was dismised & 
said that some breatheren had been w th them that weeke 
& told them y' they ap r hended m r Mathers Arguments 
for baptizing of such children formerly spoken off was not 
it [yet] answered & therfore desired y' it might be now 
spoken unto at this time : on of y e arguments being thus 

Arguments for y e baptizing of such Children whos parents 
are not yet admited to full communion at y e lords table but 
yet are Judged members & have taken hold of ther fathers 

They y l weer once members of y e Church & weer never 
Cut off ; they remaine members still : and soe it is w th thos 
parents who doe desier baptizme for ther Children they 
weer once members when they weer infants, else they should 
not have been baptized, and they weer never cut off, for if 
they be cut off it must be either by death, or excommunica- 
tion, or if y e Church doe sease to be a Church, then a mem- 
ber surviving cannot remaine to be a member because the 
Church is extinct & is not in being: And some doe add this 
that they may loos ther 


membership by apostasy & wilfull rending themselves off 
from y e Church but none of thes have cut off thes from 
being members w ch doe desier baptizme for ther Children, 
and therfore being members they should have baptisme for 
ther Children to be a seal unto y e Covenant 

Another Argument 

If such parents weer members of y e Church in y e old tes- 
tament, & ther Children weer cercomsised then such parents 
are members of y e Church in y e new testament & ther Chil- 
dren should be baptized 

Another Argument 
If y e Church in y e old & new testament, for essence & 
substance be y e same, & if all y e alterations be for y e bet- 


ter, then it remaines as have ben said but y e Church then 

6 now is for kind the same y e gentells are fellow ayers of y e 
same body & they are grafted upon y e same olive : 

And for alterations ther are many but still for y e better 
as in heb : 7 & 8 Chapters a better Covenant as for instance 
then they must be Cercomsised w ch was both shamefull & 
painefull, but baptisme is neither. 

againe cercomsission was only on y e malls, but baptisme 
is for women alsoe 

they weer limetted to y e 8 th day but w th us any day 

And soe for y e passover it was but once a year but o r lords 
supper is very often : againe y e pasover was upon a p r size 
day but we are not tyed to that : 

they had many shaddows & tips & burdens, but thes are 
removed my yoke is essy saith christ : 

ther shaddows weer dark & obscure but now y e vaille is 

then it was to on people only but now to all nations 

then all must goe to Jerusalem but now on Congregation 
have supremasy of Jurisdiction w th in it selfe : so y* all is 
for y e better 


but if then they may be cercomsized but now must not be 
baptized then it is for y e worse 

Thes things & such like weer discursed that evening y e 

7 of y e 8 M° : 60 : but nothing fully concluded : though thes 
arguments unto some weer not answered to ther ap r hention : 
& some weer still unsatisfied : 

The 4 th of y e (9) 60 was old M™ Glover & Habbukkock her 
Sonne dismissed unto y e old Church at Boston, as alsoe 
Nathaniell Walls and Susan his wife weer dismissed at y° 
same time to y* same Church 

The 9 th of y e (10) 60 M r Mather made a motion to y e 
Church and Congregation of keeping a day of humilliation 
on y e behalfe of o r selves & o r native Cuntry viz to repent of 
o r sinne w ch may p'voke y e lord to take a way or to deny us 
those libertys & p'veledges w ch we have injoyed thes many 
years in Church & Common wealth And for o r native Cuntry 
the king being retorned againe in pease w th out y e effusion 
of blod : for w ch peace of theirs as we have cause to bless 
god for it, soe we should pray y* ther peace may be continued 
& y' y e hurtfull sword may not be awakened againe if it be 
his will : Alsoe we should pray on y e behalf of thos that are 
in place of rull & government ther in y* land y : y e lord would 



rull & sway ther harts y* they may favour y c Cause of Christ 
& p'mote y e gosple : the day thought upon was the next lect- 
uer day w ch is y e II th of this instant to y e w ch y e Church & 
asemby consented by ther silence 

The former p't of y e day M r Mather did pray & preach out 
of y e 1 Tim 2 : 1:2: 

The latter p't of y e day spent by m r Eliot out of y e 3 of 
Job 25 


The first of y e (11) 60 ther was also a fast keept at 
Rocksbery on their lectuer day : 

The 6 of y e (11) 60 M r Holway was dismissed from this 
Church for to Joyn unto the old Church at Boston : 

The 20 (11) 60 after the evening exercis motion was made 
unto y e Church that they would meet together upon the 
sixt day next w ch would be y e 25 of this instant to consider 
something about contribution ; at w ch meeting after many 
agetations it was agreed by a vote that each Communicant 
should in a months time bring unto the deacons a peck of 
wheat for bread & wine : And for weekly contribution 
motion was then made y l M r Mather would take occasion 
to preach uppon that subject which accordingly he did upon 
the 3 of y e (12) 60 from 1 Cor 16 1 

The 27 (11) 60 prudence Clap (who marryed w th Simon 
peck) was dismissed unto the Church of Hingham 

The 3 (12) 60 Aron way and his wife & William Ireland 
weer dismissed unto y e new Church at Boston 

The 10 (12) 60 M r Mather acquainted the Church & Con- 
gregation y l y e elders had latly a meeting to Consider of 
something y l they thought god called us unto in thes times 
& ther conclussion was y l they would p'pose it to ther sev- 
erall congregations whether it weer not meet to keep a 
sollemne day of humilliation unto y e lord in all the Churches 
hetr abouts the grounds of it weer such as thes viz 


ffirst y c ginerall sickneses y* have been latly amongst us 
& yet are in some places 2 to intreat y e lord for y e Contin- 
uance of o r peace & libertys in Church & Common wealth 
and y l thos addresses which have been latly made by y e 
ginerall Court unto the higher powers in Ingland that they 
may find acceptance : the day mentioned was the last 4 th 
day of this instant w ch would be y e 27 th day of y e month it 
was consented unto by o r Congregation 



M r Mather exercized both p'ts of the day out of y e 14 Jer 
7: 8: 9: 

Hester y e daughter of Tho : Wiswall who maryed w th Cap- 
tin Johnsons sonne was this 24 (1) 6£ dismissed to Joyn 
unto y e Church of Woo-burne 

The 28 (2) 61 

The day above said was dismissed M r Eliazer Mather 
William Clark Henery Cunlife & Henery Woodward for to 
Joyne w th sume other for the gathering of a Church at 

The 9 (4) 61 was deakon Edward Clap & M r peletiah 
Glover now at Springfield & Tho Tilstone chosen as mes- 
sengers of y e church to goe to Northampton to y e gathering 
of y e Church ther w ch is to be don upon y e 18 th of this instant 

The 23 of y e (4) 61 the messengers of y* Church w cb weer 
sent unto Northampton made report of what was ther done 
namly that upon y e day appointed ther was a Church gath- 
ered in that place & that M r Eliazer Mather was then or- 
dained pastor to that Church the same day 


The 30 th (4) 61 

The day above said a paper was read w ch Came from y e 
ginerall Court wherin they did commend unto y e Churches 
a day of Sollemne thanksgiveing to be kept to god for 
mercys receaved from him Viz answer of prayers upon o r 
late addresse or petition made unto y e King, his graciouse 
acceptance & favourable answer : alsoe for y e continuance of 
o r libertys in Church & Commonwealth, The seasonablenes 
of y e spring : ffreedome from such contagious & mortall sick- 
nesses w ch we have sometimes had : And the continuance 
of y e lives of such as are anchient & godly both in church 
& Commonwealth : y e day apointed is y c 10th of y e (5) 61 

Mr Mather exercised both p'ts of y e day from y e 50 
psalm 14: 

The 1 (7) 61 

The day abovesaid was dismissed thes p'sons : Viz : .Sarah 
y' wife of William Clark : Elizabeth y e wif of Hen : Wood- 
ward & Susana y" wife of Hen Cunlife : for to Joyne to y e 
Church at Northampton 

The 13 of y e (8) 61 M r pellatiah Glover was dismissed 
unto the Church at Springfeild they intending shortly to 
Call & ordaine him to be officer ther 


The 17 (9) 61 

The day abovesaicl it was agreed unto in y e Church y 1 
letters should be sent to y e breatheren & sisters at Boston 
& soe els wher for to advise them to Joyne to y e Churches 
wher they did inhabit or to shew ther Reasons to y e Contrary 

The same day also it was p'posed in y e Church (from y e 
elders being lately meet together) whether god did not call 
us to fast & pray in y e behalfe of o r selves in regard of y e 
sicknesses y' had been among 


us of late & y e fears of the looseing o r libertys in Church 
& Common wealth : and in regard of o r Native cuntry to 
pray y' y e blessing of god may be upon them & that supsti- 
tion & popery & pphannes may not two fare abound in that 
land; y e day intended is y e 4 th day of y e tenth M° to this 
y e Church Consented 

Mr Mather preached & prayed the former p't of y e day : 
from 63 Esai 18 and M r Increas Mather y e other p't of y e 
day from 122 psa 6 

The 22 of y' (10) 61 

The day abovesaid it was declared unto y e Church & 
Congregation y l y e ginerall Court did call upon y e severall 
Churches of this Jurisdiction for to set apart a day to fast 
& pray both in regard of y e many sins y' weer found in y e 
Cuntry and likwis in y e behalf of o r native Cuntry : y e day 
appointed is y e 2 of y e (11) 61 

M r Mather did exercis both p'ts of y e day in prayer & 
preaching from y e 1 of y e Lament : 7 Jerusalem remembered 
in y e days of her affliction all her pleasant things w ch once 
she injoyed &c 

The 23 (12) 61 notice was given to y e Church y' y e gin- 
erall Court did requier all the Churches in this Jurisdiction 
for to send of ther elders or messengers unto Boston upon 
y e 1 1 of y e (1) 62 for a Senod to be held, to Consider of some 
questions, relateing to Church order Viz : first What is y e 
subject of baptisme : of Consosiation of Churches, w th maner 
how : for w ch Mr Mather & Mr Increase his sonne was Chosen 


The 25 (3) 62 
The day abovesaid notice was given y l y e ginerall Court 
did call upon all y e Churches for to fast & pray in y e behalfe 


of this Cuntry because of gods hand goeing out in an un- 
usual! maner in regard of sicknesses & disseases & mor- 
tality more than formerly & y e great drowth over y e Cuntry 
Mr. Broadstreet ) a s alsoe in regard of thos that went to England 
Mr. Norton { f or t0 negociate on y e behalfe of y e Cuntry that 
god would bless them in that worke y e day apointed is y e 5 
day of y e 4 M° being y e 5 day of y e weeke 

Mr Mather did pray & preach the former part of y e day 
from y e 2 Cron 7 13 14 v : & M r Tory y e latter p't of y e day 

The 10 (6) 62 

The day abovesaid the Church and Congregation together 
did unanimously agree & vote that the elders & some of y e 
breatheren should give Mr William Stoughton an invitation 
for to bestow his labours in preaching y e word amongst us 
in a Constant way: & the next saboth being y e 17 Instant 
they returned ther answer of his loveing acceptation of ther 
message for to take it into consideration & at y e same time 
M Stoughton himselfe did manifest his willingness to y e 
motion p r sented to him 

The 28 (7) 62 

The day above said Mr Mather (who was on of y e 
Churches messengers sent unto the senod) did give a breife 
account of what was ther concluded on : Viz : that after the 
theird meeting of y e messengers the first being in y e first 
month the 2 d in y e 4 th month & the 3 d in y e (7) Moneth the 
Senod had agreed upon thos two questions p'pounded & Mr 
Mather did at that time read over the heads of thos things 


Concluded on & soe dismissed the assembly : 

The 26 (8) 62 

The day abovesaid notice was given that the ginerall 
Court did call uppon the Churches for to keep a publique 
day of thanksgiveing to god for thes Reassons: Viz for give- 
ing unto us such a portion of y e fruts of y e earth in o r late 
harvest notwithstanding the greate drouth y l we had this 
Summer : 2 y e saffe & speedy retorne of o r publique messen- 
gers from England : 3 the libertys of y e gospell w ch we doe 
yet injoy : the day appointed is y e 5 of November being y e 
4 th day of y e weeke 

M r Mather preached y e fore p't of y e day from y e 30 Esai 
20 21 


M r Stoughton y c latter p't of y e day from y e 147 psa : 10 1 1 

Ther was alsoe at y e same time notice given y l the ginerall 
Court did alsoe thinke it meet to Call uppon y e Churches to 
keepe a publike day of humiliation for thes Causes Viz : 
first the sad & low Condition of the Churches of god abroad 
in other p'ts 2 y e prvalency of Ante Christ 3 some publicke 
rebuke of god p'vedence towards this Cuntry : the day 
appointed is to be the 3 day of Desem : being y e 4 th day of 
y e weeke 

Mr Mather preached y e fore p't of y e day from psal : 25 : 22 
Mr Stoughton y e latter p 1 of y e day from 1 pett 4 17 
Mr Increas Mather & his wife weer boath of them dis- 
missed upon y e 12 (2) 63 to Joyne to the new Church at 

The same time Mr. Mather did give notice to y e Church 
that uppon y e second day of y e week before 


being y e day after Mr Norton dyed the elders met together 
& at that meeting they concluded to acquaint the severall 
Churches in this Jurisdiction that they thought god called 
us to humble o r soulls by fasting & prayer p'tly for that god 
by his p'vedences had shortened us of y e fruts of the earth 
by reason of y e drouth y e last sommer & the cold & unseas- 
sonable approaching of y e spring at p r sent : and alsoe that 
god would Continue o r peace both Sivell & ecclesiasticall & 
to p r vent y e fears & rumors of trouble y e next Court of elec- 
tion : and alsoe for y e rising gineration : and for y e people of 
god in Ingland & those p'ts : y c day thought on was the 22 
of y e (2) 63 being y e 4 th day of y e week : unto w ch motion y 8 
Church consented 

Mr Mather preached the fore p't of y e day from the 122 
psa 6: pray for y e peace of Jerusalem &c 

Mr Stoughton preached the later p't from 14 Jer 8 9 

The 2 of y e (6) 63 

The day abovesaid after the evening exersiz ther was 
p'sented & read a leatter w ch Came from severall of y e xnajes- 
trats directed to severall of y e minesters mett latly at boston 
wherin they made a motion unto them & by them to be 
communicated unto thes six ajacent Towns Viz boston 
Rocksbery Dorchester, Charlstowne, Cambridg & water- 
towne : whether it weer not meete y l ther should be more 


than ordinary seeking to god by fasting & prayer in the be- 
halfe of y e people of god & the Churches abroad in other 
p'ts of y e world & to y' end did p'pos whether it weer not 
best for to turne the lectures of thes severall towns into 
days of 


humilliation as the like was done about y e begining of the 
trouble in England about the year 42 & 43 and that it should 
begin w th y e Church at Dorchester on our lectuer w ch is in 
Cours to be uppon y e 18 th of this Instant to this y e Church 
& Congregation did agree theerunto 

Mr Mather did pray & preach the former p't of y e day 
from 1 : Tim 2 : 1:2 & Mr Stoughton y e latter p't of y e day 
from y e 9 Zack 1 1 vers 

y e next weeke y e fast was keept at Charls towne on y e 28 

y e next week at Cambridg y e 2 (7) 63 

y" next week at Rocksbery y e 8 (7) 63 

y next week at y e new Church at Boston y* 18 (7) 63 

y e nex weeke at Watertowne y e 23 (7) 63 

y e next weeke at Boston y e old Church the 2 of y e 8 M° 63 

y a next weeke at Deadham y e (7 th ) day of y e 8 M° 63 

y e next weeke at Brantry y e 14 (8) 63 

The 22 (9) 1663 

The day above said M r Mather informed y 8 Church y* y* 
Elders meeting together at Boston y e last weeke they thought 
good to put y e severall Churches heer about in mind of keep- 
ing a day of sollemne thankgiveing unto god as for other 
mercys vouchsafed to us soe in speciall for his mercy to this 
Cuntry in y e Continuance of peace & libertys w th out restraint 
both in Church & Civell government the day thought on to 
be y e 2 of y e (10) being the fowerth day of y e weeke : Also 
they thought good that the sollemne days of humilliation 
should be Continued in thes Churches heer abouts after y' 
day of thanksgiveing is over to all this the Church & Con- 
gregation did assent 

M r Mather & M r Stoughton did exersis that day being 
a cold day 

The fasting days goeing on againe in Especiall maner for 
England It began at Boston y e old Church on the 30 day 
of desem 1663 being y e fowerth day of y e weeke 



The 5 (12) 63 
Ther was a fast keept at y e new Church at Boston 

The 26 (12) 63 
Ther was a fast keept at Charlsstown 

The 29 March 64 

Ther was a fast keept at dorchester M r Mather did pray 
& preach the former p' of y e day from 62 Esa 6:7 & M r 
Increas Mather in y e afternoone from y e 2 Zeph 3 

The 3 (2) 64 M r Mather after y e evening exersis did declare 
that M r Stoughton did intend y e next lords day to preach 
againe at y e motion of y e messengers of y e Church although 
he had not preached publikly full 14 saboths before only 
reserveing liberty to himself as well as y e Church to accept 
of any other motion that might be made unto him 

Ther was a fast at Rocksbery the 17 of aprill 1664 

Also at Cambridg 1 1 of May 64 

The 22 (3) 64 

The day above said ther was a letter read sent to y* 
Church from y e last gathered Church at Boston wherin was 
manifested & declared ther purpos for to p'ceed to ordaine 
M r Increase Mather to y e office of a teacher unto that 
Church, alsoe ther desier is y l y e Church of dorchester 
would send some messengers for to assist & be p r sent at 
that work y e day appointed was the 21 of this Instant for 
w ch end y e Church Chose o r Teaching & Rulhng Elders 

The 5 of y e (4) 64 

The day a bovesaid Thomas Wiswall was dismissed for 
the beginning of a Church at that place neer wher he liveth 
at Cambridg village wher M r John Eliote doe preach 

The same day was published an order from y e Ginerall 
Court appointing a ginerall day of Humilliation on y e behalfe 
of y e sad condition of y e Church & Peoples 



of god in this Cuntry & other p u of y e world y e day to be the 
15 th day of this instant June being y* 4 th day of y e weeke 


M r Mather did pray & preach in y e fore p' of y e day from 
62 Esai 6: 7 : &. M r Stoughton y e latter p' from : amos 6 : 1 

The 17 (5) 64 

The day above said ther was a letter read to y e Church from 
y e breatheren dwelling at Nonandom or Cambridg villadg 
who (intending to gather a Church) desiered messengers to 
be sent from this Church to help & asist therin. The w ch 
was granted & ther was Chose for y' work y e teaching & 
rulling Elders. y e day appointed was y e 20 th of this instant, 
at w ch time they ordained M r John Eliot for a pastor & 
Thomas Wiswall, formerly a member of this Church, to be 
a rulling Elder 

The 21 (6) 64 

The day abovesaid an order was read from y e ginerall 
Court (who latly was called together upon the Coming of y e 
Comissioners from England) wherin y e Court did Commend 
unto the Churches the first of the next month to be keept 
as a publick fast in this Collony p'ly for England & Espe- 
sally in behalfe of this Cuntry in regard of y e frowns of god 
uppon us in y e ginerall blasting of our wheate as alsoe in re- 
gard of other troubles feared ; y l god ould grant us o r lib- 
erty's in Church & state, and o r fears of gods withdrawing 
his Sheepardly care over his people 

mr mather exersized y e former p' of y e day from Zack 1 1 : 
9 & Mr stoughton y e latter p' of y e day from Hosa : 14 : 1. 


The 1 1 (7) 64 

y e day above said ther was dismissed y e wife of Tho Wis- 
wall & y e wife of goodman kimwright w ch was y e wife of 
John Hotton & Margerit y e wife of James Trobridg to Joyn 
to y e Church latly gathered at Cambridge Villedg called 
Nonandum wher M r John Elliot is pastor : 

The 23 (8) 64 M™ Hinckly (who was formerly y e wife of 
M r Nathaniell Glover whose maiden name was Mary Smith) 
was dismissed to Joyne unto the Church at Bastable 

The 30 (8) 64 

The day above said it was publickly declared an order 
from y e ginerall Court who appointed a day of humilliation 
to be keept upon the 16 th of November being the 4 th day of 
y e weeke, both in regard of y e Church of god in otner parts 
as alsce amongst ourselves 


The 5 (12) 64 

The day above said ther was a letter read w ch was sent 
from y e Church at way mouth wherin they did empart to 
this Church ther intention namly to ordaine a teaching 
officer amongst them : ther former officer M r Thecher being 
removed. Ther request to this Church was that they would 
send some Mesengers to asist them therin y e day appointed 
is y e 14 th of this Instant The Church made Choice of ther 
Teacher M r Mather & ther Deacon John Capen 


The 12 th of y e 12 Mo: 64 

The day above said after y e evening exersiz the Church 
was desiered to stay y e Reason was (as y e Elder did declare) 
because ther weer severall yong men in the Towne who 
would be willing to Joyne to y e Church if they might have 
ther Confession taken in privat by wrighting & declared 
publickly to y e Church, they standing forth & owneing what 
was declared, and ther engageing themselves in y* Covenant, 
upon this ther was some debate & divers did declare them- 
selves willing that it should be soe ^ractized but on or two 
of y e breatheren declared themselves to y e Contrary, in Con- 
clusion the matter was left to a farther Consideration & 
then to be spoken too againe. 

The 19 of y e (12) 64 

Mr Mather gave an account of what was done at Way- 
mouth uppon y e 14 of this Instant viz y l y e fore p' of y e day 
was spent in praying & preaching by M r Torry in y* latter 
p' of y e day mr Thecher did pray & afterward (w ,h y e Con- 
sent of that Church and y e messengers w ch came thither) Mr 
Torry accepting therof he was ordained pastor unto that 
Church Mr Wilson of Boston & M r Thecher & ther rulling 
elder laying on ther hands & afterward Mr Wilson in y e 
name of y e rest of y e churches gave unto him the right 
hand of ffellowship & did owne him & acknowlige M r Torry 
to be pastor to that Church at Waymouth : 

The 19 (1) 6* 

a letter was read from y e Court wherin they did commend 
unto y e Churches of this Jurisdiction y e 22 Instant March to 
be keept a day of publick humilliation : but y e recorder 
heerof being sick was not then p r sent nor a month before 



The 26 (1) 65 

The day abovesaid at the motion of Mr Mather ther was 
a Contribution for M r Thomson at Brantry unto which ther 
was given y e same time in money Six pounds & nine pence 
besids notes for Come & other things a bove thirty shil- 
lings : and some more money was added afterward to y e 
vallew of 8' — 3 d 

The 2 (2) 65 

The day above said it was p'posed to y e Church whether 
ther should not be another deacon Chosen in y e roome of 
Deacon Ed Clap 

unto this motion some made answer y l we had two dea- 
cons already namely John Wiswell & Jn° Capen : but to y* 
answer was made y l deacon Wiswall did not attend on y e 
service of y e Church, therfore y e Conclusion at that time 
was to deferre y e bussines about another deacon untill an- 
other time & y l deacon wiswall should be spoken too y e 
next lords day to know whether he would attend upon his 
office according to y e rull of y e apostle or else to lay down 
his office 

The day above said it was alsoe p'posed to y e Church y* 2 d 
time whether they would be willing y l men as well as women 
should be receaved into y e Church by ther private relation 
being taken in writting & publickly read before y e Church : 
after some adjetation y e Conclusion & vote of y e Church was 
y 1 it should be left too y e Elders namely that they might 
heer ther relations in privat & if ther voyce weer soe low 
in private y* Mr Mather could not heer them soe as to write 
it from ther mouths y l then y e p 47 might wright it himself & 
p r sent it to y* Elders & they to compare it w 01 what he had 
formerly declared by word of mouth & when they Judged 
them fitt then to read it to y e Church publickly : only if 
they judged any 


man able to make a publick relation by his owne mouth they 
should endeavor to p'swad him soe to doe 

Alsoe y e same day M r Withington did declare to y 9 Church 
y' (he being formerly appointed (w th y* other elders) for to 
seat people in y" seats of y e meetting hous) he was not will- 
ing to doe y' worke any longer but was resolved to lay it 
down y" other elders not acting in that thing w" 1 himself but 
left it to him only 


The 9 (2) 65 Deacon Wiswall being p r sent, y e question 
was p'posed to him by y e Elder whether hee would or Could 
attend uppon his office of a Deacon or whether he would 
leave y e office unto another whom y e Church should Chouse: 
his answer was that hee was called to that office, off god & 
by y e Church & therfore if y e Church did see cause to dis- 
place him they might but for his resigning y e office he did 
not see Cause soe to doe & soe y e matter was left at y l time 
after some more agetations 

The 1 1 (4) 65 

The day above said ther was a letter read w ch Came from 
y e ginerall Court assembled at Boston y e 3 of may wherin 
they did Commend unto y e severall Churches & Congrega- 
tions of this Jurisdiction y e 22 of this instant June to be 
keept in publique fasting & prayer for severall Causes re- 
specting o r selves & also y e bleeding & dying condition of y e 
p'testant Intrest all y e world over & y e Judgment of god 
threatening y e removeall of his Candlestick from amongst us 
& his afflicting p'vedence in respect of y e Catterpiller & y e 
palmer worme & other Causes ther mentioned M r Mather 
did pray & preach y e former p l of y e day from 


The 3 lamentation 39 40 41 and M r Stoughton y e latter p t 
of y e day from y* 1 Habbuk : 12 

The 30 (5) 65 

The day above said Elder withington accquainted y e Church 
y l (for some nattuerall infermetie in y" rulling elders to read 
y* psalmes in the publique assembly) they had therfore 
desiered Deacon Capen to read y e psalmes 

Alsoe y' same day ther was a letter read w ch was sent 
from y e breatheren of y e Church of Tanton wherin they doe 
declare ther sad Condition in regard of differences y l are 
amongst them & therfore desiers y e Church of Dorchester to 
send them some help for Counsell & advice & for ther heal- 
Iing if it be y e will of god : 

M r Mather was then p'posed to be sent but not fully Con- 
cluded on but left tell y e next lords day 

Also y' same day y e assembly was called on to send in y* 
names of thos who they would have to be Cattechized y e 
next lords day 


The 6 (6) 65 

The day above said M r Mather declared his unabillety of 
Body for y e Jorney to Tanton wheerupon M r Stoughton was 
desiered by y e Church to attend that service but he granted 
it not but would Consider of it tell y e next lords day at w ch 
time being y e 13 th (6) 65 he consented therunto & besids him 
ther was Chosen Liftenant ffoster to be another messenger 
for to goe to Tanton 


The 20 (6) 65 

The day above said y e messengers w fh weer sent to Tanton 
returned an answer to y e Church Viz : y l by y e blessing of 
god uppon y e Counsell & advice of those w ch weer mett to- 
gether they came to a Comfortable agreement w" 1 a purpos 
y' on y e 13 (7) 65 they would humble themselves before y e 
lord for ther sins & renew ther Covenant & admitt those 
into ther Church ffellowship w ch are quallefied for it 

The 29 (8) 65 

The day above said a letter was read from y e Generall 
Court unto y e Church wherin they did Call upon the 
Churches to keepe a day of thanksgiveing for thes Causes 
viz the seasonable showers y l we had this Summer wherby 
ther is soe much of y e harvest reserved to us as may be a 
supply for us & o r famelys : 

alsoe for diverting a Squadron of Duch ships which threat- 
ened y e envasion of o r Coasts alsoe for y e peace & liberty w ch 
we doe yet enjoy, through w ch many favors from god are con- 
fer'd uppon us y e day appointed is the 8 th day of November 

M r Mather preached out of the 12 Rom 1 ther beinge but 
one exerciz that day by Reason of y e shortness of y e days 

The same day alsoe notice was given from y e same Court, 
requiering y e Churches to keepe a pubike day of humilliation, 
partly because of y e many frowns of god uppon 


our selves and alsoe in regard of y e rageing of y e pestelence 
in London & many other places in o r Native Cuntry, & other 
Causes, y e day appointed is the 22 of y e 9 th mo next 

Alsoe y e same day ther was read a letter from Tanton 
wherin they did declare to this Church ther intention to 
Call M r Shoue to y e office of a pastor to that Church and 


did desier y* messengers might be sent to them from this 
Church to assist them therin. for which end the Church 
made Choice of Liftenant ffoster and deacon Capen : the 
time to be y e 15 th of Novem : 65 

The 17 th of y e (9) 65 the messengers sent to Tan ton re- 
turned ther messadg : Viz that upon y e 15 (9) 65 the Church 
at Tanton & y e tovvne w th y e messengers of y e Churches being 
assembled together at that place ther was ordained M r Shoue 
to y e office of a pastor to y l Church 

The 10 (10) 65 after y e evening exersiz it was p'posed to 
y e Church whether M r Stoughton should be invited to accept 
of office in y e Church to w ch y e most of y e Church consented 
by Vote though some declared y £ they did not act but would 


not oppose y e Church 

at y e same time y e Elders and select men weer appointed 
to speake to him about it : 

The same day motion was made to y e Church (upon occa- 
sion of Robert Spurs being latly admitted a member) whether 
his two elder daughters (y e on being marryed & y e other 
grown in yeers) might not be baptized as well as y e other 
yonger Children ? against this some breatheren objected y l 
they ap r hended y' seeing they weer adult they viz y e two 
elder daughters should manifest faith & repentance before 
they should be baptized upon this objecting: y e resolution of 
y e question was deferred till y e next lords day 

The 17 (10) 65 y e Elders made report to y e Church M r 
Stoughtons answer w ch was y l he had some objections w th in 
himself against y e motion but yet he would not hold y e 
Church in long Suspence but would give them a full answer 
in a weeke or two 

y e same time y e former motion about baptizing Robt Spurs 
Children Viz thos w ch weer adult it was discussed againe y e 
major part of y e Church was for ther baptisme but some 
breatheren weer unsatisfied but yet would not oppos y e thing 
if M r Mather did baptiz them ; he Judging it his duty soe to 
doe ; & to that end Robt Spur was appointed to bring out 
his Children y e next lords day 

The 31 of y e (10) 65 y e Elders reported to y' Church M r 
Stoughtons answer Which was that he Could not accept of 
y e motion made unto him for to be an officer to y* Church 
but did thankfully accknowlige y e Churches love & respect 
to him therin 


At the same time some of the 


breatheren p'posed to y e Church whether it weer not fitt to 
make motion to M r Stoughton the Second time & to that 
end y e same p'sons weer desiered to make theer adress to 
him againe 

The 7 th (u) 65 y e Elders reported to y e Church againe M r 
Stoughtons answer namly that he Could not as yet be will- 
ing to accept of office but should be willing to Continue 
preaching as he have formerly done; alsoe y l he did thank- 
fully accknowlige y e love of y e Church though (for some rea- 
sons within himself) he could not accept of office 

The 21 (11) 65 notice was given of a fast to be kept at 
Boston y e next fift day being 25 (11) 65 

Another fast was kept at Rocksbery y e 6 (12) 65 

Another fast was kept at Cambridg y e 14 (12) 65 

Another fast was kept at dorchester y e 27 12 65 

mr Mather did pray & preach y e fore p' of y e day from y e 79 
pla : 9 & m r Stoughton y e latter p' of y e day out of y e 26 

Another fast at Brantry y e 21 (1) 66 

Another fast at Charles Towne about y e latter end of y e 
(1) M°66 

The 5 of y e (2) 66 ther was a ginerall day of humilliation 
kept in this jurisdiction 

M r Mather did pray & preach y' former p* of y e day from 
y e 36 Ezek 37 verse & M r Stoughton from psa 90 10 

The 20 (3) 66 Bro r James Humphry was elected Deacon 
to y e Church at Dorchester & y e 3 (4) 66 he was ordained 


The 17 4 66 

The day abovesaid after the evening exerciz m r Mather 
did declare unto y c Church y' the Elders being together at 
Boston (some time y e weeke before) they did Consider 
among themselves what god Called us in this Cuntry to doe 
at this time Considering y e troubles that weer amongst y e 
nations (o r owne & others) as alsoe y e fears of enemies com- 
ing against our selves, the conclusion was that they 
thought god called on us for seriouse & sollemne fasting & 
prayer & therfore did p'pose to y e Severall Churches heer- 
abouts to keepe y e next fift day being y e 21 of June in hu- 
milliation & y e rather because of great drouth y* is at this 


time on y e wholl Contry unto the hazard of y e loss of y e 
fruts of y e earth both Corne & grass : but the Church of 
Rocksbery Conceaveing y e extremety of y e Drouth soe great 
was willing to keepe y e day on y e third day of y e weeke 
being y e 19 th day of this Instant 

M r Mather did pray & preach in y e fore-noone from 2 
Cron : 7: 13: 14 & M r Stoughton y e afternoone from 1 
Habbuk : 12 

The 29 of y e (5) 66 ther was a Colection for poore distressed 
Christians in England at which Contribution ther was given 
thirty fower pounds & 13* io d J in money & about 5 pounds 
in bils on that day but more was added afterward in money 
20* & p't of y e bills also Came in in money Viz 24' y e whole 
sum did afterward amount unto 40" 13' 9" 

The 19 6 66 y e Church & Congregation Nomenated M r 
Stoughton & Liftenant Hopstill ffoster & deacon John Capen 
for to endeavor to p'cuer bills for England for the Colection 
y l was gathered to be sent thither 


The 30 th (7) 66 

The day abovesaid y" Elders made report to y e Church of 
Some offence y l lay upon M™ Clark y e wif of Captin Thomas 
Clarke of Boston Viz her reprochfull & Slanderous tongue 
against y e Honored Gover r M r Rich : Bellengham & other 
lying expression against y e generall Court & for absenting 
herself from y e publique ordinances & other miscaredges for 
w ch y e Church thought meet to call her before them to give 
Satisfaction therin but she not appearing, y e Church did 
forbear further p'ceedeing till another time to see if she 
would p'sonally appear to make answer ther unto : 

The 14 th (8) 66 

The day abovesaid M™ Clarke y e wife of CaptineTho: 
Clarke of Boston was Called before y' Church (she being yet 
a member of this Church tho dismised long ago but yet 
never Joyned) she was I say called before y e Church for 
some offence commited for Slanderous & lying expresions of 
her tongue but she manifesting noe repentance for y e same 
was solemnly admoneshed before y e Church 

The 28 (8) 66 

The day abovesaid ther was a letter read w** came from 
y 8 ginerall Court wherin they did Commend to y e severall 


Churches in this Jurisdiction to keep y e 8 th Day of November 
as a publique day of thanksgiveing to god for y e continuance 
of o r liberty in Church & Common weale & for giveing us 
such a portion of y e Fruts of y e earth notwithstanding his 
threats by y e drouth this summer & blastings & meldews & 
worms & for p r servation from enemys 


The i j (i) 6? M r Mather published an order w ch Came 
from the Councell held at Boston y e 9 th of this Instant 
wheerin they did call upon all y e Churches in this Jurisdic- 
tion to keepe a day of publik humilliation some of y e Cheif 
grounds of it weer that amazing pvedenc of god in burning 
y e greatest p't of y e city of London, y e raging of y e pestilence 
in many places in England, y e distresses of y e people of god 
all y e world over, y e warrs continued with france & holland 
y e enemys p r vailing in y e Kereby Islands y e takeing of many 
of o r English vessells : y e sicknesses y' have been amongst 
us y e blasting of y e labour of y e husbandman, y e sins of Se- 
curety & sensuallety & unp'fitableness under y e means of 
grace, y e differences y' are amongst breatheren & the like. 

the day appointed is y e 21 of this Instant being y e fift day 
of y e weeke 

M r Mather did pray & preach y e fore p' of y e day from 
Zeph 3 : 7 & m r Stoughton y e latter p l of the day from 
habbuk 3 p l of y e 2 vers 

The 7 (2) 67 

The day abovesaid ther was a contribution for y e distressed 
people at Capeford [?] at w** contribution was colected in 
money 3 U 9' n d | and in bils 4" 15 — o 

The 13 (2) 67 

M™ Clark was Called before y e Church (being formerly ad- 
moneshed) but she manifesting noe repentance for her sin of 
an ungoverned tongue was excomunicated & cast out of y e 

The 22 (7) 1667 

The day abovesaid ther was a Contribution for y e Kings 
fleet at y e Kereby Islands at w ch time ther was gathered be- 
tween 19 & twenty pounds accounting peas at 4" p bl of w 1 * 
in money 3" 5' 5" 



The 27 (8) 67 

The day abovesaid an order of y e Generall Court was read 
requiering y e Churches in this Jurisdiction to keep a generall 
day of thanksgiving to god for his mercy to this Contry in 
keeping off y e Common Enemy of o r Nation from enfesting 
of o r Coasts & for his mercy in y e plentifull fruts of y e earth 
this yeeare y e day apointed is y e 5 of November being y e 
third day of y e weeke 

M r Mather did preach out of psalm 50 23 & M r Stoughton 
Hosea 3 latter p' of vers 5 both at one meeteing 

The 24 of y e (9) M° 1667 ther was a Contribution for John 
Merifeild who latly lost his house by fier at w ch time ther 
was Colected 40 8 want 4 d in money & in Corne at 2' 8 d p bl 
together w th other bills to y e Sume of 6" 15' more and this 
was by y e Select men Commited into y e hands of Deacon 
Humphry & John Minot to dispos for the supply of his 

The same day ther was an order from y e generall Court 
read requiering y e Churches & inhabitants of this Jurisdiction 
to keep a day of humilliation in y e behalf of y e Church of god 
in o r Native Cuntry & elswhere & y e distresses of y e people 
of o r nation at y e Keriby Islands & y e frowns of god against 
o r selves in y* many losses of o r ships & vessells at sea by y e 
Common enemy & storms y e day appointed is y e 4 th of desem- 
ber next 

The ninth of ffeb 1667 M r Mather p'posed to y* Church 
whether wee should not Elect & Chous some rulling Elders 
for y e Church & y e next Saboth y e Church concluded to keep 
a fast to seek unto god for direction therin y e day appointed 
was y e 25 (12) 67 being o r lectuer day 

M r Mather did pray & preach y e fore p 4 of y e day from : 
John & M r Stoughton y f afternoon from : Revela 2 : vers I 
M r Eliot & M r Chancey did also pray y e same day 


The 8 of y e (1) i66| ther was an order from y e Councell 
published requiering a publique day of humilliation to be 
keept in this Jurisdiction on behalf of this Contry & Eng- 
land & y e people of god in other p" of y e world y e day ap- 
pointed is y e 26 of this Instant 

M r Mather & M r Stoughton carryed on y e work of y e day 
The 15 of y e (1) \66\ y e Church had some adjetation 


about Chousing ruling elders at w ch time it was Voted that 
one ruling elder should be Chosen by votes y e next lords day 
& in y e meane time y e Church Voted y l M r Stoughton 
should be once more sent unto by messengers from y e 
Church to see if he would yet accept of y e office of a teach- 
ing elder y e messengers weer M r Mather M r Minot Deacon 
Humfry Bro r Leeds & Bro r Rich Baker 

The 22 of (i) 6\ M r Mather gave an account of ther Mes- 
sadg to M r Stoughton w ch was negative he did not se meete 
to accept of office 

The same day Votes weer brought in for one ruleing elder 
& deacon John Wiswall had y e Major Vote y e 5 (2) 68 y" 
Church by a Vote did Nominate y e Deacons Jn° Capen & 
James Humphry to be ther Messengers to acquaint Deacon 
Jn° Wiswell of y e Churches calling him to y e office of a rull- 
ing Elder & to desier his presence p'sonally y e next lords 
day to declare his acceptation of y e Churches Choice 

The 12 (2) 68 a letter was read from Deacon Jn° Wiswell 
declaring some reasons of his non acceptation to y e office of 
a rulling Elder for y e p'sent y e Church tooke it into Consid- 
eration what to doe in y l Case, at last concluded to respit y* 
matter one fortnight longer 

The 3 of y e (3) 68 Deacon Jn° Wiswall gave his full an- 
swer of his non acceptation of y e Churches Vote to y e office 
of a ruling Elder 


The 2 of y e (6) 1668 ther was a letter read sent from y e 
old Church at Boston wherin they did desier y* y* Church of 
dorchester would send ther Elders & messengers the 4 th day 
of this week being y e 5 of this Instant for to give ther Coun- 
sell & advise in a matter Concerning some difference y l was 
amongst them about y e Calling of M r Davenport to be an 
officer amongst them y e Church nominated & voted for y e 
Elders M r Mather & M r Minot Captaine Clap & Captin ffos- 
ter should be sent & they desiered M r Stoughton also 

The 9 of y e (6) 68 M r Mather gave an accont of ther mes- 
sadg concerning w ch they weer sent to y* Church at Boston 
Viz in breife y l y e Church might p'ceed in Calling of M r 
Davenport & y* dissenting breatheren might gather them- 
selves into another Church, but it was more largly exprest 
in wrighting at that time 

The 13 (7) 68 y e Church was caused to stay & they weer 
enfcrmed by M r Mather y* two of o r breatheren at Melton 
had taken offense against Robt Badcock & weer yet unsat- 


isfied for w ch Cause the Church was appointed to Com to- 
gether y e 4 th day of this week being y e 16 of this Instant to 
heer y e Case at w oh time y e Case being before y e Church it 
did not appear y' ther was such offence given as was ap r - 

The 20 th (7) 68 M r Mather acquainted y e Church w th a 
motion made to him & y e Church by M™ Stoughton & her 
daughter Taylor 


namly that her Children might be bap- 
tized she being a member of this Church by parents Cove- 
nant and after much adjetation y e Issue was y l M r Mather 
should speake w ,h M" Taylor to see if she would joyne in 
full Comunion w 111 y e Church & soe come to lords Supp alsoe. 

The 24 (8) 68 M r Mather declared to y e Church y' he 
haveing spoken w th M" Taylor as aforesaid, her answer was 
y l she did not Judge her self worthy or as yet fitt for y e 
lords supp & therfore durst not adventure ther uppon but 
yet did desier baptizme for her Children but y* Church could 
not fully or comfortably agree about it & soe it rested. 

The 15 (9) 68 the Church made Choice of Deacon James 
Humphrey for a rulling elder 

The same time y e Church did by Vote appoint y* M r 
Stoughton should be yet againe Invited to accept of office 
in y e Church & to y l end some weer appointed Viz Captin 
foster & y e two deacons to goe to M r Stoughtons y e same 
night & acquaint him w th y e Churches motion & that they 
did expect his answer to y e whole Church at some Conven- 
ient time : but y e next lords day M r Mather being not able 
to be abroad through some bodyly infermety, his answer was 
not then called for 

The 6 th (10) 68 y e Church was Caused to stay & likwise 
M r Stoughton for to give his answer to y e Church Concern- 
ing accepting of office but he would not stay but said he 
had noe other answer but what he gave y e messengers of y* 
Church w ch was sent unto him ; who being demanded what 
answer they had receaved it was 


answered by one of y e Deacons that M r Stoughton was not 
willing to accept of office, but thought y* it weer fitter for 
him to give over preaching alsoe : but of the twaine he 
could more essily grant that, then y* former. 


The same day y e Church did agree by a vote y l ther 
should be another rulling Elder Chosen becaus bro r Hum- 
phry would not accept of his place w th out another to be 
Joyned with him at w ch tim it was agreed y* y e next lords 
day men should bring in ther votes ; & becaus it was lik y* 
ther would be seaverall men voated for it was agreed y i 
those two men w ch had y e most voats should be men nomi- 
nated & y e next Voate should be w ch of those men it should 

The 13 (10) 68. voats weer brought in for a rulling elder 
& the two breatheren w ch had most Voats weer Richard 
Baker & Deacon John Capen & y e next lords day Vots weer 
to be brought in which of those two should be a rulling 

The 6 (10) 68 a letter was read from y e Church of Boston 
who desiered y' y e Elders & some messengers might be sent 
to them one y e 9 of this Instant to y e ordination of M r 
Davenport & M r Allen : y e Elders being not well able to 
goe, y e Church appointed Captin Clap, Captin ffoster, & y e 
two Deacons Viz Deacon Humfry & Deacon Capen who on 
that day aforesaid did meet together at Boston & M r Daven- 
port was ordained pastor to y l Church & M r Allen Teacher. 

The 20 10 th 68 ther was a Contribution for Samuell Hill 
whos Estate was low & needed some p r sent releif & y e more 
by reason his house had been latly broken up & goods taken 
from him: at this time ther was gathered about 2 U 12 8 in 
money & about 10' in Corne & it was 


Committed into y e hands of Jn° Minot & Thomas Tilstone 
to disburse for there supply 

The same day voats weer brought in for a rulling Elder 
Viz one of those two men formerly Nominated y e Major 
Voate was for Richard Baker who at that time p'fest his 
unwillingnes to accept of y e Call, but left to his further con- 

The same time ther was appointed a day of humilliation 
together w" 1 some more of y e Churches heer abouts in y e 
behalf of y e Church of god in other p'ts of y e world & in 
this Contry : y e day agreed on is y e 23 of this Instant being 
y e 4 th day of this weeke 

The 27 10 th 68 y e Church called upon Richard Baker for 
his acceptance of the office of a rulling Elder but he being 
unwilling to take y l office upon him did give a negative 


answer ; wherupon y e Church p'ceeded in ther determination 
to ordaine bro r Humphry alone in Convenient time. 

The 3 (1 1) after y e morning exerciz M r Mather p'pounded 
to y e Church for the Chousing of another Deacon in Brother 
Humphrys roome or place & that if they weer soe minded 
y' they would bring in Voats after y e Evening exersiz for 
whom they would have to w ch y e Church by ther silence did 
agree : y e reason of chousing soe sudently was becaus y e 
Elder & Deacon might be both ordained together on y e day 
of humilliation w ch was intended shortly to be keept 

After y e Evening exersiz Votes weer brought in, it being 
agreed on before y' if ther weer Variety of men nominated 
soe y' he y l had y e most Vots had not y e major Vote of y e 
wholl Church then those two y* had y e most Vots should y" 
next lords day be put to y e Vote againe, \v ch of thos two it 
should be & y e two y l had most Vots weer Samuell Clap & 
James Blake 

The same time y e Church agreed y' y e 4 th day Seavennight 
after being y e 13 of this Instant y e Church would ordaine y e 
officers y l are & should be Chosen. 


The same time Mary y e daughter of Sister Smith was 
dismist to y e Church at Rocksbery though she was not a 
member heer in full Comunion 

The 10 (11) 68 when as Votes should have been brought 
in for a deacon, one of y e men formerly nominated was not 
at meeting, therefore y e Election at that time was omitted 
till another Convenient time only it was agreed on y 4 Elder 
Humfry should be ordained alone on y e next 4 th day being 
y e 13 (11) 68 w ch was done on that day M r Mather praying & 
preaching in y e fore part of y e day & M r Stoughton & M r 
Eliot praying in y e after p't of y e day and then M r Mather & 
M r Eliot layd on ther hands : m r Minot being absent 

The 31 (11) 68 Voats weer brought in for a Deacon of 
one of y e men formerly Nominated & Samuel Clap had y e 
Major Voate 

The 28 (12) 68 it was declared y l Samuell Clap in regard 
he had not y e Major Voat of y e whol Church he Could not 
be willing to accept of y e place wheerupon y e Church did 
agree y 1 y e next lords day they would bring in Voats againe 
for a deacon 

The 7 d (1) 61 Voats being brought in for a Deacon ; Rich- 
ard Withington & James Blake weer y e men that had most 


Voats though neither of them had y e Major Voat of y e wholl 
Church, but it was appointed y' y e next lords day Voats 
should be brought in for one of thos two 

The same day Robt Badcock did both by word & wright- 
ing make some accknowlidgment of his two forwardnes in 
takeing up & devulging some reports w ch tended to y e blem- 
eshing of M r Emerson 

The 14 th (1) 6g Votes weer brought in for a Deacon & 
Rich Withington had 33 Voates & James Blake 29. 


The 21 (1) 6| an order was published from y e Councell 
requiering all y e Churches in this Jurisdiction to keepe a day 
of humilliation in regard of this Contry & y e Church of god 
in other p u of y e world y e day is the 25 of this Instant 

M r Mather exersised y e fore p' of y e day from Lament : 3 
40 & M r Stoughton y e latter p' from Jer 18 5 : 6 

The 28 (1) 69 Richard Withington being formerly Chosen 
to y e office of a deacon declared his acceptance. 

The 4 (2) 69 an order was published from y* Counsell 
requiering all y e Elders in this Collony to take espesall care 
(by themselves and such as they shall take to them) to Cate- 
chize y e yunger people & to enquier after ther p'fitting by y* 
publique means & whether ther Conversation be answerable 
in any measuer therunto, & this not only Church members 
but all in generall & not only in y e publique but from house 
to house as they are able : y e maner of doeing this was left 
to farther consideration 

The 1 I th of y e (2) 69 a letter was read directed to y e Church 
from y e desenting breatheren of y e Church at Boston (Viz y e 
old Church) wheerin they did express ther desier to this 
Church to send ther Elders & messengers to Boston on y e 
13 th of this' Instant to give them Counsell what may be y" 
mind of god y* they should doe in referrance to y e difference 
y* was between y e Church ther & them : this Church after 
long adjetation (some expressing themselves as not willing 
to send any, seeing y e Church at Boston did not send) yet at 
length y e Major p' of y e Church did by Vote Nominate & 
appoint M r Mather & Eldr Humphry Captaine Clap & Captin 
ffoster & requested M r Stoughton to Joyne with them 


(The Revd m r Richard Mather Teacher of the Ch 1, at 
Dorchester Rested from His Labours.) 


The 2 of y e (3) 69 y e Church appointed some to goe to m r 
Stoughton to desier him to Continue his labour in preaching 
not only one p' of y e lords day but all y e day untill we could 
be otherwise p'vided for the which he granted 

The same day it was agreed unto by y e Church y' a day of 
humilliation should be kept to humble o r souls before god & 
to seeke his direction for a supply of teaching officers to *his 
Church y c day appointed was the 14 of this Instant May at 
w ch time M r Stoughton did first pray and then M r Increas 
Mather did pray & preach in y e fore p' of y e day and M r 
Eliot did pray & then M r Thecher did pray & preach in y e 
after p' of y e day 

The same day or y e day before being y e 25 of y e (2) 69 y e 
result of y e Counsell (meet at Boston in y e case of y e desent- 
ing breatheren) was read to y e Church as also a letter sent 
by y e Elders of Boston unto this Church in reference to y e 
same Casse 

The 16 (3) 69 y e Church nominated some to goe to M r 
Stoughton and acquaint him y* y e Church did desier him to 
Joyne to this Church & y l he would accept of office to be a 
teaching officer to this Church & y l he would take it into 
serious Consideration & in Convenient time to give his 
answer unto y e whole Church all which was y e same evening 
declared unto him 

The 4 (5) 69 y e Church Nominated some to goe to M r 
Stoughton againe to renew ther motion unto him to accept 
of office y e w ch was the same day don 

The 19 (7) 69 it was p'posed in y e Church by y e Elders 
whether M r Stoughton should not be called on for his answer 
whether he would accept of office, y e Conclusion was y l first 
y e Church should set a p'a day to seek god by fasting and 
prayer y* god would be pleased 


to direct both y e Church & him in y* matter, y* day appointed 
was the 29 of this Instant w ch was p'formed by y e breatheren 
in prayer only 

The 10 (8) 69 y e Church by a Vote agreed y l M r Stoughton 
should be desiered to give his answer either y e next lords 
day or very shortly & y' to be done before y e wholl Church 
if he please, & some appointed to give him notice of it before 

The 30 th (8) 69 y* Church understanding y l m r Stoughton 
was inclined to give a negative answer (if he weer called on) 
did by Voate desier y e Elder & two of y e Breatheren to 


desier y e Elders of other Churches at ther meeting at Boston 
in some Convenient time to p'suad & encuredg M r Stoughton 
to accept of a call when he should be to give his finall answer 

The same day Notice was given of a publique day of 
thanksgiving to be keept being enjoyned by y e Generall 
Court for y e lords mercy in hearing of prayers & staying y e 
exceeding great wett & raine w ch was this sommer w ch did 
threaten y e spoiling of all sorts of corne & fresh hay : and 
for giving a competent increas of y e fruts of y e earth y 8 day 
appointed was y e 17 (9) next the day was carryed on by 
m r Stoughton both p u of y e day from Deutrenomy 16 last p' 
of y e 15 vers 

The 2 (11) 69 y e Church being stayed after y e evening 
exersiz, Consideration then was had whether m r Stoughton 
should not be desiered to give his full answer whether he 
would accept of office, the Conclusion was y' y e Elder & 
Deacon should goe to him & receave his answer y e w ch they 
did, his answer was negative y' he was not willing to accept 

The same time also a Church meeting was appointed y* 
next day to consider whether (if m r Stoughton should refus) 
we should not 


send for some man or men from England, a ship being ready 
to goe 

At w ch meeting being y e 3 1 1 69 after much adgetation y e 
Church did not incline for y e p r sent to send to Ingland not 
as a Church act but y e Conclusion by a Vote was y' it should 
be left w th M r Stoughton & y e Elder & Captin Clap & Captin 
ffoster for to Consider together & to advise w** 1 one another 
& w ,h other Elders if they see meet whether ther may not be 
a supply had in this Contry and they to Nominate two as 
they may think fitt & the Church to consider & to determin 
whether one of thos two should be y" man or neither of them 

The same time also it was p'posed to y e Consideration of 
y e Church y' seeing ther have been of late a great slacknes 
in y e breatherens Coming to y e Contribution on y e lords day. 
whether it should be continued or not, divers exprest them- 
selves willing it should be continued, but y e Conclusion was 
by a ginerall assent (though not by Vote) that for a time y a 
Deacon might forbeare calling for Contribution on y e lords 
day untill we should have Sacraments againe or till the 
Church had occasion for it 

The Same day it was agreed unto by a Vote y* ther should 
be ten pounds disbursted out of the Church Stock to wards 


y e expenses of m r Mathers funerall & the errec.ting of a piller 
on his grave (ther being ten pounds more alowed out of the 
Towne Rate for that end) alsoe at that time y e Church 
appointed bro r Clement & bro r Jn° Smith to git y e worke 
done about y e grave & to receave soe much into ther hands 
as will defray that Charge & M r Timothy Mather to have y 9 


The 9 (n) 69 after y e evening exersiz y e Church was 
desierd to stay on this account Viz Some of thos breatheren 
who wer latly appointed to look out for a fitt man for to be 
a teaching officer in y e Church thought y' (seeing y e ship was 
not yet gon) yit would be best to send to England for one: 
others thought not soe fitt but y* question was whether y" 
Church would stay at that time to agetate y' matter y e Vote 
was negative 

The 30 (11) 69 a letter was read w ch came from y e first 
Church at Boston w ch was, to understand whether it would 
be offensive to o r Church if they should Call deacon Wiswall 
to y e office of a ruling Elder, y e w ch was left to Consider off 
till y' next lords day 

The 13 12 69 discours ther was in y e Church Conserning 
Deacon Wiswall in Conclusion Two breatheren weer ap- 
pointed to desier deacon Wiswall to come & speake w th y e 
Church himself 

The 20 12 69 Deacon Wiswall being p r sent it was desiered 
of him to declare his mind whether he would Continue at 
boston or remove to us againe. after long adjetation he did 
declare y l he thought god Called him to Continue ther yet 
y e Church did not Conclud of an answer to y e Church of 
boston but deferred it tell an other weeke to consider of it 

The 27 12 69 It was concluded by a Vote in y e Church y' 
a letter should be sent to y e first Church at Boston to declare 
to them y' it should not be offensive to y e Church if they did 
look after deacon Wiswall for to be a rulling elder amongst 

The same time Sister Blake y* old Widdow desiered her 
dismition to y e 3 d Church at Boston ye Church at y e motion 
of 2 or 3 of y* breathen did take it into Consideration till y" 
next lords day 


The 6 of y* (1) % The matter Concerning Sister Blaks dis- 
mimtion to y* third Church in Boston was proposed againe, 
& divers exprest themselves for it & divers would have it 


waved untill a further time at length it was put to y e Vote 
whether y e Church would Isue y e matter at that time, ther 
weer 18 or 19 for it & 12 or 13 against it then her dismission 
was put to y e Vote & ther was y e lik number for it & against 
it then it was spoken too by some y' ther weer some y' weer 
Newter & they should be counted Negatives soe y' at lenth 
y e Vote was put by parting of Companys & of thos y' weer 
p r sent ther wer 22 for her dismition & 19 against it & some 
y' had been Newters before went away & would not Vote 
any way but Deacon Wiswall w ch was against it in y e former 
Vote was gone before y e latter Vote 

The 24 (2) 70 a letter Came to o r Church from y e first 
Church at Boston wherin they did desier o r Church to send 
ther messengers to y e ordaining of M r Oxenbridg for a pastor 
& M r John Wiswall for a Ruling Elder to y' Church y e day 
apointed is y e 4 th (3) 70 

The Church desiered M r Stoughton to goe for one & they 
apointed Captin Clap Captin ffoster Elder Humfry & Deacon 

The 5 (4) 70 an order was read w ch came from y* generall 
Court wherin they did appoint a day of humilliation to be 
kept one y e 16 th this Instant June M r Stoughton exersized y' 
former p' of y e day from Eay 57 17 p' 18 & M r Atherton y e 
latter p' from Lament 3 11: & y e Elder did pray in y e Con- 
clusion of y e day 


The 12 (4) 70 a letter was read w* h Came from y* Church 
at Brantry wherin they did desier o r Church to send some 
help in way of Councell in regard of y e differences y* weer 
amongst them in respect of teaching officers : y e Church did 
desier M r Stoughton for one & appointed Elder Humphry & 
Capt ffoster y* day appointed is y* 20 June 70 

21 (6) 70 

Wheras y e Church at a former meeting nominated M r 
Stoughton Elder Humphry Capt Clap & Capt: ffoster to 
Consider & look out for a man for a teaching officer & they 
to p'pos two or three and then y e Church to declare by Voat 
w ch of thos they would Invite for p'bation : now after a 
pretty long time of Consideration they have upon this 21 (6) 
70 p'pounded three for y* Church to Consider off Viz M r 
fflint of Brantry M r Benjamen Eliot of Rocksbery & m r 
Butler in old England y e Church was to Consider of it & y' 
next lords day to bring in Voats which they would Invite & 




thos two w ch have the most Voats should y e next lords day 
after be Voated againe 

The 28 of y e (6) 70 y e Church brought in ther Voats & m r 
fflint & m r Eliot had y e most Voats y e Church was to Con- 
sider of it till y e next lords day & then to bring in Voats for 
one of thos two 

The 4 (7) 70 Voats weer brought in as was formerly 
appointed and m r fflint had y e Major Voate afterward y 
Elder put it to Voate to y c whole Church whether any mem- 
ber had anything against it or whether they did all consent 
to what was Voated y e Voat was in y e affermative At y 
same time y e Church did Nominat seaverall breatheren to be 
ther messengers to acquaint m r fflint w th y e motion Viz M r 
Stoughton (whom y e Church desiered) and Elder Humphry 
Capt Clap : Capten ffoster & Deacon Capen 


The 1 1 (7) 70 ther was a letter read to y e Church w ch Came 
from Hull expressing ther intent to enter into Church state 
& ordaining (the Rev d m r Whitman &) some officer or officers 
besides as also ther desier that o r Church would send some 
messengers to assist & hold out y e right hand of ffellowship 
unto them y e day appointed is y e 13 th this Instant : y e Church 
desiered M r Stoughton to be one and Elder Humphry for 
y e other. 

The same time there was an order read w ch Came from 
y e Counsell requiering a publique fast to be keept in this 
Jurisdiction In regard of y e distresses of y e people of god 
abroad & espessally as it is feared in o r Native Contry y 8 
day appointed is ye 22 this Instant being ye fift day of 
y e weeke • 

The 18 7 70 after y e Evening exersiz y e Elder declared to 
y e Church y e return of ther messadg to Hull Viz that ther 
was a Church gathered & a teaching officer & a rulling 
elder ordained & eleven p'sons in all entered into Covenant 
at that time 

The 6 (9) 70 an order Came from y' Gen rl Court requier- 
ing a day to be keept of thanksgiving for y c peace y l we yet 
enjoy & other generall mercys ; y e day is y e 24 this Instant 

The 25 10 70 ther was a contribution in money p'ly for a 
recompence to m r fflint for his labour in preaching & p ,ly for 
other nessesary uses at w ch time ther was Collected two 
pound 17* 3 d £ of w ch M r fflint had 40' y e next day 

The 1 1 1 70 y e Comittee y l was appointed (or messengers) 


to Invite m r fflint (in y e name of y e Church) to Come to us 
& preach to us in a constant way for p'bation to a further 
call delivered his answer (after seaverall addresses unto him) 
w ch was an answer of acceptance of y e Churches call soe farre 
The same time y e Church by Voate did nominate & appoint 
y e Elder & Deakon w th y e select men & Capt Clap & Bro r 
Sumner for to speak w th m r Stoughton & desier y' y e Church 
may Enjoy his labour alsoe as a help unto m r fflint for some 


The 12 (12) 1670 Notice was given by y e Elder that y e 
Elders meeting together at Boston lately did Conceave y l it 
was needfull for y e Churches & people heer abouts to keep 
a day of fasting & prayer to god for thes reasons viz : y e sad 
condition of the people of god in Our Native Contry & y e 
places adjacent being under great restraints & affliction as 
also in regard of y e great p r valeing & increas of sine & wick- 
ednes amongst o r selves y e day appointed was y e first of 
March next : to this motion y e Congregation consented 

The 12 1 16™ it was agreed unto by a Vote in y e Church 
y l m r Stoughton & y e Elder & bro r Sumner together w th y* 
Select men should speake w 111 m r fflint & desier him to Come 
& take up his residence amongst us & Joyne to o r Church 
in order to o r further p'ceeding to call him to office : 

The same day Jn° Holbrook was dismissed unto y e Church 
at Rocksbery though he was not in full Comunion 

The 7 (3) 71 a letter was read in y e Church w ch Came from 
y e County Court in w ch they did sterr up our Church together 
w" 1 y e Church at y e north end of Boston & deadham & Way- 
mouth ; for to send by ther messengers for to enquier into 
y e reason of (the Church at Braintry) ther great differance & 
slownes in p'viding a minester of y e word unto them ; y e 
Church at y e same time Nominated & desiered m r Stoughton 
for one & the rulling elder : Capt Clap & Capt ffoster 

The 16 (5) 71 y e Church was desiered to stay to consider 
whether we should not send to m r fflint againe to sterr him 
up to hasten his remove to dorchester & to Joyne to y* 
Church in order to office relation : y e Church did apoint y e 
Elder & deakon Captin ffoster & some more to doe it : & 
Augustin Clement & Jn° Smith to consider about finishing 
his hous 


Y" 23 5 71 y e messengers y' weer sent to M r flint returned 
his answer that he thought it not convenient for to Joyne 


to y e Church untill he was setled heer in towne but as soone 
as his hous is ready he did purpos to Come away 

The 30 th 5 71 y e Elder after y e evening exercis read a 
declaration of what they did when they went to brantry 
which he could not doe before becaus it was not drawne up 
in wrighting, as alsoe it was therin declared what advis & 
counsell they left with them : The same time it was thought 
fitt that y e same Churches should goe to them againe by 
their messengers to know what effect their Counsell had 
taken with them to which y e Church agreed & apointed y e 
former messengers 

The 24 7 71 ther was a letter read y* came from y e Coun- 
cell who appointed a publique day of thanksgivinge to be 
kept in this Jurisdiction for y e Continuance of peace & lib- 
ertys in Church & state & for y e fruts of y e earth y e day 
appointed is y e 19 8 71 

The 12 9 71 M r Stoughton & M r fflint weer admitted 
members of this Church wi th out makeing any relation but 
ther dismission being made known & entering into Covenant 

The 26 9 71 the Church did Elect m r fflint to be a teach- 
ing officer to this Church 

The 3 of y e 10 th 71 M r fflint gave in his answer unto the 
Church of his acceptance unto y e office of a pastor unto the 
which y e Church had before elected him 

The same time it was Concluded by the Church y* y* 27 th 
of this Instant should be the day of ordaination and that y e 
Churches at Boston & Cambridg Charlstowne Rocksbery & 
Waymoth should be sent unto to desier them to send their 
Elders & messengers to Asist in that worke 


The io ,h of y e 10 th 71 

The Major p' of y e Church did agree by a Vote that M r 
Eliot of Rocksbery should be desiered to manedge y e worke 
of Ordaination & giveing the Charge, though some of the 
breatheren weer not soe free ther unto but would have had 
it p'formed by y e Church alone but y e ruling Elder desiered 
to be spared therin. 

The 24 th 10 71 y e ruling Elder p'posed to y e Church y* 
some other breatheren or brother might be appointed to lay 
on hands at y e time of ordaination or els some other Elders 
but y e Church appointed only Deacon Capen to be added to 
m T Eliot & y e ruling Elder 

The 27 th 10 71 the worke of ordaination was Solemnized 


for y e ordaining of m r Josiah fflent to be a pastor unto this 
Church of dorchester and it was approved off by y e Elders 
& messengers of y a Churches formerly sent unto ; and m r 
Chancy was appointed in y e name of all y e Churches to give 
y e right hand of ffellowship 

The 7 II 71 We had y e sacrament of y e lords Super admin- 
estered by M r fflint 

The 5 3 72 Votes weer brought in for a Deacon & James 
Blak & Jn° Gornell had most Votes & then they two being 
put to y e vote againe James Blake had 34 Vots & y e other 
19 but his answer of acceptance was deferred till y* next 
lords day 

The 26 3 72 James Blake was called upon to give his 
answer at which time he did manifest his acceptation of his 
call to y' office of a deacon 

The same time it was spoken unto & p'posed by y e Church 
whether we should not have a Contribution once a month 
or evey lords day for p'sons to bring in p l of ther p'portion 
to y* maintenance of y e minestry in money to be keept upon 
an account as p' of ther p'portion y e which was Concluded 
that it should 


be p'posed to y e whole assembly the next lords day 

alsoe something was said Concerning Cattechising but 
not concluded in what manner 

alsoe y e same time it was Concluded that we should have 
a lectuer once a month to be on ye fowerth day of the week, 
y e which day m r fflint Nominated & to begin as soone as 
m r fflint did see fitt & Convenient with respect unto himself 

The 9 4 72 It was p'posed by the elder that ther should 
be a Contribution every lords day cheifly in money each 
man putting in his paper with his name in it & how much 
money he have therin put w ch should be keept on account 
by y e deacon & at y e end of y e yeer it should be accounted 
as soe much of his p'portion towards y e maintenance of y e 
minestry only y e Sacrament days that Contribution should 
be for y c p'vission for ye lords table but this was not put to 
y e Vote yet afterwards practized. 

The same day notice was given of a publick day of humil- 
liation to be keept on the 13 of this month the grounds was 
not declared but in generall in regard of the troubls of y* 
Church of Christ in o r native Cuntry & elce wheer & the 
devissions amongst our selves y e former p* of y e day was 
spent by m r Atherton & y e latter by M r fflint 


The 23 4 72 y e Church & some of y e Congregation began 
Contribution to y e maintenance of y e minestry 

The same day M r fflint desiered the Church & Congrega- 
tion to send in the names of all children & servants y l weer 
under any famely government in order to catechising or 
some other way of instruction 

The 25 6 72 a letter was read w ch came from y e Church at 
Brantry wherin they did desier y e Elders & messengers of 
this Church to be sent to them on y e 11 th Sep for to ther 
ordaination of m r fisk to be an officer amongst them, at 
w ch time ther was appointed o r Teaching & rulling elders 
m r Stoughton Captin ffoster & deacon Capen & Deacon 

At w ch time m r ffisk was ordained a pastor to y e Church 
at Brantry 


The 3 9 72 an order was read w ch Came from y e generall 
Court w ch appointed y e 20 of this Instant to be keept as a 
day of thanksgiving & y e 24 th of y e (10) 72 a day of humillia- 

The 10 9 th 72 It was made known to y e Church y l ther 
weer some yong men would Joyne to y e Church if they 
might have ther relation read in wrighting & though some 
spake against it at first ; yet when it was made knowne to 
Church y* in y e second month 65 such a thing was by Vote 
granted on such Condition as is ther registered y e Church 
did again Consent to it by a Vote put by y e silence of y e 
Church against w ch none replyed after it 

The same day y e Church appointed y" two Deacons to 
Returne thanks unto M™ Thatcher of Boston for her gift to 
y e Church w ch was a silver Cupp for y e Sacrament & a greene 
Cushin for y e Desk 

The 18 4 73 ther was a day of Humilliation keept in o r 
Church p'ly w th respect to y e state of y e Churches of Christ 
in other p u of y e world & y e Commotions of o r nation w ,h 
other nations & w ,h respect to o r owne Condition in this 
Contry & alsoe being intended y e begining of setting up y e 
monthly lectuers : The day was spent by M r fflint in y e fore- 
noone & M r Alen praying in y e afternoon & M r Tory preach- 
ing & docter Hore concluding by prayer 

The 13 5 73 notice was given y l y e next Wednesday being 
y* 16 instant July y e monthly lectuer was to begin 

The 17 6 73 ther was notice given of a generall day of 
humilliation to be keept in this Collony on y e 28 of this 


Instant being y e 5' day of y c week p'ly by reason of the duch 
o r enemys being soe neer us they haveing taken y e Manados 
& p'ly in regard of y e Comotions of y e Nations in Europ 
&c : m r fflint did pray & preach out of Ezekell 44 13 & y e 
Elder prayed once 


The 2 9 73 An order from y e Generall Court was pub- 
lished Appointing a publik day of thanks giveing to be keept 
in Consideration of y e returne of o r prayers this last Summer 
wheras all y e fruts of y e earth was likly to be lost in regard 
of y c wett & coldnes of y e season god sending some warme 
weather for some weeks : As alsoe for o r peace notwith- 
standing y e p r vailing enemy aproaching soe neer o r Coasts as 
at New York : y e day appointed is y e 20 9 71 

The 23 9 73 a letter was read w ch came from Deadham 
desiering y* Church to sent ther elders & messengers to 
asist in y e ordaining of M r William Adames to be a pastor to 
their Church y e day appointed is y e 3 desemb 73 The Church 
Chos y e Elders & m r Stoughton & Captin ffoster 

The 31 9 73 a letter was read w ch came from y e Counsell 
Requiering a publique day of humilliation to be keept in y e 
regard of y e troubls are like to come on the Contry by reason 
of goeing to warre w ,h y e duch ye day appointed is y e 11 th 
decern 73 

The 15 (1) 7I a letter was read w ch came from y e Gen roU 
Court who appointed a day of humilliation to be keept on 
y 8 26 (1) 74 on y e behalf of y e Churches abroad & troubls at 
home & y e outbreakings of gross sins among us & the differ- 
ence in some Sosieties as also in regard of y e shortnes of y e 
last harvest for Corne & by reason of o r setting out of ships 
of warre to defend o r Navigation by sea 

The 13 7 74 an order from y e Counsell was read who 
appointed a publique day of thanksgiveing unto god p'ly 
for y' his blessing on y* fruts of y e earth & p'ly for y e Con- 
tinuance of o r peace & liberty & for y e ceasing of ye warre 
between o r nation & Holland y e day to be y e 24 7 74 

(The 19 9 74 The Reverend M r Samuel Danforth Pastor 
of Roxt-C 1111 aged 47 years rested in y e Lord.) 


The 14 (1) 7| an order was published from y e Counsell 
requiering a publique fast to be keept one y" 25 of this 
instant p'ly for ye people of god in ginerall & p'ly in regard 


of y e p r vailing & increase of grose sines amongst us & y e 
languishing state of y c Collidg & y c Cold backwardnes of y e 
spring & for a blessing one y e labor of y e husbandman y e 
ensewing yeere 

The 27 th 4 75 ther was noe meeting on y e Lords day in o r 
tovvne m r fflint being sick 

The 29 4 75 ther was a publike day of humiliation (ap- 
pointed some days before by y e Counsell) in regard of y e 
warre w th phillip y c Sachem against whom y e Souldiers weer 
gon forth y e 26 5 75 but there was noe publik meeting that 
day (in this Town) neither but people went abroad (to other 

The 14 th 5 75 being one of our lectuer days it was keept 
as a fast by o r towne 

The 1 8 th 5 75 Jn° Capen Jun r came before y e Church & 
gave satisfaction for some ofence w ch he lay under 

The 1 1 5 75 there was a Contribution for M r Corlet for 
his labour in preaching at w ch time was Colected 3 1 ' — 18 8 — 3 d 

The 5. 7. 75. William Sumner appeared before y e Church 
before the Sacrament to give Satisfaction for offencive 
speches uttered against y e Comittee of y e Milicia 

The 7. 8. 75. ther was a publique fast in y e whole Collony 

The 29 10 75 being one of our lectuer days it was kept a 
fast in regard of y e warr. 

The 13 11 75 ther was a publick fast over all this Collony 

The 2 March 7% a publik fast 

The 16 2 76 & two Saboth afore Isack Joans was before 
y e Church p'secuted by y e Elders for some miscaredg to M r 



The 9 3 76 ther was a fast kept at y e generall Court by y e 
Court & Elders only 

The 29 4 th 76 ther was a publique day of thanksgiveing by 
y e whole Collony 

The 24 Sep 76 ther was a Contrebution for Daniell Elders 
at w ch time ther was given in money 1 — 18 — 1 i d & in Corne 
1 — 18 o & dlevered to deacon Blake; the corne was p'mised 
by Severall persons of w ch hee took account of them 

The 7 10 th 76 ther was a publique day of humilliation in 
all y e Churches in this Collony p'ly in respect of o r messen- 
gers sent to England Viz M r Stoughton & M r Buckly 

The 20 10 76 ther was a fast keept by y e whole Church at 
M r fflints hous w * respect to the messengers sent to England. 

The 29 1 1 76 ther was a Church meeting at M r fflints hous 


to Consider what may be y e p'voking sines y l may p' voice 
god against his people & in order to o r renewall of o r Cov- 
enant at w ch time it was Judged y l we fell short of o r 
former Covenant engagment in waching over one another 
and in famely instruction & Church dissepline & publique 
Catechizing therfore it wes Concluded at y e same time first 
y l in matters agetated & voted y' the major Vote should Isue 
bussineses put to ye Vote 

2 Voted that y e Children of those y* are in full Comunion 
are members & soe to be looked at 

3 for Catechizing it was left to be furder considered off by 
m r fflint & y e rulling Elder & y e Select men 

4 y' y e Children of Church members being adult should 
be watched over & discepline exercized to them as need 

5 It was Voted y l y e Children of y e Church (though not in 
full Comunion) being quallefied as in y e fift p'posission of y e 
Senod & taking hold of y e Covenant may be baptized to this 
last y e Vote was ginerall all but one man some weer not 


soe cleer in it yet would not make any distubance & soe 
farre y l meeting p'ceeded & appointed another meeting 

The 7 12 76 ther was another Church meeting at m r fflints 
hous at w ch time ther was a free discoursing & laying open 
one to another thos Sines w ch weer most p'vokeing to god 
to come forth against us, that soe ther might an humble & 
free Confession of them before god when we should Come 
together to renew o r Covenant & in y e Close of y e day it was 
concluded that m r fflint should draw up & p'sent it to y a 
Church at o r next meeting for app'bation or adding to or de- 
tracting from it 

The 18 12 j6 being Sacrament day Robt Spur was called 
forth before y e Church to make his accknowlidgment of y e 
offence w ch he lay under in giveing entertainement in his 
hous of loos & vaine p'sons espesally Joseph Belcher his 
frequent Coming to his daughter Contrary to the admoni- 
tion of y e Court w ch was greatly to y e offence of y e said Bel- 
chers neerest relations and divers others 

The same day after the evening exerciz ther was an Order 
read w ch Came from y e Councell appointing & requiering a 
publique day of humilliation in this Jurisdiction to be kept 
upon y* first day of March next and becaus it was moe then 
usually was wont to be I have heer inserted y e Coppi of it 
w 4 * is as followeth 



At a Councell held at Boston the 12 ffeb 1676 
As we must hold o r selves ever obliged to an humble & 
harty acknowledgment of y e many mercyfull & Marvellous 
outgoeings of god for us, his undeserveing people, inhabet- 
ting this wildernes, and more especially of his late Signall 
appearances on our side against bloddy & barbarous men 
that rose up against us ; wherin he hath out acted o r faith 
and Expectation : soe we are noe less in duty bound to re- 
flect w" 1 shame & sorrow upon o r unbecoming deportments 
toward y e lord and ill requitals of him, after all his kind- 
nesses, the prid, y 8 worldlynes, the sensualletie of many 
p'fessors, the contempt of y e gosple, the defection and ap- 
postacy of some from y e truth to p'nicious heresies, the 
decay of brotherly love, y* unthankfulnes for mercys, the 
deafnes to y e rod of divine appointment, the abus of p r cious 
peace & libertie, and the too generall unsubdewednes of y* 
harts of men to the will of god, with such like evels, found 
among us (beside the gross ignorance & growing p'fanes of 
too many p'sons under rich means of knowledg & reforma- 
tion) doe proclaime aloud our litle profitting & p'ficciency 
under gods hand and breeding, our unfrutfulnes under the 
variouse instructing dispensations of god; yea, and sadly 
testefie to o r faces, y' we have not been throughly melted, 
and won by mercies, nor kindly affected with, & reformed 
by y e Judgments of y e lord: and that, (what ever our vows 
have been, in y e day of o r distress, yet,) our old tast in great 
measure remains in us, & our sent is litle Changed ; though 
we have been emptied from vessell to vessell, and changes 
& warr have ben against us. well may we fear another 
storme of wrath, and that y* Just & holy god will punesh 
us seaven times for our many & grevious p'vokations : 
unles we p r pare our selves to meet our god with humil- 
liation, supplication, & reformation ; and timously make o r 
peace w* him through y e blood of o r lord Jesus Christ. 
Moreover, as we have had experience of y e Lords heering 
o r prayers, & being a p r sent, ready help to us (though most 
unworthy) in all our troubles : Soe it cannot be denyed or 
doubted, but that we have as much need of his help & grace 
now as ever, and that it is o r wisdom & duty at this day, to 
set o r selves to seek y e lord, and to become humble petition- 
ers at y" throwne of grace to 



the father of mercys, that he would graciously pleas to par- 
don & purge away our sins, and avert the judgments we 
have deserved, for his names sake; that he would Continue 
peace & truth with all the preciouse & pleasant things of 
Jerusalem unto us, and give us one hart & way to feare him 
for the good of o r selves & Children after us ; that he would 
Vouchsafe his gracious presence with his servants that are 
entrusted with the management of publick affaires, and 
p'ticulerly, with thos worthy p'sons, our messengers, in 
their Negotiations, that they may find favor with the kings 
Majestie, and prosper in that important undertaking: that 
he would infattuate y e Counsels, defeate y e designes, and Re- 
straine the remainder of y e Cursed & cruell wrath of ye 
heathen, that are yet in hostillety with us ; that hee would 
goe along with our forces in the present expedition ; that he 
would build the wast places, Repaire the breaches made 
upon us, and settle a suer & lasting peace in o r borders ; 
that he would smile upon the labours of his servants, bless 
y* springing & fruts of y e earth, and Crowne the yere with 
his goodnes ; that he would Cause Zebulon to rejoyce in 
his goeing out, & Isachar in his tents ; that he would be a 
wale of fier about us, & y e glory in y e midst of us, that he 
would save & bless his Churches abroad, support & enlarge 
the intrest of Christ in the world 

It is therfore ordered by y e Governour & Councell of this 
Jurisdiction that thursday ; the first day of March next en- 
sewing, be set apart for a day of humilliation, fasting & 
prayer, throughout this Collony : and all p'sons in ther sev- 
erall Capacceties are requiered to forbeare y' works of their 
ordinary Callings, & apply themselves to y* Relidgiouse & 
Sollemn observation of that day, that it may be indeed a 
day of Attonement, & not of new & further provokation 

By y e Councell Ed Rawson Secretary 


The 25 12 76 y e Church had another meeting at m r fflints 
hous wher & at which time, that w ch m r fflint had drawn up 
for y e Church to engage in it was read y e Substance of which 
was a sevenfold instance from y e Scriptuer of renewall of 
PiTS-STs Covenant, & after a repetition of y' Churches first 
3 1^' Covenant, & then some further engagments aded two 
E-gJF~ larg heer to ensert, but it may be in due time upon 
""""g-ij this ther was some debate & ajetation & at last voted 
iVkz * n y e aifermative by y e Major p' though some was not 


soe Cleer as to the extent of baptisme, at this time it was 
Concluded this engagment should be read publikly y e next 
Saboth unto all y e Congregation & in y e meane time a Catta- 
log of ye nams of all y e Children of y e Church above y e age 
of Sixteen yeers should be gathered up y l they may be called 
uppon to give their p'ticular Consent to Submitt to y e Gov- 
erment of Christ in & by his Church 

The 4 th of March j- t being Saboth day y e Engagment or 
Covenant was publickly read & the next day being monday 
y e 5 March they weer appointed to Come together both y e 
Church & y e Children of y e Church 

At which time after y e Casse was Commended to god by 
prayer, m r fflint gave a serious exortation unto y e seed of y e 
Church laid downe in fower or five p'ticuler Considerations 
not heer inserted (but in y e beging of y e book) 

Then y e Elder made a short spech to y e Children of y e 
Church that they should take notice y' they weer not (by 
this ther assenting to what should be p'posed to them) to be 
admitted to y e Lords table, nor Voteing in y e Church but to 
declare ther willingnes & subjection to y e government & 
discepline of Christ in & by his Church 

The names of thos y* did y e same day p'sonally give their 

Timothy Mather John Breck 

Thomas Bird Nathanell Glover 

James Bird Samuell Hill 

Tho: Andrews Johnathan Hill 


Tho Trott Jun r Hanah Joanes 

Samuell Sumner Mary Weeks 

John Garnesy Renew Weeks 

Rich Evens Thankfull Baker 

Mathias Evens Elizabeth Baker 

John Merifeild Mary Wales 

Ebenez : Withington Elizabeth Hale 

John Spur Waite Smith 

Nathaniell Wiet Hanah Davenport 

Consider Atherton Hanah Withington 

John Beaman Mary Hewen 

^opestill Humphry Mary Lyon 

ck Humphry Susan Lyon 

:ob Hewens Jun r Mary pelton 

hn Blake Content Wales 



Jn° Blackman 
James Blake 
Nehemiah Clap 
Elisha ffoster 
Comfort ffoster 
Richard Mather 
Jn° Trescot 
James Baker 
preserved Capen 
Samuell Hale 
Richard Hale 
Charles Davenport 
Jn° Smith J r 
Ebenezer Hill 
George Minot 
Samuell Sumner Jun r 

Mary Lawrance 
patience Lawrance 
Mary Beaman 
Judeth pond 
deliverance Smith 
patience Trescot 
Martha Trescot 
Mary Chaplin 
Mahittabell Hill 
Sarah Leadbetter 
Martha Minot 

of Melton 

Thomas Holman 
Ephraim Newton 
Thomas Swift Jun r 
Samuell Blake 
Nathaniell Blake 

Tho Holmans wife 
Waitstill Vose 
Mary Blake N 
Ja : Tuckers wif 
Teags wif 


divers others weer at y* same time Called but desiered 
time to Consider of it y e same time a fast was 
appointed in order heerunto to be keept the 21 
of march being o r lectuer day 
The 1 I th of March 7? Consented 


Eb Belleng &'< 
Johaua Belleng 
Roger Belleng 
patience Atherton 
Joseph Capen 
Samuell farn worth 
Nathaniell Wales 
look for more in or 
at jr* year 1682 

Ebenez : Williams 
Samuell Trescot 
John Weeks 

John Wales Sen r 

Samuell Rigby 

John Mason 
Nathaniell Lyon 
John Brown 
John pelton Jun r 
Sarah Beaman 


The 18 (1) 7? Consented 

Ebenezer Bilenge & his wife 
M„athan & | bdlenge 

Joseph Capen 
Samuell ffarnworth 
Nathaniell Wales 
patience Atherton 


The same day ther was a Contribution for M r Hub- 
bard w ch Came from Black-point by y e distresse of y e 

The 25 March 77 Consented 
John Minot 
Ap 1: 77 James Minot Jun r 
Ap 8 77 Theophelus poole 

The 8 Aprill 77 ther was appointed a day of Hu- 
milliation to be kept on our next lectuer day for y e Con- 
summating of o r renewing y e Covenant being the 18 
Aprill 77 but some of the breatheren weer not soe Cleer 
as to y e extent of baptisme 
The 18 Aprill 77 y e sollemn day of fast was observed & 
after y e morning exersiz y e Covenant was againe publickly 
read & the Vote put forth or Called for & the Vote was 
in the affermative noe man speaking against it. only Bro r 
William Sumner went out of y e meeting when it was goeing 
to be read & Came not againe in y e afternoone 

M r fHint preached y e former p' of y e day from 15 John 5 
with out me y e can doe nothing 

& M r Tory in y e after noone from Jer 3 22 behold we com 
unto thee for thou art y e lord o r God 
The 22 2 1677 Consented 
James Minot y e Scholmaster & Samuell pelton 
The 1 5 77 was notice given of a publique day of humillia- 
tion to be keept y e 5 day Instant Jully. 


The 5 6 77 Samuell Rigby being related to y* Church was 
called forth to answer for his sin of Cursing & excessive 
drinking & neglect of attendance one y* publik ordinances 
for w ch (he not giveing Satisfaction to y e Church) was y e 
same time laid under the sentance of admonition 

The 2 7 77 ther was a Contribution for y e meeting hous 
at Rehoboth at w ch time ther was given 3 10-8 also a contri- 
bution for deacon Coopper at y e same place at w ch time ther 
was given for him 559 besids Thomas bird in shows 3" & 
John withington t* in a note & William pond in Corne i*-6 A 
w ch afterward he brought i* in money & Tho Modesly in 
shows 2' 

The 29 8 77 y e Church appointed to keep a fast on y e 31 
8 77 being o r lectuer day on y e behalf of o r Messengers in 
England & for a good Essew of that affaire w th y e king & for 
Converting grace one y e Rising generation 


The 15 No 77 ther was a publick day of thanksgiveing in 
this jurisdiction p'ly for that peace w ch we doe enjoy after 
soe much trouble & warr & p ; ly for y e lords blessing us w th a 
plentiouse harvest & p'ly for good Success y' we hav by y e 
blessing of god on o r messengers y' was sent to England 

The same day was read a letter from y e therd Church in 
Boston desiering this Church to send ther Elders & mes- 
sengers to a Councell Conserning M r Willard whether they 
may call him to office being not dismissed from y e Church at 
Groaton, but y e Church scattered abroad by reason of y e 
warrs. The Church appointed y e Elders and Deacon Capen 
& William Sumner 

The 25 9 77 y e result of y c Councill was published y e Sub- 
stance of it was y* the Counsell did Judg from y e word of 
god y l m r Willard was at libertie to Joyne 


in memberly fellowship with & unto y e theird Church in 
Boston y e arguments from y e Scriptuer weer 7 or eight not 
heer inserted & heer unto all y e Counsell of eight Churches 
consented & Subscribed except one man 

The same day John Merrifeild (though not in full Comun- 
ion) was called forth before y e Church to answer for his sine 
of drunknes and also for Contempt & slighting y e power of 
Christ in his Church in not appearing formerly though often 
called upon & sent unto : but he made some excus for his 
drunknes in y' being not well at Boston hee took a little 
strong water & comeing out in y e ayre did distemp him & 
for y e other offence he did acknowlidg his fault therin 

The first Saboth in January 1677 we began to Contribut 
weekly for y e maintenance of y e minestry according to y e 
Vote of y e towne y e 27 10 77 

The 27 n 77 ther was an order from y e Councell read 
wherin they had appointed a day of humilliation to be ob- 
served y e 21 ffeb next p'ly in y e regard of y e enemies en- 
deavors against us not yet fully quieted & p'ly y e hand of 
god gon out against us in removeing by death many of his 
p'cious servants as of late M r Shepard of Charlstowne who 
dyed in y e small pox & p'ly by reason of y' distemper p r vail- 
ling soe much in that town as also in Boston & also in 
regard of our messengers w ch are negotiating o r affaires yet 
in England 

The 31 of (1) 78 a letter was read coming from the third 
Church in Boston desiering y e Church to send ther Elders 


& messengers to y e ordaining of M r Willard to office in ther 
Church on y e 10 of Aprill & besids y e Elders ther was 
appointed & Voted Capt Clap & Deacon Capen 


The 24 2 78 ther was a Church gathered by some of o r 
breatheren y' live at Milton it was done in o r meeting hous 
at dorchester becaus of some opposission y* did appeare ; y e 
Churches w ch they sent unto weer the Elders & messengers 
of y e three Churches in Boston & waymoth Brantree & dead- 
ham y e Majestrats weer accquainted with it but only y e gov- 
ernor was heer by reason of y e wett & Snow season. M r 
Allen did first pray & then M r fflint did preach from y e 
& then prayed, afterward y e breatheren weer Called on one 
after another to declare y e work of grace y' god had wrought 
on them to y e number of seaven, but before they began it 
was put to the whole assembly both messengers & others 
whether any had any Just reason against their p'ceeding but 
all weer silent after they had made their relations a confes- 
sion of faith was read by o r Elder unto w ch they all Con- 
sented by lifting up of hands, then thos seaven breatheren 
weer Called downe into y e body of y e assembly and a Cove- 
nant was read unto them unto which they all Consented by 
lifting up of hands. y e breatheren y l entered into this Cove- 
nant & made publique relation weer thes : 

Robt Tucker member of waymoth 

Anthony Newton 

William Blake 

Thomas Swift 

mender of ^ ^^ D°«*5*er 


Members of 



y e 2 Church Edward Blake 
in Boston 

Ebenezer Clap 
After this was done ther weer more of o r Breatheren y* 
did at y e same time enter into y e same Covenant with y e 
former namly 

Thomas Holman 
George Lyon 

Manasses & 5> Tucker 

And then M r Tory was appointed to give y e right hand of 
ffellowship & M r Mather prayed & a psalme sung & y e 
assembly dismissed 



The 24 3 78 being y e sixt day of y e week ther was a 
Church meeting at which time it was Voted by y e major part 
& a petition drawn before hand & read at that time w ch 
should be p r sented to y e Court against ordinarys y' have not 
a suffient gard over them to keepe good order and some 
other matters then discussed 

The 26 3 /8 was read an order from y e ginerall Court 
requiering a publique day of humilliation to be keept on 
thursday the 6 of June some of y e grounds of it was gods 
hand goeing out against us in taking away such & soe many 
emenent men in Church & Conionweale & y e p r velancy of 
y e Smale pox both in Boston & Charlestowne to y e cutting 
off of many by death alsoe in regard of y e abounding of sine 
& wickednes amongst us & for o r Agents in England that 
they may have good Success & a saff returne, & other 

The 6 of June on y e day above said ther was a letter read 
y l Came from y e Gov r & majestrats wherin they did recom- 
mend to y e Churches in this Jurisdiction that ther might be 
a Contrybution for y* releif of y e Captives w ch weer taken 
frcm hatfeild they being brought soe farre as y e fort Albana 
at w^ time after y e evening exersiz ther was a Contribution 
of eight pound five Shillings two pence in money for y e end 

The 7 th August 78 ther was a fast keept by o r Church 
being Wednesday o r lectuer day y e same day ther was a 
Contribution for M r Emerson of Concord being low in his 
Estate at w 1 * time was Colected 5 U - 14"- 2 y e same day ther 
was a fast at brantree & y e next day at boston the first 

The same time o r weekly lectuer was Changed that it 
should not be in y e same week y l Rocksbery lecter is keept 
but contrary & soe to continue monthly 

The 17 No 78 (being y e first day of o r meeting in y* New 
meeting hous) a letter was read w ch came from y e Church at 
hingham desiering y e church to send their Elders & mes- 
sengers to y e ordaination of M r Norton to be a teaching 
officer unto them on y* 27 No 78 at which 


time ye church appointed Deacon Capen & Deacon Blake to 
Joyne w th o r Elders for y x service 

The same time y e Court order was read who had ordered a 


publick fast in y e whole Jurisdiction to Joyne w th y e other 
Collonies on y e same day being recommend to y e Court by 
y e Comissioners of y e Collonies y e day to be on thursday y e 
21 No 78 

The first of December 1678 m r fflint p'posed to y e Church 
for a day of thanksgiveing to be keept by y e Church y e 
grounds of it weer an ingagment that was made to god if 
he should heer prayers & restore Captin Clap to helth againe 
being sick about a yeer & half agoe also in regard of M r 
Stoughton w ch all though he be not yet returned yet y' god 
have p r served his p'son & soe fare blessed their endeavors for 
y' publick also becaus god have soe much p r served o r town 
from & under that contagious distemp of y e small pox when 
he have soe sadly visseted other places as Charlston boston 
& other places, as also for y e pease we injoy in this town 
notwithstanding y e great fears of a disquietment in regard 
of some publik transactions about o r meeting hous & other 
mercys the day mentioned was on our next lectuer day 
being the 18 Decemb: to this motion y e Church agreed 

The 12 of y e 11 M° 78 It was p'posed to y e Church whether 
ther should be a Church meeting appointed for to Call forth 
some of y e members of y e Church not yet in full Comunion 
to give an ace 1 or answer for their obstinancy in refusing 
to Come before y e Elders & some anchent breathren (whom 
y e Church had formerly apointed to Joyne with y e Elders in 
privat) but they standing off & giveing ille langwedg & 
behavior y e Church 


Closed with y e p'posission and appointed Wednesday y* 22 
Instant at one a Clock to Come to gether & in y e meane time 
thos anchent breatheren or tithing men should warne such 
p'sons as y e Elders should appoint 

one y e day fore mentioned y e Church mett & Robt Spur 
Sen r was called forth to give satisfaction for his withdrawing & 
not p'takeing in y e Sacrament upon some p r jedice he had taken 
against o r pastor but could not mak it out but a misaprehen- 
tion of him but he did not com up to Satisfaction : also John 
Spur was then called forth to give Satisfaction for his con- 
temptious caredg & refusing to give an acc : of his knowlidg 
unto y e Elders & thos breatheren in privat : also Nathaniell 
Wiett for not coming to y e Elders but refusing _s Spur had 
done : but now gave satisfaction & ther for at y motion of 
some breatheren the matter was respitted till another meet- 
ing about a month after 


Also Samuell Rigby was y e same time called forth to give 
Satisfaction for his former offence for w ch he had been 
formerly admonished by y e Church but came not up to 
Satisfaction : others ther weer y' should have been called 
forth as Joshua Georg Daniell Ellen, Nathaniell Mather & 
others but y e time & season of Cold would not p'mitt 

The 19 12 78 y e Church mett againe & Samuell Rigbe 
was called forth againe & he gave soe much satisfaction y* 
his sensuer of admonition was ordered to be resp'tted for a 
while & on his good demeanor if it did appear for some time 
then y e sensuer to be taken off y e same time Robt Spur Sen r 
was called on to give satisfaction but he came not up to full 
Satisfaction therfore it was voted that he should be admon- 
eshed Also Nathanell Wiett John Spur Daniell Ellen and 
Joshua Georg for their contempt off & neglecting & refusing 
to com to give an ace' of their knowlidg to y e Elders or 
Church was therfore Votted to be excommunicated 


The same day Nathanell Mather was Called forth to give 
Satisfaction for his slighting & negligence in Coming up to 
y e Order of y e Church at which time he did give some ac- 
count publikly of his knowlidg out of a Cattechisme but 
falling short of what he should have attained unto, & he 
p'missing to doe his best to attaine more, he was dismissed & 
was appointed to Come to y e Elders againe about a fortnight 

The 25 12 78 ther was a Church meeting at w ch time y* 
Churches Engagment by way of renewall of Covenant was 
read over to consider wherin y e Church fell short of y e p'ticu- 
lers therein exprest alsoe at that time it was Concluded y' 
ther should be a day of humilliation kept on o r next lectuer 
day w ch is y e 12 March next to humble o r souls before god in 
respect of our Covenant Engagment & also for y e p r sence 
& blessing of god on the Children of y e Church as also for 
y e appeasing of his anger manifested in y* Contagious dis- 
temp of y e Small pox of w ch soe many are dead & more 

The 3 (1) 7I ther was a Church meeting at w ch time ther 
was enquiery what may be thought to be the sins of this 
time for w ch gods anger was gon forth against his people 
heer in thes p ta to w ch after long silence some spake one 
thing & another another thing &c and at y e same time the 
Church was Call d on by o r rulling Elder to Consider how m r 


Thecher should be satisfied for his labor in supplying m r 
fflints work for one month which he p'cuered in his place 
whill he went to Quenectecot alsoe m r fflint then p'pounded 
that y e Church should looke out to p'vid one in his rome if 
any on in his famely should be visseted with y e pox as also 
to supply his place when he should take a Jorney to Reho- 
both & that an other teaching officer might be thought on to 
help him & other discourses at that time not Convenient 
heer to be inserted 


one the day before Viz y e 2 (1) 7® being Saboth day after 
y e evening exercis it was p'pounded to y e Church by y e Elder 
whether Robt Spur his admonition may not be Suspended a 
while & he have liberty once more to speak to y e Church by 
way of accknowledgment of his sin y e w ch was granted by y* 

The 9 (1) 7a Robt Spur Sen r was called forth to acknowl- 
idg his offenc but came not up to satisfaction 

The 30 (1) 7o Robt Spur had y e sentance of Admonishion 
adminestred to him 

The 3 3 79 after y e evening exerciz y e Church was stayed 
& did discours about Abigail y e daughter of Henery Merri- 
feild what should be done towards her for her sin of forneca- 
tion It had been Voted the Saboth before by y e Major Vote 
of y e Church (that for that sin & for her refusing to come 
before the Church) that she should be excommunicated, 
but becaus y e whole Church did not Vote it was Considered 
what was to be done because some thought that excomuni- 
cation did not belong to such in her Cappassetie therefore it 
was p'posed whether y e whole Church could agree according 
to that in Matthew that she should be rejected & to be as an 
heathen &c the Vote was in y e affermative 

The same time report was made Concerning Samuell 
Rigbe who was sent unto by y e Church to come before them 
to answer for his late sin of drunknes & quarelling but his 
answer was y* he would be gon & not come againe in a 12 

The Sabothday before Elizabeth Weeks was mentioned to 
y e Church whether she should not be Cast out for her sin 
of fornecation before marridg: y e Conclusion was that if 
any of her relations would send to her to see if she would 
come before y e Church in p'son & manifest her repentance 
the sentance should be respitted a while 

The 23 3 79 ther was a Church meeting uppon occasion of 


M r fflint his desier of help in y e minestry either by another 
teaching officer 


or by some other Supply, at w ch Conferrance y e Church did 
not think they weer in a Capaccetie of maintaining another 
officer but it was p'posed by y e Elder whether y e Congrega- 
tion should not agment M r fflints wages to one hundred 
pounds Sixty pounds in money & 40 pounds in Contry pay 
& then he to p'vid such help as he saw meet & satisfie such 
as did help him out of y e 100 pound. The Church then p r sent 
did not seeme to Close with y l p'posission but p'pounded 50 
pounds money & 50 pounds Contry pay w ch did seem to be 
y e major Vote of those y' did Vote, others y l Voted neither 
way p'pounded y l y e Church and towne together should 
adjetate y e matter w ch did occasion the deferring y 8 matter 
till y e next Second day being a training day for to discours 
y e matter. At w ch time it was discursed y' M r James minot 
should be spoken unto to see whether he would help once in 
a fortnight & a Comittee chosen 

The Comittee appointed as a bove said was y e Elder & 
two Deacons & John Breck 

The same time M r fflint p'posed whether we should not 
keepe o r next lectuer day which will be y e 4 th of may as a 
fast in regard of y e state of y e people of god in old England 
& y e nations adjacent w ch seemes to be very sad & in respect 
of our selves y e face of things looking sad in regard of y e loss 
of soe many emenent p'sons both in y e Majestracy & min- 
estry & in towns & also in respect of o r agents abroad ; y e 
vote of y e Church was affermative 

The 30 4 79 an order was published from y e generall Court 
who appointed a publik day of humiliation to be keept p'ly 
in regard of y e sad face of things one y e Churches & people 
of god both abroad & at home & in respect of o r afaiers in 
England & alsoe in respect of y e intended Sinod to be keept 
in September next y e day is y e 10 5 79 


The 6 of y e 5 M° 79 the Church Called for Joshua Georg 
Daniell Ellen Jn° Spur & Nathanell Wiet & abigall Merri- 
feild haveing sent to them before by messengers to warne 
them to appeare, but only Nathanell Wiet & Jn° Spur did 
appear who did not manifest any repentance for ther former 
miscarridg but carryed it very dissatisfactorily before y e 


Church : who weer all excommunicated from y e Church that 
day all of them & Abigail Merrifeild for her sin of fornica- 
tion & Contempt of y e Church was Cast out also y e same 

The 10 6 79 ther was a Contrybution to put into y e dea- 
cons hands for y e releif of y e poor espesally with respect to 
bro r W m Turner at w ch time ther was given in money 3 U 6 8 
5 d besids some notes for Come as is in my book set down y e 

The same day y e Elders weer voated for to be sent to 
meet in y e Senod w ch is to Convene next September but noe 
messengers Concluded to be sent but left to Consideration 
till y e next Saboth 

The 17 6: 79 y e Church made Choice of William Sumner 
& Richard Baker to be messengers to y e Senod w ch is to 
begin y e second Wednesday in Sept' being y e 10 th day of y e 
month & ye deacons weer desiered to take Care for their 
entertainment at Boston on y e Church ace 1 

The 5 8 79 y e Church Concluded by Voate y l o r next lect- 
uer day (being y e 22 Instant) should be turned into a day of 
thanksgivinge to god for heering of prayers & abateing y e 
distemp of y e pox 

The same day it was Voted y l Samuell Rigby should be 
Cast out of y e Church for his former miscaredges & he at 
this time did not appear before y e Church though appointed 
soe to doe 


The 28 8 79 Samuell Blake y e Sonne of William Blake 
now of y e Church at Melton was called before y* Church to 
make Confession of his sin of fornecation before marredg at 
w ch time he did owne the fact & made some kind of ac- 
knowledgment but his voice was soe low y' scarce any herd 
y' litle w ch he spake except a few w ch stood Clos by him 

The 2 9 79 Samuell Rigbee was excommunicated for thos 
sins for w ch he was formerly admoneshed & for Contempt 
in not appearing before y e Church being called therunto : 

The 7 9 79 ther was a Church meeting for to read y e plat- 
forme of Church dissepline to see how farre y e Church did 
agree with it in their practice at which time ther weer 8 or 
nine Chapters read over & y e rest left till another time 

Me y e 6 of January 1679 Henery Leadbetter Executor to 
y* Estate of Tho Lake delivered two silver Cups or small 
beakers w ch was given by Tho Lake unto ye Church : 

Also M" Thecher of Boston gave y" Church formerly a 
Silver Cup with two ears 


Also y e Widdow Clements of Boston gave another silver 
cup to y e Church y e 17 Novem 1678 

The n 1 1 79 ther was an order read from y e Counsell re- 
quiering a publique day off thanksgiving to be kept the 22 
Instant for y e returne of o r agents from England after they 
have been absent three yers & aboutt two months 


The 15 12 79 Robt Spur was Called before y e Church to 
heer what efect y e ordinance of admonition had taken on 
Him but some weer not satisfied at that time therfore it was 
respitted till that day fortnight 

The last of ffeburary 79 Robt Spur was Called before 
y e Church & hee did by wrighting declare what he had to 
say & y e Church by a silent Vote did maniffest ther satisfac- 
tion soe as to have y e sentence removed 

The 21 March 80 Robt Spur was taken into y e Church 
again his sentence of Admonission taken off 

The 15 Aprill 80 was a ginerall fast 

The 25 Aprill Hanah y e dafter of Isack Joanes was dis- 
missed to y e third Church in Boston being not in full Corn- 

The 1 5 September 80 ther was a fast keept in regard of 
M r fflint & he dyed y e night following about 10 of y e Clock 
& buryed y c 17 th day 

The 25 of November 80 wee kept a publick day of thanks- 
giveing being ordered soe to doe by the generall Court for 
y e Continuance of o r Liberties & p r veledges both Sacred & 
Sivell for y* plentie of y e fruits of y e Earth this yeer & for 
removeing of Contagious sickneses & diseases y e day was 
carryed one by M r Minot & M r Capen 

The same Court also ordered a publick day of humilliation 
to be kept on y e 16 decern 80 

The 2J 12 80 ther was a Contribution for Goody Leich- 
feild and Mitchell of Maiden at w ch tim ther was Colected & 
y e next day sent in to y e Sume of 11 17 — 9 of w ch about 7 
pound in p'ticuler for leichfeld & y e rest to be devided 


The 2 (1) |i was a day of humiliation keept by y e Church 
& town to seek to god for direction in looking out for a 
minester for o r Church y e day was carryed on by M r Tory 
& M r Adams 


The 20 (1) a" after y e evening exercis y e Church was stayed 
to Consider of a man to be on tryall for y e work of y e mines- 
try & it was Voted y' each man should bring in his Vote in 
wrighting & thos two y l had y e most Votes should be put to 
Vote againe y a next Saboth and y e Votes being brought in 
M r John danforth of Rocksbery had 40 & M r Cushen of 
Hingham had 13 Votes 

The 27 (1) 81 Votes wer Called for againe for on of y e 
two w ch had most Votes y e last Saboth & ther weer 37 Votes 
for M r Danforth & 22 Votes for M r Cushen : at the same 
time John Breck who was not in full Comunion intruded 
himself in & put in a Vote though not in full Comunion ; 
w ch was very offensive to y e Church but his Vote was taken 
out & he commanded by M r Stoughton to goe out of y e 
meeting hous when y c Church had been tryed by a Vote to 
know whether they did approve of his acting w ch being de- 
clared in y e Negative then y e Contrary Vote was called for 
but none held up ther hand but only Henery Leadbetter who 
thought y* such as had Submitted to y e goverment of Christ 
in y e Church & had owned y e Covenant should have libertie 
to Vote in such a Case ; but it was declared to y e Contrary 

The same time y* Church appointed a Comittee Viz M r 
Stoughton y e Elder & deakons, William Sumne Rich Baker 
Rich Withington and Capt Clap : to invite M r Danforth to 
come & preach more constantly with us upon tryall 


The 3 2 81 y e Elder declared to y 9 Church y* he had 
spoken w* John Breck about his putting in a voat y e last 
day to y e offence of many, & y l he had given him satisfaction 
& was sorry y l he had acted soe as he did in y t maner & y 1 if 
any elce weer unsatisfied if they would speake to him hee 
hoped hee should satisfie them 

The 10 2 81 an order was read from y e Generall Court 
requiering a publique fast in respect of sad face of things 
Concerning y e Church of god abroad in other p u & in Eng- 
land & amongst o r selves & y e hand of god gon out against us 
this last yeer in respect of y e great flood at Quenectecot & 
y* blast spoilling much of y* fruts of y e earth & in respect 
of o r agents y* are to goe for England y e day appointed is 
y e 21 Instant & in regard of y e great losses at sea & y e 
sudden deaths of many : M r Capen & M r Danforth preched 
y l day & M r Minot prayed in y* morning 

The 1 3 81 y e Elder accquainted y e Assembly how fair we 


had p'ceeded w 01 M r Danforth & y l as yet he had not given 
his answer therfore if any p'son though not of y e Church 
(in full Communion) had any thing to aleadg to the contrary 
they had libertie to speak but non spake any thing, then y e 
Elder said y l he would take their silence for Consent but 
none spake 

The 22 3 8 1 a letter was read y* came from y e Church at 
Melton wherin they desiered to send messengers to y c or- 
daining of M r Thecher to be a teaching officer to their 
Church on y e first of June next in answer therunto (besids 
the Elder) y e Church made Choice of M r Stoughton & Dea- 
con Capen & Deacon Blake 

The 5 of June Si y e Elder declared to y* Church y* y e 
Church at Melton had ordained M r peter Thecher to be a 
pastor in y : Church : M r Thecher did first pray & preach 
then M r Encres Mather put it to Vote first to y e Church 
(whos Vote was afermative & then to y e messengers w ch did 
concur : also It was p'pounded to y e whole assembly whether 


p'son had ought against it but none appeared ; then it was 
p'pounded to M r Thecher whether he did accept of y e Call 
to office which he declared y' he did : then M r Tory gave 
y e Charg & m r Tory M r Mather M r Eliot & M r Willard laid 
on hands & lastly M r Willard gave y e right hand of fellow- 
ship in the name of y e rest of y e Churches 

The 26 June 81 an order was read from y e ginerall Court 
requiering a publique fast to be kept y e 7 th of July next 

The 35 81 y e Elder declared to y e Church that bro r 
Thomas Davenport was under some offence about y e ex- 
change of some land w" 1 Robt Stiles in not standing to his 
engagement v/^ Stils but disposing it to another man & y' 
some breatheren had delt with him about it but could git 
noe satisfaction, he thought y' y e Church might goe to bro r 
Danfords hous (he not being able to com to y e Church) to 
heer y e Case, but y e Church Concluded by a Vote to send y* 
Elder & deacons & bro r Sumner bro r Leeds Richard Baker 
Ensigne Hale bro r Trot Isak Joanes bro r Tolman Sen r Dan- 
iell preston & desiered Bro r Edward pason to be ther also 
and as many as would or Could besids to heer y e Case* & 
returne to y e Church how they found it 

The 10 5 81 y e Elder did (in y e name of y e p'sons above 
deputed) declare to y e Church y l they had been w 111 brother 
Davenport & after long agetations they brought it to this 


conclusion y* bro r Davenport & Stiles Chose out some men 
each of them to Consider of y e matter & they did engag 
each to y e other in a bond of 30 pounds to stand to their de- 

w ch afterward was don & Stiles had his land confeirmed 
unto him 


The 14 6 8r ther was a Contribution for M r Swan & others 
at Rocksbery who had their houses burnt, at w ch time ther 
was Colected six pound pence in money & it was delivered 
to Elder Humphry who was to Conveigh it to y e deacons of 
Rocksbery who together w th M r Dudlee & M r Elliot weer to 
devid it as they Judged meet 

The 25 10 81 M r John Danforth gave his answer publikly 
before y e whole assembly of his acceptance of his call to be 
with us to preach & pray amongst us 

The 5 12 81 Mary y e daughter of Thomas Modesly was 
called before y e Church (though not in full Comunion but 
(under g' Obligations) by her submitting to y e Government 
of Christ in his Church) she was Called to answer for her 
sine of fornication. She did appeare but being put to it to 
speak by way of accknowledgment of y e sin, she gave noe 
answer but weept whether for y e shame or y e sin y' was not 
known, & y e Church was dismissed for y' time 

The 19 12 81 M r John Danforth Joyned to y e Church 
being dismissed from Rocksbery. 

The same day ther was appointed a day of fast to be kept 
y* first of March in order to o r further p'ceeding with M r 
Danforth to office relation 

The 16 (1) 82 Mary Modesly was called before y e Church 
againe who did by wrighting make Confession of her Sin & 
she was dismissed by Silence of y e Church 

The 2 (2) 82 y e Church was stayed & by a unanimous Vote 
M r John Danforth was Chosen pastor to y e Church in Dor- 
chester but his acceptation of it was not then called for, he 
being not p'sent at that time but y* next day or next Saboth 
he accepted y" Call 


The 30 Aprill 82 

The Church stayed to appoint a time of Ordaining M r 
Danforth w^ by a Vote was Concluded to be the last Wednes- 
day in June next being the 28 June 82 alsoe it was Voted 
that ther should be sent unto eight Churches for their Elders 


& Messengers Viz 3 Churches in Boston & Rocksbery Dead- 
ham Melton Brantry & Waymoth & meadfeild And it was 
Voted y l there should be two meetings that day & that M r 
Incres Mather should be desiered to take one part of y e day 
& y' m r Eliot should be desiered to give y e Charge. 

The 22 4 82 ther was a publique day of Humilliation 
Cheifly for our Agents gon for England. 

The 28 4 82 M r Danforth was ordained pastor to y e Church 
of Dorchester. (& preached on that Text 2 Kings. 2. 14. 
where is y e Lord God of Elijah.) 

The 6 6 82 Isack Ryalls wife who was Wait Spur brought 
her child to be baptized & her self to enter into Covenant 
but y e Vote being put to y e Church it was denyed her becaus 
it was not p'posed to ye Church afore. 

The 20. 6 : 82 Joseph Leeds was before y c Church for some 
miscaredg towards his wife ; M r Danforth made mention of 
y e matter to y e Church & found it was not as bad as was re- 
ported & o r bro r Leeds had made some accknowledgment of 
his fault : but y l did not satisfie y e Church becaus he did not 
with his owne mouth make accknowlidgment (now), therfor 
it was defered to a fortnight after for him to Consider more 
of it & therfore he was advertized to forbear coming to y e 
Sacrament y e next lords day 

The 3 7 82 Joseph Leeds was called before y e Church 
againe to make Confession of his sin in thrusting his wife 
out of Doare & fetching blood at her mouth y e which he 
would excuse, though ther weer two did testifie y' he had 
owned such acting to them, but his answer was y' either 
they did mistake him or he did mistake himselfe: but many 
weer dissatisfied & therfore it was deferred at p r sent untill 
fortnight after 


The 17 7 82 

Joseph Leeds was called before y e Church & wholl assem- 
bly to answer for his offence in his Carredg towards his wife 
who at this time gave more satisfaction than before by his 
accknowledgment & by his promis to carry it more loveing* 
to her for time to Come y e Church did accept of his Con- 

The same day y e Case of Johnathan Blackman was Con- 
sidered & he was expected to make his Confession of his 
sin in stealling horses & lying for w cb he was convicted be- 
fore y e Court & had Corporall punishment, but he refusing 
to come before y e Church he running away out of y e Juris- 
diction was at this time rejected & disowned from his 


Church relation & excomunicated though not delivered up 
to satan as those in full Communion but yet to be looked at 
as an heathen & a publican & familier & societie with him 
forbiden unless (to His Relations) natuerall & civell y l he 
may be ashamed : 

The 22 November 82 there was a publik day of thanks- 
giveing apointed by y e ginerall Court for y e Continuance of 
o r Libertie Sacred & Civell for y e plentifull harvest this yeer 
& for y e safe arivall of o r messengers in England 

The 24 10 82 patience Blake y e wife of Edward Blake of 
Melton who had formerly (when called ther unto) refused 
to owne y e Covenant & Submit to y e Goverment of Christ 
in his Church, she did make confession & acknowledgment 
of her great sin in soe doeing & this she did Vollentarily 
to y e satisfaction of y e Church in that thing & was then 
p'pounded to owne y e Covenant when called therunto if none 
had any thing against it 

The 14 1 1 82 notice was given & y e Church Consented 
therunto of a day of humilliation to be keept on y e last of 
instant being Wednesday in regard of y e distres y l y e people 
of god weer in in o r native Contry & also in other p u of y e 
world [120] (82) & to pray for y e Continuance of o r peace 
& liberties & for o r agents in England & for gods guidance 
of y e generall Court which is Called to Conveene y e first 
Wednesday in feburary being y e 7 day of y i month 

The 25 (1) 7g thes following publikly owned y e Covenant 
John Minot 

Aprill 1 77 
James Minot Jun r 

Aprill 8 TJ 
Theophelus poole 
22. 2. yy. James Minot Schoolmasf, Sam 1 Pelton 

22 8 82 
Samuell Rigby 
Samuell peltons wife 
Joshua Henshaws wif 
Joseph Birch his wife 
The last of thes y e Elder said her father had been sent 
unto to owne y e Covenant & he said he was willing to doe 
what was nedfull but as yet had not don it, but his dafter 
did as others owne y e Covenant, her fathers name is Tim- 
othy Wales the sonne of old goodman Wales his grand- 
father he was a member in full Communion but not her erne- 
diat father 


1 8 March 8§ 
Owned y e Covenant 
Elizabeth y e wife of Watching 
Atherton & Mahittabell her sister, both of them 
y e Children of Samuell Rigbey 
The 29 2 83 John Minot came forth Vollentaryly & acc- 
knowlidged his sine in being overtaken too much in drinking 
on y e day of Major Clarks funerall 

The same day y e Elder declared a publick day of Humillia- 
tion to be keept on y e 10 th of May next being a week before 
y e Election 

The 29 5 83 ther was a Contribution for Captives Viz M r 
Graves ship M r & one Robinson. Contributed 12 pound io" 
io d to be devided between them 


About y 9 beging of Sep 83 y e Church was Caused to stay 
to know ther minds Concerning patience Blake whether she 
should (as she desiered) be p'posed to Joyn to this Church 
divers spake & thought it weer more Convenient for her to 
joyn to Melton Church wher she lived & it was put to y e 
Vote y* if any weer otherwis minded they should speak, but 
none did speak & soe it rested for y' time 

The 1 I th of November a wrighting read concerning pa- 
tience Blake shewing her Reasons why she Could not joyn 
to Melton Church y e same day an order was read of y* gen- 
erall Court who appointed a publique fast to be keept y e 22 
of No 83 in regard of y e sad condition we weer in respect- 
ing y e danger of loosing o r liberties both Sivell & Sacret o r 
Charter being Called for 

The 30 10 83 ther was a Contribution for a Captive Viz y e 
Son of a woman liveing at pescattoway at w ch time ther was 
Contrebuted 4" — 14' — i d and Comitted to Elder Humphry 
for to deliver it to y a woman 

The same day y e Church was desiered to stay to advis to- 
gether about patience Blak whether she should be dealt with 
all for some offense y l Georg Lyon of Melton had against 
her but ther being but one witnes against her Viz John 
Spur who is now at Tanton though more might be said yet 
y* advice was to lett her alone till John Spur did Come down 
& not to p'ceed to sentance her as yet 



The 20 of January 1683 Consider Atherton (who had 
fallen into y e sine of Drunknes both formerly & now againe 
of late) was called forth before the Church (though not in 
full Comunion) to make his accknowlidgment of his sin, y e 
which he did by writing being read unto y e Church & he 
owned it 

The 17 12 83 phillip Withington owned y e Covenant in 
order to y e baptizing his child 

The same Day John Weeks was called forth to acknowlig 
his sine in stealling a Chees from a man at y e Ordinary but 
spake never a word but what was read in wrighting & y e 
Vote was put by silence 

The 9 (1) 84 ther was an accknowledgment read of Eben- 
ezer Lyons who was latly p'pounded to Joyne in full Corn- 
union but John Blackman & some others had taken some 
offence for words spoken by him but could hardly bring him 
to confess it but at last he did by wrighting but he himself 
was not p r sent to owne y e wrighting, soe he was defered to 
see what his after conversation might be 

The 23 of March 84 Ebenezer Lyon was called forth 
againe to make Confession of some other offence in denying 
of p 4 of y e wrighting read by M r Danforth a fortnight afore 
& saying y' he did not know of such a passedg ther in & 
this he denyed stifly untill at lenth ther weer two possetive 
witneses to prove it & then he confessed it but y B Church 
thought it not fitt at p r sent to admit of him but to waite 
further to see his life & Conversation 

The 30 March 84 ther weer two p'sons Viz Timothy Cro- 
hore & An Crohore y e sone & dafter of y° dafter of Robt 
Spur (who had as some did afferme formerly owned y e Cov- 
enant in M r Mathers time) thes two p'sons being adult (& 
had declared ther knowlige in y* principle of Religion be- 
fore y e Elders) did p'sonally owne y 9 Covenant in order to 
their baptizme 


The 24 2 84 ther was a publique day of humilliation in 
this Collony in respect of y e troubles & sad estate of y e 
p'testant Intrest in other p u of y* world & in o r native Con- 
try & y e great fears Concerning o r selves y e same day ther 
was a Contribution made to be put into y* deacons hands for 
a supply unto y e poore as need requiereth at which time was 
Colected 2" — i' — o & a bill of 3* corne by S Capen 


Me io 9 of y e money was Comitted to me & i u — u 6 unto 
deacon Blake 

The 5 4 84 ther was a publique day of Humilliation in 
this Collony on y e same ace' with y e former, at w ch time ther 
was a Contribution for y e poore espessaly w th respect of 
goodman heauen at w ch time was Colected i 1 ' — i 9 — g d in 
money & a bill of a bl Come from Ensign Clap & half a bl 

Me this was Comitted into y e hands of Deacon Blake 

The 22 4 84 Sister George was called againe before y e 
Church who at this time made Confession of her sin of let- 
ting some have drinke w ch made them drunke & of her deny- 
ing of it & of her goeing from y e Church in such a disorderly 

The 20 7 84 ther was a Contrebution for mosses Ayers 
being Captive at w ch time was Contrebuted 6 n — 2' — 8 d & 
dlevered y e same time unto Thomas Tilston who together 
w th Thomas peirs weer by y e Congregation appointed to 
manedg y e bussines of convaying into safe hands for the 
efecting of y e redemption of him & to enquier what was 

Also wheeras ther was formerly a Contrebution for y e 
Widdow Robenson her son of Six pound 4" — 8 d being a 
Captive with a p'mis y* if it weer not made use off it should 
be returned againe it appeared afterward y l he got home 
without y e redemption money therfore it was y e day above 
said p'posed to y e Congregation whether it should be called 
for againe, & by a Vote it was concluded y' it should be 
called for & Voted y* deacon Capen should cale for it, & it 
was then spoken too y l if y e above said Contribution did not 
reach y e end y* may be added to it 


The 28 7 84 ther was an order read Come from y e generall 
Court requiering a day of thanksgiveinge in this Collony to 
be keept for y e mercys of god in staying y e abundance of 
raine in y e spring & blessing y e fruts of y e earth soe y' we 
have a good harvest & for continueing o r peace & liberties as 
yet w ch we have formerly enjoyed y e time appointed is y e 9 of 
October next 

The 8 of March 8| ther was mention made of a ginerall 
publique fast appointed by y e ginerall Court respecting y e 
distresses of y e people of god abroad & soe in England & 
Scotland & y e great fears of sad times among our selves y 6 


hazard of o r liberties both Sacred & Sivell y e day appointed 
is y e 12 of this Instant march & ther was appointed to be a 
contrebution at y' time to be put into y e hands of y e deacons 
to be disposed at their discretion at w ch time was contrebuted 
33" 9: of w ch 1 7" deacon blake had & 16 s g d I had 

The same time It was appointed y' wee should have a 
monthly lectuer to begin y e next Wednesday after the fast 
w ch will be y e 18 instant March M r Danforth haveing granted 
it soe to be 

The 5 aprill 85 was a Contribution for a boy y' had y e 
stone at w ch time was Contributed i u — 11 7 & a peice of 
Spanish money 7 d \ & all left in my hand 

The 12 aprill 84 was Contrebution for a Captive whos 
name is Gold at w ch time was Contributed 3" — 10 11 left in 
deacon blaks hand 

The 26 2 85 was a letter read from y e North Church in 
Boston desiering y c Elders & messengers of o r Church to be 
sent to y e ordaining of (M r ) Cotton Mather on y e 13 2 85 at 
w ch time y e Church apointed m r Stoughton Deacon Capen & 
deacon Blake as ther messengers with M r Danforth o r pastor 

Y e same day ther was read y e Conclusion of y e Senod for- 
merly agreed on as y c p'voking sines y' we stood guilty off & 
to be Humbled for 

The 3 3 85 was read a pap from y e governor & Councell 
to excit y° Elders & minester to take Care of their flocks by 
goeing from hous to hous & see how y e people p'fitting by y e 
word & that instructing y e youth may goe forward at y e same 
time y e Elder p'posed y l 


tow of y e tithing mens Squadrons at a time appointed should 
come together to some place for y' end from 8 to 16 yeers of 
age to be Catechized & from 16 to 24 y e yong p'sons should 
come together to be discoursed with all y e maids by them- 
selves & y e men by themselves & y 1 y* tithing men should 
'give notice to them of y e time & place &c : 

The 7 4 85 ther was a Contrebution for Goo Bowens of 
rocksbery Brother who is a Captive with y e turks at which 
time was Colected two pounds fowerteen shilling & left in my 
hands for the p'son Conserned 

The 28 4 85 an order was read from y e Court who ap- 
pointed a day of humilliation for all y* Collony to be on y e 16 
July in regard of y e great & ginerall Feavor & Ague amongst 
us & y e dry season & y e trouble & low estate of y e people of 
god abroad in y e world: "one this day ther was a Contrebution 


for y e poor to be put into y e deacons hands but notice was 
not given of it afore therfore ther was but 15 8 — 4 d colected of 
w ch deacon Blake had 8 s — 4 & I had 7' & it was y e same time 
desiered by y e elder y' on such times & thanks giveing days 
ther might be some Contrebution for y e poore 

The 9 6 85 was a Contrebution for one tucker of Boston a 
Captive at w ch time was contrebuted 3" — 1" — 6 money & 
left in my hand to be delivered to y e mans wife who gave 
a receipt 

The 8 Novem 85 ther was a Contribution for peter Talbut 
at w ch time was Contrebuted 40' 1 i d & left in my hands and 
dl to him y e 1 1 9 85 who gave a receipt 

The 15 9 85 notice was given to y e Church y' y e minesters 
meeting together at Boston concluded of a day of thanksgive- 
ing to be keept on y e 3 d day of y e next month 

The same day ther was a Contrebution for ffrances Balle 
at w ch time was colectd 33 s — io d & two half bl Corne on from 
Jn° Withington & one from William Trescot left in my hands 
dl to ffrances Baall y" 7 10 85 & he gave a receipt (to me 
John Capen.) 


Y* 14 12 85 Elder Humphrey moved to y e Church y* they 
would look out & p'vid themself another Elder becaus he 
had been long lame & did look at himself neer his dep'uer 
out of this world 

Me y e 7 (1) 85 Votes weer brought in for a rulling Elder 
& Deacon Blake had 46 votes & 15 or 16 for other p'sons & 
left to his consideration till another time 

y e same day was an order read from y e ginerall Court 
requiering a day of Humilliation p'ly y l god ould continue of 
liberties Sacret & Sivell as also in regard of y e pox w eh 
threaten & was at y e Eastword as also gods frowns uppon us 
in y e hardnes of y e winter both for man & beast y* day 
appointed is y e 25 Instant to be a publick fast 

The 4 of Aprill 86 Deacon James Blake was called to give 
his answer to the vote of y e Church, but he p'posed his 
unfitnes for such a work p'ly because of his thicknes of heer- 
ing & p'ly y e diffeculty of y' worke & soe it was left to his 
further consideration 

Me y e 25 of Aprill 86 Deacon Blake being called on did 
accept of y e voate of y e Church to be an Elder. 

Me y e 2 of May 86 ther weer votes put in for a deacon in 
Deacon Blaks room & those two y' had most Votes weer to 
be put in to Vote againe the next Saboth for to have one of 
them, & Danell preston & Enock Wiswell were y' two y 1 had 
most vots 


The 9 may 86 those two weer put to Vote againe & Danell 
preston Sen r had y e Major Vote w ch was 46 & the other had 
eleven : his acceptance was called for at y e same time, but 
he desiered a little time to Consider of it 

The 23 May 86 Daniell preston manifested his acceptance 
of y e office of a deacon 

The same time it was agreed that o r next lectuer day 
should be appointed for Ordaination of Elder & Deacon and 
y' m r Eliot should be desiered to joyne in y e laying on of 
hands w ch wil be y e 9 of June next which was accomplished 
that day. (Elder Humphreys being newly deceased.) 

Me y e 27 June 86 y e Elder proposed to y e Congregation 
after y e evening exerciz y' it was Judged meet y l ther should 
be a day of humilliation keept in regard 


of y e great want of raine and in regard of y' spreding dis- 
temp of y e Small pox in Boston & some other places it 
was agreed by a voat to be y e next Wednesday being y e 30 th 
Instant June 

The 1 1 5 86 an order was read y ( Came from y e p r sedent 
Counsell requiering a day of humilliation to be kept y e 14 
Instant to pray for his Majestie & for a blessing upon o r 
Change of Goverment & in regard of o r great want of 
raine & oh y e behalf of y e people of god in other p' of y e 
world Espesally in England & becaus of y e great p'cecution 
of y e protestants in france 

Me y e 17 Octo 86 M r Nathaniell Glover did vollentaryly 
accknowledg his sin of being at unawares overtaken w th drink 

The 14 9 86 an order was read y' Came from y e p'sedent & 
Counsell requiering a day of thanksgiving for y e blessing of 
god upon y e fruts of y e earth notwithstanding y e great fears 
through y e drowth also for his majesties indulgances towards 
us in matters of religion &c y e day to be keept is y e 25 
Novem 86 

The 31 5 87 y e Elder p'posed to y e Congregation y l ther 
might be a day of fast keept on o r lectuer day being y e therd 
of August 8? on y e behalf of y e people of god under sad 
p'secution abroad in y e world as in france & Scotland and 
other p* of y e world & also in England & in regard of o r - 
selves for y e destroying wormes y' have devowered soe much 
grass though now through y e mercy of god they are much 
abated as alsoe with respect to y e goverment w ch is now set 
up & y' god would p r serve to us y e appointed weeks of har- 
vest : this was agreed unto by a silent Vote 


Me y e 21 6 87 Bro r John Wales did Vollentaryly make 
Confession of his sin of being overtaken in drinking to 
excess on a training day at John Brecks house being y e day 
y l he (sd Breck) did accept of his Comission to be Captin 

i68 Me this is y e therd p'son y' have made Confes- 

Ro:s P urjunr sion of such a sin Viz John Minot M r Nathaniell 
s I ^h&° da11 Glover & now John Wales 

Hannah Me y e 27 9 8y was read an order from y e Gov- 

ownedy« ernor & Counsell requiering a day of thanksgiving 
CoTenant. tQ be b serve d y e i of y e io m 87 at w ch time ther 


was a Contrebution for y e poor in money was Contrebuted 
i u — 14 — 5 besids a peice of eight w ch was appointed I 
think by M r Danforth for John Weeks for his wif to buy 

of y e i u — 14* — 5 d deacon preston had 17" — 3 d & I had 
17' — 2 d 

and in Nots Timothy Tilston — o — 1 — 6 

Daniell preston jun' a bl Corn 

Isack Joans on bl of Corn 

William Trescot 2 pecks Corn 

Timothy ffoster on bl Corn 

Samuel! paul on bl of Corn 

Jn° Withington on bl of Corne o — 3 — o 

Jn° Tolman half a bl Corne on demand 

Obediah Haws half a bl Corne 

Tho Modesly half a bl Corne — o — 1 — 6 
this was given to fr baal 

The 8 of January 8 7 8 was Sister Hix called forth before y* 
Church to make confession of her sine of drunkennes being 
often taken in y 4 sin, her confession was read in wrighting & 
y e Vote was called for, & past by silence 

The 3 of May 88 ther was fast in o r towne it is said a pub- 
lik fast but few towns had notice of it nor had wee but by 
M r Stoughtons enforming y* y e Counsell had determined it 
ther was none at Rocksbery nor Cambridg nor watertown 
10,3,88 nor at boston but at y e first Church ther y e Saboth 
o^>"d B : ^ wn before they say was apointed a thanksgiveing day 
Covenam f or ye queens being w tb child : our Saboth was kept 
as at other times being Sacrament day 

The 27 of May 88 Consider atherton was called upon to 
make Confession of his sine of drunkennes but he did not 

The 10 of June he was called upon againe & although 


hardly brought to it he had delivered to y e Elders a day or 
two before in wrighting some generall Confession but it did 
not sattesfie y e Church m r Danforth p'posed to him whether 
he did hate y l sine & abhor it to w ch he would make noe an- 
swer but semed to excus himself though he was found asleep 
in y e high way under y e wall beyond hawkins brook & could 
not be awakened by thos y' found him ther 


he had been abroad all y l night at W. Chaplins w th other 
Company y e Church was not satisfied but y e matter was put 
of till another time 

The 24 4 88 Consider Atherton was called forth againe 
but did not give Satisfaction to y e Church but the matter 
was Suspended till another time to see his lif & Conversation 
what it would be 

The 8 5 Consider Atherton was called upon againe to 
answer for his drunkennes this last week y e second day & 
y* therd day & y e fift day of this last week y e 3 d day Elder 
Blake found him lying on y e ground fast asleep with his hat 
off & hors feeding in y e way but he could hardly wake him 
& when he was wakened Could not give a Rationall answer 
he was soe drunk & reelled & staggered as he went : but he 
did not appear before y e Church though he was warned soe 
to doe : therfore y e Church put it off till another 

also ther weer three women of Boston & Sister Blackman 
weer witnesses with y e Elder of his lying drunk & goodman 
Andrews saw him first reell & then fall off from his hors & 
Judged y l he lay ther an hower before y e Elder Came to 
him ; he told y e Elders that he had been at Boston & Rocks- 
bery at y e ordinarys & at one ordinary wheer ther was fight- 
ing as he told one of them 

The 15 5 88 Consider Atherton was called before y e 
Church againe but did not appear wherfore y e Case being 
againe declared to y e Church & his frequent drunkennes & 
Idlenes & breach of former p'mises to y e Church y e horrible 
refractorynes to & Contempt of & rebellion against y e 
Church being Considered they first by a unanimos Vote as 
was Esteemed by all they Judged & declared (y e evedences 
p'dussed) to be sufficient & Judged & declared 


in y* name of Christ y' y e said Consider Atherton to be an 
obstinat ofendor & an incoridgable drunkard & accordingly 


to be delt withall And wheras some p'pounded to have him 
Cast out others to have him admonished ; y e mind of y e 
Church was tryed both ways by a duble Vote by lifting up 
of hands & y e Major Vote by farr was for an admonition to 
be adminestered to him by y e Elders in p r sence of one or 
more of y e breatheren in privat y e said Consider declining to 
apeare in publick (which was afterwards done.) 

The 29 5 88 y e Elder did declare to y e Church y' according 
to y e Vote of the Church they with some breathen went to 
y e hous of Consider Atherton on the 19 of this Instant & 
found him at home & o r pastor declared to him y e mind of y e 
Church y l he should be admonished, but they told him if he 
would appear y e next Saboth before y e Church they would 
Suspend it till then but he would make noe answer to it, & 
soe he was admonished 

The 9 7 88 It was p'posed to the Church weth r thos y* 
weer grown up & had not submited to y e Goverment of 
Christ in y e Church should not be called on soe to doe ; It 
was voted in ye afermative. 

„. 7 m88Votedalsoc Als0e Y* Same time lt WSS P^Sed tO V 6 

yt ail or absent mem- Church v l seeing ther are many y' did for- 

bers setled in other , J . . ° ~ . J £ ~, ■ . 

towns should be rec- merly Submit to y e Goverment or Christ in 
ch™4h de iou* y have this Church but are now removed to some 
noe more to doe with ther towns i whether thos should not be rec- 

them or others rec- ' , _. . 

omended except in ommended to y e wach of y e Churches wher 
sc^dan. 67 int ° they live ; y e Vote was in y e affermative nera- 
ine contradicente. 

The 7 of October was read a letter y' came from y e Church 
at Rocksbery desiering y e Church to send ther Elders & 
messengers to y e ordaining of M r Walters on y e 17 Instant 
the Church appointed y e Elders & deacon Capen & deacon 
preston for y' worke 

The 25 No 88 notice was given to y e Congregation of 
turning o r next lectuer day being y e 27 Instant into a day of 
fasting & prayer for o r selves & y e Churches & Christians in 
other p u of y e world & for o r men y' are gon out to ware 
& y e rising generation M r Danforth & M r Thecher carryed on 
y e work of y' day 

[Margin of pg [130] ] 

9, 7 m , 88 Voted alsoe y* all o r absent members setled in 
other towns should be recommended & y x y e Church would 
have noe more to doe with them or others recomended ex- 
cept in Case they fall into Scandall 



Md y e 6 of 11 88 It was p'posed to y e Church whether 
Experience Hellier (w ch is y e daughter of Lift Hale) w ch 
Comitted y e sin of fornecation & doe live at Charlstown 
whether if she did accknowledg her sin to the satisfaction of 
that Church, it would satisfie y e Church heer, the Vote was 
taken in y e affermative 

ua- 1 89 The l & 3 $9 was a publik fast appointed it 

John being about y e time of settling y e Ginerall Court 

Glovers wife .t, 1 • <• o/r Z.V.' ^ o » 

owned y« w cn was chosen in y e yeer 86 this 10 3 89 y e same 
Covent day a fier brak out in Boston at y e North end of 
y e town w ch p r vented M r Mather morning exerciz 

The 21 Jully 89 an order from the Counsell & rep'senta- 
tives was read who appointed a publique fast to be keept y e 
25 of this month in y e behalf of y e troubls & unsetlednes of 
y e goverment & in regard of y e Indians ploting against us 
& doeing mischeif in some p u of y e Cuntry killing & plunder- 
ing & in behalf of o r Native Cuntry y' god would bless o r 
new king & queen & nobles & y e Church of god in other p u 
of y e world 

The 19 September 89 our lectuer day was turned to a 
fasting day 

The 16 No 89 ther was a Contrebution for Goodman 
Hinsdall of Meadfeild at y e Motion of M r Wilson (formerly 
the Pastor of this Church — but now of Medfeild) at which 
time was Contrebuted two pound 8' & 8 d which was deliv- 
ered unto M r Danforth to be conveighed to him (& was sent 

The 8 10 89 ther was a generall Contrebution for y e poore 
in Dorchester at y e motion of y e Select men, at which time 
ther was Contrebuted in money six pound 7"-8 d (& some 

bils y* weer put in was by y e Select men & deakons 
appointed to Severall p'sons as they thought needed as 

for frances Baall 

M r Danforth 4 bl of Rey 
Georg Minot on bl of Corn 
Samuell paul 1 bl of Corn 
Richard Butt on bl of Corn 
Thomas Modsly on bl of Come 



for Robt Stanton 

Isack Humphry on bl of Corn 
Desier Clap on bl of Rey 
Ephraim pason 2 pecks of Rey 
Samuell pason 2 pecks of Rey 
Thomas Lyon 2 pecks of Corn 
John Minot Six shillings 

for frances Bakon 

phillip Withington on bl of Corne 
Daved Joans 3 pecks of Corne 

for Christian potter 

Samuell Toplif on bl of Corne 
Thomas Trot Jun r 3 shillings 
preserved Capen on shilling as money 
Obadiah Haws 2 pecks of Rey 

for y e Widdow Rider 

Isack Joans 2 bl Corn & 2 pecks of Rey 
Richard Leeds on bl of Corne 
Ebenezer Lyon 2 Shillings 
Srg nt Swift 2 pecks of Corn 

for Samuell Hill 

Thomas Trot Sen r on bl Corn & on bl Rey 
Thomas Robenson on peck of Rey 

for Ebenezer Davenport 

Samuell Capen 3 shillings 
Ebenezer Withington 3 shillings 

for Thomas Ewens 

James Bird 3 shillings 

for Joseph Birch 

Ebenezer Williams 3 shillings 

The whol Sume of y e bills come to about 4 pound ten 
shillings y e money was disposed as y* Select ment thought 
most meet only their was about 40' left for other nesessity 
left in deacon prestons hand 

The 15 10 89 y e Elder did declar y e order of y e Ginerall 
Court requiering a publick & ginerall day of humilliation to 
be kept by all y 9 Churches in this Collony y e day apointed 
was y* 19 10 89 

9, 12, 89 Susanna Rigby laid hold on y* Coven 1 



The 12 of y e i I th mo {$ ther was a Contrebution moved by 
y e Counsell for y e Widdow Pese whos husband was slaine in 
takeing y e pirats w ch did doe mischeif to vessels on y e Coast 
at w ch time 39 shillings & 7 d Colected & left in y e hands of 
Deacon preston to be Convayed to Major Wintrop or Adam 
Wintrop who weer apointed to dispos it for y e widdow as 
they saw meet 

The 23 of ffeb 89 or 90 y e Elder did declare y* y e ginerall 
Court did requier all y e Collony for to keepe a day of fasting 
& prayer in regard of y e troubls y' we are in & y e wars & 
small pox & ffeaver in divers places & in regard of o r agents 
y l are gon to England and divers other matters ; y e day to 
be kept is y e 6 of March next 

The 23 of March 90 y e Elder did declare y e order of y e 
generall Court Conserning p'voking evells y' care & inspec- 
tion may be taken for y e p r vention therof 

The 6 of July 90 y e Elder did declare y' y e ginerall Court 
did requier a ginerall fast to be keept in all the Collony on 
y e 10 Instant in regard of y c troubls y : weer upon us and y 8 
wars with french & Indians and y e sicknes y* weer amongst 
us as y e feavor & small pox of w ch many dyed at Boston 

The 24 6 90 was an order read y' came from y e Governor 
& Counsell requiering a publick fast in y e wholl Collony in 
. regard of y e fleet y l was gon out against y e french * & y e 
° sicknes of y e Smal pox of w ch many dyed in boston & some 
I in o r town & other towns & y e feavor & ague in divers 
S- places & also for o r agents gon to England to emplead 
thos y l are sent as Governor Andrews & y e rest y e day to be 

June 2 ke P t * s y e 28 I nstant & a ^ s0 y e troubls of y e Church 
1690. ' of god in England & Irland unto which king William 

M" Mills . b & ° 

owned ye IS gOn 

Covnt Me y e 28 of Octob 90 was o r lectuer day turned to 

a fast 

Me y e 4 1 1 $ was declared y* y e Councell requiered a pub- 
lick fast in all y e Collony to be kept y* 15 1 1 $ 

Me y e 26 12 y e Councell requiered a publik day of thanks- 


The 19 of aprill 91 after y e evening exerciz ther was a let- 
ter read w ch Came from y e Church at Waymoth desiering o r 
Church to send their Elders & messengers to give their 
Counsel in matters of difference amongst them ; y e Church 


made Choice of y e two Deacons & Captin Clap to be aded to 
o r pastor y e day appointed is y e 22 Instant 

M e y e 5 of aprill 91 Joseph Blak who maried y e dafter of 
John Bird ; he was called before y e Church to acknowledg 
his sin of fornecation before marridg y e which he did to 
y e satisfaction of y e Church : M e this should have been 
entered before y e former 

The 26 aprill 91 M r Danforth gave an ace' of the met- 
ting at Waymoth by y e Elders & messengers Viz y' it was 
about some difference y l was amongst them by reason of 
some offence given by one amongst them : M r Torry begane 
with prayer y' god would dyrect & blesse them therin, & 
then y e man was called on who was the occasion of y e meet- 
ing & after much agetation on both sids y e man was con- 
vinced of his sin & made confession & y e Church & messgers 
weer satisfied ther with & y e meeting was ended with thanks 
giveing to god for blessing them therin The same day o r 
pastor recommended to o r Church to Consider whether god 
did not call on us in more than ordary to humble o r souls & 
to Consider his hand y' is gon out against us in regard of 
y e more then ordinary siknes & death of many of late with 
y e Small pox & therfor p'posed to y e Church y' ther might 
be a meeting together to Consider of y e p'voking sins y' 
should p'vok god against us y e Church Consented heerunto 
& y e day apointed was y e next sixt day being y e first day of 
May 91 y e former p' of y e day to be spent in prayer & y e 
other p' in discoursing 

The 3 of May 91 an order was read w ch came from y e 
Counsel! requiering a publick day of fasting & prayer 


to be observed in all y e Collony in regard of y e troubls of y e 
people of god all y e world over & ye great sicknes in this 
towne & all thes parts of y e Contry & deaths of many in this 
towne of ye pox & for o r agents gon for Ingland & divers 
other Causes y e day to be keept is thursday y e 7 th of May 91 

Me y e 10 of May 91 Abigail Baal y e dafter of ff ranees 
Baall was Caled forth to accknowlidg her sine of fornecation 

Me y e 30 of May 91 Captin Robert Badcock was before 
y e Church to confesse his sin of drunkennes of which ther 
was plaine evidence & y e Church was satisfied by a silent 

The 23 of August 91 y e Elder did declare y* it was thought 
necessary y 1 o r next lectuer should be turned into a day of 
humilliation which will be y e first day of September by 


reason of y e great sicknees of y c feavor in most towns farr 
& neer & many other Causes moving therunto, y e Congre- 
gation Consented ther unto by a Vote : 

The 6 of Sep 91 ther was a Contrebution for y e poore 
espessally Goodman Burge at w ch time was Colected in 
money five pound 3" — 4 d & in nots 2 bl of Corne this was 
Comitted into y e hands of Deacon preston y c Corn was Sam 
Toplif on bl & old bro r Leed I a bl & phillip withington 

The 13 10 91 M r Nathaniell Glover was before y e Church 
to accknowledg his sin of being drunk y e week before but 
y e Church was not satisfied w th his Confession but it was 
deferred till another time : this is y e second time that he 
have Comited this sin 

The 27 10 91 M r Glover was called forth to make Con- 
fession of his great sin of drunkennes y e w' h he did & y e 
major p' of y e Church weer satisfied & he was dismissed 

The same day an order was read y l came from y e Councell 
requiering a publique day of humilliation 


to be observed in all y e Collony y* day appointed is y e 14 of 
January next 

Md y e 14 of ffeb 169^ ther was a Contrebution for y e re- 
demption of y e Captivs taken by y e Indians from york at w ch 
time ther was Contrebuted eighteen pound eighteen shillings 
& seaven pence & Comitted into y e hands of Deacon preston 
to carry to boston : all in money 

Md y e 21 ffeb gl Smith Woodward & his wif Confest their 
Sine of fornecation before marredge 

19. j, 91. Here Deacon John Capen ended his work and it 
{sraei & pleased God to Remove him hence by death y e fourth 
"""ed °f Aprell 1692 when he had served the Church as 
y*Cov en t deacon moer then three and thirty years and Now 
he Resteth from his Labors and his works follow him 

Maye y e first 92 ther was a letter sent to ouer church from 
Portsmouth for to send mesengers for counsele consarning 
M r modey settelling or Removeing from his church att 
Strawbery Banck : and it was Read In the chruch : and y e 
church did consent to send sum: and m r Stoughton and m r 
Danforth, Elder Black. 

Captin clap deacon preston were chosen for that worke 


March y e 20 92 Abigail Wood y e wife of peter wood had 
her dismision granted to Joyne to y e north church in Boston 

Maye y e : 8 : 92 ther was A contribution for A poore 
woman that had bene tacken captive by y e Indians 2 years 
and was now Redemed and ther was contributed two pound 
and thertene shilling, comited into y e hand of Deacon pres- 
ton to be disposed of : which was by him given to y e woman 

Maye y e 11 ore 12 92 the counsell mett att Boston att m r 
Modeyes house and did all unanimally Agree that it was his 
Duty to Returne Againe speedyly to his church and congery- 
gacon att Porthmouth 


May the 15 : 92 : ther was an order sent from the counsell 
and was Read In y e church for a publick fast to be kept y e 
26 day of may : which day was observed and kept M r Dan- 
forth ouer pastuer In y e fornon out of Jonah 3, 5 and M r 
Samuell Danforth in y e Afternon : out of y e 119 psalme 60 

July y e 3 92 ther was an order sent from th governer and 
counsell for A publick day of thanksgiveing : for the saufe 
Returne of sur William phips and m r Mather from Ingland 
and by them the Settling our goverment : and that the Lord 
had given ouer enimis a great foile att wels : and that the 
lord had ABated ouer Sicknes and y e hopfull coming one of 
a fruitfull Season of y e fruits of y e earth y e day Apointed is 
y e 14 of July 92 : which day was observed and kept Acord- 
ing to order and m r Danforth preached y e whole day 

July y e 17 92 being ouer sacrament day Deacon preston 
propounded to y e church y e nesity of chousing (of) another 
decon Deacon Capen being Removed by death and It was 
Agreed upon By y e church for to chuse (two Deacons.) 

July y e 24 92 the church brought In ther votts for too 
deacons : and y e Votts fell upon Samuel Toplife and : hop- 
still clape : who did desier sum tim to consider of it befor y e 
gave ther Answer 

Agust y e : 7 : 92 : Samuel Toplif and hopstill clape wer 
ordeined Deacons. 


Agust y" 25 1692 then Recieved of widow Capen thes 
vessels and other things that wear y e churches for y e use of 
y" Sacriment of the lords Super, and wear comited Into 
the hand of Deacon Toplif 4 flagons : 3 silvar Bools 3. sill- 
var Beakers : 4 pewter cups 1 pewter pint pott 4 pewter 
platters. 3 small tableclothes : 2 Baskets. 2 bottels thes 
were receved by us Deacon preston and deacon clape — 


Agust y c 21 92 the elder did declare to y e church that the 
counsell did desier that ouer lecktuer might be kept as a 
fast, to humbel ouerselfes Before god. becase of his hand 
gone out aganst us In regard of y e sicknes that was then 
Amongs us : and A great drought which was upon us And 
for ouer Army that was then gone out : and y c great A Bom- 
inable evells that wer Brock out Amongs us ; as witch-craft 
— and pride and drunkenes and other ABominable evels : 
which daye was kept it was y e 30 of Agust 92 

September y e 25 92 the elder read A letter that was sent 
from the church of Canton which did declare that y ey did 
desier that sum mesengers might be sent to them from our 
church for counsell because of sum diference that was 
Amongs them which could not be healed Among them- 
selves and ther was chosen for that work m r Danforth elder 
Blacke Deacon preston and enock wiswall and y e day 
Apointed was y e 5 th October 

October y e 18 y e elders and mesengers of 3 churches meet 
together att y e place Apointed In Canton to give ther advise 
In y e matter that was committed to them y ey chose m r Wil- 
lard moderator one y e 3 day of y e week In A publick 
Assembly at the meeting house 


After m r willard had bene at pray r unto god for his 
Asistance and direkcon therin that person y' had by his 
sinfull carige Justly offended his Brethren in many perticu- 
lars : which y ey charged him withall which y e did distinckly 
read unto him : he had free liberty to Ansewer for himselfe 
and produce Any wittnes y* might help him in his case : and 
After y e matter was fuly debated in publick y e Assembly 
was dismissed : and then y e counsel mett together : and 
having distinckly and seriously considered of every perticular 
which he was charged withall y' y did uninimosly Agree in it 
that hee was giulty of many moral evels which he ought to 
confes as sinfull which was clearly demonstratt' 1 by suficient 
wittnes his owne confession and sscriptuer evidence and that 
his evels wer such as did desarve a present suspension from 
communion until furder hearing on which y e church then 
agreed unto. 

febuary y s 12 1693 ther was an order sent which y e elder 
read from y e governor And counsell for the keeping of a 
Publick day of thanksgiving to god for many marcyes which 
we had Receved from god as puting a stope to y e former 
sicknes And giving a good mesuer of health in ouer Borders 


and A present stop to y e Rage of y e enimy : and y e good 
sucksesse our Gratte king william hath had over o r enemies 
the franch and many other marcyes : which day was keept 
the 23 febuary 1695. 

marche y e 19 95 Thomas Bird was caled before the churche 
to make his confession of y e sinne of drunkenes of whiche 
sinne he was highly guilty, & he being now convicted, 


did make his Acknowlidgment of his sinne so far that it 
was Accepted of y e churche 

march y e 26 93 Ebenezar withington and his wife were 
caled before the church to make ther confession of the sinne 
of fornication before marige : which y ey did : and it was 
Accpted with y e churche. y e same daye was Benjamin 
Blackman and Jemima Breck called befor y e church for to 
confess y e same sinne of fornication before marige which y ey 
did to y e Satisfaction of y e churche. 

Aprill y e 23 ABigall merifeild having bene caste out of 
y e church for y e sine of fornicacon shee now being upon y e 
bed of sicknes is now under great convickcon of her sinne 
therin did send A letter of her confestion to the church : 
shee not being Able to com by reason of weaknes of her 
Body which letter was read by y e elder and Acepted by y e 
church so far as to releas her from her Bonds and receve 
her Againe 

July y e 20 ther was A publick day of humiliacon kept in 
all y e Collony being Appinted by y e governor and the coun- 
sell for to humble ourselves before god : becase of y e great 
drought we had ; and y e Abominabell sinns y' did break out 
Amongs us and for y e preventing of great sicknes, y' was 
then coming Amongs us by reason of y e West India fleet 
y l was now com hether which brought the sicknes with them 
and y' the lord Blese y e kings majesty and prosper his 
desines : and put a stop to ouer enimis rage 
juiy 21, 95, Mary Marsh y e sam day we had A contribucon for y e 
rLayd e ho°d Ven oL A y U e g CovI: poor and ther was contributed : 3 pound 
AD nt iert n lTfe Haw, wife Jos ' ^ shillings 9 pence 


november y e 19 93 ther was A letter sent from y" church 
of Deadham to ouer church to send messengers to them 
for y e ordening of m r Joseph Bellchar for ther pastuer and 
it was granted and ther was chosen m r Danforth and Elder 


Black ciecon preston deacon Toplif decon clap : y 6 day 
Apinted was the 29 of novemb r which day was kept and 
was messengers sent from 6 : churches : m r Bellchar he did 
begine by p[r]ayer : and preaching, and did mack A very 
exelent sarmon : his text was in y e 4 Exodous 11. 12 then 
after m r Tory m r hubard m r danforth layed ther hands upon 
his head, and m r Tory prayed : and m r fisk gave him y e 
Right hand of felowship : and soe he was ordeined pastuer 
of y' church. 

December y e 21 93 was A publick day of thanksgiving 
Apinted by y e governor and y e counsell to be kept in all 
ouer jurydickcons for many marcy e " we had receved from 
god for crowning the year with his goodnes and blesing y e 
fruit of ouer labors farr beyond our Expecktacons and giving 
health in ouer Borders and A present peas with y e Indians 
and A many other marcy" : the same day was A contrybu- 
con for the pore in ouer twone and ther was given fouer 
pound and fouer shillings and comitted into the hand of 
deacon hopstill clape 

January y e 28 gl ther was A generalle contribucon for 
some that are in captivety in turkey : peres Savage and 
Thomas Thecher and was given in Dorchester six pound 
ten shilings ten pence and it was delivered into y e hands 
of deacon Toplif to deliver it to m r Samuell Sewell esqr 


Aprill y e 19 94 ther was a publick day of humiliacon 
Apinted by the Governer and counsell to be kept in all our 
collones for to seeke god in the behalf of ouer selfes and 
god people A Broad and that the lord would B[l]ese the 
kings majesty and prosper his great undertaking this year: 
and y' y e lord crown this year with his Blesing and for the 
Rising genaracon that god power forth his spiritt upon them 
and y' he wold continue ouer present pease 

June y e 17 was A contribucon given in ouer congregacon 
for onne Robert carver that is in slavery in Salley and ther 
was given fouer pound ninteene shillings and was put in to 
y e hand of deacon preston to be delivered into y e hand of m r 
John hawthron but he not meeting him att Boston did de- 
liver into the hand of m r Bartelemew gidney he promising 
him to deliver into y e hands of m r hawthrone as his Receitt 
will make it Apear 

September y e 13 then layed out by Daniell preston 


deacon : for A covering for y e pulpitt cushing for 

plush 0—17 — 6 

silck 2 ounses o — 8 — o 

y e fring macking o— 1 — 4 

for bying and macking — 3 — 6 

1 — 10 — 4 

October y e 7 was A letter sent from Woodstock to desier 
messengers sent thether for y e ordening of m r Diwte to be 
ther minster and ther wer chosen nathaniell clape and 
Jeames whitte to goe with y e rest of y e church officers that 
were capable to goe 


October y e 3i d m r Josiah dwitt was ordenied pastuer of y e 
church of wodstocke Acording to y e order of the gospell. 
and y e custum of the chruches of new Ingland 

november y e 29 94 ther was A publick day of thankgiv- 
ing Apinted by the governor and y e counsel In all ouer 
juridickcon for many marcy" which we have receved for 
crowning this year allso with his Blessing and restoring ouer 
health and restrening y e malis of y e Indians and prospering 
ouer kings undertakings in france and ther was A contribu- 
con for y e poore and ther was given three pound and 1 1 shil- 

December y e 13 94 ther was a publick day of humiliacon 
Appointed by y e Governer and the counsell in all this juri- 
dickon for those manifold sinns that Break out Amongs us : 
and that god wold power out his holy Spiritt upon y e Rising 
generacon and y'lord Blese ouer Kings majesty and prosper 
his great undertacking and that y e lord Blese ouer Governer 
in his undertacking he being gone for old Ingland now at 
this time 

Aprill. y. e 7. 95 an order read from our deputy governer 
and consell. to keep y e 25 day of this month a day of 
humiliacon in all ouer collonys which day was keept and in 
ouer church was A contrybucon for y e poore and ther was 
given three pound 13 shillings six pence and it was comited 
Into y e hands of ouer selecktmen 


July y* 2 95 ther was A day sett Apart which was our 
lectuer day for y e Rising generacon (to pray for y r Conver- 

Agust y" 1 1 95 was A great contribuco 11 in many churches 


for sume parsons y* wer in slavery Amonge y e turks and 

in ouer congreacon was given 9 pound six shillings & nine 


ocktober y e 22 being ouer lecktuer day was sett Apart for 

the ordening of m r Joseph lord for to be pastuer to A church 

gathered that day for to goe to South Coralina. to settell 

the gospell ther and the names of y e men are thes 

Joshua Brooks ) f , 

*u -ii tj-it ( of concord 
nathamell Billings ) 

william norman > Carolina 

william Adams y Sudbury 

Increase Sumner -p, , 

• 1V .. > Dorchester 

william pratt ) 

George foxe — Reading 

Simon Daken — concord 

thes with m r Joseph lord did enter into A most solem 
Covenant to sett up the ordinances of Jesus christ ther if 
the lord caryed them saufly thither Acordinto gospell truth 
withe a very large profeson of ther faithe. 

ther being severall messengers from other churches that 
day from Boston Rocksbury nonandon : millton : Dorchester : 
(charlestown) : thes messengers did meett togather and did 
cary on that work withe great sollemnyty that day m r lord 
frist praying and then preaching out the 5 mathew 13 verse 
y e are the salt of the earth, after this y e minsters laying 
ther hands upon him m r morton did give him A very sollem 
charge and m r Hobert give him y e Right hand of fellowship 


and for y e help of bareing y c expences of y e day ther was 
A coleckcon in ouer congeragacon wherin was given 5 
pounds 8 shillings 

(Two days after y e ordination was y e publick ffast kept.) 
22. 10. 95. An ord r for a Thanksgiving from y e leif : Gov: 
Councell & Assembly was read in y e Church To be kept 
y e 16 th of January next on account of y e Kings Successes 
against y e French in Taking Namur: &c — & on account of 
so much health & freedom from Indian & ffrench Invasion 
as we have had the Last SuriY & for that though Much of 
y" harvest was diminished Yet a Competency remained to 
Us. M r Danforth preached from y e 136 psalm & y r was 
gathered for y e Poor 3" 13. 8 d . 

DecernV 5 th 1695. The Church for Carolina set saile from 
Boston Dec. 14 th at night the skiff was neer run und r Water 
y* Stormy wind being so boisterous, they kept a day of 


pray r on board : & safely Landed at Carolina Decemb r y e 
20 th . y e oth r vessells had a Moneths Passage, this but about 
14 days 

Febr: 2 d : Then was y e first Sacrament of y e Lords Supper 
that ever was Celebrated in Carolina, Eight persons recieved 
besides Such as were of y e Church by virtue of Comunion 
of Churches, and there was Great Joy among y e Good People 
of Carolina & many Thanksgivings to y e Lord. 

The Good LORD prosper their Undertakings for His 
own Glory & the Good of Souls, for the Lord Jesus Christs 
Sake. Amen. 

March. 22. The Church was acquainted with an Ord r 
from the Hon ble y e Leiftenant Governo' & Commander in 
Chief, Councill & Representatives or Assembly Sollemnly 
to Set apart Aprill y e second for pray r with fasting before y e 
God of Heaven to bewayle o r Iniquitys & to Implore His 
Mercys to pray that He would direct p r serve & succeed y e 
King in His hazzardous Enterprises, Defeat enemys, Smile 
on all o r publick interests & Changes, blesse our husbandry, 
become o r Defence & advance the Kingdom of Christ 
throughout y e World. 

The Same 22 d of March was read a Lett r from y e C" 1 of 
Medfeild desiring Elders & Messeng™ to assist in Councill 
there on Aprill y e Seaventh next, to Endeavor to hear & 
heal some differences among them occasioned by the Aver- 
sion of some of y e Children of y e Church headed by 2 or 3 
brethren to y e Proceedings of y e Church in Calling m r Baxter 
to be their Pastor. 

The Church consented that Capt. Clap should assist as 
a Messeng r in that service w th y r Pastor. 

1696 Aprill 2 was kept as was Appointed & there was 
contributed for the Poor 3". 

Aprill. 12. The Church were acquainted that their mes- 
seng" met together with those of 2 Churches more and after 
a full hearing on both sides found of all y e Inhabitants y* 
voted viz' 60 in all — fifty & odde of them to have voted for 
m r Baxter — & of the Church being but 25 Brethren 20 or 
21 of them to have been & still to be for m r Baxter. 

That y e Church had acted very leizurely & Condescend- 
ingly The opposing party very preposterously and their 
reasons for y e removall of m r Baxter Some of them Silly & 
unreasonable & some of them Ungodly & Pernicious & 
accordingly the Councill bore Testimony against them from 
y e word of God. 


M. one reason was y' He was but a young man another 
was that He had not so loud a voice as some others (Yet it 
could be heard in most congregations — 


another reason was because some that had turnd away m r 
Thomson deserved to be requited with the turning away of 
m r Baxter (wretched revenge !) & another Reason was be- 
cause two or three (or four at most) of the Church at the head 
of a Small number of y e Inhabitants of the Town said they 
were dissatisfyed with his Guifts and Could rather take up 
with Some other Person and therefore appeared without any 
cogent reasons but their own wills to oppose y e Church & 
Towne & m r Baxter — A very ill president to oth r Churches. 

For the light of nature shows that the majority Should 
Sway Acts. 27. 11, 12. And the Apostles settled Elders in 
Churches by the major votes of such Churches (manifested 
by lifting up of hands (keirotonesen) e i in the presence & by 
the order of the Apostles) Acts. 14. 23. 

And to head a party against the Church is Criminall Rom. 
16. 17. Gal. 5. 12. Heb. 12. 15. James 3. 14-16. 

And what have they to doe to discern the Guifts & Spirits 
of Ministers & prophets [(subject rather to y e Prophets 
1 Cor. 14. 32 The Guifts being given to y e Church)] that 
pretend not to be able to examine & prove themselves & 
discern the Lords body, nor have been approved of the 
Church, to be of age, wisdom & grace sufficient to qualify 
them to Vote, for even the Child, tho h an heir differs not 
in this Point from a Servant while under age, to allude to 
y e Apostles words. 

In hearing the Case the Councill determined also that a 
Single honest Man — or a Party of men might be allowed 
as Witnesses sometimes in their own Case — according to 
Matt. 18. 16. Se also Joh. 8. 13, 14, 17, 18 for y e taking one 
or two more mak 2 or 3 witnisses. 

June y e 5 th . 1696. The Church met on y* 6 th day of y' 
week as was appointed before. And after Sollemn Invoca- 
tion of y e Name of God — & sufficient debates they Voted 
Clearly & fully & as far as we could se : unanimously 

1. To Comply with the Advice of y e Assembly of y e Gen- 
erality of y e Ministers mett at y e late Anniversary of y e Elec- 
tion & y e day aft r it, To See to it y l y e Intervalls of Publick 
Exercises at Noons on y e Lords days be not profaned but 
well Improved in Pray r readings repeatings &c, by Such as 


Stay in ye Meetinghouse. Voted by Lifting up of hands 
unanimously and that such as go not to Godly homes attend 
here dilligently. 

2. That Deacon Topliffe, Deacon Clap, Capt. Clap, Leift. 
Tilestone, Serjeant Wiswall, Broth r Peirce, Brother White 
Broth r Leeds Bro r Leadbetf Br a : Eph : & Samuel Payson 
Broth r Dan : Preston, Bro r : James Blake, Broth r Roger 
Billinge, with oth r Brethren, be Desired to take y r Turns 
& be directed by y e Ruling Elder what Turns to take in 
this Good work. Voted by Silence. 

3. That Such as Lye und r Church Censure be written 

unto by y e Elders in y e behalf of y e Whole 
Eiien : h Na^h: r wya n t; Church, That their Crimes may be laid open 
& Content Masn are before them for their furth r Conviction, and 

under Lxcomunication. _ r ' 

an Inquiry made what Effect y e ordinance 
of Excomunication hath had upon Them &c. & y' Report 
of their Answ r s be made to y e Church 

4 That y e Elders Should Signify, to y e Generall Court or 
Assembly, & to y e County Court y' this Church apprehends 
one Tav r n besides m r Billinges & m r Whites to be Enough 
for Dorchesf, & to Advise y ra with Arguments, y' we may 
be Stinted accordingly & y' none but p r sons of approved 
Integrity may be licensed. 

M The County Court graunted y e Petition next term 

The Same Day Sisf Patten formerly Lawrence Made 
Confession of Slandring Broth 1- Hix for Perjury & Lyes: 
casting contempt on y e ordinance of private Dealing by the 
s d Hix & y e 2 brethren, & Reflecting words & writings, to 
y e Elders & Her often indulging y e Corruptions & passions 
of Her Evill heart & y e Evill Language of Her hasty tongue 
&c — & it was to Satisfaction of y e Church. 


Item y e Same day Sisf Chaplain was called before y* 
Church, & Questioned for y e Sin of Lying again & again 
& off taking a false Oath before Justice Saffin. The Summe 
of y e Case was thus laid before y e Chh. One John Green 
alias Mores Glasseland Lent y m 6 pounds, & quickly after 
went to Rehoboth & Dyed. Tho\ Way a Boaston (or Boat- 
swain) y e Execuf of His Will brings y m before Justice Saffin 
on Examination about this 6th : 

witnesse Tho : Birch Constable \ 
Item Justice Saffin Himself \ 


They purge y m selves of all moneys & Estate of s d Greens 
given or lent y m or Theirs, by oath, — 

(witnesse y e Copy of y e oath — attested) 

Two witnesses Coming in against Them viz W m Behoe & 
Stephen Squire, Swearing y l Said Chaplain bid y m bear 
witnesse He had [borrowed] s d 6" or 20 pieces of Eight, of 
Said Green pointing to y e Man, Said Chaplain was Indicted 
or brought before y e Grand jury for Perjury. 

The Grandjury find IGNORAMUS, (witnesse y e Copys 
of y e Evidences & Court Records.) 

Ensign Tho 9 : Woodcock Testifys He was there at y e Same 
Time with y e other witnesses & heard W m Chaplain bid y m 
bear witnesse y' He had borrowd s d 6 U of Said Green point- 
ing to y e Man. Item y* y e said woodcock discoursing with 
Sister Chaplin about it in Aprill 1695. She Said to Him 
y' Upon Her Complaints to said Green — & Her opportunity 
of a bargain of wines — He offered to lend y m Monys — & 
Let y ra have 6 pounds, &c — 

(See y e Testimony itself) 

Sister Chaplain affirmed before y e Church y' she knew 
(within 24 hours y : y e Mony was deposited) (long before She 
took y e oath) y : y e Said Six pound was freely Given by Said 
Green to Her daughter Mehetabell. That 'Twas a Guift to 
Mehetabel. She also had from Time to time affirmed unto 
Deacon Samuel Fish r of Rentham Thomas Skinn r Senior, 
{Witnesse y e Testimonys) 

But that 'twas given to Sister Chaplin herself She affirmed 
to Benjamin Palm r of Rhode Island & at one time to 
Ensign Tho" : Woodcock & His wife, & at times to Ebenezer 
Billinge — & to His Wife — (witnesse y r Sev r all Testimonys 
which expresse different Reasons of its being given Her &c) 

Sister Chaplin Said She Remembred not that she Said 
such things to Palm r , Woodcocke, Billinge — &, as for y* 
Oath, when M r Saffin putt it upon Her She added [& more 
mony,] (intimating y l some mony was given to Mehetabell 
but not expressing) 

It was Proposed to y e Chh & Congregation & to m r Kent 
of Swanzy one of y e affores d Grandjury particularly, y l if 
they had ought to Object Why y e Church Should not believe 
& take & proceed upon the abovenamed Evidences, that 
they should speak. 

No Objection being then offered but a great Silence : 
(& some of y a Brethren speaking well of Some of y e wit- 
nesses y' were known to Them,) The Church Voted that 
they believed those witnesses to speak true & would take 


their Evidence. Again they Voted & publickly Unani- 
mously Manifested that they Judged Sister Chaplin to have 
been guilty of much falsehood & lying in Her Narratives 
& y e accounts she has given to one & to anoth r of this matt r , 
& also of y e Sin of perjury or taking a false Oath. And she 
still persisting in Her way notwithstanding what was spoken 
for Her Conviction — The Church voted y' she should be 
Admonished in order to Excomunication which was instantly 
done accordingly. 

June 7 th 1696. Nath. Searls of Little Compton Laid hold 
upon The Covenant. 

Item An order was read for a Thanksgiving for y e Kings 
p r servation from Assassination & y e Land from Insurrection 
& Invasion & for y e Detection of y e Conspirators. 

Appointed by y e Honble Lt Gov : Councill & Representa- 
tives to be kept Throughout y e Province this next thursday 
Sennight viz June 18. 


June. 18, 1696. Thanksgiving day. M r Welds the Pastor 
of Dunstable assisted our pastor here in y e aft r noon — (when 
was Collected for y e poor 3" 5 6 \ 4.) 

July 23. 96. A publick fast to implore pardon of o r many 
& great Transgressions & Sins, to beg our dayly bread & 
peace &c : Famine & War threatning of us. Appointed by 
y e Hon ble m r Stoughton & y e Councill. 

Sept. 8. 96. M r Benjamin Wadsworth was Ordeyned a 
Pastor of y e first Church in Boston : To which ordination 
this Church Sent (as was requested of y m by that Church) 
(togeth r with their Pastor Ruling elder and Deacons) Capt : 
Clap & Leiftenant Tilestone. 

Octob r . 11. 96. One was dismissed to assist in y e 

Gathering of a Church at Cambridge Farms neer Concord 
where m r Benj Estabrook is to be ordeyned 21. 8 96. if God 

Nov. 1. 1696. Deacon Sumn r s wife & family & His Broth 1- 
Samuel Sumn' with His Wife & family with Peter O 
Kellys wife & Six Children Dismissed to to y e Church of 
Christ neer Newington in South Carolina (since called Dor- 
chester.) M" How (formerly Clap) & M™ Barrett (form r ly 
Woodland) Dismissed to Sudbury The Lett's bore date y e 
9th of Nov. 96. 

Since August last unto this Instant Decemb r 1696 These 
following persons (having been proved & approved by the 
Pastor & Ruling Elder as to Knowledge & Experience & by 



Young Nath : Glover 

Humfrey Atherton 
Obadiah Swift 
Samuel Clap 
John Baker 

Young Tho 6 Maudsly 

y e Congregation as to Conversation) publickly took hold of 

y e Covenant. 

Samuel Pauls Wife 

John Minots Wife 

oliv r Wiswalls Wife 

Peter Hixes Wife 

M r Sunderlands Wife 

Peter O Kellys Wife 

Young Robert Searles Wife 

Young Goodman Peirces Wife 

Eliz : Breck 

Susanna Breck 

Christian Pelton 

Silence Rigby 

Mary Glover 

Susan Wiswall 

Mary Wiswall 

Sarah Clap 

Hannah Clap 

Mindwell Weeks 

Repent Weeks 

Hannah Bird 

Unice Bird 

Mehetabel Jones 

Abigail Ball 

Mary Ball 

Eliz: Davenport 

Thankfull Baker 

Hannah Paul 

Margaret O Kelly 

Mehetabel O Kelly 

Hannah O Kelly ' 

John Blackman's Wife 

Joshua George 

Praiseev r Jones 
James Trott 

Joseph Hall 

Item. January, 17. 96. 
Dennis Maroh 
Bernard Capen 
Jabez Searle 
Irijah Wales 
Isaac How 
John Payson 
Hopestill Clap 

Eliz Clap sen 
Elizabeth Clap jun 
Thankf. Topleff 
Eliz : Topleff. 
Sarah Capen ^ 
Mary Capen 
Mehet : Maxfield 
Alice Pope 
Anne Jones 
Eliz Hix 
Silence Foster 
Mary Evans : 


Item. Jan ry : 17. 96. 

John Spur, making an humble Confession, was absolved 
from the sentance of Excommunication which had been 
passed upon Him for His petulant carriage when the R d 
M r Flint & Elder Humfrey Sent for Him to examine Him 
of His Knowledge & Experience, in ord r to His laying hold 
of y e Covenant — & when before the Church. & upon His 
Request was Dismissed to y e Church of CHRIST at Tanton. 

oh y e 13 th of y e Said Moneth was a Generall Fast by order 
of y e Generall Court wherein we were Directed to pray for 
y e convertion of y e Indians & for Pardon for Sins in The 
Time of the Witchcraft. ' 

Then Collected for y e poor ["] io" h 00. 


febr: 4. A Generall Thanksgiving for Generall health & 
many oth r Publick mercys 


Goodman Plum (admitted to full Corriunion in Rehoboth) 
Goodman Hill 

& old Goodwife Wales (=but she sickned & Died) 
Stand Proposed in order unto full Comunion. 

Febr. 21. 1696. Collected for y e Propagation of y e Gospell 
by virtue of a Breif from Authority y e Summe of 
to be putt into y e hands of Edw d Bromfeild Esq : as in said 
Breif is Directed. 
Item Sent to Rhode Island } 

To Pensylvania > the books then given — 

To Narraganset ) (by some in Boston.) 

March. 21 st 22 d & 23 d . 1697. Then Sat at Watertown a 
Council of 5 Churches whereof the Pastor of Dorchester with 
Leift : Tilestone & Deacon Hopestill Clap were members. 
The Councill Advized that there be one Church, 2 ordeynd 
Ministers, y e new meeting house to be for Church and Town, 
the old one to be Moved to y* Eastern Brethren for publick 
worsh : so long as 4 : 9 th or one third & upwds of y e Inhabi- 
tant-Freeholders continue to desire y e Same & y r ordination 
to hold accord : to appointm 1 (if they should aggree to it) 

They aggreed to it publickly both Brethren & Inhabitants. 
March 22 at Night, to Witt as many as were p r sent w 1 * were 
y* Most of y e Whole (excepting 2 or 3 y' dissented appar- 
ently) But finding they differd y e day following the councill 
advized to putt off y" ordination untill both aggreed, & in 


case, to Call anoth r Councill to be indifferently chosen by 
both partys. 

This Report was made to Chh on behalf of y r messeng r s 
by the Pastor on y c Lords day March. 27 th 1697. 

Aprill. 21. 97. Dorchesf Church upon request from med- 
field having chosen & Sent y r Pastor, Ruling Elder Capt. 
Clap & Deacon Topliffe to Sit in Councill with y c messeng r s 
of 7 oth r Churches to advize & assist abt y e ordination of R d 
m r Jos. Baxter; on said day — they went accordingly & m r 
Baxter was Ordained their Pastor, no publick opposition 
being made, m r Fisk gave y e Charge, M r Thacher gave y e 
Right hand of Fellowship &c : & the Dissenters having in a 
Paper Highly reflected on y e last councill in medfeild y' sat 
a 12 moneth agoe as well as on y c Chh & on m r Baxter, & on 
y e p r sent Counsel!, declining to answ r before y m , the Councill 
advized the Chh in Medfield to attend y e Rules of Christ in 
a way of Church-dealing for y e Recovery of both Brethren 
& also y c Upgrown Children of y e Church that had appeared 
so Criminal = Also y e Church sollemnly renewed y r Coven' 
adding many Articles of particular Engagem's for Reforma- 


March. 17. gl A publick Fast after a very Long, sore, 
Sharp Winter. 

Dec. 15. 98. A Publick Thanksgiving for a plentiful! 
Harvest, (after years of Great Scarcity) Health, Civill & 
Sacred Libertys continued, Peace with y e French restored 
after long war, Indian Rage check'd : The King's Proclama- 
tion for and Encouragem 4 to reformation : As Per (Proclama- 
tion) ord r of General Court. 

Then Collected for y e Poor .... 

March. 23. cjf. A publick fast by Proclamation ordered 
by y e L' Gov 1- : & Council. 

May. 7. 99. The Elder Proposed the Pastors desire of 
Help in y e work of y e Ministry. & Some time before that, He 
Proposed for the Choice of anoth r Ruling Elder or Eld r s. 

(But both Motions dropped) 

May. 7. 99. The widow of Henry Mayr (was) dismisssed 
to y e North Chh Boston — & Mary Paine daughter of Broth r 
Pearse dismissed to y e Church of Brantry : 

Since o r Pastors Sicknesse in y* End of January last He 
hath had twenty & two Sermons of help without the cost of 
the Town to y e month of August 


Nov r . 23. 99. A thanksgiving for Peace Health & Plenty 
&c : by order of Authority. Then Collected for m r Man 
minister of Wrentham who lost his substance by fire — 
io u i 6h 4 d (besides some gifts privately Sent Him.) 

January y e 7 th ™£o The widow Mary Goodale made a pub- 
lick confession of Her Sin of fornication now a 2 d Time 
Comitted & a profession of Repentance, that was accepted. 

August 18, 1700. A letter was read from Boston South 
Church, desiring Elder & Messengers to assist in y e ordina- 
tion of m r Pemberton y e 28 th Instant The Deacons & capt. 
Clap were voted to accompany The Pastor to that Service. 

Memorandum. Fasting & Prayers at Braintry, Dedham 
& Boston having been graciously answered by Rain (after 
a sore Drouth) the last week Gods Goodnesse in Christ to 
Us therein was this day, particularly acknowledged. 

Sept. 1. 1700. Report was made to y e Church y' m r Pem- 
berton was ordained to y e office of a Pastor on y e Day ap- 
pointed, y e Elders & Messeng's concurring & giving y e 
Right Hand of fellowship. 

Sept. 8. Hannah Dean, daughter of our Broth r John Bird, 
took hold on y e Covenant. 

Sept. 22. Hannah Bartlet took hold on y e Coven' as also 
did Unice Bird daughf of James Bird. 

Octob r 13. 1700. The Chh sent y r Pastor and Brother 
Nath. Clap, Serjeant Leadbetter & Deacon Hopestill Clap, 
who were with (the R d m r Thacher &) y e Pastor & one mes- 
seng r of Milton, viz m r Blake, 3 weeks abroad, at Newport 
& Compton, where Such as were Examined & Approved & 
Proposed for y e Discovery of y r Life laid hold on y e Coven' 
& they & theirs (y* were not baptised before) many of y ra ) 
were then Baptized. These laid hold on y e Covenant at 
Newport & were baptised. Capt. N. Coddington Esq r M™ 
Joanne Brightman m™ Rob. Pocock. m™ Sarah Creek : m r s 
Hannah Clark — Sarah Timberlake Jane Dill 


others y* laid hold on y e Coven* at Newport were M r 
Calender m r s Calender, Elisabeth Caparon, Susanna Willet, 
m r Rich d Clark, m™ Mamford, m r s Magewick, 

But m r Wackman & m r s Coggeshall only renewd y r 

The Children Baptised were Patience, Thomas, Freegift, 
Sarah, Elisabeth, William, Mary, & Nathaniel children of 
m r Freegift Coggeshall. 


John & Margaret Caparon 

Susanna & Alice Willet 

Abigaile, Elisabeth, Mercy, Mary, & William children of 
m r Magewick. 

Mary daugh r of m r Wackman 

Steven Memford. Jonathan Alice & Hannah Children of 
m r Richard Clark. 27. 8'". 1700 

At Compton there Laid hold on y e Covenant and were 
Baptised those that follow, viz L' John Wood m r Edward 
Richmond & His wife & Daughter Abigail, m r Silvesf 
Richm d M r John Palmer & His Wife, Joseph Church's wife, 
Nath : House, Mercy Rouse, Joseph Seabury, & Martha 

Others y' laid hold on y e Coven' having been baptised 
formerly were, m r Fobes & His Wife M r Thomas Gray, L' 
Wood's wife m r Samuel Crandoll's wife, m r John Church, 
m r Samuel Gray's wife, Nath : Searle's Wife & James Ben- 
nett's Wife. 

Others that were then (viz Nov r 3. 1700) baptised, were, 
m r Fobes' Children, Elisabeth constant, mercy, & Mary : 

m r wood's Children, John Mary Sarah Deborah Abigail 
Margaret Elisabeth 

m r Grays Children, Thomas and Edward. 

m r Richmonds Children Edw d : Anne: Elizabeth Ame : 
Benjamin : Mary 

m r Jos. Church's Children, Joseph Nathan Alice Deborah, 

m r Palmer's Ch n : John Sarah : Elisab th Edw d Job Aaron, 

Jonath : Davenports Children Jonathan Hannah Simon 
Ebenez r : John Joseph Benjamin 

Benj. Blackman's Children Benjamin, Ichabod Sarah Re- 
becca Elisha 

m r John Churches Child, Elisabeth 

m r Hilliard's, Abigail & Sarah. 

m r Woodworths, David & Grace. 

m r Crandolls, Samuel & Mary. 

Nath. Searles, John & Sarah. 

At Newport & Compton Baptised 95 persons, wherof 64 
at Compton. 

Nov. 10. 1700. Then was a Proclamation Read for a 
Thanksgiving on y e 2 I th of Nov. instant: from y e Hon ble L : 
Gov r no r Stoughton & Councill ; for y" Kings life, & favo T , 
peace from Indians & Disappointm* of y r plotts & for 




1 8. 







Health & Rain in answ r to pray r , & a Comfortable Harvest ; 
Esp ly for y e Gospel yet continued. 

Nov. 21. 1700, then Collected for o r Poor. 

Jan. 12. 1700. Francis Price laid hold on y e Coven': 

1 5 . 1 mo . 1 701. Thomas Tillstone laid hold on y e Coven' 

April. 24. 1701. A publick Fast. (y e Governo r being de- 
y e L' Governo r ill. 

1 701. John Maudsley laid hold on y e Coven' 
1 701. Proposed to Elect 2 Ruling Elders. 
1701. Capt : Clap & Deacon Topliff Chosen 
a Proclamation from y e Council for a fast on 
Hon bIe m r Stoughtons Death &c. 

To be kept y e 18 th of this Instant Septemb 1 " S. D. p. which 
was observed accordingly : 

October. 19. 1701. An Account was given to y e Chh by 
y r Pastor y' 14 more were admitted to lay hold of y e Coven' 
at Newport & 24 Baptised. 

m r Thacher & m r Danforth (the messengers of y e Chh" not 
being then so well able to go with y m , & y e Councill being 
put under a Prorogation) went to Newport & preached one 
Sabbath & a Fast to m r Claps Congregation Examined & 
Approved divers that Presented y m selves, & proposed y m , 
whereupon (m r Thacher going to narragansett) y e next 
Sabath (which was October 12, 1701) m r John Miles & 
Hannah Perdue laid hold on y e Covenant : & those y' follow 
both laid hold on y e Covenant & were baptised Divina Gratia 
in Christo viz M" Mary & M™ Rebecca Coggeshall, m rs 
Bridget Sanford, Henry Butler, M™ Content Coddington, 
William Wilcox, Thomas Miles, Sarah Hoar, Mary Bright- 
man, Content Norton, Catharine Hampton & Mary Loc. 
Besides these wer baptised, John & Daniel Miles : Mary 
Norton : Bridget & Elisabeth Pocock : Edw. Momford : 
Sarah Daddy: John Wackman Mary [xxxx] John Walke[r] 
Joseph Chanterlin. 


Nov. 9. 1 701. Dan 1 . Preston Jun r was Chosen Deacon. 

Nov. 20. 1701. was a Publick Thanksgiving day throughout 
this Province. 

Dec r 14. 1701. Voted y' y e Full Comunicants renew y e 
Chh coven' on y e Ordenation — fast day intended to be 
shortly if God please = & y' y e Children of y" Chh y' have 
laid hold on y e Coven' renew y e Coven' togeth r on y e same 
day. The Coven' being Read they are to stand up & mani- 
fest y r Assent : Also y' oth r s be Examined Exhorted Pre- 


pared & Propounded in orde r to y r joying w th oth r s in 
Professing y r assent & adherence to y c Covn' of Grace, & 
submitting to Chh watch & Goverm' here, while they con- 
tinue in capacity for y e same. 

Febr. 3. ijo\ Then was Kept by y e Favor of the Lord A 
sollemn Day of Humiliation & Pray r & In y e Close of y* 
Afternoon Exercise 

1. The Full Comunicants Renewed y r Covenant according 
to y e Printed fform, & some oXh\ lately admitted then Entred 
into Covenant 

2. The Children of y e Church Renewed Covenant & Near 
One hundred Newly Examined & Propounded Entred into 
or Laid hold on y e Coven' togeth r w^ y m 

3. m r Samuel Clap & m r Samuel Topliff were ordained 
Ruling Elders or Helps in Governm' of y e Church & m r 
Daniel Preston Junior was ordained a Deacon of y e Chh, y" 
R d m r Thacher Assisting y e Pastor of y e Chh y' Day as in 
Preaching so in Laying on of hands. 

4. His Majestys Proclamation against Imorality & Pro- 
fanenesse was Sollemnly Read to y e Congregation 

The Names of Such as were Examined allowed & pro- 
pounded (before) for laying hold of y e Covenant on y e same 
Day y' oth r s renewed y e Coven 4 (and on other days) were 

22. 12. 1701 
Hannah Atherton Hannah Alcock 
Sarah Atherton Mercy Bird 
Edward Breck Jos. Butt Mary Bird 

Roger Billinge John Bradley Sarah Beamont 

Elis. & Bebe Bird 
John Billinge Benj Ball Mary Butt Anne Baiton 

Hannah Brown 
Nathanael But (Joseph But) Mary Blake Elis. Baker 
Joseph Billinge Patience Bird Katharine Bird 
Jonathan Chandler Experience Clap. 

(Edward Clap 22. 12. 1701) Sarah Clap 
John Capen jun. Huldah Chandler 

Ruth Clap 
(Elijah Danforth 22. 12. 1701) Elis. & Hanah Capen 

Martha Cheyny 
Sarah Davenport 
Anna Foster 
(Richard Hawes) Prudence & Silence Foster 

Nath : Glovers wife & Elis. Glover 


John Henshaw Hannah Glover & Sarah or Elisabeth Glover 
Abraham John James & Samuel How Bathsheba Hall 
(Israel Hill 22. 12. 1701) Mary Humfrey 

Benjamin Jordan Mary Jinkins 

Samuel Leeds Margaret Lord 

Nath. Leeds Rebecca Leeds 

(Hezekiah Maroh 22. 12. 1701) 

Nehemiah Maroh Ebenez. Maudslys wife 

Sarah Moseman Sarah Mason 

Robert Pelton's wife 
John Preston Mary Preston 

Remember Preston Margaret Preston 

Deliverance Preston 
Ebenezer Paul Elisabeth Paul 

Jacob Royal 
John Robinson Sarah Payson 

Mary Payson 
(Abigail Swift 22. 12. 1701) 
William Trescott j April. 17. 1708 j Waitstill Royal (13. 7. 

Zachary Trescot j M" Horton ) Rebecca Trescot j Sarah 

i I But 

Mary Trott 
J May: 1708 ) waitstill Topliff 

Henry Tollman > Mary Williams > Anne Tilestone 

Daniel Tolman ) Daughf of W. Pond ) Timothy Tilestones 

Samuel Tolman Thomas Tilestones wife 

Elijah or Irijah Wales Elisabeth Wales 

Edward White Thankfull Withington 

Richard withington Sarah Watkins 

Josiah & Eben : Williams (Hannah Withington 22. 12. 1701) 
Richard White. Hannah Weeks. 

Sarah Withington 
(In 1702 ab l Aprill & Ab' July 1702 

Joseph Bird owned y e Coven* :) Elis. Long. 

At a Meeting of the Elders & Deacons. 

March. 6. 1702. Elder Topliff gave up an account of His 
Nine (or eight) years Deaconship & He Remains Debtor to 
y e Church for Church Rents &c io ,b & 6 d & to y e Poor for 
mony given for y r Use & putt into His hands y" Sume of 
3 lb 4 ,h & i d . Deacon Clap also gave account y l he hath yet 
in his hands 

Due to y e Poor i ,b . 14. 8 

& to y" Chh 2. 01. 2. 



Aprill. 2. 1702. Then was Celebrated & Observed a Pub- 
lick Fast by Proclamation & Order from y c Hon blc Councill 
to implore Pardon & Mercy for o r Selves & a Continuance & 
Settlem' of our Libertys, Chlr Colledge, o r Peace, Plenty, 
Health & Defence & Conduct for the Kings Majesty, Suc- 
cess to His Counsel, Parliam 1 , Armys & Navys. A blessing 
on y' Year, & Smiles on y r Protestant Interest, & to Obtain 
y e hastning of y c Gospellizing of all Nations, & y* Accom- 
plishm' of y c Great things promised. 

July. 21. A Church fast. (R ,! ; m r Walter helped y* 
Pastor in y e Forenoon. 

Aug. 9. Samuel Butt & Sarah Butt His wife & Patience 
Lawrence appeared before y e Church & penitently Confessed 
y" Sins of Fornication to y e Satisfaction of y e Church. 

Aug. 30. 1702 A Contribution for Israel Hill who lay 
long ill of a Broken Bone & is still Lame. Then was 

(The mortality at New York is Sore & Dreadfull.) 

Oct. 22. 1702 A General Fast on account of y c war & 
Sicknesse at New York & Here 

Me -in ab't 12 month y c Deaths at Boston amount to 500 
or y'abouts. 

Nov. 1. 1702 A Contribution for Obed : Hawes 

Nov. 8. 1702. The Chh. at Duxborough's Letter was 
read, w 'rin they requested m r Robinsons Dismission to y'", 
& our Assistance in His Ordination or Sollemn Inaugura- 
tion into His office of a Pastor, by Fasting Pray r , & the 
hands of y° Presbytery. Elder Topliff was Voted to accom- 
pany the Pastor to y' work on y c 18"' Instant which was per- 
formed then, together with y r Renewing of Covenant, & so 
many Men then Joyned, as doubled y c number of y 1 ' Fra- 

Dec. 10. 1702. A Publick Thanksgiving & then was col- 
lected for y e Poor. 

Febr. 18. 170^. A publick fast (Sicknesse still continuing 
& warre impending.) 

March 14. Daughter of Walter Everinden & who 

1705. lives at Sam 1 Capen jun" house 

Laid hold on y e Covenant 

March 21 wife of Everinden laid hold on 

v e Covenant. 


April. 8. 1703. A publ : Gencrall Thanksgiving for Her 
Majestys Successes by Sea & Land against y r French & 
Spaniards in Europe & America, many Ships, much Treasure 
& many Towns being taken. 

Then Contributed for Goodwife Birch. 

M' n John Earl of Marlborough is Capt. General of y r Land 
forces James Duke of Ormond is General of y" Fleet forces 
& S r George Rook is Admiral of y p Fleet ; und r o' Soveraign 
Queen Anne who came to y* Throne March. 8. 1702. But 
before y c Late King William y p 3' 1 of Glorious Memory died, 
there were Sundry Socictys Sett up for Reformation of 
Manne r s, & behold y° Smiles of Heaven, upon y 1 ' Same, o r 
Nation being on a Suddain filld with plenty of Grain & 
plenty of Silver, (y r Plate Fleet being taken,) & plenty of 
Hono r & Victory, So that y r Queen has Invited Her Sub- 
jects in y e plantations in America to Rejoyce with Her & so 
Return Thanks to God. 

Aug. 17. 1703 Our Lecture day: Kept for a day of 
Prayer in this Town & Church to implore Converting Grace 
for the Unconverted, & particularly for the Rising Genera- 
tion ; & to implore deliverance from our French & Indian 
Enemys who have lately made a great Slaughter, & Taken 
many Captives at y c Eastward, & to beg Raine from Heaven. 

M" 1 : God sent a plcntifull Raine; Item Diverse of our 
Enemys have fallen into our hands. 8. 7"'. 1703. 

Sept. 23. 1703. Kept for fasting & pray r (a Proclamation 
from his Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq &c Governo r being 
Read before, appointing y c Same, Especially for to implore 
y c Divine mercy for The Queens Majesty the Protestant In- 
terests in Europe, our forces now advancing against y' 
Enemy, & o r Fronteirs exposed.) 

Nov. 7. 1703, John Maxfield laid hold on y' Coven'. 

Dec. 9. 1703. A publick Thanksgiving for Removal of 
Sicknesse, Continuance of Health, a plentifull harvest, y c 
Safe Arrival of many of our vessels from Engl : &c. re- 
straint upon Enemys &c. Then was Collected for y° Poor 
3". 5. 3. & 2 h i Corn 

Febr. 1703 Captivated from Deerfield, the Rev' 1 m r John 
Williams; & 96 more but killed by y c French & Indians 


52 wrof rrT Wi.liams one & some of y r Children & Eleven 
Souldiers some y l were sent to v r Garison oth r " (viz 5) y* 
came in upon y" Alarum & 14 men more Diverse houses 
burnt about 5c frencr. & Indians kili' ' as Col Patricks 
Lett' shows. 

March 5. 1704. Jonathan Chandler Made publick Con- 
fession of y" Sin of fornication, to acceptance 


May 18 1704 A Province Fast by Proclamation & there 
was a slaughter & captivation of People at Northampton six 
days before. We Read a Declaration for Reformation. 

June 18. 1704 Experience Birch laid hold on y e Coven 1 & 
a little before Anna the Daughter of Nath : Lion Laid hold 
on y p Covenant. 

July 1 8, 1704. Our Lecture was turned into a Day of 
humiliation & Pray r — To Ask Converting Grace & to ask 
Rain in a Time of Drouth & wars — & oth r mercys. The 
Pastor being sick, M r Thachcr & M r Walters Preached & 
Prayed & m r Cotton Mather helped in prayer. Mercifull 
showers followed. & in Diverse Churches hereabouts & as 
Convenient y* wheel of pray' has been & is now going, 
Audiat Dominus Amen. 

Octobr. 22. 1704. We read a Lett' from the Church in 
Marlborow Requesting us to send our Elders & Messengers 
to assist in the Ordination of m r Robert Brick y r Pastor. 
The Chh officers, so many as could attend it were Sent. 

Oct. 29. 1704. Account was given to y r Chh that Our 
Pastor with Elder Clap & Deacon Preston jun r , went & met 
in Council with M r Easterbrooks m r Clark & m r Rawson the 
Pastors of Concord, Chelmsford & Mendon & with the 
Brethren that attended them & m f Brcck was admitted into 
y* Church on y r 24"' day, Ordained on y* 25"', The Presbytery 
laying on Hands M r . Easterbrooks giving y* Charge m r 
Clark giving the Right hand of fellowship, Our Pastor giv- 
ing the Charge to y r Chh to doe y r Duty to y r Pastor & m r 
Rawson Calling for the Suffrages & votes &c. No man Op- 
posing, & God in Christ most graciously Assisting. 

M On y r 25 th day at Night, M r Gardin' Minister of Lan- 
caster was killed, one of the watch shooting Him by Mis- 

Nov. 23. 1704. A publick Thanksgiving for Defeat of 
Enemys at home & in Europe, disapointm 1 of y r Expeditions 
against us, by Sea & Land y 1 many of them are delivered 


by a storm on y m by sea, & by o r surpizing y'" by Land into 
o r hands, y l a good harvest has been graunted notwithstand- 
ing y r Drouth, with Health & y 1 ' priviledges of o r holy Relig- 
ion — Then was Collected for y c poor — 3 

M"'- 10. 10'". 1704. The Decease of y* Rev' 1 m r Clark of 
Chelmsford was publickly Lamented in a Sermon on Acts 

20. 25, 37, 38- 

Item the Revd m r Williams of Dearfield is still in Cap- 
tivity, & Dunstable not yet supplyed with a Pastor. Thus in 
y r frontier Towns are tokens of the Anger of y l Lord, from 
Deerfield to Dunstable. 

March. 1. \jo\ A Publick Fast by Proclamation. 

March. 1 1. 170J. Upon y e Request of 46 men of Woburn 
(10) of w"' were in full Comunion the Church Chose Their 
3 Elders & Deacon Clap to Assist at a Council there to be 
Held, Volente Deo, on April 24"' next. 

April 12 1705 A publick Thanksgiving for the Queens 
Victory with y' Confederates & y c Governo's Deliverances, 
& o r Late Exemption from molestations by o r Enemys. 

April. 24. 1705. The Elders of Billerica, Concord Dor- 
chester, Cambridge Farms, & Andover met (& m r Pierpoint 
of Reading & m r Woodbridge of Medford but Left us again) 
& y r were oth r messeng's from Billerica Dorchester & 
Concord who Advised y'" to forbear undue Reflections at 
Woburn & Directed y"' to Restore m r Wyman if He owned 
His Rashnesse, after y l having an Opportunity, He did not 
make out His Charge against Maj r . Converse. 

May. 10. 1705. The Messeng's of o r Chh went to y e 
Ordination of the Reverend m r T. Bridge a Pastor or 
Teacher to y e first Chh in Boston. 

May. 22. 1705 The messeng's of o r Chh went to a Coun- 
cil at Sudbury who advized y' Silencing of m r Sherman upon 
Probation of His Good behaviour for a Time a few weeks 


June 1, 1705. The Elders & Deacons were Chosen by 
the Church to attend & conjoyn ye messengers of 5 oth r 
Churches as a Council at Meadford on July y r io u '. 

June 5, 1705. The Sudbury-council met again (not at 
Sudbury but Boston) & voted to advise the Chh at Sudbury 
to depose y T Pastor, & forbid Him y e Sacrament. 

June 8"', 1705. Ruth Kenny laid hold on the Covenant. 

July 10 & 1 1 The Council at Meadford upon hearing of 
both partys Detected faults in both, Advised Confession, 
A Trial for Reconcilia f ion in y 1 first place, & it it proved 
vain, then that m r Woodbridge & They doe lovingly Part. 


M r Woodbridge (since y',) has made Confession, & y f Trial 
Goes on. 

(Sept. ii. 1705. A meeting of y e Delegates of y* Asso- 
ciations at Boston.) 

Sept. 13. The Sudbury-Council met in Boston at m r 
Wadsworths & voted to withdraw y c right hand of fellow- 
ship from m r Sherman, & not to acknowledge Him any 
longer as a Minister of y c Gospel & y 1 m r Angier publish it 
at Sudbury on some Sabbath day. • 

The Same Day, The Delegates or Representatives of the 
ministers of y e Associations in y v Province — y l came to 
Boston, agreed Sundry Things about Stated Councills, to be 
Comunicated to y c Churches (& Pastors.) 

Sept. 23. 1705. Mary Daughter of Richard Butt & wife 
of Eben r : Lawrance made a Penitent Confession of y" sin 
of Fornication with said Lawrance before marriage. & it 
was accepted by y e Church. 

Sept. 30. 1705. Then was Read a Proclamation for a 
Thanksgiving for y c Queens life & victorys, Restraint of 
enemys from y r Injurys & outrages upon us, for Fruits of 
Harvest & Health & all Publick Interests & Enjoyments to 
be Observed on y" i8 ,h of October next, volente Deo. 

Oct. 21. 1705. The Widow Chaplain upon Her penitent 
Confession was released from the Censure of Admonition. 

Nov. 1 1. 1705. Ebenczer Lawrance made a Penitent Con- 
fession of His Sin of Fornication with Mary Butt (before 
marriage) Committed, w"' was to Acceptation. 

Jan r> 13. 1705-6. Then was Read a Proclamation from 
y l Governo' & Council & a Command of y' Queen for a 
Thanksgiving thro h y c Provinces of Massachusets Bay & 
New Hampshire for Her Majestys Victorys over y* French : 
y' Duke of Marlborough vid my Lord Chhhill being General 
of y l forces in y e Netherlands, y" Day appointed is Jan' 5 ' 

yl 2C"'. 

Feb. 25. 1705-6. Elder Topliff Paid to Deacon Clap of 
y l Churches mony that was in His hands Seven pounds 
Seventeen shillings & Nine Pence. 

March y l 1". 1 70;!- Elder Topliff Paid to Deacon Preston 
twenty Seven sh : & 1 i a in Mony & p Discount for monys 
laid out for y e Church I4* b & io' 1 — In full of all Church 
accounts. Item The same day Was paid to y* Said Deacon 
m r Preston with m r Sam 1 Capen In Mony 45^ & i u : & p 
Discount for w 1 He laid out for y* Poor of y f Town ic/\— p 
Elder Topliff. 

April. 7. 1706. Edw. Foster laid hold on y e Coven* & 
Then was Read a Proclamation for a fast on y c 18 th . 


April. 14. 1706. Margaret Cocks made a Publick Confes- 
sion of Her Shamefull Sin of Fornication which was Ac- 

Aprill. 18. 1706. In y c Evening of y e Publick fast a Con- 
tribution for Joseph Hewens Jun r of abt 5 11 " wanting i* 1 '. At 
noon Old Goodwife Plum was buried. 
f M'" This week a man in Tanton dropt down dead in 
y e street — & a Child there was drowned. 

Samson Walters, a strong young man in Boston was 
found dead in y' morning Leaning ov r His bed 

The Deacons Aged Brother in Watertown on a Lords 
^ day bowed to y c Minister coming into y c Meeting-house 
& sunk down — & so died — & of Late Time we have 
been alarumed from Heaven with divers suddain Deaths 
— one was drowned at Sudbury & not 2 foot of Water — 
At Braintry one Everet a young man was well & fell ill of 
, a fev r & died in about 2 or 3 days. 

April. 28. 1706. A brief declaring y c Sacking of S' 
Christophers by y e french & y' miserable Condition Call- 
ing for y e Charity of Good People 

May 5. 1706. Collected for St. Christophers — 10"': 
{ 3 8h : io d . 

May. 10. old mother Pelton buryed — Sundry Slain & 
taken by y l Enemy at y c Eastward. 

News is come y' Nevis is taken by y° French & set at 
^an High Ransom of [. . . . ]. 


October 13. 1706. Ebenezer Billinge junior laid hold on 
y e Coven 1 . 

October 17. 1706. A Publick Thanksgiving thro'out this 
& Pascataway Provinces, for General, Health, Safety, Lib- 
erty, Harvest, & other Blessings, At home, for Return of 
Many Captives, & for Signal Victorys Given to o r Sover- 
aign &c. 

October. 29. 1706. The Aged & Pious widow Woods, 
Father Maudsly, & Father Pearse deceased lately. 

November. 24. 17062 Letters one from y e Chh, y e other 
from y e Dissenting Bretheren in woburn Requesting elders 
& messengers to be sent to hold a Counsel there on y c 4"' of 
December were Read & our Church Voted that y c Elders & 
Deacons & m r Samuel Wiswell should Accompany y* Pastor. 

Nov. 28. 1706. m r - Enoch Wiswal An Aged Pious & use- 
full Person Deceased. 


Dec. 8. 1706. An Account of y e Result of y c late Coun- 
cil at Woburn was Given to y e Chh & of y l Effect of it, viz 
y e Restoration of Jacob Wyman again unto Full Comunion 
upon His Confession of Some Fault : & It was Declared by 
y u Council of 8 Churches that none ought to be excomuni- 
cated except in very weighty & very Clear Cases, & y' upon 
y r private Dissatisfactions, Brethren ought not to withdraw 
from y c Comunion of y e Church, we left y 1 " in Peace by the 
mercy of the Lord. 

Memorandum the Reverend m r John Williams Pastor of 
Deerfield & many Captives with Him returned from y r 
french & indian Captivity very lately in Answer to Publ. 
Pray r s on that behalf : Gloria Deo in Xto. 

January 12. 1706-7. A Letter from some Brethren in 
Meadford or Mistick was Read Requesting Council : The 
Chh Chose y r Elders & Deacons to attend y c Service. 

Feb. 2. 1706-7. An Account was Given to y e Chh y l the 
Council of 4 Churches at Medford advised M r W. (wood- 
bridge) to make a partic : Confession of His offences & His 
Opposers to Confesse y r offences, & Each Party in y e Town 
to Confesse y r heats & faults to y e oth r Party Or otherwise 
that m r W : & y e Town part Lovingly according to y e advice 
of y c former Council. &c. 

Feb. 23. 1706-7. Voted y* March y e 4 th be kept (at Dor- 
chester) in fasting & Prayer to humble o r selves for ^ r sins & 
to beg for Grace & all Blessings for o r selves & oth r s. 

March. 4. 1706-7. the Revd m r Fisk & m r Williams 
(lately returned from Captivity) preached, & m r Walter as- 
sisted in Prayer. 

April y c 16. 1707. Wednesday: Our forces being de- 
signed for Port royal ag*' y c Enemy A fast in this & y* Next 
Province was kept by Publ. Proclamation & order (to im- 
plore y l mercy of the LORD.) 

April y e 21. The Rev J - m r Torrey of Weymouth De- 
ceased who had been 50 years in y e ministry an able painfull 
faithfull minister of Christ Aetatis Anno y6, or yy. He 
was born some weeks before His Time & was kept in warm 
Lamb skins till y 1 ' full prop r time Came. 

May 5. 1707. The Aged Widow m™ Mary Maxfield was 
buried. Aetatis Anno 86 or 87. 

May. 4. 1707. A Letter from y e Chh of Braintrey was 
read requesting Elders & messengers to Come to Counsel 
y m ; & with y c Elders, y 1 ' Chh Sent y" Deacons. 

May 7 th . The Counsil injoyned a Confession on y" South 
End Brethren & advized y' Town to raise maintenance for a 


2 d minister, & adjourned ; Item they advized that when the 
Second Salary was settled they should be dismissed & 
allowed to Gather into a Church. 

May 16. 1707. m r Nathanael Clap senior a Choice Man 
rested in y* Lord : & was Interred, may, 17. 

June 2. 1707. The Braintry Council sate again & the 
South-End Brethren made a Confession. 

June. 5. 1707. The Medford Counsil sate again at Bos- 
ton A formulary of Confession was prescribed for m r B. W. 

June 8. 1707. Broth 1 " John Capen died. Interred June 10"' 


15. 4. 1704 Patience Lawrence acknowledged Her sin of 
fornication : Twas Accepted, as a Token of Repentance. 

22. 4. 1704 Richard & Sarah Withington acknowledged 
their sin of fornication before marriage : Twas Accepted as 
a token & sign of Repentance. 

Aug. 3. 1707. The widow of Henry Mayr was Dismissed 
to y e North Church in Boston. 

Aug. 31. Sundry Negros, Young Persons, voted to be 
Baptized, & one of them viz George Bush laid hold on y e 
Covenant afterwards. 

October 21. 1707 Aged Fath r Wales was buryed. 

Nov. 12. 1707 Deacon Preston Senior of like Age viz 86 
(or as some aver) 88 years was buryed. 

Dec. 11. 1707. A Publick Thanksgiving & a Collection 
or Contribution for y e Poor of this Place. 

Nov. 9. 1707. Abigail Appleby formerly Swift Her Pub- 
lick manifestation of Repentance of Her Sin of Fornication 
by a Confession was accepted by the Church. 

Nov. 16. 1707. the Church Chose y r Officers with m r 
wiswal & Brother White to Assist at y e Ordination of m r 
Peter Thach 1 ' Junior to be Pastor of the Church at waymouth 
Performed Nov. 26. His Rev J Uncle m r Peter Thacher of 
Milton giving y e Charge, & y e P.ev d m r Fisk giving Him y c 
Right hand of Fellowship. R J m r Hubbard of New Town 


being y c moderator of y c Church & of y* Council, their Ruling 
Elder Consenting to it. 

October. 16. 1708. m r Samuel Clap Ruling Elder Rested 
in y c Lord, 74 years old Compleat, & some few a uc »j 
days over, & near 7 years a Ruling Elder, a very ££«»?» 
holy, wise, able, upright, faithfull, humble usefull Sd»ootami» 
servant 01 y* Lord all his Days, & one who lived 4e««ed 
desired & now dies Lamented. 

Eight days before Oct: 8, 1708. Died His vertuous wife 
m r * Clap with w"' He lived in holy wedlock 49 years wanting 
about 3 mo : He sickned & went not to Her fun™ 1 

Oct. 20. 1708. Our Brother m f Preserved Capen (a pious 

p«^., \ j.„ ^ - 1 i Oct. 14 M^Trot of Boston 

Person,) deceased { ,. , • rv u 

' { died in Dorchester 

Nov. 5. 170S Aged mother Swift Buried. 

Oct. 31. 1708. Humfry Atherton made Confession to 
Annoi 7J , )' r ^- nn °^ His Evil in being overtaken w ,h Drink 
He made Con. at Elder Claps funeral. It was accepted. 

Kakien twain --. _,. _, . - tT . * 

Dec: 9. 170b The R u m r J. Hig- hem y wpf : m* 
ginsondcc J : fc-.imitb.tar. 

January 5 Ul 170* Elder Bridgham of Boston deceased : 

Dec. 3. 1708 Aged Moth' Ball buryed : Aged 65. 

Febr. 3. 170;. m r Stevens of Roxb : Capt : & Deacon 

Febr. 6. 170*. m r James Blake & m r Hopestill Humfrys 
Chosen Deacons, Deacon Clap having accepted of y* Ruling 
Eldership y Sabbath before, whereto He was Chosen Jan- 
uary 23"'. 

Febr. 20. 170,* m r Blake accepted but m r Humfry — did 
not accept of y l Deaconship. 

It Josh : Levars laid hold on y* Coven 1 . 

March. 6. 170,", A contribution for Joseph Angier of 

March. 24. 170*,. A Ftauuc Fast. Then were ordeined, 
m r Hopestill Clap Ruling Elder & m r James Blake, Deacon. 


April. 6. 1709. At a meeting of the Elders & Deacons. 
Elder Clap lately Deacon gave up an Account of His Dis- 
tributions of y* Chh* mony to the Poor & for the Sacraments, 
Since His Last Account. & He delivered fourteen Pounds 
thirteen shillings & 3 d into y* hands of Deacon James Blake 
(being mony of the Chh that He had not Distributed) One 
and twenty shillings & 2 U of which was particularly Con- 
tributed lor the Poor. 


Also Deacon Preston Exhibited His Account & Besides 
what He hath Distributed to the Poor & for y Sacrament & 
Chh, He hath in His hands of Mony properly for y'' poor, 
the Sume of four Pounds & 2 U & of oth r Church Monys 
Rents of Land & Interest Sixteen pounds & nine shillings 
& a Penny. Some men also are behind in y r Interest mony. 
& the Principal Summe y' y e Deacon Letts out to Interest 
is y e Fifty Pound y 1 was <civen y* Chh by the Hon 1 ' 10 M r 
Stoughton Yett of Chh mony is Due to D" Preston 2c/ 1 ' 1 i d 

The Church hath Nine Pieces of Plate for y'' Sacrament 
(2 Given by s' 1 m r Stoughton 2 by m r Thomas Lake, one by 
m™ Thacher one by m r Isaac Jones one by m" Patten one by 
m r John Gingen one by Anoth r hand all of silver. In pewter 
the Chh hath 4 flaggons 4 pewt r Dishes one Bason & Tank- 
ard & 1 pewter Cup — 

Agreed that a Strong Chest be bought to Lock up y c 
Churches Plate in 

A Church meeting is appointed to be on May 11th 1709 
to Impower a Comittee to Run the bounds of the Chh 
Lands, & to Call Trespassers on said Lands to a Legal 
Account for y r Trespasses. &c. 

May. 1. 1709. Lett's from North-Braintry Chh being 
Read the Hon d officers of the Chh were voted to attend y B 
ordination at Braintrey On May 18"' & Assist y M " as Re- 

Dorch : in NE. May. II. 1709. At a meeting of the 
Elders & Brethren of y' Church in Dorch. (A church meet- 
ing having been Lawfully warned to be heir* m y c publick 
meeting house on y c said Day.) Report being made to y c 
Church y l some Lotts had been given to y' Chh of Dorch : 
in N.E, the lines whereof have need to be Run & Settled, 
& If any persons have mistaken y"' into y r own Lotts or any 
part of em : or if any persons have bought & Sold any part 
of any of em, or if any person has Cutt any Trees to y K same 
belonging, That it were Reasonable to have all mistakes 
Rectifyed, the bounds settled, & the Rights of the Church 
Asserted, auditted, recovered & Legally Secured, and all 
Damages — satisfyd y' have been done : On Consideration 
thereof, the Church then Nominated & Chose, Appointed 
and Impowered Hon d Deacon Preston, Deacon Blake & 
L* Samuel Paul of Dorchester, All & Every of them or 
Jointly & Severally, as their Attorneys. Agents & Trus- 


tees, to Run said Lines that need to be Run, to settle 
y' bounds, of all & Every of y c Lotts & Parcels of Land, 
both upland & meadow, to y* said Church belonging, to 
Secure y r Rights, To demand sue for, & Recover Damages, 
or satisfaction for wood, cutt off of said Lands, also to pro- 
cure writt of Ejection where there shall be need, & to 
prosecute whosoev r (against y' Law) Shall be found Usurp- 
ing on or deteining of Any of y l Lands or Rights of y* said 
Church, And all in y c Name of the said Chh : And also to 
Authorize Any Attorny or 


Attorneys under Them to prosecute Implead & Carry on, 
in y 1 Law & by all Lawfull Ways & means, unto full effect, 
all actions & things whereby the Lands of the Church & 
y r Rights may come to be asserted Judged Recovered & 
secured : & the Church Engage to Warrant & Defend Them 
in all they shall Lawfully Doe or Cause to be Done in the 

Also we doe Authorize & Impow r our said Attorneys to 
make Sale of all or any of Said Lotts, (that is) the Small ones 
that Exceed not the number of three acres in a Lott & to 
graunt Deeds of the Same, In the Churche's Name & Stead; 
& to purchase for the Use of the Said Church some other 
Lands, of value Equivalent, & that may be more usefull to 
y K Chh, with the mony that said small Lotts may be sold for. 

Also we the said Church doe Authorize & Impower our 
said Attorneys, to demand, sue for, & Recover & Recieve to 
the use of us the said Church & o r Successor in Said 
Church, a Certain Legacy of Three Pounds bequeathed by 
m r * Burgesse alias Gurnet to be laid out in a Piece of Plate 
for the said Church. 

Voted & Consented to & Done by the said Church of 
Dorchester this 11"' of May 1709. 

As attest J. Danforth. Pastor: Samuel Topliff, & Hopestil 
Clap R : Elders. 

Signed by Us, In the Name of the Chh, At their Request. 

Mem 1 """ The Aged & Hon ble James Russel of Charlstown 
Esqr lately deceased 

Item Major Brown of Sudbury Died May 6 th or 7 th 1709 
& was buryed May 9 th . 

Item News is Come of Her Majestys Intentions to make 
an Attack upon Canada which y c Lord Succeed to His Glory 


& N.E.~ Safety & Peace for Christs Sake if it be His blessed 
will. Amen. 

May 22. 1 72 1. At a Meeting of y' Eld r s. & Deacons. Elder 
Preston Delivered to Deacon Blake, 3 bonds from Eb. 
Maudsley for 2c/ b 5 >u principal mony & from Richard Hall & 
Henry white & His Heirs for Eleven pound principal Each 

— Mony Given to y 1 ' Church by the Honorable m r Stoughton 

— to be Improved for the Chureh 

He gave a Large & particular & Exact Account of His 
Expenses for y c Chh Amounting to — 27"'. ii' 1 '. 2' 1 & He 
delivered into Deacon Jonathan Claps hand = 30 lb & io -1 ' 
= & He Gave Account of Church Rents of Land & Interest 
of Mony Lett out on Bonds w cl ' He had received Amounting 
to 57 lb . I3* 1 '. & io' 1 . with oth c monys formerly in His hand of 
y e Chh = 16. 09. & i a So y' He has of y c Churches mony 
Still in His hand — 16. 01. 09 

He Exhibited an account of Contributions & monys for 
y° poor, & of particular Disbursements upon y'" & there 
remains in His hand of mony for the poor the summe of 
2 lb . 19. 1. 


He gave account also of a New Piece of plate given to y'' 
Church for the Lords Supper by m r Eben : Withington & 
of 2 little Lotts Sold of y* Churches, & that the mony 
thereof is in Capt. Sam 1 Pauls hands. 

Rev d m r Hobert of Newtown died. 25. 6'" 1712 Aged 
64 = g" y beloved & Lamented. He had an Hon blc funeral. 
Preached there about 40 years. Ordained 38 years. Vir 
Doctus Prudens Pacificus. 

Deacon Blake at the same time shewd & gave an Account 
how the mony was disposed of & passed from Him which 
-He had Received of Elder Clap in April the 6"' 1709, & of 
other monys since Recieved but brought not in a full Ac- 
count, not having Some of His papers about Him, but Sup- 
poses He may have 3 or 4 pounds Contribution-Mony & 
Church mony in His hands still. 

Dec. 19. 1722. Elder Preston delivered to Deacon Clap 
at the Pastor? house, the Summe of Sixteen Pounds in 
Province Bills & an account of or K u' 1 Expense in Journey- 
ing to and Returning from the Councii at Abington, & 
allowed Him for His Expenses on the Poor (formerly) in 


His Present Account, the Sumc of two pounds & Nineteen 

Item He delivered to Deacon Clap eight & twenty shil- 
lings rent from Samuel Trescot of Mony belonging to the 
Church of Dorchester. 

The Council for Norton. 29. 8. 1722 putt off unto Nov. 
13. 1722. & Then Sat at Norton. And declared 

1. That they took it as a good Sign that the Lord de- 
signed to Restore to y"' the blessing of Peace that both 
Partys had engaged to be determined by the Judgment & 
advice of the Council. 

2. That madam Leonard & Her Son were not guilty of 
Lying, in Saying to the Court at Bristol that y c Assessors 
had refused them an abatem* tho h they conditionally said 
they would make an abatement of their rates putting it off 
from time to time & not doing it. & that Brother John 
Skinner was in the wrong in Charging Scandalous Lying 
upon them, & in renouncing & abstaining from y* Comunion 
of the Chh at Norton about 2 years, & making trouble 
among them on that account. 

3. That Our Churches being in Peace do usually before 
they Censure offenders Cite y m to appear before the Chh to 
show Cause (if they can) why they should not be Censured, 
which practice is according to rule, & y c Contrary is irreg- 
ular. & That the Church at Norton passed y* vote of suspen- 
sion on Brother Skinn' that Absented from them & declared 
His Resolution not to return to y* Coriiunion except they 
would Censure madam Leonard for Lying, which the Church 
could not se light for: & that this vote was passed without 
an immediately previous Citation, lest He Appearing with 
a party to agitate y c matt r in a time of Contention it might 
have Broken the Chh all to pieces. 

However if Such a Case Should happen again so Danger- 
ous to set a Church on fire, The Council declared that there 
advice would be that the Church should not proceed to a 
Censure without the Presence & Advice of a Council of 

4 The Counsel Contended the Pastor m' Avery for Asking 
Advice of the Aged Pastor of Taunton & other ministers of 
the Association. 

5. And declared Him innocent 



of the Partiality & oth r faults Charged upon Him. And 
that He had been unreasonably and most unworthily re- 
proached & grieved. 

6. The Council advized to a Conformity unto y° Rules 
laid down from Gods holy word in y'' Synod that met at 
Boston Anno Domini 1662, in the Case of Thomas Skinner. 

7. The Council Declared against y* prosecuting in y" Law 
of any Single Evidences y' were called to Testify before y' 
Council — It tending to revive y e flames of Strife among 
y 1 " : and alledged strong Arguments in y l matter. 

8 The Concil declared that the taking of Examinations 
of Persons desirous to Come to y c Lords Table or to lay hold 
on y e Coven' belonged to y l Elders. 

9 That Complaint brought to y' Elders twas most Eligible 
they should be Exhibited in writing: And that if the Pastor 
thought fit, they might be brought to y c Church, to be there 
sifted by proper Interrogator's. 

10 They declared in these words viz We think the Pastor 
& other Elders, or in want of Elders, the Deacons, or other 
principal members, may have the first Cognizance of Cases: 

and that they should Issue such as they find issuable by 
them, according to Scripture rule : and that they are not 
bound to give the Church the first hearing of every Case, 
or of any Case ; yea of many Cases not to give them the 
— hearing at all. 

11 The Council Judged that Bro r : John Skinn r should 
humble Himself & repent, & Confesse &c and promise 
Reformation, & then they advized the Chh to take off y 1 ' 
Censure: And Charged all to live in Love & Peace & to 
Love, Hono r , Pray for, Subsist & labo r to Edify by the 
Preachings of y r pastor 

Item The Council declared in these words und r the 3' 1 

Article As for the Silential vote without Lifting up of 

hands "In Sundry Cases we Judge it the best way 

"of voting, Conducing most to the Glory of God, & the 
"peace & Good of the Church. 

and The Result of the Council was signed by m r Peter 
Thacher Pastor of Milton — moderator & m r John Danforth 
Pastor of Dorchester — & m r Joseph Baxter Pastor of Mead- 
field — & m r John Swift Pastor of Framingham — & m r 
Richard Billings Pastor of Little Compton & m r Daniel 
Preston, a Ruling Elder in Dorchester, & m r Manasseh 
Tucker a Deacon in Milton, & m r John Wadsworth a Deacon 
in Milton, & m r Jonathan Gulliver Captain in Milton & m r 



Elcazar Wheelock Captain of Medfield & M r Jonathan Clap 
a Deacon in Dorchester — & M r William Pcbody Deacon of 

Compton & M r Samuel How L 1 of Framingham & M r 

Isaac Clark L 1 of Framingham & M r George Barber 

Deacon of Meadfield. 

M"' m r Skinn r made His Confession & the Chh made Peace 
together by the blessing of God. 

Dec. 1 1. 1722. 

A Council of three Churches at Abington, viz of Milton, 
Dorchester, & the North part of Braintrey met & after 
Publick Hearing of the Case, vindicated the Pastor & Church 
at Abington & Judged W'" Hersey jun r & his wife to have 
been guilty of fornication before marriage, & if they should 
manifest Repentance, advized y 1 ' Pastor viz the Rev a m r 
Brown & the Church to allow 'em to lay hold on the Cove- 
nant & the said W'" Hersey jun r said that He never would 
deny that He had the Carnal Knowledge of Her body before 
that day that they were married together: & by Sundry 
sworn evidences it was proved that their first Child had a 
full grown body Ripe for the birth & long hair & hard nails, 
& Cryd & fed well when it was first born, tho 1 ' born but five 
months & nine days from its parents marriage, & the women 
made oath before Justice Edson & the Council before we 
went to the Meeting House, that they believed no Child 
ever attained to such ripenesse & perfections at 5 months & 
nine days from y c Conception. 

Jan ry . 30. 1722-23. At South Brantrey A Council of five 
Churches Justify'd Regular Singing: whereof were y e Elders 
& messengers of the Church at Dorchester 

Feb. 12. 1722 : 23 

The Council Justifyed the Proceedings of m r Swift the 
Pastor, & of His Church at Framingham & advised Deacon 
Hemenway to Confesse His faults & repent & reform. 


Febr. 12. 1722-23. 

A Council of 5 Churches at Framingham 

Oct. 29. 1724. A Council of Churches at Abington, 
Directed that m r William Hersey Should have baptisme for 
His Children in Abington or any other orthodox Chh upjn 
His & His wife Signing & Presenting a Confession approved 
by the Council, & laying hold on y c Covenant. 


memorandum. m r Philip withington & Deacon Hopestill 
Clap only went to that Council of all those who were Sent 
from the Church of Dorchester. 

Oct. 27. 1724 A Council of Churches at Boston of Nine 

The Pastor, Ruling Elders & 3 Deacons & m r Philip with- 
ington were present as Messengers from Dorchester Church 

The Council on Hearing of the Messengers from Ports- 
mouth & Ipswich Judged it for the Interests of Religion that 
m r Fitch Pastor of Ipswich should remove to Portsmouth in 
New Hampshire, & Sent y* Rev' 1 m r Thacher of Milton with 
Sundry others of the Council to Solicit y" Church of Ipswich 
to Consent thereunto. 

The Said Council met again at D r Mathers upon Ad- 
journm' Nov. 17. 1724. and voted that they advized m r 
Fitch to ask a Dismission from Ipswich to Portsmouth & 
advized the Chh of Ipswich to grant it to Him. but if in 
that way it could not be obtained they declare 11 that it ap- 
peared neverthelesse that m r Fitch has a Call in Providence 
to Portsmouth, to which He ought not to Return a Negative 
Answ c r. 

And y e Council further Adjourned to y r last Tuesday in 
January Next or to meet Sooner at y r Call of the Moderator. 


May. 4. 1724. Leased out to Samuel Trescot & His 
Heirs & assigns of Milton Six Acres Saltmarsh — Meadow 
by m r Wilsons Farm — for Seven Years — for 30* 1 ' pt. 
Annum, by Elder Preston, D" Blake & Cap' Paul. 

At a Meeting of the first Church in Dorch. N. E. Law- 
fully warned by y e Deacons, & Convened in the Publick 
Meeting House, May. 18. 1724: (It is Called the First 
Church to distinguish it from y* New Church at Punkapog) 

1. That y e Deacons keep y* Contribution-mony for the 
Lords Supper & the mony, & revenues appropriated to y* 
Poor & Necessitous, & the oth r Monys & Revenues of the 
Church Distinct the one from y" other, & keep distinct 
accounts of y'". 

Voted in the Affirmative. 

2. That y* Deacons advize with the Elders, & sometimes 
with some of y r Principal Brethren also (as formerly has 
been Done, what Poor Persons they should distribute to, 
& how much they should Give 'em. 


Voted in y r Affirmative. 

3. That The Deacons give account (as is Usual) from 
Time to time of the Church-Plate, of monys & rents they 
recieve, & of y* Distributions & layings out of monys for 
the Ends y l they were given to, & what mony or other 
things belonging to y 1 ' Church are in y" Deacons hands: & 
that the Same be Entred in to the Churches Book of 

Voted in y' Affirmative. 

4. That the Deacons inform themselves what Lotts & 
rights of Land do belong to the Church, & that the Same 
be Entred into y c Church-book of Records. 

Voted in the Affirmative. 

5. That it be left to y c Deacons Discretion to Let out 
mony or lands, belonging to y" Church from year to year or 
for term of years. Voted in y" Affirmative. 

6. That y l Deacons Se to y 1 ' New running of lines between 
y* Chhs Lands & y* Lots y 1 bound upon y'" voted in y 1 ' Af- 

7. That of y' Churches revenues the Deacon adde so much 
to ye 40''' bequeathed by an Aged Brother (old m r Williams) 
deceased, as may produce a midling new silver Cup for y 1 ' 
Lords Table, voted in y e Affirmative. 

8. That y" Deacons use Legal Means to secure the 
Churches Rights in that part of the Churches Lot in y" 
3 divisions & quarter at y* South End of it which m r 
Damons fence incroaches upon. 

Voted in y l Affirmative. 

9. That y L Deacons shall make Sale of a Small Church- 
lott in y c first Division, the bounds whereof are lost & the 
monys that shall be paid for y* same to be kept under Im- 
provement for the Church, & finally to be laid out in pur- 
chasing of Land for y 1 ' Church. 

voted in the Affirmative. 

10. That as to the old trees or Trees lying on y l Ground 
in y l Chlr 30 or 40 acre lot by John Davenports, & in y' 
Churches lot by m r Damons The Deacons make Sale of y B 
Shiptimber & other Timber in y'" & make Sale also of w' is 
left of y' Said old Trees & of trees broken & lying on y e 
Ground ; & that y* monys that they shall recieve for y c 
Same be kept under Improvement for the use of y l Church. 

Voted in the affirmative. 

11. That If any one of y e Deacons be ill & absent & 
attend not in y c Services forementioned, the oth r two 
Deacons Shall have Sufficient pow r to act validly in y* 
premises, voted in y c Affirmative 


12. Forasmuch as Elder Preston Deacon Blake and Capt : 
Paul Gave an account of y r Running of lines Setling of 
bounds of Church lots, & Demanding the Church-land y l 
m r Damon has fenced in, & of their Selling of 3 Small Lotts, 
one for Eleven pounds & another for Eleven Pounds, & 
another for ten Pounds, The mony und r Improvm 1 & the 
bonds for it in Capt. Pauls hands for y c Chhs use, 

That y e Said Elder, Deacon, & Captain be paid for y r 
Trouble & Labour. 

Voted in the Affirmative. 

13. It was left to Consideration whether the Church will 
give 3 or 4 pounds per Annum to Subsist y c Rev u m r Moody 
or some other in preaching at the Town of Providence. 

The meeting began & Ended with pray' & blessing. 

And the Church Meeting for their Temporal Affi rs, was 
adjourned unto the Monday of the week before the Election 
to be in Year of o r Lord one thousand Seven hundred 
twenty five if God please. 

May 22. 1724. At a meeting of y c Elders & Deacons. 
Hon d Deacon Blake gave an account of mony He had 
recieved, & of Some taken away by a Burglarer who broke 
prison at Cambridge — who is said to have dyed sice 
beyond the Seas, and there remained in His hands S ^en 
Pounds Nine shillings & 4 d Church-Mony — besides 1 hree 
pounds three shillings & six pence of Mony for the poor; 
Item He gave an account of 3 Bonds, one from Eben r 
Maudsley for 30 lb & Interest. Another from m r Henry 
White for Eleven pounds & Interest Another from m r 
Rich d Hall for Eleven pounds & Interest. Item a bill on 
y e Said bond on y e back side : 


Deacon Blake still keeps the Thirty Pound bond from m' 
Maudsley aforesaid in His Hand for the Church. The oth r 
two Bonds He delivered to the Other two Deacons for the 

Item the Three Hon d Deacons recieved of the Executors 
Df Hon d Deacon Jonathan Clap forty six pounds Eleven 
shillings & 8 d lately & seven Shillings for Rent. 

Memorandum. Deacon Hopestill Clap & Deacon Nath : 
Topliff have Each of y'" of the Chhs Mony in y r hands & 


Care — y c Summc of twenty nine pounds Six shillings & 2 d : 
Total 58. I2' h 6' 1 besides y e bonds above mentioned. 

Item Deacon Blake has a bond of 10 pounds from Isaac 
Royal with Interest. 


Item Deacon Clap has a Bond for Capt n -Paul to pay 14 
— 6* 1 ' principal with the Interest. 

Item Capt. Paul is to Get Security from m r Talbot for y' 
io" 1 & 7 years Interest in His Hands : The Articles above- 
written, all for the use of the Church. 

May 31. 1725 At a Chh Meeting voted 

1. That Capt. Pauls account of Chh Lands then Read to 
y' Chh should be recorded in this Book (Except y 4 of y' 
twelve Divisions w eh needs to be further Enquired after) 
with six acres of Salt meadow in Milton & y' Lotts in y' 
25 Divisions & in y e Supplement & in y e Swamps & Meadow 

2. Voted that y* Deacons should Clear y' part of y* Lot 
by John Davenports y' is now in fence for pasture or 
meadow & Lett it out to best advantage, also that they 
Should Sell y e Timber & oth r wood Cleard off from it & 
improve y e mony for y* Use of y e Chh. 

3. voted y' y' Deacons may lett an acre of y e Chh Lot at 
m' Damons, & not sell it at present, unto m r Damon. 

4. Voted that y* Deacon sell 3 Small Lots viz. One near 
Col. Spurs & 2 at Dorchester neck. 

& keep y e mony und r improvement for y e Chhs use. 

5. Voted y l y e printed proposals now read for an Evangeli- 
cal Chh Treasury [&c] — Esp — to subsist preaching at 
Providence be Cornunicated to y c Congregation. 

6. voted that y' Deacons represent y e Chh in Making Sub- 
divisions, & running bounds of Chh Lands in y* 25 Divisions 
& Supplement & Swamps & Meadow bottom. 

7. Voted that y c Deacons recon 13 th in publick bills 
instead of an ounce of Silver mony in bonds & that they 
take y e interest of 5 per Cent. 

8. voted & Granted ten pounds for y* Rebuilding of y* 
Revd m r Richard Math r , minister of Dorchester His Tomb — 
of Stone. The Deacons to do it. 

9. A proposal for Pray' with fasting for pardon of all o r 
Sins & for y c pouring out of y" Holy Spirit & Concerning 


Renewing o r Chh Covenant for Reformation & for bringing 
all o r People y' we can into Engagem's against particular 
Evils — Made = & refered to furth' Consideration. 

The following is a true Copie from Dorch. Town Records 
that is an Extract as attests Samuel Paul Town Clerk. 

1. In the Neck of Land called Dorchest' Neck. 

David Price 2 acres : quarters 12 rods. 

2. In the First Division 

Lot 61. David I'rice 2 acres 2 quarters 12 rods 

3. In y* Second Division 

Lot Number 32 David Price 2 acres 2 quarters 12 rods. 

4. In the 3 4 Division 

Lot Number 22. David Price 2 acres 2 quarters 12 rods 

5. In the Six Divisions April. 13. 1660. 

y original In a Single Division 
Numb' 65. present possessor ( David I'rice 2 acres. 2qrs. 12 r. J . , , 

* Church Lot }m» Tilly 4 *cres. o qrs. 30 r. \ toul *° acr * « 2 r 

6. In y* 3 Divisions & quarter. (Apr. 13. 1660.) 

present possessor ( David Price e;--u n;«ia< 2 acr - 2, \ 12r - I 2I * cr - 

Numb. 41 Church Lot } M" Tilly amgie U,V1S ' 4 acr. 30 r. Total J f. 3 6r. 

7. In y e Meadow 

David Price 2 acT$. 12 r._ , 

Present Possessor Chh Lot M™ Tilly 4 acr 30 r. 9 * 

8. In Purgatory Swamp. 

Church Lot (1.) Two acres three q". 37 rod. 

9. In y e 12 Divisions. 
Number 18. Price & Tilly. 

To the abovewritten are to be Added 

10. In y e 25 Divisions of Upland in Dorch. New Grant 
marked with y e Lett' C 

• qr nl *\ acr 

Price & Tilly 75 — o — 00 / 125. laid out in y* 23 d 

acr qr r / 

William Daniel 50 — o — 00 ) Range of Lots near wrentham 

11. In Meadow Bottom one Division & an half — Price 
& Tilly 3 acres in a single Division. John Holbrook, Tho. 
Holman, John Fenno, Price & Tille, w'" Chaplain Sam. 
Wadsworth W m Daniel Jasper Rush W" Clark. 20 acr. 1 ,r 

They take up all Governo's Meadow. 



Oct. 13. 1725. A council of three Churches at Dor- 
chester village advized them to prepare themselves, & to 
hasten the administration of y' Lords Supper among y m 
But Elhanan Lion not appearing advized y' Church to give 
Him liberty to call in 3 oth r Churches of His own Choice, 
to Join with this Council — in Council about His Matter on 
Nov. 3 next at Dorchester old meeting house. 

Nov. 3. 1725. The Council of Churches (sent for by the 
Church at Dorchester village) met according to adjournment 
at Dorchester old Meeting house & tho they could not 
obtain the presence of y* Dissenting Brethren of y e Church 
of said village nor would Elhanan Lion (tho 1 ' He had Liberty 
given) adde three other churches of His own choice) yet 
their Rev a Pastor m r Morse made such an acknowledgment 
& publick Declaration as that y e Said Council Judged it a 
sufficient Ground (on His Part) of Satisfaction & Reconcilia- 
tion : & Reconiended it as Such to y e Chh of y e said village 
advizing y m to peace, love & mutual forgivenesse & to bury 
all former faults & animositys and to keep a day of pray' & 
Also anoth' Paper was Signed wherein Matt r s of order were 
declared and matt r s of Disorder Testifyed against. 

Nov. 24. 1725. The Rev a m r Ezra Carpenter was ordained 
the 2 J Pastor of the Church in Hull. 

March 13. 17HS A proclamation was Read for a publick 
fast to be March 24. 

And Printed Proposals were read for an Evangelical 
Treasury for propagating of y e Gospel to Ungospellized 
Plantations, & a Contribution voted by y' Congregation to 
be made March 24 for m r Modey to subsist Him in preach- 
ing at Providence. 

Oct. 16. 1726. A Letter from Some Brethren in Sand- 
wich Requesting the Church to Send Pastor & Messengers 
thither to sit in Council in Nov r = But the Church inclined 
to Send none. 

Oct. 23. 1726. A letter from the north Chh in Braintrey 
to this Church to Send Pastor & Messengers to their Ordi- 
nation of m r John Hancock on Nov. 2. The Chh voted the 
officers of the Chh to goe accordingly. 

And y* Ordination was Sollemnly accomplished on y e Said 

April. 12. 1728. Friday — at a Church Meeting 

Then Voted y 1 y e Chh impower y c Deacons 


I. To Let out still to y* Dammons or any others y' Land 
y x old m r Damraon hired of y e Church, & a piece of Upland 
near to it. 

2 Item Voted *hat y* Church do Impo\v r y f Deacons for 
y' Subdividing of y r Lots in y e 12 & 25 Divisions. 

3. Item Voted that y* Chh do Impower y e Deacons to Sell 
y* wood y' is blown down in y e Chh Lot near blew Hills on 
y' right Side of y e way, & keep y e mony und r Improvem' 
for y* Churches Use. 

4. Item Voted y' y e Church Impower y* Deacons to Use 
all prop means in y* Law for Recovering y* mony y l was 
Let out , Richard Hall. 

5. Item. y e Church voted that they would not abate of 
13 sh per Ounce Difference between Publ. Bills of Credit & 
Silver mony = as to y e bond given y m by Henry White. 

Jan^ 28. 1728-29 At a Church Meeting after Lecture 

Declared y' ye ' ' ^cons have received & put under im- 
provement for y* Churches Use Fifty four pounds & nine- 
teen shillings for wood Sold in the Churches Lot by y e blew 

voted y l they would not take lesse y n 13 sh. publ. bills in 
lieu of an Ounce of Silver & So pro rata — for y e bond y' is 
to be paid by Josiah White. Item voted to Sell m r Damon 
half an acre of meadow which He has fenced & cleared. 

& voted that they would not let y r Lot in y' 12 Divisions 
nor purchase any Land adjoining to it. 


At a Meeting of the Freeholders & other Inhabitants 
of the Town of Dorchester March. 3. 1 728-29 : Lega ly 
Warned ; 

The Question was put whether the Town were willing 
that there should be another Minister called & setled as a 
Collegue with our Reve r end Pastor m r John Danforth, in 
such Manner as y e word of God, & the Province Law doth 
direct ? 

It Passed in the Affirmative. 

A true Copy from Dorchester Records — 

Attest — James Blake Junior Town-Clerk. 

March. 9. 1728-9 — Lords Day. 

The abovewritten Record was Read to the Church in 

And then the following Questions were put 

1. whether the Church be willing that there should be 


another Minister called & settled as a Collegue with their 
Pastor, in such manner as the word of God & the Province 
Law directs ? 

It was Voted in the Affirmative. 

2. whether the Church be willing, that on the Publick 
Fast Now near approaching. In the Publick Prayers, this 
Matter should be one special Article, And that the Eternal 
Fath' and y e Eternal Son (y' Glorious Head of y e Chh) and 
y' Eternal Spirit (the God of all Grace) be earnestly sought 
unto. Graciously to bestow the Blessing Desired, & to give 
the Church a Discerning of Spirits. & a Special Divine 
Guidance in all the steps that they are to take in their En- 
deavours after another Minister. 

It Passed in the Affirmative. 

3. Whether the Church be willing, in the Close of the 
Fast Service (after they have most solemnly Sought to GOD 
for Guidance) to bring in their Votes for a First Man (a 
Preacher) whom they would take into Consideration, and 
make further Trial & Probation of By Hearing Him again 
& again ? A Second & Third Person to be Distinctly Voted 
for, on the Lords Day following ? 

Voted in y" Affirmative. 

March : 20. 172S-29. Publick Fast. In the forenoon the 
Pastor preached on Psal. 68. 18, 19, 20; as Interpreted & 
Applyed by y c Apostle in Eph. 4. 7-12. Suitably to the 
occasion of Election of a Person to be put upon Probation 
for a minister. And after the blessing was given in the 
afternoon, the Church Stayed & the votes brought in were 

For m r Wadsworth — one 

For m r Stimson 

— one 

For m r Eliot 

— two 

For m r Byles 

— eight 

For m r Payson 

— twelve 

For m r Bowman 

— f ortv a 

So m r Bowman was declared to be the first in Nomination 
for Probation. 

March 23, 1728-29: The Church stayed & brought their 
votes for y e 2 U Man to be put upon probation And the 
votes that were brought in were 

For m r Coolidge — one 

For m r Champney — one 

For m r Bowes — two 

For m r Eliot — four 

For m r Byles — fifteen 

For m r Payson — thirty five 


So m r Payson was declared to be chosen to be the Second 
Preacher in Nomination for Probation. 

Then they brought their votes for a 3'' Person ; And the 
Number of votes was 

For m r Pearse — one 

For m r Wadsworth — one 

For m r Chamney — one 

For m* Powes — four 

For m r Eliot — eight 

For m r Coolidg — eight 

For m r Byles — twenty one or twenty two. one name 

badly spelled. 

And twas declared to the Church that m r Biles was 
highest in y e votes — & had but 22 votes, yet if they would 
Consent that He should be the 3 1 Person in Nomination, 
twas desired that they would Manifest it by lifting up of 
hands, and 

It Passed in the Affirmative. 


March 30 & April 6. M r Byles Preached here 

April 13 & 20 th m r Bowman preached here. 

April. 22. A fast in Dorchester to intreat Gods mercy 
about a new Minister. 

April 27 & May 4. m r Payson Preached here. 

Mav 4. 1729. The Church voted speedily to proceed to y* 
Choice of a Colleague Pastor, & were ordered to bring in 
y' votes y* next Lords Day P.M. 

May. 11. 1729. On Lords Day P.M. 
The Church stayed according to appointment & voted for 
a Colleague Pastor By written Paper votes. 

& m r Payson had twelve votes. 

& m r Byles had fourteen votes. 

& m r Bowman had fifty one votes. 

And the 3 Tellers of y* votes were y* Hon d & Aged m r 
Capen, the Hond m r Phillip Withington & the Hon" m r John 

And after that the Pastor had Declared that m r Jonathan 
Bowman was by a great Majority of Votes Chosen a Col- 
league Pastor in this Church : He Proposed that the Hon- 
oured Persons abovenamed (who were the 3 Tellers of y* 
votes) together with the Hon" Deacons should be by y* 
Church, appointed, in y* Name of the Church to lay this 


Matter before y c Hon d Select Men & y* Town according to 
the Laws, & the Church manifested their Consent to it by 
a very General lifting up of hands. 

May. 28. 1729 Election day. At a Lawfull Town Meet- 
ing The Town voted y r Concurrence with y f Church in the 
Choice of m r Bowman to be y r minister. 

June 2. 1729 The Call from Chh & Town Signed by y r 
Pastor & Clerk was Carryed to m r Bowman by y c 2 Deacons 
old m r Capen, old m r withington Capt. Wiswell, Doctor 
Danforth — m r Jos. Hall, m r Jos. Basse & Lieutenant Sevars. 

Oct. 19. 1729. The church voted y l y e first Wednesday in 
november be for y' ordination of mr Bowman, & that the 
churches following be sent to, to assist by y r Elders & 
messeng r s viz v r chh of Lexington, y* old Church of Rox- 
bury M r Eells Chh of Scittuate, y* 2 Churches of Braintrey 
The Chhes of milton & Stoughton. 

Then voted y' y r be a Contribution & w' is wanting for y' 
Charges of Entertainm' to be made up out of y' Churches 
monys in y c hands of y* Deacons ; & y 1 old m r withington 
with y e Deacons take Care of y* Entertainmt of y e Elders 
& messeng r s & oth r s y 1 Come. 

Nov. 5. 1729. The Elders & Messengers of y' Said 
Churches came & Chose m r Walter to be y r Moderator & 
to give y e Right Hand of fellowship (6c He did so) & old 
m r Hancock preached — on those words of Paul . . . there 
comes upon me daily y' Care of all the Churches. The 
Aged Pastor prayd & gave the Charge by y c Divine Help ; 
& He & m r Hancock, & m r Walter, & m r Eells, & m r Niles 
laid on Hands, on y c Reverend m r Jonathan Bowman & He- 
was Sollemnly Ordained a minister of y e Gospel & a Pastor 
of the Church in Dorchester May He Continue Him a 
great Blessing. 

Sit Gloria DEO in Xto, Nunc, & in asternum. Amen. 

May 27 1730 at a Church meeting: voted that forty 
pounds be allowed out of the Church Stock towards the 
Funeral of the Rev d . m r . John Danforth, as also twenty 
pounds to procure a mourning [suit] for the surviving Pastor. 

At a meeting of the Church In Dorchester Nov. 26"', 1734. 

1 that the Deacons give an account of the Churches Tem- 
poral Estate. 


2 that persons be chosen to audit their accounts and make 
report thereon to the Church 

3 that M r Blake, Cap'. Spur & M' Bird be a Committee 
for this End. 

4 that the Deacons make Subdivisions of the Churches 
Lands as there shall be occasion. 

5 that John Moselev & his wife be Dismissed &. recom- 
mended according to v r Desire to the Chh In Newton where 
they have removed. 


At a Meeting of the Chh of Dorchester December 24, 1734. 

The Report of the Committee chosen the 26 th of the last 
Month to audit the accompts of the Deacons was read & 

[NOTE. This is the close of the regular records of pro- 
ceedings. After fifteen blank leaves we find this entry, 
pencilled in a bold hand : 

Tho : Jordan 
Olive Corbin 
15. 3. 1706. 

Turning the book over, and looking at the top of what 
now becomes the first page (or fly-leaf), we find the follow- 
ing entries, which, though unofficial, were probably recorded 
by one of the very early clerks. The edges of the page are 

badly torn. 

] 94. Elder george [Minot] 
] 1597. M" Martha Minot His [....] 
] 1626. Their Son m r John Min [....] 
] 3. 163 1. M r Steven Minott born [....] 
] 10. 1635. M r Samuel Minott born [....] 
] 30. 7'". 1 63 1. M r W" Stoughton born [....] 
] 2"'. 1637. M™ Hannah Stoughton born /[....] 
31, 10, 1628. M r James Minot born ([••••] 
9. 10. 1653. The two last Marry ed together. 
1. 5 m . 1701. The Hon'ble W m Stoughton Lt Gov: 

Died [ ] 

anno Aeta [....] 


Proceeding now to the third folio, we find records which 
were plainly begun when the volume was first used, but 
were made at this end of the book to separate them from 
the records of proceedings. It will be borne in mind that 
they axe contemporaneous with those records, from point to 

N.B. There are numerous interpolations, in the way of 
personal and historical explanations, in a hand notably dif- 
ferent from that of the regular entries. As their matter is 
very important, and apparently trustworthy, and seems to 
the copyist to be largely the work of one of the pastors, 
Rev. John Danforth, it is given. But it is put in parenthe- 
sis to distinguish it from the official text. 




The returnes of such children as have bene baptised in 
the church at Dorchester by Comunion of churches, their 
parents one or both being members of the church at Wind- 
sore, or Hingham : 

Thomas moore 

Elizabeth more 

Azrikam Parker 

Abigail Procter 

Benjamin Richards 

Joseph Richards 

Samuel wright : I2 ,m . 3 . 1638. 

Jedidiah Stronge 2 U '. 14 . 1639. 

Jobaniah Lumberd 4 th . 23 . 1639. 

Samuell Eelles 3™. 3 Uo . 1640 

(He is Major at Hingham Anno 1704-5 & 

Justice of Peace) 

*4- 5- 37 g° e S n j Leeds born. 

(8 m 1634. Baptised Samuel Son of Roger Clap: He was 
many Yeares, Select man, & Deputy of y c Court, 
& Captain, at last Major, but gave back his Com- 
ission. He was ordained Ruling Elder febr. 3. 
1701-2 & He Rested from His Labors Oct : 16. 
1708. Aged 74 years. 
His vertuous wife Daughter of Ri : Leeds, lived with Him 

near 49 Years & deceased about 7 days before Him Aged 

about 71.) 



Baptismes Ai 

The names of such as have been baptised in the church at 
dorchester in the yeares 1637 & J638. 

Eleazar Mather 

(Preached at Boston North.) 
Hannah Stoughton 

(married after\v d s to m r James Minot) 
Eldad Kingesley - 

(became a Ruling Elder) 
Pelatiah Gloover. 

(became minister at Springfield) 
Bithiah Hawes. 
Samuel Hill 
Abigail Reede 10"". 30". 1638. 

(Removed to Rehoboth) 
nathaneel Holland 
Noah wiswall 

(Removed to Newtown — a Captain) 
Hannah ffarneworth io™. 30. 1638 

(Removed to Hingham) 
Isaack Dickerman. 

(Removed to Connecticut) 
Joseph Maudesley. 
Prudence Clapp (1 (1 1) 37) 
Sarah Clapp 

(Marryed at Connecticot) 
Nehemiah Pierce 

(Removed to Boston) 
Abigail Cogan 

(went to England) 
Hannah Jones 

(married m r Bullard of Dedham) 
James Trowbridge 

(Removed to Newtowne) 
James White 

(Joanna Capen Baptized y e 4 d (9) : 3' . [ ] ) 
Mary ffarneworth 

(marryd m r Jenkins at Boston) 
Mary Phillips 

(marryd m r Mountjoy of Boston) 


Jonathan Topley 
Mary Aldridge 

(went to Rehoboth) 
Elizabeth Rigby i rai 3 Ho 1638. 

Eleazar fflood, who since his baptisme was dismissed 
w th his parents Joseph fflood and his wiffe to the 
church at Lynne : 
John Stoughton i rai io mo 1638. 

(Dyed at Barbados) 
Sarah Hawkins i mi 24'° 16 [ ] 

(wife to y e Rev d m r James Allin) 
Rebecca Wiswall 2 di [ ] 


Baptismes at dorchester 
in the yeare 1639. 

Rebecca Wiswall : 2 dl 6 to 1639. 

borne the 3 d of same mo : about 7 aclocke in the eveninge : 

(marryed m r Curtice) 
Rest Atherton ^ 

(married to O. Swift) I a 2 gto 1639. 

Sarah Topley [ 

(marryed to Elder Copp of Boston) J 
Joseph Leedes j Twing ^ 
Benjamin Leeds ) 

> 4 a 2 d0 1639. 

Jonathan Farneham 
(Removed to Boston) 

Increase Mather ) a 2 -\° 1639 

(Dr. of Divinity Pastor in Boston) (M , Mathr '^ 

Thomas Andrewes ) 

Elizabeth Tylestone 6 a 3 to 1639 : 
(Died a maide) 

Irsael Mead ) 

went to Watertowne J 7" 2 d0 1639: 

Mary Millet : ) 

jfnathafaerke! 8 — 2 ^:.^: 

John White } 10 mo 16 th 1639 
Mary Burre : 10 mo : 23 th 1639 : 
Samuell Wilkins [ IImo:S * : l639 : 

Rebecca ffarnwoorth \ 


Bethia Hawoorth ") 

Susanna Upsall .„ t\ ■ 

tt u T r j I 12 mo: Decimo 

Hannah Leeds > 6to . 

(marryd to Capt. Clap Ruling Elder) ^ y 

Nathaniell Williams J 

Joseph Willies ) I2 m0 Vicesimo 

(went to Boston) \ 3"° 1639 

r no- sto 
Anna Waterhouse t-> '• ^ ~ 

Decimo 1040 : 

tt i. t> u 1 m0 2 do 

Hannah Purchase . • .,- „ 

vicesimo 1640 

Mahetobell Clerke \ m0 : 9 "° ^ 

decimo 1040 

(married m r Warren of Boston) 

her ffather was then not come 

ffrom old England : but m r 

Soughto declared her name 

w ch was given by her mother : 

at home : 

u 1 t 1 2 mo 6 to 

Hannah Tolman . .*..* 

vicesimo 1640 

(married m r W m Blake last 

& to m r Lion ffirst) 

Samuell Eelles. his ffather N 

(Justice (He died at Hingham,) 

of Peace) beinge memb of the church ^ nnn ,, 

of Winso' was by Comunio of 

churches baptised 

Ezra Clapp ) 3 mo 4to (23 d ) 

Praise ever Turner j vicesimo 1640 

tcomer iah Bourne S 

°'eaf s Hawkins I 4mo 4to 

•"SS.] Robinson f Decimo 1640 

Hawes J 


Baptisms at Dorchester 
in the yeare 1640 
John Maudsley 4 ti mo : 8. 

(went to Westfield) vicesimo [1640] 
Jonathan Hill 5 ti mo | . ' 

Duodecimo J n 
(Went to Bridgwater) 


anno 1640 


Experience Clapp ^™{ m0 j 1640 

Nathaniell Clapp J£eT°mo 7™ 1640 
Samuell Rigbie 8mo. vicescimo 1640 
Samuell Procto r 9mo : decimo 6 ' - 1640 

(went to Boston) 
David Zeleeke, ) (went to Newhaven) 
John Gill j 9 mo vicessimo 3ti0 1640 

(went to Boston) 
Thankefull ffoster 10 mo vicessimo 7mo 1640 

(married m r Baker of Boston) 
Elizabeth Swift 1 1 mo vicessimo 4t0 1640 
Nathaniell Gierke umo vicessimo primo 1640 

(went to Northampton) 
Mary Baker 12 mo : decimo 4 ' 1640 

(marryed m r Robinson) 
Joanna ffarnham — 1 mo : 7 timo 1641 

(went to Boston) 

MaryPeerce { x mo : decimo 4 * 164 1 
mary Houtchin \ 

Experience Upsall j vicessimo •— 1641 

Deliverance Holland ) 
Samuell Pitcher 2 mo: decimo 8to 1641 
Hopestill munnings } 

(went to England) > 2 mo : vicessimo 5t0 [1641] 
Returne munnings ) 

(went to Boston) 
Rebecca Sykes 3 mo : 9 th 164 1 

(went to Springfield) 
Jonathan Zeleekes: 3 mo: 16: 1641 

(Went to Stamford) 
Deborah Wiswall 3mo : tricessimo 1641 

She was born upo the 24 daye of the same mo beinge the 

2 daye of the weeke about 6 oclocke in the evening 
Thomas Bird 5 mo decimo 8to 1641 
Thomas Holman 6 mo vicessimo ad0 1641 
Rebecca Stoughton 6 mo vicessimo ■" 1641 

(married to m r Tailer at Boston) 
Remembrance Lippincot 7 mo: decimo 90 : 1641 

(to m r Barber of Boston) 
Experience Callicot j : (filius non filia) 
Ruth Tylestone : i 8 mo : tertio : 1641 

(married to Timothy Foster) 


Ebenezer Wiswall 8 mo dcimo 7 ' 1641 
Waitstill Clapp 8 mo : vicessimo 4to 1641 

John Whipple J mo mo i6 
Elizabeth George \ y 1 *t 

(married to Sam Rigby) 
Hannah Hill tor ^ Mt 

(married to D. Foster) 1 off] 


CCorne tom [ ] her ffather beinge dead 

° a - : [ . . . ] was declared in the congregatio 
[....] Stoughto who: was requested by 1641 

[ . . . ] mother as also to signifie the signification 10 mo 

viz : my ffather is god to intimate that it was 26 

ffatherles & of the house of mourninge : the ground or 
cause of givinge the significatio was because she had heard 
some thinge declared that it were fit fo r parents to give 
names accordinge to ther owne language 

(by the teacher) 
increase Atherton 11 mo 2 d .° 1641 

(Died at sea) 
Experience Mead: 11 mo vicessimo 3ti0 1641 

(to Boston) 
Sarah Whipple 

(To m r Smith at Providence) 
Jonathan Howard 
Sarah Pond : (to Ezra Clap) 
Nathaniell Howard 
Rebecca Jones 12 mo decimo ,3tio 1641 

(married to m r Green at Boston, Cooper) 
Nehemiah Pears 12 mo Vicessimo 1641 

(went to Boston) Anno 1642 

Hannah Newton ) ^ ,- 

Mary Newton \ ' 4 

(Crooker, Tanton) 
Increase Robinson J (went to Taunton) 
John Burd | 1 mo decimo 3 " 1642 

Mehetabel Millet of Rebecca Millet. 

1 mo vicessimo 42 
John Wilkins 

(to Salem village) 
Elizabeth Clarke 3 mo vicessimo 2d0 42 

wait a while makepeace 

(to m r Dennis at Boston) 

^12 mo : 6 t0 1641 


Israeli Phillips 4 mo : duo decimo 42 

(to Boston) 
Ruth ffarnwoorth 4 mo : decimo 90 42 : 

(to m r Puffer) 
Obedience Holland 4 mo vicessimo 6t0 42 : 

(wife to Benj. Gamline) 
ffreedome Wooward 5 mo. 

John Tollman 5 mo 31 1642 

Israeli Reed : his ffather sent him by his mother 
from Situate to be baptised at Dor. wherof him- 
selfe was member 

Experience Pitcher 7 mo : 25 : 1642 : 

Eliezar ffawer ) 

(His son Called Gibson Far at Boston) S 8 mo 2 d0 1642 
Obedience Topley ) 

Abigaill Hawkins 8 mo 9°° 1642 

(To m r Kellum & m r Foster Boston) 
Increase Turner j g mQ d imoBo l6 
Ruth Upsall ) 

(to Boston) 
Addingstill Willeyes 8 mo 22 d0 — 1642 

[Cojnstant Hawes 9 mo 22 d0 — 42 

[ . . . ]h ffarnham 9 mo 29"° — 42 

(to Braintrey) 


Abigail Hollman vicessimo io mo 42 
(To Taunton) 

Take-Heed munnings ) „:„ Qr .: mrt „do TT »«r> A *> • 
t*t 1. 4.1- »* j 1 i vicesimo 2™ nmo42. 
Elizabeth Maudsley j 

John ffrench duodecimo: 121110:42 

(went to Waymouth) 

Elizabeth Pratt decimo 9 * 12 mo 42 

(married to Roger Billings) 

^rWifSSr j vicesimo-.^ 

she was borne the 19 th day of the same mo: beinge the 
Lords Daye in the eaveninge about sunne setinge 
Mary Smith 5' 4 mo 42 

(Marryd to m r Johnson of Roxbury) 

Susan Cundliffe i mo vicecimo : nono 43 
(To Northampton) 


Mary Evens i mo vicessimo 9"° 43 : 

(Marryd to Nathan Bradley) 
Experience Clerke 2 mo 2 d0, 43 

(to Northampton) 
mehitabell Rigby vicesimo 3 ?° 2 d0 43 

(to m r Turner of Scittuate) 

John Baker J , f 2mo 
John George ) ^° 

(Died at Sea) 
Jonathan Howard vicesimo 5t0 4 mo 43 

(to Boston) 
Tho ffrench 2 d0 s^mo 43 : 

Dependance Callicot 9 th s^mo 43 : 
Ruth Swift decimo 6to [....] 43 

Jonathan Fuller vicessimo 6to rao 43 

Experience Woodward : decimo : nono : ^rao 43 

(to northampton) 
Preserved Clapp : vicesimo 6to 9 th mo 43 

(Capt : & Ruling Elder at Northampton) 
Prudence Robinson : decimo 7 " 10 10 mo 43 
Sarah Davenpo rt Tricessimo primo 10 mo 43 : 

Mathias Eavens : vicessimo *° 11 mo 43 : 

Sarah Mead : 4 to 1 2 mo 43 : 

(marryed to m r Burgesse of Boston) 
Hannah Howard Undecimo : 12 mo 43 : 

(married to m r Sam 1 Minot) 
Hopstill ffoster : 10 1 mo 44 

Ebinezer Clap j 

Samuell Whipple ) ' ^* 

(to Providence) 
Renewd Kingsley 24 1 mo 1644: 

(to Ipswich) 

Abigaill Chamberlane her father beinge a member of 
Concord but at p'sent sojerninge in Dorchester was by 
vertue of communio of churches upo her ffather Request & 
some bretheren report of him Baptized 31 1 mo : 1644 

(or James) 
Samuell Bird : 2 mo : 44 : 

Thankeff ull Atherton : 29 2 mo : 44 : 

Recompence Osburne was Baptized at D [. . .] as a mem- 
ber of the church of salem [. . .] ffather & mother were 
members : as [. . .] by a Certificate under m r Endicot [. . .] 
Governour as also : w* do [ ] decisio was this : willi 

[ ] 



[ ] salem to [Braintrey] to become Clerke of the 

Iron worke [did] for [some] small tyme sojurne w th his 
Brother [. . .] in Dorchester in w cl ' tyme the child was Borne 
and so Baptized 16 of 4 mo : 44 

Abigaill ffawer was baptized in Dorchester 30 of 5 mo 
44: \v ch daye m r mather Teacher of the church of christ 
there did predicate & cleare up the doctrine of pedo Bap- 
tisme against the Calumnous errour of the AnaBaptists 
Thomas Stoughton 




Cornelius Willeyes ^ 

Anna Holman ) 

John Dickerman \ "' ^4" 

Anna Billindge 20 8 mo 44 

(to m r Penniman) 

Samuell ffarnwoorth 27 8 mo 44 

Patience Turner 10 9mo 44 

[Lydia] Wilkins 25 9 mo 44 

(to mr. Mills) 

Mary Pitcher 30 9 mo 44 

(wife to Isaac Rush) 

Ruth Tollman 7 10 mo 44 

(to Isaac Ryall) 

Nathaniell Maudsley 16 12 mo 1644 

Rebecca Smith 22 12 mo 1644 

(to m r Nash of Boston) 


Tho Davenport N 

John Pellton 

Waitstill Wyat 

> 2 d0 i mo 1645 

(to Capt. Vose) 

Mary Humphreys J 

Eliezer Hawes 9 rao 1 mo 1645 

Joseph 1 

et > ffarnham : 23 : 1 mo 1645 

Beniami ) 

Lydia Wiswall 132 mo 45 : 

Prudence Holland 25 3 mo 45 : 

Sarah Baker ) 

Abigaill : Rigby j 

22 4 mo 45 : 


Mary Swift 

21 7 mo 45 

John Baker 

28 7 mo 45 

Mary Billindge 

23 9 mo 45 

Experience Clap ) 
Mary George ) 

21 10 mo 45 

John Howard i 
Anna Evens ) 

4 n mo 45 

[Ebenezer] Hill ) 

[ ] Preston > 

15 12 mo 45 

[Eliza]beth Curtise ) 


Anno 1646 

Increase Clerke 

1 — 1 mo — 46 

Eliezer Whipple 

8 — 1 mo — 46 

Thankfull Baker J 

Preserved Trot > 

19 — 1 mo — 46 

Abigaill Pond ) 

Patience Mead : 

29 — 1 mo — 46 

Waitinge Robinson 

26 — 2 mo — 46 

Samuell Topley 

10 — 3 mo — 46 

Cornelyus Tylestone 

17— 3 mo — 46 

Nathaniell Callicot 

24 — 3 mo — 46 

Hope Atherton 

30 — 6 mo — 46 

Patience fibster 

16 — 6 mo — 46 

Bethia Willet 

2 — 6 mo — 46 

Thankfull Woodland 

9 — ;„6 mo — 46 

Experience Willies 

9 — 7 mo — 46 

Hannah Clap : ) 
Joseph Makepeace j 

20 — 7 mo — 46 

Nehemiah Clap 

10 — 8 mo — 46 

Susanna Daniell 

18 — 8 mo — 46 

Samuell Hollman 

6 — 10 mo — 46 

John Phillips j 
Samuell Pellton ) 

25 — 11 mo — 46 

Anno. 1647 : 

Samuell ffarnwoorth. J 
Rebecca Tollman { 


30 — 3 mo — 47 

Thomas Willkins 

16 — 3 mo — 47 

John woodwoorth 

18 — 5 mo — 47 

Ruth Pitcher 

25 — 5 mo — 47 

Abiell Howord 

8 — 6 mo — 47 

Ephraim Newton : 

19 — 7 mo 47 


Elizabeth Smith : 19 — 10 mo — 47 

(Anna Swift 14 — 9 m0 — 47 

Hopestill Clap 6—10 —47 

Ebenezer Williams - - - - 47) 


Anno 1648 

[ . . . ]ary Whipple 9 — 2 mo — 48 

Naomy Tylestone 7 — 3 m0 — 48 

Abigaill Holbrooke 21 — 3 mo — 48 

Sarah Lane 28 — 3 mo — 48 

Samuell Bate 19 — 4 mo — 48 

Nathaniell Wyat 2 — 5 mo — 48 

John Daniell 6 — 6 mo — 48 

Mary Brecke 13 — 6 mo — 48 

Martha Hill 20 — 6 mo — 48 

[mar]tha woodland 3 — 7 mo — 48 

Patience Hollman 
Preserved Callicot 

28 — 1 1 mo — 48 

Johnffoster j 10— 10 mo — 48 
Susanna Clap ) 

mary waye 14 — ll m0 — 4& 

mary davenpo rt 21 — 1 1 mo — 48 

(Samuell Capen y e Sonne of John Capen was baptized y e 
6 d (6) 48 at Brantry by vertue of Communion of Churches, 
he being borne at that towne : his ffather & mother being 
members of this Church of Dorchester) 

(Samuel Trescot born Nov. 4. 1646 & is by Gods mercy 
an active man in febr 172I.) 


Anno 1649. 

Margaret Wilkins : 10 — 12 mo — [48] 

Hopestill Humphreyes 10 — 4 m0 — [49] 

Looke for Jo withington in the yeare [49] 
John woodland ) ,„ K ^ n , rt . 
Sarah Burd | I26mo 49. 

Bathsuba Tylestone : 16 — 7 mo 49 
Daniell Preston 7 — 8 mo 49 
Thankeffull Boulton 14 — 8 mo 49 


Beniarain wiswall 

mary . 

John merrifeild ^>i6 — 2 mo 49 



John minot : 

James swift 

Rebecca Ireland ) ' ^ 

mary Holbrooke 17 1 mo 50 

place this in 50 and pdon ye escape. 

(Ebenez : Williams Son of Roger williams born in January 
1649. as He saith His moth's name was Lidia Bates He 
was Baptized by m r mather.) 

• Anno 1650 

mahitobell Hill ) Q T „ e ^ 
Abigaill Newton j I8— I2 — 5 ° 
John withington 1 — 5 mo 49 
pdon this escape : 

John Brecke ) 

Elizabeth Baker j * 7 8 mo *° 

Wait Clap j 1 mo <;o 

Barnerd Capen [ * 

Leuitenant Clap declared the Reason why he called his 
child (wait) was because he did suppose the ffall of anti- 
christ was not ffarre of: 
Hannah merrifeild ^) 
Elisha ^ 

malachy I Hallowaye >7 — 2 mo 50 
nehemiah f 

Ester J J 

Anna Davenpo rt 29 — 10 mo 50 
John Pitcher 11 — 6 mo 50 
Samuell Badcocke^l 

David Mead I m0 — eo 

mary Daniell r/""5 5 

Rebecca Gill J 

Jonathan Billindge) 6m0 

Ihankes Clapp ) J J 

Aron waye 6 — 8 mo 50 

this daye brd Pears Request [for] dissmission was made 

knowne [where]upo the trouble Rose 

mary Holbrooke 17 [ .... ] 

the same [....] 



Anno 1650. 

f . . . ] wiswall ) 

r i 1 9 — 4 mo 50 

[ . . . Jer waye ) * ^ J 

[ ; . . j Ireland 20 — 8 mo 50 

Releiffe Holland 16 (3) 50 

(James Foster y e Son of Captain Hopestill Foster, & of m™ 

mary Foster His wife, was born April 13. 165 1. & Baptized 

.... following.) 


Anno 165 1 

William Clapp | , . % 
John Butler j D "* < 5 ' 
Sarah Howard \ _ /-x ... 
Mary Lyon { 20 ® *> l 
Bethia Legar 10 (6) 51 

She was an inhabitant of Boston but her mother was at 
her ffather Blake house in dorchester when she was borne 
and there laye in 
Watchinge Atherton 24 (6) 5 1 
Samuell Mather \ 

Ebinezer Withjngton > 7 (7) 51 
Anna Smith ) 

John Preston 14 (7) 51 
Onesiphorus Tylestone 19 (8) 51 
John Triscott \ 

Samuell / -r,.,,. , > 26 (8) 51 
Ebinezer j Blllmd S e \ 
Samuell Pears 8 (12) 51 
Susanna Swift 15 (12) 51 
Noah Mason 22 (12) 51 

but this noah was borne some space before the 2 before him 
but had been defferred : in point of Baptisme : 
Henry Wilkins ^ 
Jonathan Badcocke I / v 

JohnWeekes f 7 K)5 

Anna Blake J 

but Jonathan was some weeks or months older than any of 
the rest and was kept untill this tyme & 
Martha Wiswall was borne the three and twentieth of the 


Last moneth ffifty one about eleaven of the Clocke at r.ight 
& was baptized upon the 

14(1) 52 
The same daye from the Counsell of new England was 
published Certaine Reasons or grounds whereupo they Re- 
quire the Churches in new England to keepe a daye of 
thanksgiveinge unto god for mercy vouchsafed to old Eng- 
land especially that overthrow at wocester the thanksgive- 
inge daye is to be the 17 (1) 52. 


[Nat]haniell Pitcher { „ M 

Mary Merrifeild \ «« W 5* 

[. . .] same daye Testimony Concerninge James Blake et 
uxor eius. William Sumner & Isaac Jones was demanded 
from the Church (of the 3 some thinge was said : in com- 
endation but of the Last nothinge) 
Isaac Humphreyes 2 (3) 52 

William Whipple 16 (3) 52 

John [Hamon] 20 (4) 52 

Elizabeth Sumner 27 (4) 52 

Mary Capen 11 (5) 52 

(& dyed y e 8 of ffeb 78) 

Hannah Callicott 15 (6) 52 

James Blake ) _„ . ,^ „_ 

t u -a • t 22 (6) 52 

John Browne J w 

Elhenan Lyon 3 (8) 52 

[Samuell Blake] 

Samuell Lawrance 

Mary Blake 

Charles Davenpo rt 7 (9) 52 

Thomas Jones 9 (11) 52 

Nathaniell Mather ) ,_ > 

William Waye j 3 ° l " ,5Z 

Anne Ireland 13 (12) 52 

Anno Dom 1653 

Robert Howard 27 (1) 53 

10 = 8 — 52 

3 (2) 53 

Nathaniell Glover 

Sarai Ellen 

Mary Daniell 10 (3) 53 

Margaret Rodgers 24 (3) 53 

Elizabeth Brecke 


Hopstill Layeland 29 (3) 53 

Mary Lane 7 (6) 53 

Elisha ffoster 24 (6) 53 

James Minor. i o M 

Elizabeth Weekes j I0 l7; 53 

Henry withingto 11 (8) 53 


Samuell Clerke 23 (8) [ . . .] 

The same day Prudence Gatliffe daughter of Thomas Gat- 

liffe [miller] of the Tyde milne in Dorchester by Comunion 

of Churches Baptized [ . . ] Dorchester Church her mother 

being a member of the Church of Boston 

Elizabeth Rush 30 8 53 

Sarah Pond 4 (10) 53 

Richard Mather • 25 (10) 53 

James Badcocke ) ._ ,,* „, 

Sarah Trott j I2 (l) 54 

same daye William Robinson was excomnicated for La- 

civiousnes upon the Accusation & witnes of mary Atherton 

& her two daughters sister Holland Goodwiffe [wales] 

Weekes & Bates & ffor his obstinacie in not heareinge the 

church haveinge beffore admonished him: & the same daye 

Lewetenant Clap infformed the church that there was some 

offence in [some] takeinge y m selves from church to their 

offence: w rh beinge seconded by Henry Cundliffe it came to 

passe y' John Peares & John [Kinsley] were publickly named 

as those that were to give an accompt of their absence to 

y e CongregatiS : mr mathers text y l day was from y e 10 

leviticus 3 vers: 

Patience /".therton 2 (2) 54 

James Baker . 30 (2) 54 

Mary Sumner 7 (3) 54 

(married to nicholas How & after to John Trow. Died febr. 

16. \jo% at Newport.) 

Patience Triscott 14 (3) 54 

Thomas Lawranson 28 (3) 54 

Beniamin Whipple = 4 (4) 54 

The 7 of 4 54 Hester wiswall was borne about 10 of the 

Clocke in the fforenone & Baptized 1 1 (4) 54 

Elizabeth Blake 9 (5) 54 

(she dyed 24 8 54) 


Same daye bro smith was beffore chu & the boy his ser : 
but came of very pooerly beinge very drye &c 
Thomas Merriffeild 30 (5) 54 

Joseph Clapp 13 (6) 


Sarah Blake 15 = (8) 54 

James Capen j 

Susanna Brecke \ ^ J ^ 

Nathaniell Lyon 31 (10) 54 

John Glover J , . , 
Mary Peltoni l8 -( I2 ^4 

Same daye John Smith and his wiffe were Excomunicated 
ffor Comitting ffornincatio together beffore marriage w ch was 
ffound out by the birth of ther child albeit they beinge ques- 
tioned ffor it beffore the Church did Conceale their sin : 
untill god palpably charged it upd y m by that means. 


11 (1) 54 or 55 

There havinge beene in o r church some Consideratio what 
state members children are to be Considered in : in the 
church where they are Baptized it came to vote & by divers 
was voted y' they were members & that haveinge children 
they should have y m baptized if y ni selves did take hold of 
their ffathers Covenant (but w l that takeing hold of Cove- 
nant is, was not Clerely agreed upon) 

albeit y m selves beinge examinyed were ffound neither ffit 
ffor the Lords table nor voteinge in the Church but this & 
other thinges seemed strange and unsaffe unto Divers in 
Conclusio soe it was 4 Lres were sent to the churches of 
Boston Roxbury Dedham & Braintree to intimate unto y m 
w' was by us intended if in the space of a month or 6 weekes 
we did not heare Reasons from y m against or y l it would be 
offensive now y e 1 1, (1) 54 there came 3 Lres one fro Boston 
Dedham & Roxbury in all w ch after kind and Religious salu- 
tations we ffind [ ] Boston desires Rather ourffor- 

bearance & declares ther 2 votes up5 w' we had done Ded- 
ham sees not Light to goe so farre as we & Roxbury though 
divers of y m ffeare it might make th [ ] & 


bring in time the Corruption of old England w ch we fried 
ffrom yet have voted that they see noe cause to diswade us : 

Boston Lre signed 
by m r John wilson Pastor 
(Elders) f Thomas Oliver 

< William Colbourne 
( James Penn 
by m r Allen (Pastor 

or Teacher) 
m r Huntinge 
by m r John Eliot (Teacher) 
m r Samuell Danforth 

(Elder) Isaac Heath 

17th (12) 55 

the daye abovesaid Edward Brecke was called upon the 
church why after so much waiting they did not put in prac- 
tice their argmt about Baptizinge church members children 
w ch not in ffull Comunio as he speakes : m r mather an- 
swered Reason was double ffirst 2 churches not willinge 
of o r practice 2 none [rendered] up5 churches Conclusi5 
but Edw answ r in Conscience he thought we Rather neg- 
lect o r knowne duty then to offend those meaninge (the 2 
churches that were erroneous in their argment 

upo 8 (1) 55 the case abovesaid being in que againe Elder 
withington made a motid that m r mather might have [liberty] 
to baptize whom he would only [ . . . ] be for a moneth or 
the like defferr[ed] [ ] such 


[as were] not cleare might make thear [....] knowne by 
word or writinge to [m r ] mather goodman wales seemed [to] 
thinke & so did speake that the waye [was] too strait as 
m r mather intended & bro sumner expressed upo the 7 & 12 
ppositions but all was stayed at p r sent upo bro ffoster desire 
that m r mather he beinge to speake next upo 1 of 25 gene : 
would please to speake of abrahams sons by katurah how in 
abraham Covenant 


upon 17 (6) 56 m r mather deliveringe this point that the 
church ffor state now in the gospell theire was a kingdome 
yea a kingdome of heaven & must be soe preached by the 
ministers did psente an eight ffould use of informatio the 
ffirst whereof was that men might Convert & Come into 
church state & in the Eight [breach] that men must use all 
meanes that they might have the priviledges & beneffits of 
the kingdome viz they must Repent & beleave : 2 Scriptures 
pduced one out of marke & the other out of the acts 

now my questio is how this 
. . votes of church 

[Several lines illegible.] 


(1) 54 or 55 Mary Bates daughter of James Bates baptized 
her ffather beinge then [from] home gone ffor England by 
waye of virg[inia] her Grandffather — Elder withingto gave 
her a name : 

The same day a Lre ffrom Tanton was Reed to intreate 
some helpe of Elders & bretheren ffro us & Roxbury to give 
Counsell in a matter of difference ffallen out amonge y m 
Hopestill ffoster John wiswall were then nominated as the 
bretheren to goe m r mather ffor the p r sent not determined 
the daye of their beinge at Tanton is 28 th of this instant 

Mary Blake 25 — (1) — 1655 

Hannah Daniell 22 (2) 1655 

This daye John Smith & his wiffe were both Receaved 
againe into the church haveinge beene Excomunicated have- 
inge beene before the church the 15 th daye & upon some 
scruple about her both were defferred & this daye she got 
hardly in some ffor her some against her & some neuters : 
Thomas Clap j , . 
Mary Pitcher j ~ 9 {2) SS 

same daye was a speciall Contribution ffor br5 william 
daniell haveinge his house burned the 7 th of this instant & 
the most of what he had Consumed 

17 th (4) 55 
Richard Waye sonne of Richard waye was baptized his 
ffather beinge at p'sent a member of salem church though 
Removed thence & intending to Rejoyne to us againe so 
soon as opp'tunity should serve thereffore his Baptisme was 
declared to be by y' Comunid of Churches that is among us 


same daye mary Smith was Baptized her Baptisme havinge 
beene defferred upo the Excomunicatio of her ffather & 

In June was sicknes whereof almost all were ill I have 
not seene so few at meetinge upo noe occasion, nor so much 
Coughinge as then. 
Abigaill davenport 8 (5) 55 

Cornelius Tylestone ( , . 
Beniamin Allen j * 5 {S) 5S 

Isaac Jones 29 (5) 55 


william Weekes 26 (5) 55 

Mahalaleel Muninges 9 (7) 55 

was borne the 4 th daye beinge the 3 d of the weeke 

about 11 or 12 a clocke at night & Baptized as 

abovsaid he was borne at his grand ffather wiswall 


Nathaniell Butler ( m 

Sarah Rodgers j I4 W 55 

William Ireland 16 (10) 55 

Ebinezer Billindge 6 (11) 55 

Katheren Mather 13 th (11) 55 

Mary ffoster 10 (12) 55 

Samuell Pond ) , . , 

Elizabeth Lane j I0 (l) 55 

Abigaill Badcocke 27 th (2) 56 : 

She was baptized in a Coat being about 3 moneths old as I 

heard her ffather speake : 

sacrement daye 

Ruth wiswall 

15 (3) 56 

so 15 (4) 56 

Elizabeth Baker 29 (5) 56 

Hester Clap l lf ^ ^ 

Abigaill Merriffeild j 3 <°' 5 ° 

Same day uncatye bussines was [debated] upon and a vote 
to show what app'batio the church give to their practice 
there w oh was not clearely determined & p'ved but at a 

venture they Condemned them for [ ] some Re- 

turne was made in waye of deffense by bro Callicot object- 
inge their dilligence to p'cure an able minister such as the 
church calls for (sent Henry Butler) &c. & that for encor- 


agment or wages they were Ready though to treble chardge 
at Dorchester but their state condem i as noe able minister 
2 and destructione to gods worship 3 against goverment 
Comand but theise 3 are all Capable of answ & confutatio 
Elizabeth Withington 24 (6) 56 


Samuell ffarnworth ) / \ r ^1 
Elizabeth Weekes j I4 {7) l5 ° J 
David Whipple 28 (7) 56 

John Smith 12 (8) 56 

Jonathan Waye 
Unite Clap 19 (8) 56 

Elizabeth Waye { tfi /tf \ -< 
Elizabeth Boulton j I8 {ll) 5 ° 
Richard Hall 25 (11) 56 

william Blake 1 (1) gf 

Preserved Capen 8 (1) £7 

14 (4) 57 
the daye abovesaid wer 6 Baptized ffoure of Gamalliell Bea- 
mond Children p'sented by their mother who only is member 
in whose Right they were Baptized 3 of y m beinge growen 
up were very backward especially the Eldest m r mather 
came downe unto the deacon seat their names wer as ffol- 

Thomas Beamond 8 yeare old 

John Beamond 6 yeare old 

Gamalliell Beamond 4 yeare old 

Mary Beamond she sucked on her mother not weaned : 

277 57 
Hannah muninges her ffather then not come ffrom England 
same daye Martha minott p'sented by her ffather — though 

he was noe memb accordinge to our church order : but a 

Corruptio Creepinge in as an harbenger to old england 

p r actice viz. to make all members : (vv ch god p'vent in mercye 

Elizabeth Weekes 17 — (8) — 57 

Thankffull Rush 1—9 — 57 

Rodger y e sone of Rodger | . Q) 

bellenge baptized y e — ) 

Johnathan y e sonne of | , % 

Richard Way— j 3 {ll) 57 

Elizabeth & Martha the j * * 

daughters of William pond ) V / 5/ 



58 Baptismes 

Susanna y c daughter of / ~ ., v R 

petter Lyon baptized j " ^ ' 5 

Ann y e daughter of ) , N Q 

Nicholas Ellen \ 9 (3) 5 * 

Nathaniell y e Sonne of Robert Badcoke 6 (4) 58 

Isacke y e Sonne of Richard Curtice & patience y e ) / \ R 

daughter of Nicholas Lauerence ) ™ 5° 

Rebeckah y e daughter of Job Lane Baptized 4 (5) 58 

Nathaniell y e Sonne of Timothy Mather 5 (7) 58 

Comfort y c Sonne of Hope-still ffoster & Eliza- ) .«. ~ 

beth y c daughter of James Blake j 3 W $* 

Mahittabell y e daughter of Jeremy Rodgers 10 (8) 58 

Hannah y c daughter of Isacke Joanes 21 (9) 58 

George y e Sonne of William weeks 5 (10) 58 

Waitstill y c daughter of John Smith 12 (10) 58 

Joseph y e Sonne of Jn° Capen 2 d (1 1) 58 

(The Revd. m r Joseph Capen died June 30. 1725. 

Pastor of the church at Topsfield) 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Edmond Browne g d (n) 58 

Samuell Sumner y° Sonne of Rodger Sumner 13 (12) 58 

The same day was John Capen ordained Deacon 

John Wiswell y e Sonne of Enock wiswell 20 d (12) 58 

Beniamin y e Sonne of Henery Merrifeild 27 (12) 58 


Johnathan y c Sonne of Tho : Davenport 13 (1) 5! 

Sarah Beaman, daughter of Gamaliell Beaman & ) , , 8 

Sarah Clarke y c daughter of William Clarke \ w 5s 

phillip y e Sonne of Richard Withington and ) , , 8 

Jacob & Samuell Hewens \ / w 5o 

Johnathan y e Sonne of Rich : Haall 10 (2) 59 


Dorchester Church Book 

1659 Baptismes 1660 

Samuell y e Sonne of 

William Daniell Baptized y e 24 (2) 59 

Abigail y e Daughter of Edward Clap i d (3) 59 


Nathaniell y e Sonne of William Blake Jun r 

Baptized y e io d (5) 59 

Hanah y e Daughter of William Sumner Jun r 

being borne about a month before at Boston 

& baptized y e io d (5) 59 

t u ..1. p / Blackman y e Children of 

Johnathan & > T , u , / d , . 

Sarah ) J ohn Blackman l 7 (5) 59 

Judith y e daughter of William pond Baptized y e 13' 1 (8) 59 
Elizabeth y e daughter of Rodger Belleng Baptized y e 27 (9) 59 
Sherebiah y e Sonne of Henery Kibby Baptized y e 8 (10) 59 
on a publique day of thanksgiving & he gave y e reason of 
his nameing his Sonne by y' name : \v ch was because he had 
p r vailled with god by prayer for him 


Mercy ; y e Daughter of Ralph Huchenson Baptized y e 4 th of 
the 1 Mo 5 6 9 her mother being a member of y e Church at 
Boston & her father being a non-member 
Johnathan y e Sonne of Daved Joanes baptized y e 11 of y e 

(1) 5o°o I 

Thomas y e | Sonne of Isack Joanes baptized y e 18 of y e (1) $,f 

Susanna y 9 daughter of Aron Way baptized y e 1 day of y e (2) 

month 16^0 being about 2 or 3 months old at this time but 

not baptized tell now being borne at y e farme wher they 

now live^ 

Thankful the daughter of Amiell weecks 

baptized y e 29 (2) 1660 


Baptismes 1660 

J h ( Garnesy baptized the 29 of y e (2) 60 

y e elder being about 12 years old & the other about a yeare 
& half younger 

Ickabod y e Sonne of Jeremy Rodgers his mother being re- 
moved to Nashavvay but brought hether to be 
baptized the 27 (3) 60 

Theophelus y e Sonne of m r William Poolle his father & 
mother being members of y e Church at Tanton by com- 
munion of Churches was baptized the 3 of y e (4) Mo 1660 
Johnathan y" Sonne of James Blake baptized y" 15 (5) 1660 
Nathaniell y° Sone of Nicholas Laurenc Baptized y e 12 (6) 1660 


[Mary] y c Dafter of Jacob Hevvens baptized y c Same day 
Renew y c Daughter of William VVeikes baptized y e 19 (6) 60 
John y c Sonne of Samson Mason baptized y e 23 y c (7) 60 
being about 4 years old when he was baptized because his 
father in his Judgment was & is against y° baptizing of in- 
fants yet he being at Seaconck doe p'mite y' bro r Gornell (w th 
whom y c Child doe dwell) may bring it forth to be baptized 
Samuell y e Sonne of Thomas Trot baptized y e 7 of ye (8) Mo 60 
being about 4 or 5' weecks old 

Caleb y e sonne of Robert Badcock baptized y e 21 (8) 60 

at 2 or 3 months old. 


1660 1661 

Supply the Sonne of Rogger Clap baptized the 4 of y* (9) 1660 

Stand-fast the Sonne of Hopstill ffoster baptized the 25 (9) 


Mary y Daughter of Thomas Moadesly 

baptized y e 6 of y e (1 1) 60 

The 13 of y e (11) 60 was baptized Martha the daughter of 
William Trescot & Knock the Sonne of Enock Wiswell 

The same day was dismissed Richard Collicot & his wife 
to Joyne to y e new Church at Boston 

Also Abraham Staple dismised y e same day to Joyn to y e 
Church at Waymouth 

Deliverance the daughter of John Smith baptized the 
24 (12) 60 being about a month old 


Ebenezer the Sonne of petter Lyon baptized the 3 d (1) 61 
Ebenezer the Sonne of Tho : Davenport baptized y e 28 (2) 61 
Martha y e daughter of Henery Merifeild was 
baptized y e 28 (2) 61 

but was borne about 2 months before 

Joshua the Sonne of Edward Clap baptized the 12 (3) 61 

Joseph y e Sonne of Timothy Mather baptized y e 26 (3) 61 
Joseph y e Sonne of John Blackman baptized y e 30 (4) 61 

Samuell y e Sonne of Edmond Brown ^baptized y e 21 (5) 61 
John y e Sonn of Job Lane Baptized y e 18 (6) 61 being above 
a quarter of a year old by reason of ther dwelling soe remote 
Joseph y e Sonn of Joseph Homes: baptized the 17 (9) 61 
Constant y e daughter of Richard Withington y e same day 



1661 1662 

Thankfull y e Daughter of William pond baptized y e 19 (n) 61 
Ebenezer the sonne of Isacke Joans baptized y c 9 (12) 61 
being borne at boston about 7 or 8 weeks afore 

The same day was baptized Experience y e daughter of 
Rich : Haalle 

Samuell y e sonne of Samuell Clap baptized y c 23 (12) 61 

Elizabeth y e daughter of James Trobridge baptized y e 16 (1) 6h 
being about a yeare & quarter old at that time y c wife being 
a member 

Hanah y e daughter of Enoch Wiswell baptized y e 6 (2) 62 
Edward y c sonne of William Blake baptized y e 13 (2) 62 

James y e Sonne of James Bate was baptized y e 20 (2) 62 

Zipporah y c daughter of Roger Belleng was 
Baptized ye 22 (4) 62 

being about a month old : at y e birth of whom her mother 

Mindwell y e daughter of James Trobridge Baptized y e same 

Nicholas the Sonne of Nicholas Lauerence 
baptized y e 29 (4) 62 

Israeli \ minot the Sonnes of 
George & > James minot weer all 

James ) baptized the 20 (5) 62 

ther mother being lately admitted into full Communion : the 
first being about 6 years & 3 quarters old the Second 

& the theird about 3 years old 
Steven the Sonne of John Minot baptized y e 17 (6) 62 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Jacob Hewens baptized the 31 (6) 62 
Elizabeth y e daughter of David Joans baptized the 14 (7) 62 


1662 1663 

The 21 of y e (7) 62 ther was baptized William y c Sonne of 
James Minot y e wife being a member & 
Amiell y e Sonne of Amiell Weeks & 
Sarah y e daughter of William Trescot 

Hanah y e daughter of John Capen baptized the 5 of y e (8) 62 
being borne the 1 of y e (8) 62 in y e morning as soons as it 
was day light 

Jane y e daughter of William Weeiks baptized y e same time 
Thomas y e Sonne of Thomas peirce baptized y e 26 (8) 62 
being about 3 months old y e wif a member 


Samuell y c Sonne of petter Aspenall baptized y e 16 (9) 62 
Samuell y c Sonne of John Smith baptized the 28 (10) 62 

Elizabeth the Daughter of Joseph Homes and 
Hanah y e daughter of Richard Baker weer both of them 
baptized y e 1 1 of y e (1 1) 62 

MATHER baptized at Boston (By old m r Wilson) y e 15 
(12) 62. being borne there (He has been abt 20 years 

Pastor of v e North Chh in Boston 

Anno 1705.) 
Richard y c Sonne of Hope-still ffoster baptized y e 29 (1) 63 
Increase y c Sonne of Thomas Moadesly baptized y c 26 (2) 63 
Ebenezer the Sonne of Robbert Badcock baptized y e 5 of ye 
(5) 63 being about 7 months old when he was baptized 
Petter y e Sonne of petter lyon baptized y c 6 (7) 63 

Atherton Mather y e Sonne of Timothy Mather 
baptized the 4 (8) 63 

Mary y e daughter of John Blackm[an] was 
baptized y e 18 (8) 63 


1663 1664 

Hopstill the sonne of Robbert Badcock baptized y e 8 (9) 63 

Elizabeth y e daughter of James Minott Baptized y e 27 (10) 63 

his wife being a member 

Daniell y e Sonne of Daniell ffisher baptized y e same time 

his mother being a member 

Experience y e daughter of Will" 1 pond & Maryy* daughter of 

Isack Joans baptized y e 3 of y e (1 1) 63 

Mary y e daughter of George Sumner baptized y e 21 (12) 63 

being about 10 days old at that time 

John y e Sonne of Samuell Clap and Margeret y e daughter of 

James bate weer both baptized y e 19 (4) 64 

y e wife of y e latter being a member 

Nathaniell y c Sonne of Joseph Homes baptized y e 10 (5) 64 

being about fortnight old or better y e wife being a member 

Henery y c Sonne of Henery Merrifeild baptized y e 31 (5) 64 

being about 3 quarters old: and his wife being a member 

Rebeckah y e daughter of Nicholas Lawerenc 

baptized y e 11 (7) 64 

George y e Sonne of William weeks was baptized y e 2 (8) 64 

and Moses y e Sonne of William Chaplain y e same time his 

wife being a member 

John y e Sonne of Tho : Davenport baptized y 9 20 th (9) 64 



David y c Sonne of David Joans was baptized y e 27 (9) 64 

John y e Sonne of Thomas Trot baptized y e 4 (10) 64 

Oliver y e Sonne of Enoch Wiswall baptized y* 29 (11) 64 

Martha y e daughter of Steven Minot was 

baptized y e 5 of (1) 6| 

being about 9 or 10 yeers of age his wife being lately 

admitted into full Communion 

Sarah y e daughter of John Smith baptized y e . 23 (2) 65 : 

[Mary] y e daughter of Thomas perce baptized y e 30 (2) 65 

his wife being 



a member & y e Child about 7 or 8 weeks old when baptized 

Mary y e daughter of Thomas Moadesly baptized y e 7 (3) 65 

Hannah y e daughter of Rb Badcock baptized y e 28 (3) 65 

being about a quarter yeer old 

Ebenezer y e Sonne of Amiell Weeks baptized y e same day 

being about fortnight old 

Mehitabell y e daughter of Steven Minot baptized y e 18 (4) 65 

& Experience y e daughter of William Blake y c Same day 

Elizabeth y e daughter of William Trescot y c 2 (5) 65 

Samuell y e Sonne of John Minot Baptized y° 9 (5) 65 

Rebeckah y e daughter of John Lewice Baptized y e 27 (6) 65 

y e father being a member of y e Church at Lanchaster rec- 

omended unto this Church 

The same day was Sarah y e wife of Timothy Tilston baptized 

who was not baptized till now & this day was first admitted 

a member in full Communion Timothy y e Sonne of Timothy 

Tilston baptized y e 3 (7) 65 being about a yeere old Ruth y e 

daughter of Timothy ffoster baptized y e same day being about 

half yeer old Israeli y" Sonne of petter Lyon baptized y e 

same day also 

Mehittabell y e daughter of James Minot baptized y e 17 th (7) 

65 his wife being a member in full Communion 


Baptismes 1665 1666 

The 10 th of y e (10) 65 was baptized thes p'sons viz : 
Obediath y e sonne of Obediah haaws aged between two and 
3 yeers old and James y e Sonne of Obediah Haws 
preserved y* Sonne of Samuell Sumner aged about 6 yeers 


& Rebeckah aged 4 yeers & Mary aged about two yeers all 
thes three y c Children of Samuell Sumner, alsoe 
Susana y e daughter of John Capen Jun r aged yeere & \ and 
Sarah y e daughter of James White all thes baptized the 10 th 
of y e (10) 1665 

The 24 th of y e io ,h M° 1665 was baptized the Children of 
Robt Spur who was latly admitted a member Viz 
Mary aged who was a maryed woman 

Johana aged 
Waitstill aged 
Elizabeth aged 
John aged 

Robert aged 
patience aged 

all thes y e Children of Robt Spurr 
Benjamen y e Sonne of John Blackman the 31 : (10) 6$ 
Georg y e Sonne of William pond baptized y e 21 (n) 65 
1666 : Sarah y e daughter of James Blake baptized y e 4 (1) 6% 
Samuell y e Sonne of Samuell Sumner baptized y e 11 

(1) 6E 

Dependance y c Sonne of Rich: Halle bapti* : y e 25 


Elizabeth y e daughter of Timothy Tilstone baptized 

y e 1 (2) 1666 

John y e Sonne of John Capen Jun r Baptized y e 8 ,h 2 m 

66 & borne y c same day in y e morning 2 howers 

afore day. 

1666 1667 

George y e Sonne of George Sumner baptized y e 15 (2) 66 
being about a quarter of a yeer old 

Elizabeth y c daughter of Richard Withington and Anna y e 
daughter of Jacob Hewen weer both baptized y e 22 (2) 66 
The 17 4 66 was baptized 

Thomas & j gwif he Chi]dren of Thomas Swift Jun r who 

Elizabeth \ J 

lives at Milton y e father being latly admitted a member of 

this church his sonne is at this time between 7 & 8 yers old 

& y e daughter about 3 yers & 3 quarters. 

The Same day also was baptized Elizabeth y* daughter of 

Joseph Homes (also Jonathan Jones about this time as He 

can gather) 

Silent y c daughter of thankfull Baker baptized y e 29th (5) 66 


y e mother residing at this time in dorchester by Reasson her 
late husband John Baker is dead who latly lived at Boston 
Anna y e daughter of William Grenow of Boston baptized 
y e 12 6 66 

her mother being a member of y e North Church of boston 
but being delivered of Child at her father Swifts had her 
Child baptized by vertue of Communion of Churches 
Sarah y e daughter of William Weekes baptized y e 19 (6) 66 
Hanah y e daughter of Samuell Clap baptized y e 30 (7) 66 
Israeli y e Sonne of peter Lyon baptized y e 4 (9) 66 
Elizabeth y e daughter of deacon John Capen baptized y e 30" 1 
(10) 66 & was borne y e 29 day (1 1) 66 y e evening before y' 
day about 3 or 4 howers in y e night & dyed y e 17 2 80 
1667 Thomas y e Sonne of Thomas Moadesly baptized y e 


Elizabeth y e daughter of Enoch Wiswall baptized y e 

21 (2) 67 

John y e Sone of daved Joanes baptized y e 12 (3) 67 



Barbara y e daughter of William Chaplin baptized y e 19 (3) 67 
his wife being a member 

Mary y e daughter of Ezra Clap baptized y e 16 (4) 67 being 
borne awhile afore at Milton 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Robert Badcock baptized y e 14 (5) 67 
being about half a yeer old 

Mary y° daughter of Nathan Bradly baptized y e same day 
Noah y e Sonne of Nicholas Clap baptized y e 21 (5) 67 being 
eight days old 

Mindwell y e daughter of William pond and Thankfull y e 
daughter of James Whit weer both baptized y e 5 (6) 67 
Joseph y e Sonne of James Blak baptized y e 1 (7) 67 
Joseph y e Sonne of Amiell Weeks baptized y e 8 (7) 67 
Samuell y e sonne of John Capen Jun r baptized y° 27 (8) 67 
& borne y e 23 day about midnight 

John & Sarah y e Children of John Homes baptized y e 5 of 
y e 9 th M° 67 on a thanksgiveing day ther mother being ad- 
mitted y e Saboth before 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Timothy ffoster baptized y e 10 th 9 
67 being about a quarter old 

John y e Sonne of Thomas peirce baptized y e 29 (10) 67 
being about 2 months old 


Thankfull y e daughter of Tho Trot baptized y c 5 (1 1) 6j 
being about a month or six weeks old 

Rebeckah y e daughter of John Blackman & Marah y e daugh- 
ter of Jh homes baptized y e 5 of y c (2) 1668 
Nathaniell & 
Salter & 

Robert y e Children of Robt Searle all baptized y e 12 (2) 68 
ther mother being lately admitted a member of y e Church 
Agnes y e daughter of William Blake baptized y 8 same day 
being about 6 months old 



S3.r3.ll 1 

Kather'n ^ Children of Henery Leadbetter baptized 

Deliverance f the !? ° p f £ (2) f 68 bdnS latdy admitted a 
tt member & his wife 

Henery ) 

Thomas y e Sonne of George Lyon baptised y e same day 

being lately admited a member & his wife 

Role-cn-god y e Sonne of m r Jn° Cotton baptized y e 3 of 

y e (3) M° 68 by vertue of Comunion of Churches his father 

being a member of y e Church at Boston but ther being noe 

officer to dispense y' ordinance for y e p r sent SSSfffiSiSJiSfe 

Joseph y e Sonne of Jacob Hewens & Mary y e daughter of 

Joseph Weeks baptized y e 24 (3) 68 

Joseph y e Sone of Richard Withington baptized y e 21 4 68 

Mehittabel y e daughter of Samuell Sumner baptized y e 28 4 68 

Joseph y e Sone of William Trescot baptized y e 19 5 68 

Mary y e daughter of William pond y e same day 

Abigail y° daughter of Jn° Smith baptized y e 6 (7) 68 and 

Cornelius y e Sone of Timothy Tilston baptized y e same day 

Joseph y e Sonne of Samuell Wodsworth baptized y e 13 (7) 

68 by vertue of Communion of Churches his father & mother 

being members of y e Church at Brantry but they having noe 

officers to dispense y' ordinance was baptized heer being 

about 5 or 6 months old at least 

Hanah y e daughter of William Weeks baptized y e same day 

Ebenezer y e Sonne of Obediah Haws baptized y e 20 (10) 68 

& Samuell y e Sonne of Georg Sumner y e same time being 

about a quarter old 

Nathaniell y e Sone of Nathaniell Clap baptized y e 24 (11) 68 



1668 1669 1670 1671 

Sarah y e daughter of Richard Hale baptized y e 14 (12) 68 
Naomy y e daughter of Timothy ffoster baptized y e same day 
Elizabeth y e daughter of Thomas Moadesly baptized y e 21 
(12) 68 

peligg y c Sonne of Joseph Homes baptized y e 28 (12) 68 
Thankfull y c daughter of John Capen Jun r baptized at Rocks- 
bery by vertue of Comunion of Churches because M r Mather 
was dead & we had non to dispense y' ordinance y e 25 (2) 69 
& borne y e 20 th day being tusday 
Also Thankfull y e daughter of Robt badcock 27 4 : 69 
Ruth y e daughter of Henery Leadbetter 31 8 Mo 69 
Mehittabell y e daughter of petter Aspenwall 19 10 Mo 69 
Hester y e daughter of Enock Wis well 2 1 1 Mo 69 

Joseph y e Sone of Joseph Weiks baptized also at Rocksbery : 
3 : 2 Mo 

Susana Bradly daugter of Nathan Bradly 8 3 Mo : 70 
William Sonne of Tho Swift Jun r and Mary daughter of 
[Samuell] Clap 15:3 Mo 70 
John Sonne of James Whit 12 4 Mo 70 
Mehitabell daughter of Isack Joanes and George Sone of 
Jn° Homes 10:5: Mo 70 

Experience daughter of Samuell Clap 31 5 Mo 1670 

Samuell Sonn of Samuell paul 20 9 Mo 70 

Sarah daughter of Nicholas Clap 
Sarah daughter of Jn° Capen 1 1 10 Mo 70 


John Sonne of Nathanell Clap 9 2 Mo 71 

Rebeckah daughter of William Chaplen 4 4 Mo 71 


Unite Sonne of Thomas Moadesly 18 4 Mo 71 

James Sonne of Thomas Trot 10 7 Mo 71 

Elizabeth daughter of petter Aspenwall 26 9 Mo 71 

Al thes abovesaid from the 25 2 69 weer baptized at Rocks- 
bery haveinge none to dispense y' ordinance in o r Church 

Benjamen Sonn of Nicho Lawrance 
Adam Sonne of Jn° Blackman 
Desier Sonne of Obediah Haws 


Benjamen Sonne of Jacob Hewens 

Robt Sone of Thomas peirce 

Hatherley Sone of Timothy ffoster 

Supply Sone of Amiell Weeks 

Sarah daughter of Timothy Tilston 

Al thes weer Baptized by M r fflint on y e 31 10 Mo 1671 

Submit y e daughter of William Weeks baptized y e 4 12 71 

Benjamen y e Sonne of Samuell Wodsworth baptized y e 18 12 

71 his father being a member of y e Church at brantree y e 

Child was about half a yeer old at this time 

Thankfull y* daughter of Samuell Sumner baptized ye same 


praisever y c Sonne of Daved Joanes baptized y e 10 (1) y\ being 

about a quarter old 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Nathan Bradly baptized y e 17 1 j\ 

Susana y e daughter of John Kingsly of Melton baptized y e 7 

(2) 72 she was William Daniells daughters Child who was a 

(See 1 Cor. i S . 29 member in full Comunion but dyed in Childbed 

doe e yt S are Lp^ & therfore y e mother being dead it was ques- 

if se y efo dead d r? S e tioned by one of the breatheren whether y e 

not at aii.) Child should be baptized, but y e Church saw noe 

ground to deny it y" Child was about a year old 

John y e Sonne of John Bird 14 2 72 



Robbert y e Sonne of Robert Searle baptized y e 26 3 72 being 

about 3 quarters old his mother being a member 

Elizabeth y e dafter of y e Widdow minot baptized y e 16 4 72 

her father Steven minot being dead 

Johnathan y e Sonne of Edward Blake baptized y e 7 5 72 his 

father being formerly a member of this church & after Joyned 

to y e Second Church in Boston & now dwelling at Melton 

Sarah y e daughter of Increas Sumner baptized y e 21 5 72 

Henery & William y e Sons of Henery More baptized y e 

4 (6) 72 y e eldest being about 2 yeer old the'r mother being 

latly admitted 

Susana y e daughter of Enock Wiswell baptized y c same day 

Rely y e daughter of Joseph Homes baptized y e 18 6 72 

Edward y e Sonne of Ezra Clap baptized y e 22 7 72 

Dorothe y e daughter of Jn° Capen Jun r baptized y e 20 8 72 

& borne y e 13 8 

Hannah y e daughter of Samuell paull baptized y e 17 9 72 

Mary y* daughter of m r Josiah fflint baptized y e 24 9 72 born 

y* 17 th day 


Richard y e Sonne of Obediah Haws baptized y e 22 (10) 72 

Unite y e Sonne of Samuell Clap baptized y e 5 11 1672 

Increase y e Sonne of Henery Leadbetter baptized y e 26 1 1 J2 

James y e Sonne of James Bird baptized y e 16 12 72 and Ruth 

y e dafter of Eliazer Havves the same day 

James ) y e Children of Obediah Swift baptized y e 

Obediah & > 23 12 72 y e youngest being about 2 yeers & 

Rest ) half old 

Experience y e dafter of James Whit baptized y e 2 (1) 75 

William y e Sone of William Chaplin baptized y e 16 (1) 7$ 



Mind well y e dafter of Joseph weeks baptized y e 13 2 73 

Abiell y e Son of John Bird baptized y e 27 2 1673 

Robt y e Sone of Thomas peirce baptized y e 8 4 73 being 

about half a yeer old 

Eliab y e Sone of peter Lyon baptized y e 20 5 73 

Mehitabell y e daughter of Samuell Toplif baptized y e 24 6 73 

Elizabeth y e dafter of Jn° Tolman & John his sonne baptized 

the 31 6 73 his wif being admitted 

Johnathan y e Sone of Nathanell Clap & Ebenezer y e Sone of 

Thomas Modesly baptized y e 7 th 7 rao 73 

Dorothe y e daughter of John Capen Jun r baptized y e 21 7 73 

being the second of that name & borne y e 16 th day being 

tewsday a litle before night 

Mehittabell y e daughter of William Blake baptized y e 16 9 73 

being about half yeer old 

Thomas y e Sonne of Amiell Weeks & Mary y* daughter of 

Jn° Withington boath baptized y e 7 10 73 

Joseph y e Sonne of Richard Hale baptized y e 1 ffeb 1673 

Samuell y e Sonne of Samuell Capen baptized y e 8 12 73 & 

borne the 1 12 being Sabath morning about day breaking: 

Henery y e Sonne of M r fflint baptized y e 15 12 73 & borne y e 

9 th day in morning ( — that Child Died) 

The 15 (1) 7\ was baptized 

Hopestill y e Sone of Obediah Swift 

Ebenezer y e Sone of Georg Sumner 

Samuell y c Sone of Samuell Sumner 

& James "j 

Thomas I children of James Robinson his wife being latly 

Samuell & [ admitted 

Mary J 

all thes baptized y 6 15 1 7I 
Ezbon y e Sone of Robert Searle baptized y e 22 (1) j\ 




Anna y e daughter of George Lyon baptized y e 12 (2) 74 
being about 3 or 4 months old 

Mary y e daughter of Thomas Tolman baptized y e 31 (3) 74 
her father & mother being lately admitted & ther same 
being baptized formerly at Linn by vertue of fathers Cov- 

Thomas John & y e Children of Israeli Mead baptized 

y e 30 (6) 74 

(Joseph Son of Lieutenant R Hall baptized January 1674) 
Joseph y c Sonne of Increas Sumner baptized y e 28 7 74 
Joseph y e Sonne of Jn° Tolman baptized y e 1 (8) 74 being 
about two months old and 

Sarah y e daughter of Obediah Haws baptized y e same day 
Abraham y e Sonne of John Blackman baptized 14 (12) 74 
Mehitabell y e daughter of William Chaplin & Nathan y e 
Sonne of Nathan Bradly weer boat baptized y e 14 (1) 7% there 
mothers being members 

Ezra y e Sonne of Ezra Clap baptized y e 21 (1) "j\ being about 
two months old 

Mary y e daughter of Samuell pa u le baptized y e 28 (1) 75 
Enock y e Sonne of Enock Wiswell baptized y e 11 (2) 75 
Henery y e Sonne of M r Josiah fflint being y e 2 d of y l name 
baptized y e 9 3 75 

Returne y e Son of Samuell Clap & John y e Son of James 
Robinson baptized y e 16 (3) 75 

Mary y e daughter of James ffoster baptized y e 20 (4) 7fc & 
borne the 17 th day 

Samuell y e Son of John Homes baptized y e 1 1 (5) 75 
Samuell y e Son of Samuell Toplif baptized y e 22 (6) 75 



Elizabeth y* daughter of Obediah Swift baptized y e 12 : 7 : 75 

Rebeckah v c daughter of Timothy ffoster & Damarise y e 

daughter of John Bird baptized y e 19 (7) 75 

Martha y e daughter of James White baptized y e 3 8 75 

Thomas y e Sonne of Timothy Tilston baptized 24 8 75 

Repent y e daughter of Joseph weeks baptized y e 27 12 75 

(Samuel y* Son of Samuel Clap 76) 

Me Joseph homes Child & henery leadbetters Child bap- 


tized when my book was from home therfore it is to be 
enquired of them y e names & time & Hope Claps (.) Susan 
& Elizabeth y e time to be enquired 

thes are out of order 
Amiell Weeks Child baptized y e 21 3 76 
John y e Sonn of Tho Moadesly baptized y* 19 (1) 7% 
Elizabeth y e dafter of Samuell Sumner baptized y e 26 (1) 7% 
Barnard y e Sonne of Barnard Capen baptized y e 2 ap 76 & 
born y e 25 76 about midnight 

Samuell y e Sonne of Samuell Capen being y e 2 d of y' name 
baptized y e 14 9 75 borne y e 4 9 75 & dyed y e 6 January 1676 
purches y e Son of John Capen Jun r baptized y e 14 9 75 & 
borne y e night before 

thes two last should hav been set down before some y' are 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Nathaniell Clap being 5 weeks old 
borne at Boston & 

Nathaniell y e Son of Johnathan Hill weer both baptized y* 
25 476 
Elizabeth y e daughter of John Withington bap y e 13 6 76 

[The editor here inserts a list found on two loose leaves 
of a book larger than the Church Book, but folded and kept 
in the latter, time out of mind.] 

The names of Persons to 

bee Catechized in the Towne 

Dorchester An 1676. 

Nehemiah Clap 


Children fr5 12 et infra 

Samueil Hall 


Atherton Mather 


Hopstill Uphrey 


Obadiah Hawes 


Joh. Triscott 


Increase Modsley 


Isaack Umphrey 


Barachiah Lewis 


Jeams Blake 


Timothy Tilestone 


Elisha Foster 


Steven Minot 


Richard Mather 


Atherton Mather 


Eben : Hill's Serv* 


Jeams Hawes 


Jeames Baker 


Joseph Soper 


John Mason 


Ebenezer Weeks 


John Blackman 


Jeames Smith 

Preserved Capin 


Peter Lyon 


John Blake 


Gibson Farre 


Thomas Lawrence 

David Jones 


Samuel Smith 


John Trott 


Comfort Foster 


Oliver Wiswall 


John Bolton 


Elkanah Wales 


John Lovell 


Ebenezer Laurece 


Charles Davenp' 


Hopestill Sand™ 


Jonathan Davenp 1 


Jonathan Jones 




Joseph Bird 


Jonathan Hall 


Benjamin Blackma 


Jonathan Jones 


Thorn : Modsly 


Nathaniel! Laurenc 


John Capin 


John Soper 


Sam : Robinson 


John Smith 


Js Lyon 


Jeremiah Hall 


Jeams Swift 


Samueil Plumb 


John Jones 


John Holmes 


Joseph Hewen 


Standfast Foster 


Joseph Blake 


Joseph Mather 


Noah Chip. 


Nicholas Laurenc 


Moses Hurs 


Nicholas George 


John Davenp* 


Ebenezer Jones 


Joseph Weeks 


1 84 


Robert Anniball 
Joseph Hoppen 
Ammiell Weeks 
Samuell Trott 
Joseph Curtis 
Samuell Smith 
Ebenezer Lyon 

13 Samuell Capin 

13 Joseph Triscot 

13 Benjamin Beal 

14 Nathaniell Clap 
14 Tho : Andrews 

13 Sam : Clap 

14 Corneli Tilestd 
Joseph Nap. 

Hen. Leadbetter 
Tho. Lvon 


George Lyon 
Thom : Tolman 

The names of young Maids in Dorchester 

Sarah Davenport 31 

Anna Davenport 24 

Thankfull Baker 24 

Elizabeth Hall 22 

Patience Atherton 22 

Sarah Blackman 21 

Mary Linckolne 20 

Katherine Mather 20 

Sarah Dickerman 20 

[Mary Howe] 20 

Martha Minot 20 

Mary Weeks 20 

Elizabeth Rocket 19 

Esther Clap 19 

Mary Laurence 19 

Abigail Triscott 19 

Mary Foster 18 

Elizabeth Weeks 18 

Sarah Pond 18 

Waitstill Smith 17 

Elizabeth Baker 17 

Patience Laurec 17 

Susanna Lyon 17 

Sarah Leadbetter 16 

Judith pond 16 

Hannah Jones 16 

Deliverance Smith 16 
Eliz [Grosee] 

Martha Triscott 15 

Mary Cartwright 
Sarah Triscott 
Joane Weeks 
Mary Blackman 
Sarah Holmes 
Susanna Capin 
Mary Jones 
Mary Modesly 
Ruth Foster 
Sarah Smith 
Mehitabell Rigby 
Elizabeth Triscott 
Hannah Hewin 
Mary long 
Mary Holmes 
Elizabeth Tilstone 
Mehitabell Minott 
Elizabeth Capin 
Silence Baker 
Hannah Clap 
Thankfull White 
Eliz Wiswall 

Bethiah Lewis 
Hannah Smith 
Sarah Weeks 
Thankfull Bird 
Eliz Foster 
Mary Bradley 
























I8 5 

Thankfull Weeks 
Mary Wales 
Elizabeth Anniball 
Thankfull Pond 
Renew Weeks 
Hannah Wiswall 
Mary Smith 
Experience Hall 
Hanna Capin 
Hannah Baker 
Rebecka Laurence 
Eliz. Rigby 
Rest Swift 

Eliz Jones 

15 Abigail Ball 

15 Mary Rigbey 

15 Mary Robbinson 

14 Thankfull Trott 

14 Thankfull Troughbridge 

14 Mary Pond 

14 Sarah Baker 

14 Mehitabell Bird 

13 Naomi Foster 

13 Martha Hill 

13 Mary Ellen 

13 Katherine Leadbetter f 

13 Deliverance Leadbetter 

Eliz. Tolman 






Benjamen y e Sonne of Increas Sumner baptized y e 24 Sep 
76 being about a quarter old Josiah y e Son of M r fflint bap : 
y e 8 8 76 

Edward y e Son of Georg Sumner baptized y e 22 8 being 
about 5 weeks old 

Abigail y e dafter of Obediah Swift baptized y e 7 1 1 76 
Benjamen y e Sonn of John Tolman baptized y e 28 11 76 
Abigail } y e Children of daniell 
Mary & > preston Jun r baptized 
John ) y e 28 11 76 

John Beaman y c Sone of John Beaman of Lanchester bap- 
tized 1 Ap 77 his wife being a member of that Church before 
y e warrs discepated them 

Silence y e daughter of James fibster was baptized y e 1 5 2 77 
& borne y e 4 th 2 77 

John y e Sone of Samuell Clap & Benjamen y e Son of Will™ 
Cheny baptized y e 13 3 77 y e last of thes his mother is a 
member of y e Church at meadfeild 

Josiah y e Son of Ebenezer Williams baptized ye 20 3 77 his 
wife being in full comunion 
Hanah ^ 

E l" ( ' y y e Children of Thomas Holman bap : 27 3 77 

Thomas J 

Deborah y e daughter of Robt Searll baptized y e 10 4 77 

The 1 5 77 weer baptized thes p'sons 

The 29 5 77 weer baptized 
Samuell & ) y* Sone & daughter of Nathaniell Wales both 
Mary Wales ) of them being Adult & p'sonally owned their 
grandfathers Covenant & Submitted to y* goverment of 
Christ in y* Church 

The Children of y e Widdow Salsbery latly ad- 
mitted to full Comunion the fower first named 
y weer adult & did p'sonally owne y e Covenant 
& Submitted themselves to y* goverment of 
Christ in y e Church 




The same day was baptized 
Elkanah & ) y e Children of John Wales Sen r y* last 

Content Wales \ being adult & did p'sonally owne y e Cove- 

Nathanell y° Sonne of Nathaniell Glover baptized y e 5 6 77 
the father being not in full Comunion but by owning y e 

Sarah y e daughter of Ezra Clap baptized 19 6 77 
Samuell & Elizabeth y e Children of Samuell Hix, baptized y e 
19 6 77 y e father was lately admitted a member. 
Mary y e dafter of Enock Wiswell & ffreegrace y e Son of 
peter lyon baptized y e 2 7 77 

The same day was baptized Mehittabel & Hanah y e Chil- 
dren of John Garnesy who was not in full Communion 
Rebecka & ) Tucker baptized the 9 7 77 their mother being 
Experience \ in full Communion 
The same day or y e next Sabath was baptized 
Henery ^ 

Thomas I y e Children of Thomas Vose their mother being 
Elizabeth f in full Comunion 
Jane J 

Richard & I Billeng baptized the 23 7 77 the Children of 
Ebinezer \ Ebenezer Belleng not in full Comunion but by 
owning y e Covenant 

Mary Holman y e daughter of Tho Holman baptized y e 7 : 
8 77 her parents in full Comunion 

ftST 1 The same day was baptized Thomas y e Sonne of M r 
Mihill minister at Milton by vertue of Comunion of Churches 
of w ch he is a member 

Nathaniell y e Sone of Jn° Capen Jun r baptized y e 14 8 77 
borne y e 7 8 77 y e night following about midnight 

The same day was baptized Elizabeth y e daughter of 
Samuell paul 

Jemimah \ Children of John Breck ther parents own- 
Edward & > * . , n J . r 
Elizabeth ) mg the Covenant 



Hopestill y e Sone of Samuell Capen baptized y e 21 8 77 
borne ye 13 8 77 about y e middle of y* day 


The 28 8 M° 77 was baptized 

Mar k \ Rya11 y8 Children William R y^ l > ther mother in 
tt y , I full Communion 

The 1 9 77 baptized 
Ruth "j 

Mary I y e Children of Isack Ryall ther mother in full 
Anna f Comunion 
Samuell J 

The 1 1 9 77 baptized Mary y e daughter of James Whit 
Ebenezer y e Sone of Thomas Swift baptized y e 18 9 77 

The same day was baptized 
John ^ 

Ebenezer I y e Children of Samuell Maxfeild ther mother 
Mary & [in full Comunion 

Mathias & ) Children of Mathias Ewens baptized y e 16 10 77 
Susana y e ( not in full Communion 
Hanah y e daughter of Jn° Bird baptized y e 23 10 77 
Sarah y e daughter of Hopestill Clap & Thankfull y e daughter 
of John White whos wife was a member of y e North Church 
in Boston weer baptized y e 20 1 1 77 

patience y e daughter of Samuell Toplif baptized y e 27 n 77 
Joseph y e Sonne of William Chaplin baptized y e 27 12 77 
being about half a yeer old 

Ebenezer y e Sone of Ebenezer Williams baptized y e 17 (1) 
7l his wif being in full Comunion and Elizabeth y e daughter 
of Roger Willie baptized y e same time his wif being a mem- 
ber & he a member of y c Church at Sudbury 
Dorothe y e daughter of M r fflint baptized y e 12 3 78 & 
borne y e night before 



The 26 3 78 was the wife of Richard Butt baptized being 
lately admitted a member: and y e same time her Children 
weer also Baptized Whos names are 
Smith ^ (Woodward) 
Nathanell (Butt) 
Sherebiah >(Butt) 
Samuell & j 
Elizabeth J (Butt) 

Ebenezer y e Sonne of Roger Sumner & Hanah y' daughter 
of John Lewice baptized y e 2 June ther parents both of them 
being members of y e Church w ch was at Lanchestcr 


Mary y e dafter of Samuell pelton baptized y e 14 5 78 parents 
not in full Comunion but y e mother owning y e Covenant 
Same day was baptized Isack y e Sonne of Isack How his 
wife being a member of y e Church at Ipswetch. 
Thankfull y e daughter of Increas Sumner baptized y e 21 5 78 
being about a quarter old more or less 
The 28 July 78 was baptized 

M &- ( y e Children of Richard Euens ther parents being 
•d u r- H ( no ^ * n ^ u ^ Comunion but by owning y e Covenant 

James y c Sonne of Timothy Tilston baptized y e 4 6 78 
Israeli y e Sonn of Henery Leadbetter bap y e 29 Sep 78 
Ann y c daughter of Samuell Sumne bap y e 6 8 78 

The 27 8 78 weer baptized Ebenezer y e Sonne of Nathan- 
ell Clap & Edward y e Son of Georg Lyon 
Thomas y e Son of Richard Euen 
John y e Son of Nathan Bradly 

Nathaniell y e Sonne of Thomas Moadesly bap y e 10 9 78 
being y e last baptized in y e old meeting hous 
Remember y e Sonn of Daniell preston Jun r and 
Susana y e daughter of John Breck baptized y e 17 No 78 
being y e first day of meeting in the new meeting hous 


78 79 ' 

Theodora y e daughter of M r peter Thecher Baptized y e 24 of 
9 78 her father being a member of y e third Church in Boston 
Edward y e Son of Nehemiah Clap baptized y e 22 10 78 not 
in full Comunion 

Sarah y e daughter of Barnard Capen baptized y* 19 11 78 & 
borne y e 5 11 78 in full Communion 

The 9 12 78 weer baptized 
Abigal ^ 

ffrances 1 y e Children of ffrances Bale, their mother being 
Mary & (in full Comunion 
Benjamen J 

The same day was baptized 
William y e Sone of Jn° Trescot not in full communion 
Jedediah y e Child of Samuell Wales baptized y e 2 March 
7% not in full Comunion 

Henery y" Sonne of John Tolman baptized y e 9 (1) 7% 
Mary y e daughter of John Withington baptized y* 16 (1) 7% 
Jabish y e Sonne of Robt Searle baptized y" 30 (1) 7% <k*^ 


Ziporah y e daughter of Jn° Beamon baptized y e same day 
y e mother being a member of y e Church w ch was at Lan- 

Thankfull y e daughter of Jn° Baker & Mary y e Daughter of 
Nathaniell Glover baptized y e 20. 2. 79 

Sarah y e daughter of Tho peirce & Ziporah y e daughter of 
Eben : Bellenge baptized y e 3. 3. 79 y e former in full 

Edward y e son of peter Talbut baptized y e n. 3. 79 his 
mother being a member at Chilmsford 
Daniell y e Sonne of Tho Tolman baptized y e 8 4 79 
John y B Sonne of Thomas Swift & John y e Sonne of Thomas 
Holman & Joseph y e Sonne of Georg Sumner weer all bap- 
tized y e 22 June 79 being members of y e Church at Melton 
The same day was baptized Unice y e daughter of Charles 
Davenport being not in full Communion 



Elizabeth y* dafter of Sam 11 Clap & James y* Son of James 

Whit weer baptized y e 13 5 79 

Henery y e Son of Jno Garnesy baptized y e 7 7 79 not in full 


Samuell y e Son of Enock Wiswell baptized y e 21 7 79 


y e Children of Edward Vose their mother being 
>admitted about two years before into full Com- 
munion but not baptized till now this 28 7 1679 

Abigail \ 

' Mary y e daughter of Samuell Capen baptized y e 5 8 79 borne 
y e 23 7 79 at night 

Martha y e daughter of William Ryall baptized y e 2 9 79 
Hopestill y e Sonne of Hopestill Clap baptized y e 30 9 79 
Samuell y e Son of Joseph Leeds baptized y e 21 10 79 
Elizabeth y e Daughter of Obediah Swift baptized y e 4 n 79 
Barachiah & Hanah y e two Children of Rich*? Butt baptized 
y" 11 11 79 being twins y e mother being in full Communion 
Thankfull y" daughter of Samuell Toplif Baptized y" last of 
ffeb 1679 

James y e Sone of Hopestill Humfry baptized y e 14 March 
79 or 80 


Ebenezer y e Sone of Samuell paull & prudence y e daughter 

of Jn° pason 

& Israeli & \ y e Sone & daughter of Israeli How and Abra- 

Susana J ham y e Sone of Isack How whos mother is 

a member of y e Church at Ipswich all thes weer baptized 

y e 3 of May 1680 

Judith y e daughter of Ezra Clap & William y e Sone of Isack 

Ryall & Thankfull y e daughter of Tho Andrews all baptized 

y e 9 3 80 


Hanah y e daughter of Roger Belleng Jun r not in full Comun- 
ion & of Jn° Bird baptized the 16 3 80 

James y e Son of James Tucker baptized y e 13 4 80 
Ephraim y e Son of Simon peck a member of y e Church at 
Hingham & Roger y e Son^of Increas Sumner 
& Thomas & / Children of Joseph Skelton weer all baptized 
Deborah y e j y e 20 4 80 

Sarah y e daughter of Samuell Maxfeild baptized y e 4 July 80 
not in full communion 

Thomas y e Son of M r fflint baptized y e 11 5 80 borne y* 
night before 

William y e Son of John Trescot baptized y e 25 5 80 at a fort- 
night old 

Richard y e Son of Jn° Withington baptized y e 8 6 80 
(Hannah daughter of Samuell Clap. Sept. 1681 baptized at 

Ann y e dafter of Thomas Holman baptized y e 15 6 80 his 
wife being a member of this Church & he a member of y* 
Church at Melton 

Joseph y e Sonn of Barnard Capen baptized at Melton we 
haveing noe officer to dispence it borne y e 28 November 81 
Ebenezer y e Sone of Samuell Capen Baptized y e 14 May 82 
at Melton & borne y e 30 Aprill 82 in y* morning 
Jacob y e Sone of William Ryall & Mary y e daughter of 
Richard Butt baptized y e 2 5 82 y e Lords Day being the first 
y* M r Danforth Baptized after his ordination which was the 
28 4 82 on Wednesday 

Elizabeth y e daughter of John Capen was baptized y* 9 5 82 
being almost half a veer old & 

Samuell y e Sonne of Samuell Maxfeild baptized y e same day 
John y e Sone of John Breck baptized y* 16 5 82 y e parents 
not in full Comunion but by owning y* Covenant 


The same day was baptized Elizabeth y e dafter of Tho : 

The 23 5 82 weer baptized thes y l follow 


presilla y e dafter of Samuell paal 

Hanah y e dafter of Jn° Baker 

Ewnice y e dafter of James Bird 

not in full Communion above a yeer old 

Ebenezer y e Son of James Robinson 

Mary y e dafter of Hopestill Humfry 

4 months old parents not in full Comunion 

Zacery y e Sone of John Trescot about 2 months old parents 

not in full Comunion all thes baptized y e 23 5 82 

The 27 6 82 Samuell Trescot whos wif was Latly admitted 

had 5 Children baptized whos names weer 

dyer "" 


Jeremiah >Trescott 

Ebenezer & 

Elizabeth y 

Elizabeth y e dafter of Ezra' Clap baptized y e 8 October 82 

Ruth y e dafter of Hopestill Clap baptized y e 15 8 82 

y e 19 9 82 was baptized 

Anna ^ 

Merriam .ti I all thes y e Children of Meriam y* wif of Ellice 

Sara & Jj f wood in full Com 11 

Daved W J 

Same day was baptized 

William "J 

Joshua y e Children of Joshua Henshaw not in full Com" 

Thankfull >but ther mother y e dafter of William Sumner 

John & I owned ye Covenant 

Samuell J 

Elizabeth y e dafter of Samuell Wales baptized y e 26 9 82 y e 

parents not in full Communion 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Richard Mather baptized y e same 

time his wife had owned y e Covenant at Rocksbery but not 

in full Comunion 

Deliverance y e daughter of Samuell pelton baptized y e 3 

Decern 82 being about 3q r of a yeer old not in full Comunion 

Robt y e Sone of Jn° Breck not in full Comunion and 

Bathshebah y* daughter of Samuell Hall not in full Comunion 


both weer baptized y e 10 10 82 y e last of thes was about a 

q r old 

Elizabeth y e dafter of John Bird baptized y e 7 January 1682 


82 83 

John y e Son of Samuell pelton baptized y e 14 11 82 not in 

full Comun 

Edward y e Son of Timothy ffoster baptized y e 28 n 82 his 

wif being a member of y e Church at Charlstown 

Mary y e dafter of Thomas Trot Jun r baptized same day not 

in full Comunion 

Enock & \ y e Children of Enock Wiswell baptized y e 4 of 

Ebenezer \ March 83 being twins 

Josiah & ) Children of Henery Whit baptized y e 18 (1) 8$ 

Mary y e \ the mother being one y' had owned y e Covenant 

Ebenezer y e Sone of John Tolman & Thankfull y e daughter 

of James ffoster & Mary y e daughter of preserved Capen 

weer all baptized y e first of Aprill 83 : y e last of thes was 

borne the 27 March between 8 & 9 aclock at night 

Amiell y e Sone of Amiell Weeks baptized y e 8 2 83 not in 

full Comunion 

Sarah y* daughter of Samuell Trescot & Elizabeth y 9 

daughter of Ebenezer Belleng & John y° Son of Roger 

Belleng weer all baptized y e 15 2 83. y e Second not in full 


Hanah y e daughter Oi Consider Atherton baptized y e 29 2 83 

being about a yeer old or more y e mother brought it forth & 

y e Elder declared y l M r Cobbit y e Elder at Ipswich recomended 

y e grandmother of y e Child to o r Church & desiered y* y e 

Child might be baptized though (y e mother) not in full 

Comunion nor y c father himself but by owning y e Covenant 

y" 27 May 83 was baptized 

Elizabeth y e wife of Watching Atherton & dafter to Samuell 

Rigby : she being adult & had owned y e Covenant 

Mehittabell y e dafter of Samuell Rigbee in like condition & 

Capaccetie was then baptized 

Also John & Silence y* Children of Samuell Rigby by his 

Second wife who had also owned y e Covenant 

Also Elizabeth & patience y e Children of Watching Atherton 

aforesaid all baptized y e foresaid day 



Johnathan y e Sone of Daved Joanes baptized y* 7 June 83 


T, o ) y e Children of John Mason baptized y e same day 

c , > not in full Communion but by owning y e Covenant 

) y e 10 4 83 was baptized 
James Smith & j y e Sone & dafter of John Smith deceased 
Mary Smith \ but ther mother y e wif of Ellice Wood was 
in full Communion & James & Mary being adult had y e same 
day owned y* Covenant 

Sarah y* dafter of Samuell Wales baptized y' 17 4 83 not in 
full Coifiunion but y e parents owning y e Covenant 
The 24 4 83 weer baptized 

Joseph all thes y e Children of Thomas Bird their mother 

Thankfull being latly admitted into full Coifiunion 
Submit & 

Sarah y* daughter of Consider Atherton baptized y e 1 July 
83 mother in full Communion and Jotham y e son of Benjamen 
Carpenter y e mothers name was Renew y e daughter of Will- 
iam Weeks not in full Comunion : baptized y e same day y" 
Child being about 3 quarters old or more sucking at y e 
mothers brest 
Deliverance y e daughter of Daniell preston Jun r baptized y e 

15 5 83 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Nathaniell Glover baptized y* 

29 5 83 

Edward y e Son of Samuell Capen baptized y e 7 of Octo 83 

being borne y e 24 Sep 83 

Elizabeth y e dafter of Henry Whit baptized y e 11 9 83. y* 

mother had owned y e Covenant 

James y* Son of Israeli How baptized y* 18 9 83 

Elijah y* Son of M r Jn° Danforth & Experience y* dafter of 

desier Clap weer both baptized y* 2 10 83 & both borne y e 

3 1 9 83 in y e evening of y ' day 



83 84 

patience y* daughter of Thomas Bird baptized y' 9 de- 
cember 83 

paule y e Sone of Charles davenport baptized y e 3 ffeb 83 
Ebenezer y e Sone of James Bird not in full Communion and 
Abia y e daughter of Samuell Trescot baptized y e 10 ffeb St, 
John y e Sone of phillip withington baptized y e 24 ffeb 8^ not 
in full Comunion 

Judith y e dafter of Samuell Maxfeild baptized y* 9 (1) 82 

Mary y e daughter of Mary Taylor baptized y e 30 1 8£ y* 

mother being latly admitted to full Comunion and y e Child 

being about half yeer old 

The 13 2 84 weer baptized thes psons following 

Timothy ^ _, .. , . _ _ , , . 

Ann y e Children of Teage Crehoar y e mother being 

Tohn yy* Rafter °^ R°bt Spur who owned y e Covenant 

Rebecah & f* n ^ Mathers time Timothy & Ann did p'son- 

M arv ally owne y e Covenant being adult 

Alsoe y e same time was baptized 

Nathanell & j y e sons of Nathanell wiet their mother being 

Edward \ y e daughter of Robt Spur who did alsoe owne 

y e Covenant when her Sister did as above 

Samuell y e Son of John Withington baptized y e 1 1 3 84 

Joseph y e Sone of Rich Butt & Ruth y e dafter of Hopestill 

Humphry who had owned ye Covenant & Eliza- 
e"«. Baker beth y e dafter of James Barbour whos mother was in 

full Comunion weer all baptized y e 18. 3. 84 
Margeret y e dafter of Watching Atherton baptized y e 10 6 
84 y e mother had owned y e Covenant 
Increase y e Sonne of Samuell Sumner baptized y e 24 6 84 
Mehittabell y e daughter of Nathael Clap baptized y e 31 684 
Samuell y e Sone of Increase Sumner & 
Elizabeth y e dafter of Joseph Leeds baptized y e 14 7 84 
Elizabeth y e daughter of danell preston Jun r & 
Elizabeth y e dafter of Joshua Henshaw baptized y e 5 8 84 
not in full Comunion y e latter. 

84 85 

Johnathan & j Children of Nathanell Wiet baptized y e 19 8 84 
Rebeckah y e \ ther mother haveing formerly owned y e Cove- 
nant but their father cast out of y e Church 


Hanah y e daughter of John Capen Jun r baptized y e 26 8 84 
& y e same day his Sone Samuell & dafter Susana admitted 
into full Communion: Hanah was borne y e 21 day in y e 

Waitstill y e daughter of Samuell Toplif & prudence y e dafter 
of Timothy ffoster baptized y e 9 9 84 
The 7 10 84 weer baptized 
Martha v 

r / ' I all y e Children of Henery Roberts ther 

(Oct. 24 -J T o f mother latly in full Comunion 

Rob. Tnscot Henery & J 

bora) Sarah J 

fa 1.9. Eben. son Nathaniell y e Sone of John Breck baptized y e 21 

of Sara Jones) , J J r J 

10 84 being about three weeks old parents not in 

(Jan'. 9. 84 r „ A _ & . r 

Rog. Biiieng lull Comunion 

boril) John v e Sone of John Garnesy baptized y e same 

Ebflawrence day at fortnight old parents not in full Comunion 

born-) Anna y e daughter of James ffoster baptized y e i 

<>V\ 84 ffeb 84 

Sam. Math/ _ \ _ PT ^., t-uti 1 • 1 

bom) Samuell y e Son of Richard Mather baptized y e 9 

(feb. 4 . u 12 84 being about two months old not in full 

Expr. Barber /-».-• 

bora.) Comunion 

march i s Moses ) y e Children of Goody Nile of Brantry y* 
Kaihnne Bird Mary &> dafter of Roger Belleng (who had for- 
Abigall ) merly owned y e Covenant) weer baptized 
The same day was baptized Sarah y e daughter of Henry 

jane 27 Mary y e daughter of Ebenezer davenport baptized 
San> 8 How y e 2 % June not in full Comunion y e Child borne 
^^ formerly 

John y e Son of Barnard Capen baptized y e 5 of July 85 & 
born y e 30 4 85 & y e same day baptized Edward y e son of 
Jn° pason & William y e son of Henry Whit his wif y e daugh- 
ter of Will m Weeks & not in full Comunion : & y e same time 

Comfort & ) y e twins of Nathaniell Wiet who stood excomu- 
Standfast \ nicated & his wif not in full Comunion 
Hanah y e dafter of Thomas peirce & Ebenezer y e sone of 
James Whit baptized y e 12 5 85 y e first of thes was born 
somewhat before Mary y e daughter of Ephraim pason bap- 
tized y e 26 July 85 & Waitstill dafter of William Ryall bap 
y e 26 5 85 



85 86 

Hephzibah y e daughter of Ebenezer Belleng & 
Susana y e dafter of Samuell paule baptized y e 19 5 85 
The former not in full Comunion 

Ruth y e dafter of John Tolman and Samuell y e son of Sam- 
uell Wales baptized y c 9 6 85 y c later not in full Comunion 
William y e Son of Ezra Cap baptized y e 16 6 85 
Sarah y e daughter of John Bolton baptized y e 23 6 85 
(July 10. 85 Thankfull y e daughter of phillip Withington bap- 
john Hobby) tized y c 6 Sept 85 not in full Comunion 
(Sept 16 Mary y e dafter of Hope Clap & Mar)' y e dafter of 

Ha B^ a ke James Blake baptized 27 7 85 

bom) Thomas y c Sone of M r Danforth baptized y e 8 9 85 

y anr ^ ?s n T SaCk s \ y° Children of Isack Ryall baptized y e 
tnockWuwaii Jerusa &}'„„.„ , . f „ r . J ■ v J 

bom) 7 w h \ 1 S 9 °S not in * u ll Comunion 

Thomas y e Sone of Tho Trot Jun r baptized y 23 No 85 
(March ai. 85 Thankfull y e daughter of John Blackman baptized 
Ei£Everi»d« y. , 4 I2 85 not in f u n Comunion 

john'pehon Samuell y e Son of Samuell Capen baptized y B 21 I 

bom.) 8f & born y e 14 day a litle afore day 

Elijah & ) y e Children of James Taylor y' was marryed to 

Elisha ) Will" 1 Chaplins dafter baptized y e Same time y e 

mother in full Comunion they weer twins 

Sarah y e daughter of desier Clap & Nathaniell y c Sone of 

Israeli How baptized y e 4 (2) 86 

preserved y e Sone of preserved Capen baptized y e n of 

aprill 86 born y e 10 instant about y e middle of y e afternoone 

Bebee y e daughter of James Bird Mary y e daughter of Elha- 

nan Lyon baptized y e 23 3 86 not in full Comunion either of 

them : y e latter was about half a yeer old liveing at Boston 

Icabod y e Son of Samuell Maxfeild and John y c Son of John 

Bolton baptized y e 30 of May 86 y e later not full Comunion 

Benjamin y e Son of Thomas Bird baptized y e 6 June 86 

being 2 or 3 months old y e mother in full Comunion C 

Ithamar y e Sonne of Samuell pelton baptized y e 20 4 86 not 

in full Com 


John y e Sonne of Robert Avery of deadham baptized y e 27 4 
86 by vertue of Comunion of Churches they haveing none 
to to administer y x ordinance 


(Mr John Avery y e pastor of Truro ordained Nov. 1. 1711.) 

John y e Sone of Nicholas Georg baptized y e 4 5 86 his 

mother was Timothy walls his dafter site owned y e Covenant 


Mehitabell y e daughter of Increse Sumner & 

Sarah y e daughter of Noah Beaman baptized y e 25 5 86 both 

in full Comunion 

John y c Sone of Thomas Andrews & 

Ezekell y e Sone of Samuell Trescct baptized y e 1 : 6 : 86 

both ther wives in full Comunion 

y e 23 6 86 was baptized y e 

William } Children of y e Widdow Lawrance y e first was 

patience & > borne before maredg to Nicholas Laurence she 

Ebenezer ) was latly taken in to full Comunion I 

William y e Sone of Roger Belleng baptized y e 29 Augst 86 

being about five weeks old 

Sarah y e dafter of Hopestill Humphry baptized y e 19 7 86 

not in lull Comunion 

Sarah y e dafter of ephraim passon & Elizabeth y e dafter of 

Henery Whit baptized y* 24 8 86 y e last was [about] q r old 

not in full [Comunion] 

(Peter son of Elhanan y e Sone of Elhanan Lyon baptized y" 7 9 

PewrLion g^ being some months old they liveing at Boston 

i 9 10. 86) n0 £ j n f u ji Comunion 

y e same day was baptized Thomas y e Son of Timothy ffoster 

his wif being a member of some Church 7 9 86 

Rebeckah y e dafter of Joseph Leeds baptized y e 14 9 86 in 

full Comunion 

Hannah y e dafter of John Breck baptized y e 21 9 86 not in 

full Comunion 

Hanah y c daughter of Jn° Withington baptized y e 19 10 86 

Supply y e Son of Hopstill Clap baptized y e 26 10 86 & borne 

y* night afore 

Joseph y e Sone of John pason baptized y e 27 of feb 8? being 

about 3 or 4 months old and 

Joseph y e Son of Richard Mather y e same day baptized not 

in ful Comunion 

patience ye daughter of James ffoster baptized y e 13 (n) 87, 

being about 5 or 6 weeks old 

Henery y e son of Henery Withington baptized y e 27 (1) 87 

being about two months old 

John y e Son of John Trescot baptized y* 3 of Aprill 87 



patience y e daughter of Isacke Humphrey bap- 
wmilm' 86 tized y e 17 Ap 87 being about two months old her 
R nof bii mother in full Comunion 
bom Mary y e daughter of Henry Roberts baptized y e 

same day y e mother in full Communion 
Joseph y e Sone of Samuell Toplif baptized y e 24 2 87 

(Thomas Mary y e daughter of John Blake baptized y e first 
piimbiebom of May 87 borne y e 26 2 87 about midnight y e 

Nov. 27 86) . , / .. ' . J ' & J 

night following : 
James y e Son of James Barbor baptized y e 29 3 87 not in 
full Comunion and Thomas y e Son of Robt Spur Jun r bap- 
tized y e same day y e father owning the Covenant y e same 

Katteren y e dafter of Joshua Henshaw baptized 4 4 87 not 
in full Comunion 

Samuell y e Sone of Samuell Hale baptized the 19 4 87 being 
about 10 weeks old not in full Comunion 
John y e Sone of Jn° Blackman baptized y e 146 87 not in full 

William y e Sone of John Tolman baptized y e 4 7 87 
Mary y e dafter of Mary Goodall who is y e dafter of Tho 
Modsly baptized y e 11 7 87 

John y e Son of Nathaniell Glover baptized y* 2 8 87 
Israeli Stoughton Danforth Son of M r Jn° Danforth baptized 
y e 16. 8. 87 borne y e 14 day 

(March 21. 83 Sarah y" daughter of William Ryall & Elizabeth 
of°jo5 h e ph n V e daughter of Daniell Preston Jun r & Ebenezer 
Trescotbom) SO n of Phillip Withington baptized y e 25 10 87 
Deiton y e daughter of John Bird baptized about y e 23 8 87 

Sarah & I The daughters of John Merrifeild & 
Abi'aifw Hanah ) grand daughters of Sister Merrifeild 
bora) 1 ther father being dead & they being adult weer 

baptized when they had owned y e Covenant 8 1 1 81 
Robt y e son of Isack Ryal bap y e 15 11 87 not in full Comun- 
ion and 

Thomas y e Son of Chads Davenport baptized y e same day : 
in full Comunion 

(Williams Mary y e daughter of Ebenezer Joans baptized 
of Peter wood being about t, q™ old her mother latly owned the 

born May 7. 88) ^ 6 . J n J 

(Nov. i S . 88 Hanah y" dafter of Captin breck & Susanah y" 
john'wuwaii) daughter of Samuell Strong baptz y* 26 12 8f 


John y e Sone of Samuell Wales baptized y e 8 2 86 not in full 

(March 10 8f (Joseph How 

Hannah How born) bom March. 22 8J) 


Sarah y e daughter of Roger Belleng baptised y e 15 2 88 
being 7 weeks old 

[Mary] daughter Silence y* dafter of Henery Withington baptized 
^Ebjn an.ngs y<= 2 2 of y e 2 M° 88 y e father being dead 

7 James y e Sone of James Blake Jun r baptized y e 
Tune 8. 87 precilla y e daughter of James Bird and John y e 
Tho: Hid bom S(me q£ j n „ Brown baptized y c 20 of May 88 

Hanah y e dafter of Benjamen : Carpenter baptized y e 22 5 88 

being about a q r old not in full Comunion 

J, uIy2 -, 87 „ ,, Elizabeth y e dafter of Timothy foster baptized y e 

Hannah Hobby ^ g gg 

Benjamen The Son of John pason baptized y e 4 9 88 

March 30. 87 Susana y e dafter of Samuell Capen baptized y e 

John Tnscot o or> o i_ <. on 

bom 18 9 88 & borne y e 10 9 88 

July 11. 87 patience & I y e Children of Noah Beaman bap- 

Hanah Baker Elizabeth j tized y e 16 10 88 being twins 
Samuell y e Son of Ebenezar Williams baptized y e 23 10 88 
(John son of & dyed 27 day 

Content Mason T , J „ .-; J r TT TT , , . , __ 

born May 18. 88.) John y e Son or Hope Humphrey bap : y e 6 1 1 88 

Prwer^ed 8 not * n ^ u ^ Comunion 

Daughter of John y e Son of M r Jn° Danforth baptized v e 27 

Desire Clap J oS / / r J I 

born 11 89 borne 25 11 89 

(Aug 6. 88 John y e Sone of James ffoster baptized y e 10 

Thankf. Rawson Q s 

bom) I 2 O9 

(Dec. 1087 Jerijah y e Sone of hopstill Clap baptized y e 17 

born) I 2 89 

(March 2 8j Ruth y e daughter of Ephraim pason baptized y e 

Ruth Paison £ ./ , „f r r r J 

bora) 3 of March 89 

(No». 3. 88 Mary y e daughter of Samuell pason baptized y e 

Josiah Kelly I i r , & o r f J 

bom) 10 of March 8% 

(8.5m, 88 Georg y e Son of Israeli How and Mehittabell y e 

t^ra) '° n dafter of Amiell Weeks baptized y e 24 March 8| 

(zippora Goodai y e latter not in full Comunion 

Del 3°i" d 8 7 John y* sonne of John Blak baptized y e 30 March 

bon,) 89 born y e 28 day & dyed y e 19 of aprill 89 

(Sarah Roberts Eliakim y" Sonne of Jn° Blackman baptized y* 

bom 11. »m. g 7 ) same day 

^alhantriiGiover Hanah y e dafter of Ebenezer Joans baptized y* 
bom Sep. 18. 87) 7 aprill 89 this is out of order 


Marcher"" J° hn y e Sonne of J ohn Glover baptized y e 12 of 
bom.) May 89 not in full Comunion 

bora jfnTww Dorcas y e dafter of John Brown baptized y e 16 

4 89 wif a member Rocksbery 

Waitstill y e daughter of Charles Davenport baptized y e 

21 5 89 

John y e Son of Richard Euens baptized y e 6 of Octo 89 

being about a yeer old 

(Sam" Son of Samuell Minot (Submit White 

bora Nov. 23. 88) born Dec. 9. 88) 


(July 18. 89 Thomas y e Son of Samuell Hale baptized y e 13 

David Jones 8 89 

(Thomas patience y e daughter of James Barbor baptized y e 

Robinson 2 8 89 

bom)' Mary y e dafter of Roger Belleng baptized y e 

(May 3. 89 27. No 8o 

Elizabeth Lion Z J iN U °9 

bom) Robt y e Son of Robt Spur Jun r & Sarah y e 

St liackman daughter of Incres Mosly baptized y« 5 10 89 
borD ) Susana y e daughter of Samuell Rigbe baptized 

Sam. Ro 3 bin 8 son y e 9 ffeb 89 or 90 after she had owned y e Cove- 
bora) nant same day 

son^f su U sTnHaii Ebenezar v e Son of Samuell Toplif baptized y e 
SSS? 16 ffeb 89 or 90 

Waitstill Tabitha y e dafter of Ebenezer Wales baptized y e 

bo a ra" P ° rt 2 3 ffeb 89 90 not in full Comunion and 

Silence y e dafter of Jn° Bird and Susane y c dafter of Jn° 
(May. 3.>. 89. Withington baptized y e same 23 feb. 89 
son^Ebenezer Elizabeth ) y e daughters of preserved Capen & 
Beiienge bom) & Mary J phillip withington baptized y e 2 

(4. zni. 88 Marrh on 

Daniel Maree ^arCD 90 

born ) Henery y e Sone of James Bird baptized y e 23 of 

March 90 

Elhanan y e Son of peter Lyon baptized y e 1 1 of May 90 

(born May 4 th ) 
[Mariah] y e dafter of William Ryall baptized y e 8 4 90 
(Aug. 15.89 Comfort y c Sonne of Standfast ffoster. baptized y e 
Danieii Preston 29 day of June at Milton y e mother being at her 
(Sept. 6. 89 father Holman by reason of y e Smal pox being at 
Timothy Th Modesly hous 

Son of Sam. _ J p «»•« 1 • *• r 

Jones bora) bteven y e Son of M r Mils was baptized y' 6 of 
Ma^E^erender J u ^y 9° being about 1 8 weeks old his mother 
bom) owned y e Covenant y e Saboth before 

DaJdWyat Kateren y e dafter of Joseph Mather baptized y* 
bom) 13 5 90 


Unite y e Son of Hopstill Clap baptized y e 5 Octo 90 
Sarah y e daughter of Samuell pason baptized y e 12 of Octo- 
ber 90 

Jemimah y e dafter of James ffoster baptized y e 21 10 90 
Abiell y e Son of y e Widdow paale & Thomas y e Son of 
Nathaniell glover both baptized y e 28 10 90 
Abijiah y e Son of John Bakers Widdow baptized y e 1 of 
March 169 1 (a posthumd infant that is born after His 
fathers Death) 

Josiah y e Son of John Blackman baptized y e 8 of March 91. 

look more above 


Samuell y* Sone of Ebenezar Joans baptized y e same day 


Johnathan y e Sone of Samuell Capen baptized y e 22 1 9? 

(He»therDav- I ncreas y e Son of Incres Moadesly baptized y e 29 

eoportboro 1 91 not in full Comunion 

(Vfeb -9 ° Bathshebah y a dafter of Jn° pason baptized the 5 

Miriam Trescot of aprill 9 1 

(Sept 14 John The sons & dafters of John Minot who 

Mindweii Tiles- Israeli dyed he & his wife in y e Smal pox latly 

Josiah whose Children weer not baptized in 

Georg their life time y e last is a dafter. & John 

Jerusha & Israeli entered into Covenant also 
(feb 18 8<)9o Susana Susana Har[tt] who lived in his famely 
fenisha white not baptized till now though a grown maid her 
(w7u weeks father & mother dyed when she was yong 
bom March 23. Relief v e dafter of Daniell preston Jun r baptized 
™ » y e 3 of May 91 

(Thomas son of J J _ ' ~ f _ . . _ . 

Nath. Giover John y e Sonne of Benjamin Carpenter baptized y" 

a6. 10. 90 born.) J J , . , m s. ^ *. 

21 491 being a q r old at least 
(Sept. 17. 89 Bathshebah y e daughter of Thomas Lyon y* 

Patience Barb' ~ . _ J . ° . , , , . . { . J 

born.) Sonne of Georg lyon of Melton baptized y e 19 

i? ec " *£"i? 9 5 Qi not in full Comunion 

Hannah Eraxis -' -^ 

bom) Mary y e wife of Samuell Wales baptized y e 9 6 

s J am.' Moldy 9 1 being admitted to full Comunion y e Sabath 

of increase.) rj av afore but not then baptized till now in the 

NuiuiuwNm forenoon before y 6 Sacrament w ch she was to 

*"■) p'take of 

EhiabethSnghter Elizabeth y* dafter of Noah Beman baptized y* 

of Tho. Lamb 11 A r\i 

born.) 2 3 ° 9 1 

(Elizabeth of John Samuell y e Sone of John Blake baptized the 27 

Wood March. 7 . 00 g^ gj bom y . day bef()re 



(28. 6. 90 
Aaron of 
Jos. Bird 

(Saml Breck 
Sep. 14. 90 born) 

(26. 2. 91 born 
Zech: Lion.) 

(29. 6. 91. born 
Ehs Beaman.) 

(Timothy How 
6. July. 91. bom) 

(Janr 11. 90 
Hopstiil Blake 

(March 8. gi. 
Jonathan Dier 
born of B[ath]) 

Jacob y e son 
Gershom y e 

Joseph & J y e Children of Joseph & Merriam 
Meriam \ Trescot baptized y e 25 October 1691 
ther mother owned y e Covenant & their father 
went to Canada and not returned 
Samuell y e Sonne of Ebenezer belleng baptized 
y e 8 9 91 he in full Comunion 
Abdiell y e son or dafter of y e Sister of Samuell 
Wales was baptized y e 20 10 91 by Comunion 
of Church she being a member of a Church in 
Boston but delivered at his hous 
Susana y e dafter of Thomas Modesly Jun r was 
baptized y e same day not in full Comunion 
of Joseph Hewens baptised 10 th January 1691 
Son of Goody Patten baptised 24 January 1691 


An y e daughter Sam pason 7 feb 91 

William y e Sone of phillip Withington baptized y e 14 ffeb gl 

John y e Son of John Brown baptized y e same day he had 

, t owned y e Covenant 

Mercy Trot bom) Mary y e daughter of John Trescot baptized y e 

(Abiel George - n / , \ n l 

17. 10. 91 born) Z(J \ l ) 92 

(Sarah Woodward J h n 

Sarn^uXborn baptized y« 2 7 ' h of (i) 9 2 
27. 6. 91.) 

(Steven son of 
R. Billinge 
37. 6. 91) 

(31. 6. 91 

Elis weeks born) 

Mary y e daughter of John Blackman Baptized 
y e 1 May 92 

Mary y e wife of John Brown owned y e Covenant 
15. 3.92 (p. [137]). 

Susanah pope : ^ thes fow£r Qwned the CQve . 
marypope: l t and wer Baptised the 

thankful pope f 2 

Jane pope : ) 7 J 7 
Elizabeth the daughter of Robert Spuer bap- 
tised y e : 5 : June 92 
Edw. Rawsonbom) IO ^ g 2 j on n Stiles Jos. Birds wife Sarah 

Leeds owned y e Covenant. [Page 137.] 

Aron y e Sone of Joseph Bird was baptised y e 17 July 92 

hannah y e daughter of Joseph Bird was baptised 

y e 7 Agust 92 

mary y e daughter of hopstiil Clap was Baptised 
y* 14 of . uly 92 

hanah y e * daughter of Johnathan halle Baptised y e 21 Agust 92 
nathaniell y e Sone of Samuell Toplif 

(9. 6<n 92 
Anna Bird Jos. 

(23, 12. 91 2 
Ebeneier Rawson 

(3. 12. 91 or 92 
Anne paison 

(2g. 2. 93 

(Nath. Blake 


16. 7. 93) 


Elisabeth y e daughter of Daniell Preston 
Thomas y e Sone of Oliver Wiswall Junior he owning y e Cove- 
nant that daye 

Sarah y e daughter of Smith woodward wer baptized y e 1 1 
day September 92 

Richard y c Sonne of Samuell -maxfeild was baptised y e 25 
7 mo 92 

John y e Sonn of mary cocks baptised y e 16 8 month 92 
mary ffoster y e daughter of Jeames foster baptised y e 16 
8 mo 92 

Anne y e daughter of preserved Capen baptised 13 th no- 
vemb. 92 

Rebeckah y e daughter of Ebenezer Joans Baptized y e : 18: 
io mo 92 

Thomas y e Sonne of Jeams Bird Baptized y e 15 January 9! 
Jemima y e daughter of William Ryall y e 29 January 95 


Ss.jon£ ter Elisabethe y e daughter of m r John Danforth 
ia. 7 m -92) baptised y e 19 of february 1693 

Jeams y* sonne of Ebenezar Davenport baptised y* 5 of 
march 169I 

same day were baptised 

mary thes 5 wer y e children of Susanah Cock y e 

Sarah > daughter of goody pope She having owned the 

John [ covenant 

thankfull J 

Abigaill the daughter of Chads davenport baptised y* 12 of 
march 1693 

(Martha Horton Abigaill y e daughter of Standfast foster bap- 
bom ,3. .2. 9i) tised y e I9 f m arch 95 

(7. 7. 93 bom Samuell y e sonne of Samuell Trott was baptised 

Martha Brown) . „,- 1 

' y° 20 march 93 
Ephraim y e sonne of Ephraim pason baptised y* 2 Aprill 93 
Katherine y' daughter of Noah Beman baptised y e 23 
Aprill 93 

(23. a. 93 Keziah y e daughter of Benjamin Blackman bap- 

Abipii Robinwn tised y * , 8 f j une 93 he owning y e covenant 

a6. a. 93 bom Ma TV 

Root Memfeiid) / y« daughters of Josepe Weeks bap- 

Sarah tised ye 25 of June 93 


Me^we^) J ane y e daughter of John Bird baptised y e 

(24. 7 .o» 2 July 93 

Boaied BUiinge Thomas y e sonne of Thomas Staples baptised 

bo™-) y e 16 July 93 he living at cambrig ther being 

Sam 7 wlb bom) no °ff eser tncr having entred Into covenat had 

(Ma 2 his child baptised heare 

Eieanor'wood Ruthe y e daughter of Isack humphry was bap- 

of Content Mason .• j e >- »_»,_._ 

born) tised y e 6 Agust : 93 

(ig. 8. 03 bom Dorothy y e daughter of Joshuah Story baptised 

Mary Evans) .,e «» A * «« 

y 27 Agust 93 
Joanna y e daughter of Thomas Lyon baptised y e 3 Septem- 
ber 93 

Joanna y e daughter of Samuell Capen 
haiiah y e daughter of John Blaake 

Samuell y e sonne of Samuell pason was baptised y e 10 Sep- 
tember 93 


Susan Captn bom Martha y e daughter of John Brown baptized y* 

5 - 7m - 93 - 24 September: 93 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Moses Aeres baptized y e 15 Ockto- 

ber 93 

(AnRawson Ebenezer y e sonne of Mathias Evens baptised 

28. 6. 03 y e 29 October. 93 s 

rjoT," Biake s . 9». 93 ho P stiI1 y e sone of Josephe Black : baptized y e 
ed y e covenant 5 of november 93 

Submitt y e daughter of Bejamin carpenter of 

Seaconc baptised y e same day 

Elisabeth y e daughter of Joseph Blacke baptised y e 10 de- 

cember. 93. 

Daniell y e sonne of Daniell preston Juner baptised y e 21 day 

(Ebenezer withing of december It being A day thanksgiving and 

bSn°L E De n c. e 3 was borne y e 10 december. 93. 

Qosiah white thankfull y e daughter of Smith Woodward bap- 

SarThWhh^ tised y e same day 

"• 8. 93) Joseph y e sone of Joseph Leeds baptised y* 

( 5 E fo r 9 3 S bo i rn nshaw of January 93 : 4 he owning y e covenant. 
ofSumnr) mary y e daughter of Ebenezar holmes baptised 

(Tan. 10. 0} . r \ _a 

Tom. Toiman bom) v e 4 febuary 94 

(mareawiat Ane y e daughter of Joseph withington Baptised 

bo b rn) 4 ' ^ y e 1 1 febuary 9+ he owning y e covenant 

[Jane] y e daughter of John Blackman baptised y e 18 febuary gl 
mehetable y e daughter of Roger Billing baptised y e 25 febu- 
ary 9* 
henery y e sonne of philip withington baptised y e 1 1 march 94 



Elisebeth y e daughter of John Triscott Baptised y e 27 of 

may 94 

Elizebeth y e daughter of Jonathan hall baptised y e same day 

(David Patten Silence y e daughter of Samuell Bellchar of 

bom 27. 8. 94) Brantree was Baptised the 3 of June 94 shee 

owning y e covenant in our church 

y 4 daye William y e sonne of John Cock was Baptised y e 24 

June 94 

Desier thes tow wer twins y e sonns of desier clap and wer 

william baptised y e 12 Agust 94 

, . ,, thes : 3 y e sonns of Thomas Tollman Juner wer 
y , baptised y e same daye 


(Desier Haws Thomas Robinson and his wife confesing ther 
bom 9 . am. 94) s i nne f fornicacon befor marige did both of 

(16 march 9} ° . 

susafiaof them owne the covenant and he himself was 

(1. 11. 16^ Baptised and 3 of his children 

Waitstiii wiat bom) [viz.] ( Samuell ) y e 19 day of Agust 94 

v/in^m Cock born) \ Rebecka 

( Abigail 

(8 10m 04 (9. 9. 94 born 

Elis. Elder bora) Steven & Grace Tilestone 

of oniseph) 
(Mary Web bora 
'5- 9- 94) 

(Christopher Keiie William y e sonne of John Church was baptised 

25. 11. 1694) (Rebecce. sometime Blackman) 

y e 15 September. 94 his wife owning y e covenant that daye 
Abigail y e daughter of Jhon peirce was Baptised y e 7 Octo- 
ber 94 

John y e sonne of John Browne Baptised y e 14 October 94 
John y e sonne of preserved Capen was Baptised . y e 21 Octo- 
ber : 94 

David y* sone of David paten Baptised y e 2 december 94 
Elizebeth y € daughter of Benjamin Blackman Baptised y° 16 
day of december 94 

Jakobe y e sone of John Paison Baptised y e 23 december 94 
Ruthe y e daughter of Samuell paull was baptised y e 20 of 
January 95 

hanah y e daughter of oliver wizzell baptised y e 13 . of Janu- 
ary : 95 

Sarah whitt owned y' covenant and was baptised y* 27 of 
January 95 the same day y e wife of Robert Cook owned y* 
Elizebeth y e daughter of James foster 


Zeruiah y e daughter of Ebenezar davenport 

Ickabud y e sonne of Ebenezar Joans wer baptised y e 17 of 

febuary 94 5 

william y e sonne of Robert cooke was baptised y e 24 febuary 

94: 5 


(Recorded Hannah Thomas y e sone and daughter of Thomas 
in Town book) hanah Euenes wer baptised y e 10 march : 95 
hanah y e daughter of Joseph weeks baptised y e 7 Aprill 95. 
Ruthe y e daughter of Ephraim pason baptised y e 14 Aprill 95 
. David y e sonne & daughter of Israeli how 

Edward Payson Zeruiah being twins wer baptised y e 21 

born of Sam.) •' ... ° L J 

Aprill 95 
Joseph y e sone Isacke Ryall baptised 19 maye 95 
mary y e daughter of Thomas euens baptised 26 maye 95 
Samuell y e sonne of Samuell Toplife baptised y e 2 June 95 

Elizebeth Ryder grandaughter to goody Garn- 
(Hafla white sey was baptised y e 9 of June she then owning 

bom 6 June 05) t S 

j 95; ye covenant 95 
Ebenezar moadsly owning y e covenant y e same day 
John y e sone of John Davenport baptised y e 16 June 95 
Edward y e sone of Samuell pason baptised y e 23 June 95 
Ebenezar y e sone of Ebenezar Moadsly baptised y e 30 of 
June 95 

Consider y e sone of Joseph leeds Juner baptised y e 7 July 95 
(Ruth jones thankfull y e daughter of Thomas moadly bap- 

bom 26. 8. 95) tised y e 28 July 95 

mary maroh mokork entered Into covenant and was baptised 
y e 28 July 95 

Elizabethe y e wife of Joseph Angier entered into covenant 
and was baptised and 
(james Haws Elisebeth her daughter was also baptised y e 4 

wife Layd hold AgUSt 95 

Augst 5 9s n * Desiere y e sone of Jeams haws was baptised y e 
[p. mo]) nAgust95 

Thomas y e sone of Charles Davenport baptised y e 25 Agust 95 
Susanna y e daughter of margarett gates was baptised y e 15 
September 1695 shee being a member of Cambridge church 


Baptismes. Anno 1695 — Anno 1696 by reason of commun- 
ion of churches ther being no minister In office ther all this 


Robert y e sonne of Robert cooke was baptised y e 20 October 95 

(a*, q. 9? 
(Consider Leeds (Benj. Merrifeild 5. 9 br 95 born.) David Tolman 

bom 2 July. 95) bom) 

(S5/6 feb. 10 Nath. Web bom) (8. 12. 9? 

Ge-Tge Bird born) 
(Margaret Houghton. 30. 4. 95) (21. 12. 95/6 Elis. Blake bom) 

Joshua Story y e Son of Joshua Story with David Tolman 
Son of Thomas Tolman Jun r were baptised October y e first 
day 1695 

Mary y e daughter of Smith Woodward was baptised in Dor- 
chester December y e 15 th 1695 

Silence daughter of Joseph Hall (on his Wifes right) Bap- 
tised 22. 10 mo : 1695 

Isaac & _Children of Isaac Humphreys baptised 29. io mo 
Katharine 1695. — Twins : 
Joseph Blackman Son of Jn° Blackman baptised January y e 

5 1698 

Joseph Son of James Bird jun r baptised 16. 12. 1695 

Anna Daughter of Samuel Capen jun r baptised March 3 d 1696 

Jonas Son of Hopestill Humfreys baptised March. 15. 1696. 

(Meh. daughter Joseph Son of Joseph Hewens baptised. Aprill 

of J« Blie gth l6g6 

boraT Ebenezar Son of Goodman Cock whose wife is 

daughter to sisf Pope baptised May 10 th 1696. 
Henry Son of Jos. Withington-as-also-Mary daughter of Jn° 
Peirse baptised. 31. [3]™°. 1696. 
George Son of Thomas Lion baptised 7 th . 4™: 1696 
Deborah daughter of Nath : Searles baptised y e same day 
James Son of John Cock Grandchild of o r Sister y e widow 
a6. 1.96 Pope, baptised 18 th . 4™. 1696. being a thanksgiv- 

Jos. Hewens . r , <■ T _ . ^ . .. 7 ° ° 

bom) . mg day for y e Kings deliverance 

John Son of Samuel Capen ) , .. . „. ^ 

ElishaSon of Standfast Foster j ba P tlsed 21 ' 4 " ^ 
Elizabeth daughter of Philip Withington baptized 28. 4. 96 
StJUft&ig" Esther Jones daughter of Eben Jones 12. 5. 96 
ofwmRoyaii) Sarah daught r of Jonath : Hall ) bapt j sed 

Susannah daughter of widow Patten \ ^ 
27. 7. 96 

Steven Son of ) onesiphorus Tilestone baptised 

Grace Daughter of J = 11. 5 m . 96. 

(Enoch wiswal born. 19. march. 97) 

Joshua George — upgrown — baptised } 

Christian Pelton — upgrown — > 18. 8. 96. 

Sarah Harding Daughter of her y* was Merrifeild ) 
Seaven of Peter Okellys Children baptised 25. 8. 96. Mary 
Margaret Mehetabell Susanna Henry Josiah Hephzibah 



James Son of Obadiah Swift baptised 8. g m . 96. 

Samuel Danforth baptised 15. 9"'. 1696. 

Moses Billinge Son of Roger Billinge baptised 22. 9™ 96. 

Salter Son of Robert Searl baptised 6. io m . 96. 

(4. 8m. q7 Sarah daughf of Samuel Trot baptised 27. 

MaryTolman m / - 

born of Thomas) IO . QO 

(Zebuiun Web born Nehemiah 

Prudence Hai Dennis \ Sons of Dennis Maroh baptised 3 1. 

bom. febr. j. 9i) Richard ) 11.97. 

Martha 8 Merrifield Alice Pope with 

born) Eliz : Maudsly daughter of Eben r : Mosely. 


May. 12. 96 Kath. Williams born Dec. 10. 96 Rebec. White bom 

March. 3. 96 mary Robinson bom Feb. 24. 96/7 EIis. Minot bom 

Hephziba 7 July 96 bom March. 21. 97 Margaret Angier bom 

July 15. 96 Damans Haws bom 21 May 97 Experience Brown bom 

Sam Royal born 7. 6m. 96 24 May 97 bom Roger & Desire Clap 

Benj. Everenden 7. 6m. 96 bora 14. 6. 97 Elis. Evans born 

Nov. 1. 96 James Swift bora 30. 11. 96/7 Hanah Billinge bora 
29. 9. 96 born Abigail Puffer 

The account of y« Births was taken out of the Towne Register. 


Elijah Son of Robt Cook jun r baptised Aprill ir. 97 
Mary Daughter of Samuel Payson«Aprill 11. 97 
Hephzibah Daughter of Eben : Davenport 18. 2. 97 
Mary Daughter of Joseph Leeds Jun r Aprill 25. 97 
Henry Son of Ephraim Payson baptised May 23. 97 
Elizabeth Daughter of John Brown May 30. 97 
Experience Daughter of Jos: Weeks June. 6. 97 
Samuel Son of Tho : Maudsley Jun r Aug. 8. 97 
Nehemiah Son of Ebenezer Jones Aug. 15. 97 
Elizabeth & ) Daught™ of John Blackman 19. 7. 97 
Sarah \ 

Thomas Son of Thomas Evans baptised 26. 7. 97 
Elizabeth Cocks, Sist r Popes Grandchild 26. 7. 97 
William Son of John Bird Jun r Octob r 24. 97 
Samuel Son of Jn°: Davenport Octob r 24: 97 
Mary Daughter of Thomas Tollman Novemb r . 14. 97 
Ralph Pope Son of Sister Pope Nov. 28. 97 
Relief Daughter of Isaac Humfrys Nov. 28. 97 
Susan Daught r of Benj. Blackman Nov. 28, 97 
Deliverance Daughter of Smith Woodward Jan : 16. 9I 
Mary Daughter of Tho : Robinson March 6. 9!. 
John Son of John Blake baptised April. 24. 98 
Nathanael Son of Ebenezar Holmes May. 1. 98 
Thomas Cocks Grandchild of Sister Pope 9. 3"'°. 98 



Jemima Daughter of [John] Tollman jun. 9. May. 98 
Benjamin Son of Joseph Hewens Jun r May 23. 98 
Joseph Son of Joseph Bird baptised May 23 d . 98 
Sarah Daughter of Tho : Robinson May 23. 98 
John Son of Rob 1 Pelton baptised June. 26. 98 
Samuel Son of Samuel Capen Junior July 10. 98 
Mary Daughf of James Bird Jun r Aug. 28, 98 
Sarah, Daughf of John Pierce Sept. 4. 98 
Eliz : Daughf of Samuel Capen Sen r Oct. 2. 98 
Mary Daughf of Obadiah Haws Oct : 2. 98 
Judith Daughf of Desire Clap Octob. 9. 98 
Isaac Son of Jonathan Jones Octob r . 16. 98 
Sarah Daughter of Obadiah Swift Octob r . 16: 98 
Hannah Daughter of m r John Danfcrth 6. 9™. 98 
Sarah Daughter of Deacon Topi iff Nov. 6. 98 
Samuel Son of Samuel Paule Baptiz d Nov r 13. 98 
John Son of Robert Cook Baptised Nov r . 27. 98 
Abiell Daughter of Deliverance Withington 27. 9™. 98 
John Son of y e Late John Wiswall or Wisell Dec. 5. 98 
Abigail Daughter of Philip Withington : 5. io' n . 98 
James Son of James Foster Baptised. 11. io m . 98 
Samuel Son of Samuel Trot baptised 8. 1 i m . 98 
Dorcas Daughter of Samuel Payson Jan7 22 : 98 
Ebenezer Son of Oliver Wissell March. 5. 98 
Mary Daughter of Ebenezer Rice Mar ch 5. 98/9 
Hannah Daughter of John Blackman March 12. 98/9 
Joseph Son of Jos. Blake baptised March 19, 98/9 
Susannah Daughter of John Cocks Aprill 9 th . 1699 
John Son of Joseph Leeds Jun r baptised April 16, 1699 
Thankfull Daughter of Joseph Weeks baptizd : April 23 1699 
Timothy son of Timothy Tilestone baptised April. 30. 99 
Mary Daughter of Samuel Clap junior baptised 30. 2. 99 
Hannah Daughter of Thomas Lion baptised April. 30. 99 
Lydia Daughter of Ebenezer Jones baptised June 1 1. 99 
Elizabeth Daughter of John Minot baptised June n. 99 
Ephraim Son of John Davenport baptised Aug. 6. 99 
Hannah Daughter of Sherebiah But baptised Aug. 20. 99 
Jonathan Son of Ephraim Payson baptised y e 20 th of y* 6 th 
mo. 99 

Martha Daughter of Thomas Robinson baptised Sept. 10. 99 
Silence Daughter of Thomas Maudsley baptised Sept. 24. 99 
Richard Son of Nathanael Butt baptised Octob r I th . 99 
Elizabeth Daughter of Hopestill Humfreys baptiz'd 22. 8. 99 


Ebenezer ) of Smith Woodward baptised Novemb r 

(or Abigail) ) 19. 99 

Ebenezer son of Preserved Capen baptized January 14. 99 : 


Sarah Daughter of Thomas Evans baptized Jan ry . 2 1. 99: 


Elizabeth Daughter illegitimate of Matthew Peimur and of 

Mary Goodall, upon Her Moth" Confession & Acceptance 

baptiz'd January, 28. 99: 1700 

Rebecca and 

Deborah Daughters of Robt Searle baptizd. ffeb. 15. 99: 


Charles Son of Charles Davenport baptized Feb r i5. 1699: 


Thankfull Daughter of Ebenezer Davenport baptized, March. 

10. 99: 1700 

Nullaines a Negroe Ent'ring into Coven', baptized March. 

10. 99 : 1700 


Baptismes in Dorchester 

Josiah Son of John Blake baptized 17 March 

1 699 : 1 700 

Dorcas — Daughter of Samuel Payson Bpt 22. 

Tho. Web. may. 8. l i"*- 9^ 

99 born George Son of Benjamin Blackman baptizd. 30. 

i m . 1700 

John Son of John Tollman baptized, April y e 
7 th . 1700 

Rachel, Daughter of Ralph Pope baptized : 
April. 21. 1700 
Elizabeth Daughter of Edw d . Breck baptizd. 

Ha D nahTro« I0 .8. May 4. 1 7OO 

99 Jane Daughter of Robert Cook baptized May 

4, 1700 

Martha Daughter of Eliz r . Morrice of Boston 
baptized May 12, 1700 

Samuel Son of Samuel Clap, baptized June 2 d : 
Ebenezer Son of John Blackman baptized, June 

Abigail Woodward 9 ■ I 7°° 

Jerusha Daughter of John Bird, baptized, June 
1 6 th . 1700 

Jacob Son of Isaac Humfrys, baptised, July 
14, 1700 


James or Joseph Son of John Browne baptized 

August 4 th . 1700 

Joseph Son of John Cox baptized August 4 th . 

Increase Blake 8. 1 7°° 

♦•" Mary Daughter of m r John Danforth baptiz'd. 

ii. 6 m . 1700 

Mehetabel Daughter of m r . John Danforth bap- 
tized 11. 6. 1700 

Abiel of John Dean of Tanton. Baptised. 

8. 7 m . 1700 

Hannah Bartlet an Upgrown Person Baptised. 

22. 7 m . 1700 
He«her Puffer bom M arv Daughter of Standfast Foster baptised. 
19.3.95- ° ra 10. 9 m . 1700 

(She dyed y e 15 th of March following) 

John Son of Benjamin Cheyney baptisd. on 

Thanksg g : 21. 9™ 1700 

Mary Daughter of Nathan Bradly jun r . baptised 

8. io m . 1700 

Timothy (or John) Son of Robert Pelton, Bap- 
tised. 15. 10. 1700 

Elisabeth Daughter of Ebenezer Sumn' Bap- 

J^thanwiat,;, ^ 22 IQ , ?QQ 

Miriam Daughter of James Bird jun. Baptised. 
5. 11. 1700 

Francis Price Baptised Owning the Covenant 
12. January 1700. 

Zippory Daughter of Joseph Blake baptised 12. 
u mo : 1700/1. 

Anne Daughter of John Pearse baptised 19. 
n mo . 1 700// 1 
J 1 bora dton as " 8 ' J ohn son °^ Timothy Tilestone baptised 2. I2 m0 : 
1 700/ 1 

John Son of Samuel Capen jun r baptised 15. 
i mo 1 700/ 1 701 

Thomas Son of Thomas Tilestone baptised 2. 1. 

Joseph Son of Joseph Hewens baptised the 20 th 
of April. 1 70 1 
Elisabeth Daughter of Humfrey Atherton bap- 

mary But march. 3. tlSed. 20: 2. I7OI 

08 99 bora j Qhn Son of j ohn Maudsley baptised the 10 th 

of May. 1 70 1 

Thomas Son of Thomas Lion baptised the 25 th 

of May 1 70 1 


Rebecca Daughter of Thomas Maudsley bap- 
tised 25. 3. 1701 

John Son of John Minot baptised y e first of 
June 1701 

wiiikmsonofTho- Silence Daughter of Ebenezer Jones baptised 
William* bora 36. 8. June y e 8 th 1701 & dyed [. . .] 

John Son of Samuel Clap baptised June 29 th 


Elisabeth of James Hawes baptised June 29 th 


Joseph Son of Joseph Hall baptised July y e 6 th 


Elisabeth Daught r of Thomas Robinson bap- 
tised June y e 8 th 1701 
Raif smith 30. 10. (it died since its baptism) 

' 7 °* Susanna of Obadiah Swift baptised July 20 

Joseph Son of John Davenport baptised Sept. 

7. 1701. 

Son of John Brown Baptised. 14. Sept. 


Joseph Son of Joseph Weeks baptised 19: 8 

mo: 1701. 

Jerusha Daughter of Ralph Pope baptised 

Barbara Jonea 39. L J 

11. 1708 Ebenezer Son of Ebenezer Homes baptised 

20. 9. 1 701 being Thanksgiving day 
George Son of Samuel Payson baptised Dec : 
14. 1701. 

Mary Daughter of Robert Searles. Dec. 21. 
1 70 1. baptised 
Jonathan Son of Samuel Wales Dec. 28. 1701. 

Martha Hall .,-.98 baptised. 

Beoj. wiat »». 98 Samuel Son of John Blackman Jan. 25. 1701/2 


Benjamin Jordan 

Jonathan Chandler 
Aug. 4.98 bom a Huldah Chandler 
kogir. &UeD,e [of] Hannah Alcock 

Hannah Weeks 

Margaret Lord 

Mary Jinkins 

Jonathan Dire natural son of Abig. 

Ball baptised ig [70 i 

Comfort Bird son of Joseph Bird j 


Upgrown, hav- 
ing laid hold on I febr. 8. 
y e Coven' were [170 1/2. 
baptised on 


Hopestill Son of Lt. James Fost" baptised 

o«. 3 . 98 John Puf- february 15 th , ijo\ 

Israel Hill Baptised on the twenty Second of 

February ijol : 

Hezekiah Maroh baptised 1. 1. 1702. 

Samuel Bishop Son of James Bishop Datus 

post Preces Dei Gratia Baptised 15. 1. 170.* 

Jemima Daughter of Benj Blackman, 15, i m 17O2 

John Son of Smith Woodward baptised 29. 1. 


not. a 5 d. 98 john Mary Daughter of John Preston baptised 29. 1. 

Cook bom j 702 

Mary Daughter of Edward Breck bapt d . 12, 2, 


Jonathan Son of Jonathan Hall baptised 24. 3. 


Silence Daughter of Sherebia But baptised 31. 

3 mo 1702 

Oliver Son of Oliver Wiswall baptised y e 7, 

15 march 98 Abigail 4. l 7 02 

white bom Hopestill Son of Joseph Leeds jun r baptised 

y e 14, 4 m , 1702 

Sarah Daughter of Jonathan Jones baptised 
14. 4 m . 1702 

Elisabeth Daughter of Thomas Robinson bap- 
tised y e 21 or 28. 4 ra . 1702 
Stoughton Danforth Son of m r John Danforth 
baptised 26. 5. 1702. 

,oA riloS Nathaniel ( Elizabeth ) 

Home. Wn a **" Sarah Daughter of Ebenezer Maudsley baptised 

26. 5. 1702. 

Elisabeth Long laid hold on y e Covenant & was 

baptised at this Time. 

Barbara Daughter of FjD r . Jones baptised. 9. 

6 rao . 1702 

Hannah Daughter of Sam 1 Clap baptised. 16. 

6. 1702. 

(she died in a fortnight or lesse.) 
nSbo>n Elkafi * Bil * Sarah Daughter of Philip Withington baptised 

23. 6. 1702. 

Rachel Daughter of Nathanael Glover Jun r 

baptised 23. 6. 1702 

Jerusha Daughter of John Tolman jun r baptised 

30. 6. 1702 



Thomas Son of Thomas Maudsley jun r , bap- 
tised 13. 7. 1702 
Sarah, Daughter of Sam 1 But, baptised 13. 7. 

34. 4. 98 JohD Pelton * 702. 

Ebenezer Son of James Barber baptised. 1. 9 m . 


Samuel Son of John Pierce baptised. 1. 0/". 1702. 

Hannah Daughter of John Maudsly 8 [ ] 


[ ] 8. 10. 

99. born 

[....] Damon 10, 
11. 99 born 

[. . .] Damon 10. 4. 
99 bora 

Rachel Pope 8. 10. 
99 bora 

Abigail Billinge 15. 
13 1700 

Samuel Maudsley 7 
4. 1700 

Sarah W[orth] [....] 
*3. 3. 1700 bom 



Henry son of Increase Leadbetter 6. io m . 1702. 

Sarah Daughter of Tho" Tilestone. 13. io m . 1702. 

Hannah Daughter of Samuel Wales \j\ n m . 1705 

Hannah Daughter of Timothy Tilestone 14. 

I2 m . 1705 

y e wife of (young) Everenden 21. i m . ^ 

y e Daughter of Walter Everenden 21. i. m I 2 

y e child of young Everinden 21. i. m [" l 7°* 

Daughter of 21. i m J 

Submit Daughter of John Coxe baptised 28. i m . 


Rachel Daughter of Jabez Searle baptised 2, 


Anne Daughter of Preserved Capen baptised 

16. 3 m . 1703. 

Abigail Daughter of Thomas Evans baptised, 

6. 4 m . 1703. 

Sarah Daughter of Thomas Trott baptised. 20. 

4-. 1703- 

Silence Daughter of Smith Woodw d baptised. 

20. 4. 1703. 

James Son of James Bird Jun r . baptised 27. 4. 


Susanna Daughter of Ephraim Payson 4. 5™ 


Elisabeth Daughter of Jonathan Hall 8. 6 m . 1703 

Elisabeth of Nath But. baptised 15. 6. 1703 

Purchase Son of Samuel Capen baptised 22. 6. 


Henry Son of Henry Lion baptised 5. 7 m . 1703. 

Benjamin Son of Benj. Cheyney — 6. 1703 

John Son of John Preston baptised 12. 7. 1703 



Waitstill & Patience 
Bishop 6. 6. 1700 

Sam. Tompson June 
15. 1700 born 

mary Foster 31. 8. 
1700 bom 

Mary Bradly a . . 

John Pelton 9. 10. 

Rebecca Foster 24. 
7. 1700 

Hannah Woodward 
5. 10. 1700 

Tho: Trot: a8: 10: 
1700 bom 

Thankf. Redman 14. 
a 17I00] 



Isaac Son of Samuel Paul baptised 12. 7. 1703 
Thomas Son of Isaac How Jun r baptised 19. 7. 


Elisha Son of Ebenezer Davenport baptiz' 1 : 3. 

8 m . 1703 

Consider Son of Ebenezer Jones baptised. 7. 7. 


John Son of John Maxfield baptised. 7. 7. 1703 

George Son of John Minot baptised. 7. 7. 1703 

Steven Son of John Davenport the 12. 8. 1703 

Timothy Son of Robert Pelton baptized 5. io m . 


Jane Daughter of Obadiah Swift baptised y e 19. 

I0 ra . 1703 

John Son of Samuel Clap baptised, 23. 11. 1703 

Martha Daughter of Ebenezer Williams. 23. 11. 


Matthew Son of Matthew Peimur. 5. i' 

Phillip Son of Samuel Payson. 12. V 
(Mary of Charles Davenport. 20. 1. 1704) 
Hannah Daughter of Joseph Hewens 9. 2. 1704 
Ebenezer Son of Ammiel Weeks 23. 2. 1704 
Nathanael Son of Nath u Glover Bapt. 7. 3. 1704 
[Torn off.] of John Stiles 8. 3. 1704 

do. ] of Thomas Robinson 3. 1704 
Anna or Hannah Daughter of Nath Lion 21.3. 

James Son of John Robinson baptised 21.3. 1 704 
Hannah Daughter of John Stiles 21.3. 1704 
Anna Daughter of Nathaniel Lion. 
Experience Daughter of Jos. Birch, deed, bap- 
tised 18. 4 m . 
Hesther Daughter of [Jonathan Chandler] 18. 

4. 1704 

Benjamin Son of Jos. Angier baptised 25. 4. 1704 

Hephziba Daughter of Benj. Blackman 25. 4. 


Gurnet Price Son of Francis Price Supra — 23. 

2. 1704 

Thankfull Daughter of Lt. James Foster — 16. 

5. 1704 

Deborah Daughter of Benjamin Cheyney 16. 5. 


Ruth Jones of Jonathan Jones baptized 4. 7. 1704 



Mary Lewis 1. 1. 
1701 born 

Eben. Web. 13. 2. 
1 701 born 

Ha flali Damon 1. 2. 
1 701 bora 

Mary Butt 18. 2. 
1 70 1 born 

Elis. Billinge 11.4. 
170: born 

Jos. Angier. 20. 4. 
1701 born 

Zechary Merrifield. 
26. 4. 1701 . 

Thomas Trot 25. 7. 

John Everenden 4. 
5. 1701 

Zech. Waldo. 25. 9. 

Daughter of Phillip 
Britton 19. 10. 1701 

Christian Monk May 
10 1703 

Mary Daughter of Edward Clap baptised 20. 6. 


Renew Daughter of John Blackman 27. 6 m . 1704 

Sarah Clap Daughter of Jonathan Clap 17. 4™. 


Ichabod Son of Oliver Wiswal 20. 7. 1704 

George Son of m r . John Danforth baptised D. G. 

Nov. 12. 1704 

Mary Daughter of Ebenezer Paul baptised 12. 

9 m . 1704. 

Hesther Daughter of Jabez Searle baptised 19. 

9 m . 1704 

Mary Daughter of Jonathan Chandler. 3. 10. 1 704 

Mary Daughter of Isaac How Junior. 3. 10. 1704 

Submit Daughter of Smith Woodward 10. 10. 


Pelatiah Son of Joseph Hall baptised 7. 1 i m . i/oi 

Anne Daughter of John Pearse baptised 28. II. 

Samuel Son of John Browne baptised 11. I2 m . 


Anne Daughter of Philip Withington 4. 1. 170J 

Richard Son of Jonathan Hall baptised II. 

lm 1 7f>* 
march l / KJ 5 

Rebecca Daughter of James Bird jun r . 1. 2 m . 


Benjamin Son of John Cocks baptised i.2 m . 1705. 

Patience Daughter of Joseph Bird baptised 8. 

2. 1705. 

Anne Daughter of Joseph Blake Supra 11. 1. 


James Son of James Haws Supra II. 1. 1705. 

Susanna Daughter of John Tolman jun r 6. 3. 


Thomas Son of Matthew Piemur baptised — 

3- I705- 

Susan daughter of Thos. Maudsley 17. 4. 1705. 

Ruth Kenny baptised the 8 th of July 1705. 

Anne Daughter of Timothy Moseman 1. 5 m . 1705 

Robert Son of Robert Searle, 8. 5 ra . 1705 

Samuel Son of John Maxfield 8. 5 m . 1705 

Mary Daughter of Nath. Leeds 28. 5 m . 1705 

Elizabeth Daughter of Tim. Tilestone 15. 5. 1705 

Hannah Daughter of Ensign Breck 19. 6. 1705 


Mary Price i 3 . 4. Jemima Daughter of Nath. But bapt. 19. 6. 1705 

1 — ] Mehitabel Daughter Jn° Davenport 26. 6. 1705 

Susan Daughter of Samuel Trot baptised 16. 

7. 1 705 
Miriam Puffer. i 4 . Abigail Daughter of Sherebiah But bapt d . 16. 

7- 1705 

Abigail Daughter of John Preston bapt. 16. 7. 

inborn [Ebenjezer Son of Ebenezer Clap baptised 7. 

8. 1705 

[ . . ] 1702 

Ruth Blake so. 10. 


(Jos. Son of Samuel Clap bapt 6. 8. 1705) 
Nathan Bradiy 2. Thomas Son of Thomas Robinson baptised 30 

11. 1702/3 bom r ** 

7. I7O5 

John Lewi. .8. 11. Aquila Son of Samuel Tolman baptised 21. 8 

1 7°a/ 3 born 1705 

Dam c Sarah Daughter of Irijah Wales baptised 11. 9 

1703 born I 7^5 

Jonathan Son of Jonathan Clap baptised y e 9 

Jane Brown. a8. i. IO. I 70 $ 
1703 born ' / J 

Mary Daughter of John Minot Baptised y e 30 

Iiaac Bellinge. 9. 10. I7O5 

s m. I7 o3bom Elisabeth Daughter of Smith Woodward bap- 

»v! •, ^ o tised J 3- II. 1 70s 

Abigail Damon. 8. -, , SL 1 /■ T ^ 

8. 1705 bom Sarah Daughter of James Trott baptised y e 13. 

11. 170S 
fc£ n "o r 5 DorT Joseph Son of John Stiles baptised on the 20. 

11. 1 70S 
Katharine Web 10. Eleanor Daughter of Eben : Jones baptised the 

7. .703 bom n I2 i;o 5 

Consider Tone. 7 . Elisabeth Daughter of Samuel Paison baptised 

9m. ,703 born y e 6. II. I "J0% 

(as I suppose) 

jemima Pope 13.9m. Mary Daughter of Capt : Thomas Tilestone 

,703 born Bapt l6 IQ i;o5 

Son of Sam. Butt S usan Daughter of James Bird Baptised Supra 

ao. 10. 1703 bom 6. II. I705 

Mary Daughter of John Brown Baptised Supra 

Sarah of John 5 ,, T - or 

Mo.ely 3 i. 10. 1703 3- 4- V°5 

bom Edward y e son of Ew d Foster Baptised the 7. 2. 

1705 bSST '°' 9 ' Phebe y e Daughter of Joseph Andrews baptised 

y e 7. 2. 1706 



y Bernard Capen. 5. 
12. 1705 born 

[Alisse] Tolman 8. 
3 m . 1704 born 

Freelove Monk 2. 3. 
1704 born 

Ruth Purler 11. 1. 
1704 born 

John Trot. 7. 4. 
1704 born 

John Stanton 12. 6. 
1704 born 

Tho. Shepard 24. 1. 
1 706 born 

Hannah Chandler 4 
7. 1706 born 

Tho. Stanton 19. 6. 
1706 born 

John Shepard 25. 12. 
1703/4 born ■ 

Jerusha Memfield 1. 
[11]. 1704/5 bom 

Benj. Web. febr. 8. 

Nath & Edward 
Eldridg 1. 1. 1705 

James Bishop. 30. 1. 
1705. born 

Josiah Maroh io m . 
1705 born 

Mindwel daughter of Abiel Bird baptised y e 5. 
3 m . 1706. 

Mary Daughter of Sam". Leeds. 28. 5, 1706. 
Sarah Daughter of Increase Leadbetr. 4. 6. 

Rachel Daughter of Nath : Glov r : 4. 6. 1706 
Ebenezer Son of Ebenezer Lawrence — Bapt : 
15. 6. 1706. 

Prudence y e Daughter of Nath : Leeds. Bapt : 
15. 6. 1706. 

Sarah Daughter of Increase Leadbetter Bap- 
tised — 6. 1706. ~ 
Abigail Daughter of Jabez Searle Bapt.^ 7. 

John the Son of Serj : Sam. Clap Bapt. 22. 7 

Samuel Son of Samuel Tolman Bapt d . 29. 7. 

Priscilla Daughter of Obadiah Swift Bapt d . 6. 
8 m . 1706 

Jerusha Daughter of Eben r Billinge. Bapt d . 13. 
8. 1706 

Elisabeth Daughter of Henry Tolman. 13. 8. 

Ebenezer Son of Ebenezer Davenport 27. 8. 1706 
Patience Daughter of William Trescot 27. 8. 

Mehetabel Daughter of Sam Bird 15. 10. 1706 
Thankfull Daughter of Hopestil Capen 5. 11. 



Samuel Son of Smith Woodward 12. n' 
Benjamin Son of Benjamin Cheyney & 
Ebenezer Son of Ebenezer Paul were baptised 
on y e 9 th of febr: 170? 
Clark Son of John Maudsly. 16. I2 m 
'Hopestil Son of Jonathan Hall 23' 


Jeremiah Son of Joseph Blake 23 I e 
^ March 

John Son of John Robinson — 23 

Zebadiah Son of Ebenezer Williams23 March 

170? .'. %je 

John ye Son of John Pierce baptised 6. 2 m . 1707 

Samuel Son of Oliver Wiswal — 13. 2. 1707 




Susan Pelton 3. 7. 
1706 bom 

Katharine Bird i m . 
1705 born 

James Haws 11. 2. 
1705 born 

Susan Tolman 13. 2. 
1705 bom 

Ebenez. Lewis 29. 9. 
1 705 bora 

Walter Hixon 15. 4. 
1705, bora 

Ruth Fenno. 30. 3. 
1705 born 

Eliz Baily 14. 10. 
1689 bora 

Edw Baily 14. 3. 
1690 bora 

Jerusha Billeng 7. 6. 
1705 bora 

Ruth Bradly 20. 4. 
1705 born 

Submit Daughter of [Isaac How 13. 2. 1707] 

Priscilla Daughter of Joseph Hall Bapt. 20 [2. 


a* i\r At j ( Edward Son oH 

At Meadford J Thomas Ha]1 I 2 

Baptised by o^ Benjamin Son of > in Medford. 

Pastor Uenj. Pearse. J 

Richard Son of Thomas Evans baptised May 4. 


Humfry Son of Humfry Atherton June 8. 1707 

William Son of Sam 1 Robinson baptised June 

29. 1707 

Mary Daughter of Benj : Blackman bap July 6. 


Deliverance Daughter of Jos : Weeks July 20. 


Mary Daughter of Eben : Maudsly July 20. 1707 

Mary Daughter of James Haws. Aug. 24. 1707 

Hopestill N 1 - Son of Ri : Withington Sept. 7. 


James Son of James Sept. 28. 1707 

Tobias Negro — Baptised : Oct. 12. 1707 

Joseph Negro — Baptised Oct. 12. 1707 

Benjamin Son of Sergeant Sam 1 Clap. Oct. 


Peter Son of Francis Price. Oct. 19. 1707 

Mary Daughter of Sam 1 Trott Nov r : 9. 1707 

Steven Son of Richard Hawes Nov. 9. 

Hannah Daughter of Eb : Paul : Nov. 

Tobie (m r Paysons Negro) — Nov. 30. 

Hagar (m r Capens Negresse) — Nov. 

James Son of James Bishop Dec. 7. 1707 

Samuel Son of Sam 1 Tolman Dec. 21. 1707 

Anne Daughter of Sam 1 Payson Jan. 18. 1703 

John Son of Ralf Pope — Jan. 18. 170^ 

Mary Daughter of John Brown. Feb. 1. 1703 

Cornelius Son of Tim 7 . Tilestone. Feb. 8. 

Elisabeth Daughter of Jos. Andrews, Feb. 22. 


Mary Daughter of Jn° Minot. March. 14. 170I 
Ebenezer Son of James Bird March 14. 170! 
Benj. Son of John Stiles. March. 21. 
Sherebia Son of Sher: Butt. May 23. 1708 
Preserved Son of Nicho : Williams May 23. 1708 


30. 1707 
30, 1707 




Mary Wentworth 
29. 6. 1705. bo 

ThoTrot 13. 7. [. . . 
Sam. & Mercy M 
[ ] 10. 711. 1705 

Baptised at Brain- 
trey by the Pastor 
of Dorchester Nov. 
28, J708, Mary 
Daughter of Lt. 
Cleverly & Meheta- 
bel Daughter of 
Peter Adams. 

April 23 Major 
Ealles Dyed. 

June 5 1709 15s 
soldiers at our 

June 19 Six com- 
panies of Soldiers 
were quartered 
wrof 2 Companies 
are Indian Soldiers 

Aug. 6. old m rs 
Shepherds funeral. 

Jos. Trescot taken 
to Comunion Aug. 

Ro. Searles Sen' 
taken to Comunion 
31. 6. 1709. 

Sept. 15 Publick 

Oct. 27 John 
[Fitch] born 

Nov. 24 Thanks- 

Dec. 25 old m™ 
Chandler admitted 
to communion. 

A Contr. for S. 
Capen jun. Jan. 29. 

febr. 27. 170I 

Mary Daughter of Irijah Wales. June 6. 1708 
Margaret Daughter of jn° Preston July. 4. 1708 
Waitstill daughter of Incr : Leadbetf Octob/ 
3. 1708 
] Josiah Son of Hezek : Maroh. Oct. 3. 1708 
Sarah Daughter of Hez. Maroh. Oct. 3. 1708 
Ebenez r Son of Jacob Hewen oct. 10. 1708 


Baptised in Dorchester 

Caleb Son of Capt : Tho* Tilestone Dec. 26, 


Thomas Son of John Andrews January 30, 

Edward Son of Edward Breck Feb. 27, 170I 

Henry Son of Henry Tolman 

John Son of Edward White 

Mary Daughter of Josh. Sevars 

Hannah Daughter of Nath/ 


Susannah Daughter of Jabez 


Samuel Son of Jonathan 


Timothy Son of Edward Foster April. 17, 1709 

May 22. 1709. Admitted to full Communion 
with the Church M r John Devotion Richard 
Withingtons Wife Patience Foster & Sarah 


Hannah daughter of Jn°. Baker June 12. 1709 
John Son of Jn° Bird Jun r June 26, 1709 
Sarah daughter of Mathias Evans July 3, 1709 
Sarah daughter of Jos. Blake July 17, 1709 
Abigail daughter of Jn° Maudsly July 31. 1709 
William son of W m Trescot Aug. 14. 1709 
Amity daughter of James Haws Aug, 14, 1709 
Mary daughter of John Stiles Aug. 14, 1709 
John Son of John Bird Aug. 28, 1709 
Unice daughter of James Bird Sept. 4, 1709 
Sarah daughter of Sam 1 Tolman Sept. 4, 1709 
Alice daughter of Th. Evans sen 1 . Sept. 25, 1709 
Mary daughter of James Baker oct. 2, 1709 

> March 6 th , 17O9 




Aged Tho. Bird 



Mony fallen 

sh 8d on y« pound 

or [ . . . ] 

March 16 1710 
Publ: Fast. 

Mr Cotton Pastor of 
Easthampton died 
with uain in His 
head in 2 minutes. 

Contribution for 
[ . . . ] Morse of 
Dorchester Village 
abt. oli. Apr. 16. 

April 30 taken to 
full Comunion 
Elis. Woods. 

Preserved Capen 
laid hold on ye 
Covent May 28. 

June 4 mr. Devo- 
tion Dismissed to 

Publ. Fast June 15. 

Augst. 10. Publ. 
Sept. 28. Publ. 

Isaac Royall Junr 
laid hold on y* 
Covent. Sept. 

Jacob Eliot laid 
hold on y« Covenant. 
October. 15. 1710. 

Oct. 22 Thos. Spur 
laid hold on y e 
Covent : 

Portroyal y* surren- 
dered to the Crown 
of Engl. 

Not. 16 Publ. 


Hannah daughter of Jos. Andrews Oct. 2. 1709 
Thos. Son of Isaac How Oct. 16, 1709 
Hannah daughter of John Pearse Oct. 23. 
Francis Son of Fra. Price Oct. 23, 1709 
Jacob Son of Benj. Cheyney Oct. 1709 

Son of Smith Woodward Oct. 30, 1709 
Margaret daughter of Tho. Maudsly Nov. 6, 

Samuel Son of S. Leeds Nov. 20, 1709 
Jonas Son of Dan 1 Tolman Jan 22, 1709 
Mary Daughter of Irijah Wales March 5 [1709] 
Mary Daughter of Sam 1 Robinson March 26 

Baptized Caleb Son of Jn° Bradley. 
Baptized John Son of Jn° Withington 
Josiah Son of John Tolman 
Preserved Son of John Preston 
Anna Atherton Baptized. 
Nathanael Son of Nath : Butt. 
Lemuel Son of Thomas Trot. 
Margaret daughter of Jn° Andrews. 
Mary Daughter of Eben r . Williams 
John Son of Ebenezer Clap. 
Elizabeth Daughter of Eben r . Paul. 
Mary Daughter of Josh. Pomery 
A Son (William) of Isaac Royal 

April 2 
April 16 
April 23 
April 23 
May. 7. 
May, 14 
May. 28. 
June. 1 1. 
June. 25. 


Sept. 24. 
Sept. 24 


Onesiphorus Son of Timothy Tilestone Oct. 8. 

Jacob Eliot Baptized 

Benjamin Son of Benj. Ball. 
Henry Son of Matthias Evans. 
Sarah Daughter of Sam 1 Trot 
Sarah Daughter of Thomas Spur 
Alexander. Son of Nath 1 Glover. 
Priscilla Daughter of Sam 1 Tolman 
Hannah Daughter of Henry Tolman 
Thankfull Daughter of Jos. Bird. 
Hannah Daughter of Sam 1 Payson 
Patience Daughter of Sam 1 Henshaw 
Ruth Daughter of Sam 1 Hall 
Zebulon son of Benjamin Thayer bap- 
tised at Brain trey Sept 

Oct. 15. 
Oct. 22. 
Oct. 22 
Nov. 5. 
Nov. 5. 
Jan' 7 



14. • 


3. 1710 



171 1. 

March, n Humfry 
Athenon Confessed 
Dninkenn 8 . 
Josh. Georges wife 
adm<l. to full Corn- 

Apr. i. 
Publ. Fast Apr. 12. 
Apr. 8. Serjt Buts 
wife admitted to 

Increase Leadbetters 
wife taken to Com". 
May 20. 

May 23 M' Niles 
ordained at Braintry 
Dorch. Chh. mes- 
sengers assisting. 
May 27 m re Breck 
taken to Comunion 
Oct. 2 Fire at Boston 
Oct. 11. Fast 
m r E. Danforth very 
fick oct. 30. 
Publ. Thanksgiving 
Nov. 29. 

;fanuary 27 Eb. Top- 
lif admitted to Corn- 

Sarah D. of Saml 
Bird born July 1711. 
Saml Son of Isaac 
How bora July 22. 
Nath' Son of Jonath. 
Clap born July 27. 
Mary Daughter of 

iohn Maxfield bora 
uly 31. 
lary Daughter of 
Edw<i Foster bora 
Aug. 13. 

Mary Daughter of 
James Trot bora 
Sept. 20. 

Preserved Son of 
Presd Capen bora 
Nov. 2. 

Abigail D. of Tho. 
Maudsley bora 
Nov. 20. 


March. 2. John 
Bradly admitted to 



Elisabeth D. of John Minot March. 4. 
Zebulon Son of Tho : Pearse March. 18. 

(born March 14. 171 1) 
Susaiia Daughter of Edw : Breck April 1. 
Elijah Son of Ralph Pope — April. 8. 
John Son of John Baker April. 8. 
Sarah Daughter of Ed w : White. May 6. 
Abigail D. of Jonath. Chandler. May. 6. 
Charity Daughter of W m . Trescot. May. 27. 
Supply Child of Sam 1 Clap. June. 3. 
Sarah Daughter of Jabez Searle. June. 17. 
Baptized David Son of Jos. Hall. July. 8. 
Mary Daughter of Tim. Foster. Aug. 18. 

Nathanael Son of James Bird Oct. 21. 
Mary-Anne Daughter of Robt. Gutheridg 
Oct. 21. 

Hannah Daughter of Eb : Maudsley Nov. 4. 
Preserved Son of Preserved Capen : Nov. 4. 
Elisabeth Daughter of Josh. George : Nov. 25. 
Sarah Daughter of Josh Pomerv Febr 24 

Mary Daughter of John Andrews Apr. 13. 
Phinehaz Son of Francis Price. Apr. 20. 
Mary Daughter of ... . Key. Apr. 20. 
Desire Son of Sam 1 Tolman. Apr. 27. 

Baptized at Dorch Village by our Pastor 
f Amity daughter of m r Jos. Morse May. 4. 

Eliphalet j sQns of Ben . Blackman May . 4 

Benjamin ) 

James Son of James Haws May. 4 

Ithamer Son of — Eastie May. 4 

H^hTiba i dau S hters of Ro : Pelton Ma y- 4 

Zebia son of Billinge May. 4 

Abigail daughter of John Withington May. 4 

John son of — Wentworth May. 4 

Joshua Son of John Bradley. May. II 
Abigail daughter of Th. Maudsly May. 18 
Nathan son of Nathan Bradley May. 18 
Ruth daughter of Nathan Bradly May. 18 



Sch nio oid mn Lidia daughter of Nathan Bradly May. 18 
Sanders an Exct— Samuel Son of Nathan Bradly May. 18 
meedng at y Bra?mry. John daughter of Nathan Bradly May. 18 
SS&m&m. Abigail Daughter of Sm* Woodward June, 
union June:. Samuel son of W™ Trescot. June. 2Q. 

May 25 Content f / 7 

Mason upon her con- Eben r Son or Mr. Eben r White. Sept. 14 

fession absolved from ••-»! i-it-c e r* £ j- t^ » t 

Excomunication. Eleanor Wile or Lomiort foster. Nov. 2 
wLV«!i dS«d. Elizabeth daughter of Tho\ Spur Nov. 2 
And Aged m™ Trot Daniel son of Daniel Tolman Nov. 2 

a days before. , _ - _ 

June 1. John Brown Joseph son of Comfort Foster Nov. 2 

adraitteTto Co^un- Ebenezer son of Joseph Blake Nov. 16 

w ,3 Aged »» Margaret daughter of Ed u : Breck Nov. 23 

Tiieston buryed. Samuel Son of Irijah Wales. Nov. 23 

admitted to fuii Edward son of Edward White. Dec. 7. 

Nov.^TMrTbayer Mehetabel Daughter of Benj. Ball Dec. 21 

? d /dchh Pa Ro x r b°u f ry Mary Daughter of Benj. Cheyny Dec. 28 

The Pastor & mes- Nathanael Son of Eben r Clap — Jan r . 25 

Chh assisted. " Elijah Son of John Tolman Feb. 8 

feK s - Mary Daughter of Josh. Severs Feb. 22 


The Revd m r Hobert 
of Newtown de- 

A|edMn n F"ter David Son of James Trot, May 17 
James Son of John Baker, May 31 
on^oven'^une 1 ^ Hannah Daughter of Ralph Pope June 14 


jos. Tophff laid Thomas c r~, , _, . T „ 

hold on y« CovenL ^ ,. , } 01 1 hO Ir0tjune28 

T uiy Zebiah ) J 

^eof?h h e chh ks Mary daughter of Jos Ward June 28 

admonished for for- Thomas Son of Sam 1 Clap July 5 

nication And a Let- , ttiia J J J 

ter written to Her Solomon Son 01 JOS. Hall Aug. 2 

TuiyaS'clntributed Matthias Son of Matthias Evans Aug. 2. 

for j. Brown about j erus h a Daughter of Tim : Foster Aug. 16. 

John cocks & His James Son of John Cocks Sept. n 

wife laid hold on y ■> . ■> . j /- J 

CovemAug. 9 Nehemiah Son 01 Bernard Lapen Sept. 20 

His wi/eTald hold Ruth Daughter of Henry Tolman Sept. 20 

sept?£°john^on Preserved son of James Baker Sept. 27 

of Roger Beiiinge Mary Daughter of Eb Jones iun r Oct. 11 

taken to Comunion J ° "* ' 

Sept. 20. Mary Trot A _^ , ..... . ... _ 

nowLeadbetterCon- At Dorchester Village baptised by the Pas- 

fessed Fornication. . c t-\ i . 

Sept. 30 Aged & tor of Dorchester 

" ug hteMoM C r k wn. Sion Son of m' Jos. Morse Oct. 20 
son Pastor of Boston Thomas Son of Thos Jordan Oct. 20 

& formerly Consort _ . , * 

toMrDanforth Olave / j ,. r -r, T , ^ 

Pastor of Rocksb. t? *u \ daughters 01 Ihos Jordan Oct 20 

deceased. Aged 80. -C-Stner ) 



Jane Pitcher & olave 
Jordan laid hold on 
y e Covenant Oct 20 
at y« Village 

The wife of our 
Schoolmaster Mr 
White admitted to 
Comunion Nov. 8. 
Thankgiving Nov. 

Nov. 19 Aged M r 
White curved. 
Jan 14 Public Fast. 



John Humfrys laid 

hold on y e Covenant 

on April. 4. 

Abiel Bakers wife 

laid hold on ye 

Cover.': April. 11. 

April 16. Aped m" 

withington died. 86 

yr old 

Susana Williams 

laid hold on >e 

Coven'. May. 2. 

May 13. dismissed 

to Milton The wife 

of Tho : Tuiman 


Publ. ffast May. 13 

May 28 widow Hal l 

died being sick but 

an hour or 2 

June n'h Dr Smith 


June 6. Nathaniel 

Son of Elder Toplif 

admitted to full 


Sept. 2. Publ. Fast, 
because of the 
Drought. July 5 gt 

No Rain untill Sept 
ai'h at night Saving 
a Shower on ye Lords 
day Evening preced- 
ing y« Fast at Dor- 
chester which was 
on July 20. tn save on 
Aug*' 8'" & once or 
twice a small sprin- 
kling Yet a good har- 
vest of Indian Com 

Oct. 18. mrDanforth 
died in Surinarae. 

Johanna Trescot 
daughter to Thomas 
Lion admitted to full 
Comunion Nov. 21. 
Nov. 25 Publ. 
Capt. Tilestone & 
His Wife & Edward 
Foster admitted to 
full Comunion feb. 20 
John Lee laid hold 
on ye Covenant feb. 

Sarah daughter of Ben : Eastie Oct. 20 

Mary Daughter of Daniel Stone Oct. 20 

Christian Daughter of Ro. Pelton Oct. 20 

Eliakim ) 

Abijah J- Children of Edw : Pitcher Oct. 20 

Jane ) 

Samuel Son of Joseph Topliff Oct. 20 

Mary Daughter of the wife of Israel Leadbet- 
ter Nov. 1 

Mary Daughter of Nath. Glover Nov. 15. 
Abigail Daughter of Comfort Foster Jan rv 14 


Jonathan Son of Jon th : Chandler Bapi March. 7. 
Ambrose Son of Jabez Seale March 14 
Samuel Son of Samuel Jones March 14 
Mary Daughter of Jn° Andrews March 28 
Susanna Daughter of Sam 1 Hall March 28 
Hannah Daughter of John Humfry April 4 
Judith Daughter of Thomas Pearse April. 25 
John Son of Humfrey Atherton May 16. 
Sarah Daughter of Jonath : Clap. May. i6< 
Sarah Daughter of Eben r Paul. May 16. 
Nathanael Son of John Stiles. June 6 
Samuel the Son of who ) T 

married Sam 1 Jones Daughter ) ■* ■ 3- 
Mary Daughter of Pres d Capen baptised July. 1 1. 
Abigail Daughter of m r Eben r White. Sept. 5. 
Ebenezer Son of Abiel Baker Oct, 14. 
Elizabeth Daughter of Elis. Puffer Oct. 14. 
Thomas Son of Thomas Spur. Oct. 31. 
Jonathan Son of Nathan Bradly. Oct. 31. 
Mather Son of Ebenez 1 " Withington Nov r . 14. 
Jane Daughter of Francis Price Nov 1 ". 21. 
Ebenezer Son of John Bradly Dec r . 19. 
Samuel Son of Ralph Morgan Dec r . 19. 
Thankfull Daughter of Jos. Ward Dec r . 19. 
Patience Daughter of Edw White Dec r . 26 
Ebenezer Son of Eben r Jones jun r . Jan 17 23. 
Joseph Son of Joseph Trescot Jan 17 30. 
John Lee baptized Febr. 20. 
Margaret Daughter of John Lee Feb. 20. 







March. 6. Nath. 
Etheridge laid hold 
on y« Covenant 
March 31. Publ. 

May 15. Edward 
Fosters Wife ad- 
mitted to full Com- 

Wm Withington & 
Sarah wife of Tho« 
Pearse admitted to 
full Coraunion June. 

AbieJ George & His 
wife & a sabbath or 
two afore viz on 
Sept it. Mary King 
made Confession of 
James Blake Junr 
laid hold on y« 
Coven' Confessing 
Fornication oct 28 

Tho» Davenport & 
His wife Confessed 
fornication Sept. 35. 
Abiel George laid 
hold on v« Covenant 
Oct. a 

Oct. q The Pastor of 
Dorchester baptued 
Ten Children at 
Dorchester Village 
Called Punka poag. 
Oct. 30 Contributed 
for M™ Lord, q 
pounds 10 Shill. 
January, 8. Daniel 
Ellens Confession 
was Read in Pub- 
lick & accepted & 
He was released 
from Excomunica- 
tion inflicted on Him 
abt 37 yr ago. 
Abigail Wife of 
Samuel Withington 
taken into full 
Comunion Feb 5. 
1716. I Ds. h . . . 
March. 22. Pubhck 

April, 15, Ebenezer 
Dunton laid hold on 
y* Covenant 
Mercy Bird admitted 
to full Communion. 
April 30. The 
Church voted their 
messengers to sit in 
Council at Scituate 
May 8. 

May 23 m' Wm 
Cooper ordained at 
Boston, the mes- 
sengers from Dor- 
chester Assisting. 
ulv. 8. John Wales 
His wife peni- 


Irijah Son of Irijah Wales, April. 10. 
Thankfull daughter of Jos. Andrews May. 
Isaac Son of Isaac How. June 19. 
John Son of John Baker. July 3 
Mary Daughter of Hopestil Capen July. 3. 
Josiah Son of John Cocks July. 3. 
Mary Daughter of Aaron Bird, July. 3. 
Jonathan Son of Eben r Topliff, July. 17. 
Mary Daughter of Josiah Hobs. July 17. 
John Son of Richard Hawes. July 31 
John Son of John Humfrys. Aug. 13. 
Nicholas Son of Eben Lawrance Aug. 27. 
Mary Daughter of Eben Lawrance Aug. 27. 
Thankfull Daughter of Tho Evans jun. Aug. 27. 
Elizabeth Daughter of James Trot. Sep. 18 
Joseph Son of Ebenezer Clap. Oct. 16. 
Priscilla Daughter of John Tolman Oct. 16. 
Lazarus Son of Ralph Pope Nov. 6. 
Nathanael Son of Eben r Maudsly. Dec. 4. 
Samuel Son of Josh. Severs. Dec. 18. 
Ruth Daughter of Eb : Williams Febr. 12. 
Jane Daughter of Henry Tolman Febr. 12. 
Ruth Daughter of Edw : Foster Feb. 19. 
Peter Son of Thomas Blakeman Feb. 19. 



John Son of John Andrews. March. 11 
Dorcas Daughter of James Humfry March. 11. 
Pelatiah Son of Lieutenant Glover April. "8. 
Ebenezer Son of Daniel Tolman. April. 8. 
Ebenezer Son of Preserved Capen. April. 15. 
Elisha Son of Capt. Tho: Tilestone. April. 22. 
Rebecca Daughter of Eb. Dunton April. 22. 
Jane Daughter of James Haws. April. 29. 



tently confessed 
fornication before 
July. 15. young 
widow Leeds ad- 
mitted to full Com- 
union with ye 

Aug. 23. Publick 
Josiah Hobs and 
Rebecca wife of 
Thomas mosely 
admitted to full 
Com: oct. 7. & 
roary, wife of 
Charles King laid 
hold on ye Coven' 
oct. 7. 

Oct. 11. rat Hem- 
en wav had His Leg 
cut off. 

Oct. 17. mr White 
was Ordained at 
Attleborough mes- 
sengers from Dorch"" 
Church Assisted. 
Oct 24. Fast at 
Dorchr many being 

Oct, 21. Hurafry 
Atherton Con- 
fessed Drunkenesse. 
Nov. 4 Contrib. for 
Daniel Stone 
Charles Davenport 
iunr & His wife 
laid hold on ye 
Coven' Nov. 18. & 
william Cocks 
Nov. 25. 
Dec 6. Publick 
William Steven 
Mary & Sarah 
Billinges laid hold 
on the Covent. 
Jan. 6. Isaac How 
& wife taken to full 

feb, 24 Snow in 
Drifts 25 foot deep. 
In ye woodes a yard 
generally on y« 

Mercy Daughter of Sam 1 Trot. April. 29. 

John Son of Samuel Tolman. April. 29. 

Jabez & Thankfull Children of Jabez Searles. 

May. 27. 

Hannah Daughter of Josh : Pomery June 3. 

Ebenezer Son of Benj. Ball June 3. 

Henry Son of Sam 1 Jones June. 24 

Samuel Son of Sam 1 Hall June 24 

John Son of Jonath : Chandler July. 29. 

Elisabeth Daughter of S. Leeds. Aug. 23. 

Sarah Daughter of John Preston Aug. 23. 

Elisabeth Daughter of Sam 1 Bird. Sept. 23. 

Relief Daughter of Incr*. Leadbetter Oct. 21. 

James Son of James Blake Oct. 28. 

Thomas Son of Monsieur Richards Oct. 28. 

The Pastor of Dorch r did baptize at Hingham, 

Norton the Son of Major Quincey Nov. 4. 

Unite Son of Tho. Maudsly Nov. 1 1. 

Theodore Son of Jos. Eastie Nov. 11. 

Mary Daughter of Ch. Davenport Nov. 18. 

Samuel Son of W m Cocks. Dec. 2. 

Relief daughter of Matt. Evans Jan. 13. 

Abijah Son of Edward White (deceased) Jan. 


Daniel Son of Sam. Henshaw Jan. 27 

John Son of Ralph Morgan Jan. 27 

Consider Son of Humfry Atherton feb. 17. 


John Wales laid 

hold on ye Coven' 

June 2. 
une o. Thomas 
Glover taken to full 
June 16 Steven Bil- 
linge admitted to 
full Comunion. 
June 25. At or Vil- 
lage one Bayly & 
three Wentworths 
&c laid hold on y« 




Thankfull D r . of Eb : Withington Mar 611 . 10 
Meletiah Daughter of Nathan Bradly March. 
Joseph Son of Isaac How — March. 31. 
Baptized Son of John Bradly April. 14. 




William Son of Joshua George May. 5. 

Son of John Baker June. 2. 
Ruth Daughter of John Wales June. 2. 
Mary Daughter of Eb. Lawrance Aug. n. 
Deborah Daughter of Francis Price Oct. 6. 
Joshua Son of Ephr. Tucker Oct. 13. 
Johanna Daughter of Aaron Bird. Oct. 13. 
Johanna Daughter of Cap'. Tileston Jan ry . 5. 
Mary Daughter of Henry Tolman Jan 17 . 5. 
Mary Daughter of 
Baptized Tabitha Cocks — Jan. 19. 
Patience Daughter of John Tolman Feb. 9. 
Noah Son of Jonathan Clap. Febr. 9. 
Susanna Daughter of Pres. Capen Feb. 9. 
Zebia Ward baptised — Feb. 9. 
Thomas Son of John Andrews Feb. 16. 
Thankfull Daughter of Jn°. Humfry feb. 23. 

Covenant & were 
baptized & ten 
were examined & 
approved for full 
Cornun by the Pas- 
tor of Dorchr with 
ye Revd m r Thacher 
& 10 Childr. bap- 
tized by mr Thacher 

Hannah Dr of Jno 
Blake admitted to 
full Cora. July 28 
July. 11. Publ. Fast- 
ing & Prayer for 

Contrib n for 
Charls King. 
July 1 5 a mercif ull 
Rain 2 Days 
Aug. 15 in our Vil- 
lage 70 Sick. 
Sep. 1. Eb. Will- 
iams Senior admon- 
ished for drunkei< B . 
Oct. 13 Ephr. 
Tucker laid hold on 
the Covenant. 
Jany 5 John Blake 
chosen Deacon. & 
ordained feb. 16 
Feb. 27. Publ. Fast- 
March. 2. Deacon 
John Blake was 

In about three moneths have deceased of full Comunicants 
in the Chh of Dorchester besides Deacon Blake these ; viz 
Capt. Ebenezer Billinge Esq Capt. Roger Billinge, m r Desire 
Clap. M r Ebenezer Williams Sen r . & His wife, M r Benjamin 
Leeds, m r Sam 1 Hall The widow m™ Robinson, & the wife of 
m r . John Glover. 


Wait Daughter of James Blake jun r March. 9. 
Martha Da r . of John Brown April. 6 
Silence Daughter of Eb r Maudsly April. 13 
Ephraim Son of Eph. Paison jun r April. 20 
Sarah Daughter of Charls Richards Apr. 27. 
Anne Daughter of Tho* Trot. May. II. 
Hannah Daughter of Eb r . Paul May 25 
Priscilla Daughter of Eb r . Paul May 25 
Samuel Son of Sherebia But June 1. 
Mary Daughter of Sherebiah But June 1 : 
Ebenezer Son of Ralf Pope. June I. 
Ebenezer Son of Charls King. June 8. 
James Son of James Jenkyns July 6. 
Samuel Son of Eben r . Lawrance July. 13. 
Daughter of m r Almy baptized Aug. 10. 

(At Tiverton) 


Wm Dentson Esq. 
dyed March 22 agd 

Ephr. Payson laid 
hold on ye Covent 
April, ao. 

June i. m r Jenkyns 
laid hold on the 
June 11 mr Ebenr 
Gay ordained Pas- 
tor at Hingham the 
messengers of 
D>irch assisting. 
Aug. 17 Ens. 
Th mis Wiswell 
owned ye Coven'. 
Sept. 14 Contrib- 
uted for Jos. 
Dec. :i Publick 



Upon ye [. . .] 
from ye Gen. Court, 
for propagating 
y e Gospel 
Contributed here 
Nine pound, 2 d . 
January 4 Tabitha 
Cocks admitted to 
full Comunion. 
Jan. 11. Lieutenant 
Clap refused the 
Feb : 1. Jonathan 
Clap Chosen Dea- 
con & ordained 
on March. 1. 

Sarah Daughter of Thos Wiswell Aug. 17. 
George Son of Jabez Searles. Aug. 24 
Comfort Son of Comfort Foster — Aug. 31 
Eleanor Daughter of Comfort Foster Aug. 31 
John Son of John Webb — Aug. 31 
Elizabeth daughter of Eb r Clap. Sep. 7. 
Ebenez r Son of Tho" Rlakeman. Sep. 21 
Jane Daughter of Tho 9 Evans Sept. 21 
Hephzibah daughf of Josias Hobs Oct. 5 
Elisabeth daughter of Joshua Severs Oct. 26 
Mary daughter of Sam 1 Topliff. Nov. 16. 
Josiah son of Isaac How Dec. 21. 
Mary daughter of John Lee. Feb. 1. 
Alexander Son of John Bradly Feb. 15. 


March 22 Contrib- 
uted for m' Morse 
April. 12. Hannah 
Clap adm'i to full 

Jos. Blake & His 
wife & Rush Paul 
confessed fornica- 

The wife of James 
Swift laid hold on 
ye Civt : 

Sept. 27. 1719 Ebn. 
Maudslv jun. & His 
wife laid hold on ye 

Oct. 4. Benj. Bird 
& His wife admitted 
to full Comunion. 
Jacob Son of Benj. 
Cheyney Bom May 
34- 1719 

Isaac Son of Henry 
Bird born May 16 
James Son of James 
Swift born June 21. 
Neheiniah of John 
Stiles b. July 2. 
Benjamin of Tim- 
othy Tillstone 
July 19. 

Sam' Son of John 
Preston b. Aug. 19. 
Wm Son of Saml 
Tollman Aug. 12 
Desire Son of Ephr. 
Pay son born July 31 
& died ye same day. 
Ebenr Son of Ebenr 
Toplifi born 
John Son of John 
Cox born Aug. 3. 
Elisabeth daughter 
of Ebeneier & Elis- 
abeth MaudsJy 
Oct. 17. 



Steven Son of Sam 1 Jones jun r — March. I 
Susannah daughter of Joshua George March. I 
Susannah daughter of W™ Cocks March. I 
Ebenezer Son of Richard Withington March. 15 
Anna daughter of Ralph Morgan May. 30. 
Deacon Jonathan Clap was ordained a Deacon 
March. 1. 1718/1719. 

Jane a Child of Charles King baptised Sept. 20 

Mary Daughter of Jos. Trescot — feb. 14 
Thomas Son of Ens. Tho! Wiswell feb. 21 
John Son of John Wales — feb. 21 
Elisabeth daughter of Irijah Wales feb. 21 
Miriam daughter of Jn°= Glover feb. 2:. 


Ebenezer Son of Eben r Dunton march 2 

Mary daughter of Tho" Bird April. 3 
Samuel Son of Sam 1 Withington April. 17 
David Son of Preserved Capen April 10 

(born April. 3. 1720.) 
Ephraim Son of Ephraim Tucker July 17 1720 


Mehetabel of Robt. 
Field Sept. 15 
Ens. of Jonath : 
Chandler born 
May. 14. 

Elisabeth Daughter 
of Jos. Bass bora 
Nov. 15 

Jerusha D. of Henry 
Tolman born Nov. 
17, 1719. 

Susan D. of Timo- 
thy How born 
July 12, 1719. 

March 27 Tho. 
bird laid hold on 
the Coven'. 
April 3. Hannah 
Wis well owned y« 

Aprij. 3. Contrib- 
uted for John Pres- 
ton oli. 2'h. 
Aug. 15. 1720 Eliz- 
abeth Daughter of 
Capt : Wni Lowder 
& m" Elisabeth 
Lowder His wife, 
Daughter to m' 
John Danfonh. 

Abigail Daughter of 
Tho. Spur born 
April. 8. 1720 
Benj. Son of Francis 
Price born. April. 1a. 

Da-'id Son of 
Nathan Bradley bora 
May. 2( ( 1720. 
Mary Daughter of 
Josh. George born 
July 22. 1720. 
Silence Daughter of 
Matthias Evans 
born, Aug. 7. 1720. 
Anne Daughter of 
Israel Leadbetter 
born, Aug. 16. 1720. 
Ephraim Son of 
Ephr. Tucker bora, 
July 17, 1720. 
Hannah Daughter 
of John Wiswell 
born May. 4. 1720. 
Sarah Daughter of 
Col. Tailer bora, 
bom Oct. 26. 1720. 
Thomas Son of 
James Blake bora, 
July 26 1720 
David Son of 
Jonath. Clap bora, 
Nov. 11. 1720. 
Sarah Daughter of 
John Andrews born 
Feb. 14. 1720. 
Elijah Son of John 
Baker bora May 14. 

Joseph Son of 
Aaron Bird bora 
Oct. 11. 1720 
Susannah Daughter 
of James Swift 
bora March. 6. 
Alexandr Son of 
Alexander Soper 
bora July 31, 1720. 






May. a8 Father 
Evans admitted to 
full Comunion 

July a Rush Cook 
laid hold on y* 

iuly 9. Hannah 
a\vson admitted to 
full Communion. 

October. 4 m' 
Perkens ordained 
at Bridgewaier 
Messengers from 
Dorch : Chh assist 

Abiel son of Abiel Withington Jan 7 . iffi 
Susannah daughter of James Swift March. 19. 

1 /21 

Ebenezer Son of Ralph Morgan April. 9. 1721 

Thomas Son of Ebenezer Jones jun r April. 

23. 1721 

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Basse May. 7. 

1 72 1 

Hopestill Son of Samuel Tolman may 14. 1721 

Margaret Daughter of John Preston May 21. 


Daniel Son of Daniel Preston. May 21. 1721 

of Joseph Andrews May 28. 1721 
Dorcas daughter of John Cocks June 25. 1721 
Ruth Cook daughter of July. 2 d . 1721 

Thomas Son of Jonath : Kelton July. 9. 1721 
Thaddeus Son of m r Maccarty July 30. 1721 
Grindal Son of m r Peletiah Rawson July 30. 
1 721 

Elizabeth Daughter of Benj. Bird July 30. 1721 
Mary Daughter of Comfort Foster July 30. 

Mary Daughter of Tho 8 Blakeman Aug : 27. 

William Son of L l Joshua Sever Sept. 3. 1721 
Hopestill Son of John Bradley Sept. 3. 1721 
William Son of William Cocks Sept. 3. 1721 
Elizabeth Daughter of m r Marion Sept. 24. 1721 
Ruth Daughter of m r James Blake Sept. 24. 
1 72 1 

Capt. Spur & His wife Joined in full Comunion Oct. 11. 1721 
Abigail Daughter of Jos : Trescot Octob 1 * 22. 
1 72 1 

Elizabeth Daughter of Goo : Glen Octob r 24. 

Sarah Daughter of Isaac Humfry Jun r : oct. 
29. 1 72 1 

Joseph Son of m r Turin of Boston Nov. 5. 1721 
Anne Daughter of Capt : Robert Spur : Nov. 
19. 1 72 1 

Eb. Maudsle 
jun. admitted to f 



Nov. Robt Royal 
laid hold on the 

Dec. 6. a fast in 
Dorch bee 8 of 
Small Poz 

June 6: 1721 Mrs. 
Danforth died, 
Aged 59. 



Mary Preston con- 
fessed yf sin of 

Ebr Wiswl & Wife 
made Confession of 
transgression before 
marriage Sept. 9. 

Nov. 12. A Council 
to sit at Norton, or 
Elders & Deacons 
Chosn Oct. 31. 

PubL Thanksgiving 
to be Nov. 8. 1722 
if God please. 

Oct. 14. 1731 Elder 
Toplift burred : 
Aged 77. He had 

Increase Son of Increase Leadbetf Dec. 3. 1721 

Mary Daughter of Joseph Snelling Dec. 3. 1721 

Moses Son of Timothy How December. 17. 1721 

John Son of Capt. William Low-^ 

der & of Elizabeth His Wife T 

Daughr of m r Danforth He was J> January ij. 

born y e tuesday before at 11: ' — 

A.M. ' J 

John Son of Matthias Evans Jan ry 28. 17S0 

Thomas Bridge, Son of m r Gray of Boston Feb. 

4- I 722 

Grandson of the late Rev d m r Thomas Bridge 
Benj. Son of Jonath : Chandler. Feb. 11. \j\l 
Ephraim Son of Eph m Tucker Febr. 11. ijzk 
of Henry Tolman Feb. 11. \yl\ 
Thomas Son of the Reverend Mr. Thomas 
Prince of Boston March. 11. \j\\ 
Abigaile Daughter of m r John Wiswell. March 
11. 17U 

Sarah Daughter of Isaac How May. 27. 1722 
Mary Daughter of Alexander Soper baptised 
July 21. 1722 

Joseph Son of Joseph Ward baptised Aug. 6 ' 26. 

Benjamin Son of Joseph Ward Aug rt . 26. 1722 
Daughter of Ed. Foster Sept. 9. 1722 
John Son of Charles King Sept : 9. 1722 
Thomas Son of Thomas Bird Sept. 16. 1722 
Ebenezer Son of Eben r Wiswell Sept. 16. 1722 
Ebenezer Wiswell Laid hold on y e Cove-^ 
nant Sept. 16 

Mary Billinge Dismissed to y e Chh. at 
Milton Sept. 16 
Elis. Sutton made Confession of fornic. & was 
propounded to lay hold on y e Coven'. Sept. 30. 

Thomas Son of Benjamin Bird baptized. Oct. 
7. 1722 

(It dyed being about a month old.) 

Anthony Son of Elis. Sutton. She laid hold 
on y* Covenant at y e same time Oct. 28. 1722 
M r Daniel William & m r John Foster Jun r 
Joined in full Coinunion Oct. 28. 1722. 




been 9 years Deacon 
& j 1 years Ruling 

Jonath" : Capen 
& y" wife owned y* 
Covenant y« same 
day & Sam Capen 
Jun & y« wife 
shewd Repentance 
for yr fornication 
before marriage. 

Eliz. Woods is Pastorally reccommended to 

Join to y e Chh. at Dighton oct. 2%. 

Her name now is Eliz : Crocker. 


Samuel Son of John Andrews Nov. 4. 1722 

Baptized mary daughter of Eben r . Cocks Nov. 

II. 1722 

Baptized Priscilla daughter of J. Foster 
& Josiah son of S. Capen 
& daughter of Jonath. Capen 

Baptized Mary daughter of Tho* Wiswell Dec. 

23. 1722 

Baptized Sarah daughter of Eph. Paison Jan. 

6. 178 

Eph. Payson Jun r propunded for full Comunion 
Jan. 13 th 

Josiah Son of Nathan Bradly Jan. 13. 1 755 
Elisabeth daughter of Samuel Tolman Jan rv . 20. 
Jonathan Son of Irijah Wales Jan. 27. 1722/3. 

March 3 Consider 
Leeds Laid hold on 
y« Covenant. 
June 9. 1723. John 
Trescot junr laid 
hold on y e Covent. 
John Foster & His 
wife adm'l to full 
John Trescot jun 
laid hold on y« Cove- 
nant 9. 4 m. 1713. 

Tan. 19 John [Bar- 
ber] & Saml Humfry 
& Elis. His wife 
laid hold on y< 

Jan. 30 Lt. Saml 
Clap died 

Febr. 4. 1733/34. 
John Capen son of 
John Capen & Elis. 
Maudsley admitted 
to full comunion. 


1723. Baptised 

M ra . His wife died in Childbirth before she 
could lay hold on y e Coven', She being pro- 
pounded to y e Chh for it. 

March 3. 17^. Sarah daughter of Consider 
Leeds, baptized. 

John Foster & His wife admitted to full Com. 
Eph. Payson Jun r . admitted. 
Elis. Maudsly admitted April 7. 
April. 7. 1723. Lemuel Son of Capt. Spur & 
Susannah Daughter of Charles Davenport. 
May. 26. 1723. Thomas son of James Blake, 

June. 23. Silence Daughter of J. Trescot bap- 

July 21. 1723 James Son of John Cock & John 
Son of John Maudsley baptized. 
Aug. 18. 1723. Hephzibah Daughter of Thomas 
Cocks baptized. 

Sept. 29. 1723. Unite Son of william Cocks 

Oct. 5, 1723 Joseph Son of Jos. Basse baptized. 
Nov. 17, 1723 Samuel Son of S. Paul jun r bap- 



Feb. 9 James Blake 
Jonathan Clap Ruth 
Open Hanah 
Maudsly admitted 
to full Comunion. 
Capt Wiswel 
Elected an Elder 
Hopestill Clap 
Nathl Topliff 
Chosen Deacons 

March, aa. Capt. 
wiiwel Refused : 
Deacon Clap & 
Toplif accepted. 

March. 16. Publ. 

Apr. 5. 1724 Eli*. 
Wait formrly Eliz. 
Weeks made peni- 
tent Confession of 
fornication before 

Eliz. Cocks formerly 
Blackman laid hold 
on y« Coven*. 

May 3 Deacon 
Hopestill Clap & 
N Topliff ordained. 
Mrs Hannah Dan- 
forth & ror» Bath- 
sheba Lion Ad- 
mitted to full Corn- 

May 6. ordination 
of mr. S. Dexter at 

mr Leveret presidt. 

Josiah Hobs dis- 
missed to y« old 
north Chh in Bos- 
ton May 17, 1724. 
Margaret George 
dismissed to y e Chh 
at Attleborongh. 

Dec 8. 1723. Solomon Son of Jonathan Kelton 
bapt d . 

Dec. 15, 1723. Margerite daughter of Sam' 
Toplif bapt d . 

Dec. 29. 1723. Elkanah Son of Jn°. Wales bap- 

In March 1723 Charles Davenport & His wife 
laid hold on y e Covenant. 

July 21. 1723. Jos. & Elis. Cocks & Eben r Dean 
confessed fornication & manifested repentance 
Tho" Cocks & Enoch Wiswell & His wife laid 
hold on y e Covent 

26. 7. 1703. [1723 ?] Deacon Clap went with the 
Pastor to assist at y e Ordination of y e R d m r 
James Bayley at Waymouth, being Sent by y e 
Chh. of Dorchester 

Nov. 17. 1723 Sam 1 Paul jun: & His wife laid 
hold on y* Coven 1 

Nov. 10. 1723. Abigail Trescot & Mary Kelton 
Joined in full Com 

Nov. 17 supradicto. Humfrey Heman Joined 
in full Comunion 

The same day was Deacon Blake Chosen Rul- 
ing Elder but Declaryed His Nonacceptance of 
y e s d office Dec. 29. 

Dec. 39. 1723 Mary Preston laid hold on y e 

Jan. [14.] Fast at Dorchester. 
January 12. 1723/24. Baptized 
Mercy daughter of Sam 1 Trot. 
Jan 17 . 19. 172^ John [Barber] was baptized and 
Margaret daughter of Ralph Morgan and Mary 
daughter of Mary Preston. 
Jan 17 26. James Son of Jos. Bird baptized. 
Joseph Son of Richard Withington feb. 2. \J2\ 
Jonah Son of Jonas Humfry. feb. 2. 1724 
Hezekiah son of James Barber feb. 9. \J2\ laid 
hold on y e Covenant. 

Baptized Alexander son of Alexand 1 " Soper feb. 
16. 1723. 

Obadiah son of James Swift march 15. 
Mary Daughter of Sam 1 Humfry march 15. 
Baptized Eben r . Son of Eb r . Maudsley Jun r 
march 22. 



May 24 Esther Ran- 
steed Confessed for- 
iohn Woodward & 
lis wife laid hold on 
ye Coven' 7. 4 m. 


Mary wifi of Tho* 
Bird admitted to full 
Com. June 14. 1724. 
Mary wife of Jos: as 
Blackman Laid hold 
on ye Coven'. June 
14. 1724. 

Sarah wife of John 
Wiswel admitted to 
full Comunion July 
26, 1734 

Esther Ransted laid 
hold on y* Coven' 
Aug. 9. 1724. 

Aug. 16 a Letter 
from Chatham from 
mr Godf ree & m r 
[maystead]: but y« 
Chh would not send 
Messengers so far. 
Sarah Maudsley full 

Sam' Rishop & His 
wife Nath Holmes 
laid hold on y« Cov- 

Baptized Ruth daughter of John Capen march 

March 15. 172^. Admitted to full Comunion 
Jonas Humfry Robt. Preston Ruth Cook. 
Samuel son of Benj. Bird, march 29, 1724 
Increase son of Incr. 8 LeadbettI April 12 
Joseph Son of Jos. Trescot April 12 
Anne Daughter of John Wiswel Apr. 12. 1724 
Thankfull Daughter of Wil. Withington : April. 

Mary Daughter of Eben r Wiswell. April. 19. 
Isaac Son of Isaac Humfry May. 3 
Nabbe or Abigail Daughter of Jos. Cocks May. 3. 
William Son of Charles King May. 17. 1724. 
John Son of Capt. Ro : Spur June. 7. 1724. 
Elijah Son of Pres d Capen June. 7. 1724 
Nath 1 . Son of John Woodward June. 7. 1724 
Robert Son of Samuel Capen June 14. 1724 
Jonathan Son of Jonathan Capen 26 July 1724 
Isaiah Son of Joseph Leeds July 26. 1724 
Elizabeth daughter of Esther Ranstead alias 
Esther Chandler Aug. 9. 1724. 
George Son of John Baker Aug. 16. 1724 
Anne Daughter of Tho" Bird Aug. 16. 1724 
Elisabeth Daughter of Tho 8 Cocks Aug. 16. 1724 
Jacob Son of Henry Bird Aug. 23. 1724 
Remember Son of Daniel Preston Aug. 23. 1724 
Mary daughter of Nath Holmes. Aug. 23, 1724 
Enoch Son of Enoch Wiswell. Aug. 30, 1724 
Clark Son of John Maudsley Sep. 20. 1724. 
John Son of John Trescot baptized Sept. 27. 
(Elis. Wait laid hold on y e Coven 1 & Her Chil- 
dren Elis : Ruth Abigail baptized. Sept. 27. 

William Son of John Glover Sept. 27. 1724 
Sam 1 Son of Sam 1 Bishop Sept [ ] 


M m Before y e last Comencemt m r Leveret Presid 4 of Harvard 
Colledge died Suddenly & very lately in y e End of Sept. 
1724 Govern 1 " Saltonstall died Suddenly — Men of bright 





Nov. 8 Saml Capen 
& Deborah His wife 
laid hold on y e 
Coven'. & John 
Blackmail pro- 
pounded for it. 
Nov. 5 Publ. 
Old m' John Birds 
wife & old rar Wm 
Royal died. 
John Blackmaniunr 
laid hold on ye Cov- 
en' Nov. 15. 1724 
January 10 Sarah 
Bradly p'pounded 
for full Comunion 
Sarah wife of J. 
Bradly admitted to 
full Com : 

Saml Bishop & His 
wife admitted to full 
Cornu": 21 febr: 

John Andrews wife 
Admitted to full 
Com". May. 1725. 
Abraham How & 
John Blake ad- 
mitted to full Com- 
union June 27. 1725. 
Aug. 22. 1725. 
A Letter read from 
Bristol but the Chh 
of Dorchester would 
not send messengers 
to yr Council. 
Mary daughter of 
Ebenr Maudsley 
admitted to full 

Mary wife of Ebenr 
Holme* admitted to 
lay hold of ye Cove- 
nant Sept. 26, 1725. 
Oct. 3. voted y' the 
Elders & Deacons 
should go the Coun- 
cil at or village Oct. 

Oct 31 John An- 
drews adm<l to full 
Nov. 14 Edward 
Kelton & Mary His 
wife laid hold on ye 
Oct. 31. The Elders 
& Deacon* Chosen 
for ye Ordination of 
m' Ezra Carpenter 
at Hull to be Nov. 
24. D. pt. 
Dec 12. Elisabeth 
wife of Wm With- 
ington admitted to 
full Comunion 
Dec'. 13. Lydia wife 
of Nathan Bradley 
p'pounded for full 
Admitted Janry ,oth. 
Hopestill Leeds ad- 
mitted to full Com- 
union Jan. 16. 


John Son of John Blackman Jun r 15 Nov. 1724 

Anne daughter of Sam 1 Capen j 

who was son of John Capen \ l $' 9 ' x ^ 2 4 

Jemimah daughter of Charles Davenport 18 

Jan 17 17H 

Sarah daughter of John Humfrey. 24 January 


Jesse Son of Hezekiah Barber feb. 7. 17^ 

Ephraim Son of Jirijah Wales feb. 28 17I* 

Sarah daughter of John Bradley feb. 28. 17H 

Josiah son of Nathan Bradley Apr. ult. or May 

Ebenezer son of m r S. Pain of Braintrey May 

16. 1725. 

Elisabeth daughter of Lt. Wiswell. June. 


Abigail daughter of Benj. Bird — June. 27. 1725. 

Edward Son of Aaron Bird — June. 27. 1725. 

Hannah Daughter of John Blake. June. 27. 


Eleanor daughter of Ebenezer Jones. July. 10. 


William Son of John Andrews baptised July. 

18. 1725. 

Joseph Son of Jonathan Chandler July. 25. 1725. 

Elijah Son of Thomas Glover. — July. 25. 1725. 

Sarah Daughter of John Capen — Aug. 1. 


Mary daughter of Sam 1 Paul jun r . Aug. 22. 1725. 

Ebenezer Son of — Knap — Aug. 22. 1725. 

His mother belonging to the Church of York. 

Beulah daughter of James Foster Aug. 29. 1725. 

Thomas Son of James Blake jun r . Sep. 26. 


Elisabeth Daughter of William Withington 

Oct r . 3 d . 1725. 

Elisabeth daughter of Samuel Bishop bapt d . 

Oct. 31. 1725. 

Ruth daughter of Ebenezer Holmes baptiz d . 

Nov. 14. 1725. 

Christian daughter of Samuel Trot baptized 

Nov. 17. 1725. 

Oliver Son of Eb. Wiswel Nov. 28. 1725 

Edward Son of Edw d Kelton Dec. 7. 1725 




Jos. viles layd hold 
on y e Covenant 
Janry 30. 
Thomas Maudsly 
Jun r & his wife laid 
hold of y e Coven' 
March 6, 1725/26. 
March. 13. Jonathan 
Payson laid hold on 
ye Covenant. 
Then read a Procla- 
mation for a Publ. 
Fast to be March 24 
The Congregation 
voted a Contribution 
then to be for m r 
moody for Provi- 

A printed Letter was 
read for an Evangel- 
ical Treasury. 
Honoured Elder 
Preston thought to 
be dying 

He deceased at night 
to our gt Losse 8c. 
His g' Gain. 
March 1726 Mr 
Glover died in Lon- 

March. 24. Publ. 
Fast Contributed 
12'' 5»n & more. 
Israel Leadbetter ad- 
mitted to full Corn- 
union Apr. 17. 1726. 
Steven Fowler & 
Elis. his wife laid 
hold on y« Covenant 
June 19. 1726. 
Aug. 14, 1726 vileta 
a negro woman, laid 
hold on y e Coven' & 
confessed fornication 
Aug. 21. 1726. m* 
Humfrey Atherton 
Confessed Drunk- 
tnn" &c. 
Aug&t. 25. Capt. 
Paul died 

The Revd mr The- 
ophilus Cotton of 
Hampton died abt. 
3 weeks since. & 
the Revd mr. White 
was buryed Sept. 5. 

Samuel Clap and 
Mindwell His wife 
admitted to full Corn- 
union Oct. 2. 1726. 
A letter to ye Chh 
read oct. 16. to re- 
quest y°i to send 
Messengers to y* 
Council at Sandwich. 
y« Chh refused. 
A letter to ye 
Churches read Oct. 
»3 to send to ye Ordi- 
nation at Braintrey 
of mr Hancock The 
Church voted to send 
ye Pastor & Deacons. 


Amy daughter of Ralph Morgan Jan 17 2. 17^ 
HestiY daughter of John Cocks Jan ry 9 th \yH 
Rebecca daughter of Tho" 1 Blackman Jan. 9. 

t 7- 5 

Mary daughter of Josiah Blackman Jan. 16. 

T -25 
1 /26 

Rebecca daughter of William Cocks January 

23- i7lo 

Joseph viles baptized Jan" 7 30. 17^ 

Joseph Son of John Maudsley Jan. 30. 

Susan Daughter of Sam 1 Capen Jan. 30. 

& grand daughter of m r Sam 1 Capen \jl% 

Timothy Son of Sam 1 Capen Feb. 6, 

Grandson of m r John Capen iyjl 

Hannah daughter of John Glover Feb. 13. 

Josiah Son of Jos. Leeds 13 Feb. ij\l 

Thomas Son of Israel Leadbetf 6. march 17^ 

Elisabeth daughter of Eb. Maudsly Jun r 6 


Ebenezer Son of Eben r Cocks. March. 26. 1726 

of Jonath. Payson April. 17. 1726 
Mary daughter of N. Wales baptized at Brain- 
trey by o r pastor April 24. 1726 
Submit daughter of John Woodward baptized 
May 1. 1726 

Abigail daughter of Jonathan Dire. May. 29. 

James Son of John Wiswell. June 26. 1726 
Mary daughter of Matthias Evans July. 10. 

Johanna daughter of Jos. Trescot July. 10. 1726. 
Vileta a negro woman Aug. 14. 1726 
Jonathan son of Jos. Bird. Aug. 21. 1726 
Mary D. of Capt. Spur Aug. 28. 1726 
Abigail daughter of Daniel Preston Aug. 28. 

Clement Son of Sam 1 Toplif Sept. 11. 1726 
Samuel Son of Nath 1 Holmes Sept. 11. 1726 
Joseph Son of Jos. Cocks Sepf. 11. 1726 
Hannah Daughter of Benj. Bird baptized Oct. 
2. 1726 

Sam 1 Son of Sam 1 Bird Oct 30 1726 
Ezra Son of James Swift Oct. 30. 1726 
Publ. Thanksgiving Nov. 10. 1726. 



The Revd nir Zech. 
Whitman of Hull 
Aged 8a yr deceased 
Nov. 5. 1726 Vir 
Pius, Humilis or* 
ihodoxus, Utilissi- 

At a Publick 
Thanksgiving Con- 
tributed for ye 
widow Birch 
Eleven pounds. 
11. io»n. i 72 6. A 
lettr from Sundry 
in Sandwich desir- 
ing ye Church to 
send Delegates to 
sit in Council there 
j* 2d Wednesday 
in May. Left to 
15. Dec. 1726. 
Dyed Wid. Tolman 
Aged 82 \r. & m' 
Sam Withington 
Aged 43 years. 
12 Janry ,726. Wm 
Weeks manifested 
His repentance for 
fornication before 
marriage & was 
propounded to Lay 
hold on ye Covent. 
A Contribution for 
Charles King feb. 

febr. e. 

Adma to full Com 


Mr- Phillitj Payson 
& Ebenr. Daven- 
port J unr 
Ichabod Maxfeild 
owned ye Coven'. 
Abigail wife of 
John Blake ad- 
mitted to full Com. 
union March 19. 
1736/7 Ebenr. 
Paul & s wife adm. 
to full Comunion 
25. March. 1727 
April 2. 1727 voted 
yt m' withington 
senr wth ye Dea- 
con* & Pastor go 
to y« Council at 
Sandwich wch 
is to be May gth 

April aj The Ques- 
tion being put 
whether y« 
Church would send 
messengers to y« 
Wednesday at Mil- 
ton about Punka- 
pog Case It was 
voted in y« nega- 

m" Mehetabel 
Dan forth died. 
May. 1. 


Baptized in Dorchester N.E. 

20. 9 r 

Mindwell daughter of Samuel Clap baptized 
13. 9 m 1726. 

Hannah daughter of E. Clap baptized 

Susannah daughter oi John Blackman. 20. 9™ 

Katherine daughter of Ephraim Payson bap- 
tized 20 9™ 1726 

Edward Son of Jos. Basse. — 27. 9™ 1726 

Katherine daughter of John Brown. II. io m . 1 726 
W™ Weeks laid hold on y" Coven'- & was bap- 
tized Jan. 29. 
Anne daughter of Tho. Cocks Jan 77 29. 
John Wiswel son of Enoch Wiswel 
was baptized — feb. 19. 
Dorcas daughter of Timothy How 
was baptized feb. 19. 

T7 2« 

T7 2 * 

I7 2 2 ? 



June 11. I7J7- Ad- 
mitted to Fall Corn- 
union George Pay- 
son & His wife. 
Admitted unto Full 
Com: Nath. 
Holmes& Hiswife, 
and Laid hold on 
y* Coven' John 
Day. June 25. 
July 2. 1727- Sarah 
wife of Wm Weeks 
Confessed fornica- 
tion before mar- 

Then ye Result of 
ye Council for 
Sandwich was re- 
lated to ye Chh. 
viz. y l m' Fessen- 
den should be de- 
posed from ye Min- 
istry till His Scan- 
dal He had made 
Confession to ye 
Chh* should be re- 

Josiah Blake & His 
wife & Anne Wis- 
well wife of Ebene- 
zer Wiswell ad- 
mitted to full Corn- 
union 30. 5 m . 1727. 
Aug. 13. 1727. 
Upon a Lettr from 
ye Chh of Sand- 
wich & from m' 
Thacher > e moder- 
ator of y* Council 
for Sandwich twas 
voted y'our Chh 8 
Messengers should 
meet at Boston >« 
Next Tuesday in 
Council, ab' Sand- 
wich Troubles. 
Oct. 3 : the Sand- 
wich-Council at 
Boston dissolved 
& no result to effect. 
John Day laid hold 
on y* Covenant. 
Oct. 1. 1727. 
Oct. 22. 1727. John 
Maxfield junf- & 
Stoughton Danforth 
admitted to full 
John Maxfields 
wife propounded 
for full Comunion 
Oct 29. 1727 at 3 
quarters of an hour 
past 10 at night 
there was a g' 
The Gracious Lord 
have mercy upon 
Us, for Xt Jesus 
Sake. Amen. 
The Earth has 
been shaking daily 
at times unto y< 
friday following. 
Nov. 7. 1717 Fast 
at Dorchr because 

19. I7g? 

Samuel Son of Sam 1 Bishop was 
baptized — feb. 

Samuel Son of Jonathan Capen was 
Baptized Apr. 2. 1727 

Esther daughter of Jni Capen baptized. 

April. 9. 1727. 
Thomas Son of Ichabod Maxfield Baptized 

April 23. 1727. 
Henry Son of Comfort Foster baptized. 

April 30. 1727. 
Anne daughter of Jonathan Payson, baptized. 

May. 7. 1727 
Mary, daughter of Thomas Bird — May. 28. 1 727 
Mary Daughter of Samuel Jones — 

June. 11. 1727. 
Elijah Son of Ebenezer Jones. July 2. 1727 
Johanna daughter of John Day. July 2. 1727 
Josiah Son of Josiah Blackman. July 16. 1727. 
Rebecca daughter of Nathan Bradley. 

July 30. 1727 
George Son of Jonathan Kelton 
Thomas Son of John Humfry. 
Comunion Day 
William ) Children 
Lemuel > of william 
Abigail ) Weeks. 

Ebenezer Son of Ebenez r Holmes. Aug. 13. 1727 
Abigail daughter of Elisha Davenport. 

Sept. 3. 1727 
Elisabeth daughter of Jos. Ward. Oct. 8 
Eliz. Daughter of Tho Glover. Oct 15 
Samuel Son of John Maxfield junior, 

Oct 29 
Elizabeth daughter of John Capen — 

Nov. 5 
Waitstill Daughter of Charles Davenport 

Nov. 12. 1727 

Aug. 6. 1727 
Aug. 6. 1727 

Aug. 13. 1727 






of jr* Earthquake. 
Ordination of m r 
Dunbar at Stough- 
ton to be Nov. 15. 
The Chh Sent y« 
Elders & Deacons 
to it. 

Publick Thanks- 
giving Nov. 9. 
Then Collected for 
Jos. Andrews 7I1 
a th 6d. 



Nov. 14. 1737 The Revd mr 
Samuel Danforth Pastor of y« 
Chh in Tanton deceased to y e 
publick Losse. 

The Same Day Capt. Foster 
of Dorchr was buryed. 
Dec. 3. 1727 Ruth wife of 
John Maxfield Junr admitted 
to full Comunion & Susanna 
Richards made Confession of 
High Breach of y* 7thComand 
& ye Chh accepted it if Her 
following life be Chast. 
Dec. 1 7 The Re vd M r Thacher 
of Milton deceased. 
Timothy Tilestone Junr & 
His wife & Edwd Keltons 
■wife & Elis. Withington ad- 
mitted to full Comunion Dec 
10. 1727. 

Alice wife of Ed. Foster ad- 
mitted to full Comunion 31. 
io">. 1727 

January. 8. 1737. Admitted to 
full Comunion mary wife of 
John Stiles : Joseph Leeds 
jun. & Priscilfa His wife, 
Thankfull wife of Eb. Cocks 
Consider Jones & His wife, 
Eb. Bird & Benj. Smith Jos. 
Bird & His wife Confessed 
fornicn before marriage 
Janry. 12 propounded for full 
Com : Sarah wife of J. Trev 
cot Junr March. 1. 1727/2S At 
a Church meeting on fryday. 
Admitted to Full Comunion 
Elijah Danforth Esquire mr 
John Capen. m r Timothy How 
mr John Cocks. Mary Brown 
wid. Ruth Bird. Hephz. Cocks 
Elis. Capen Sarah Maudsley 
Hanah Baker. Anna Withing- 
ton Mary Baker Mehet. Ball 
junr. Sarah Swift, Sarah Blake 
& the Church Meeting ad- 
journed to this day six weeks 
& 15 more were propounded 
for full Comunion viz. Obed 
Swift, Richd Haws Thomas 
Evans Matthias Evans Thank- 
full Evans Jos. Hall Eben: 
Williams John Beiton Ralf 
Morgan Comfort Foster Si- 
lence Hall Mary Williams 
Anna Morgan Eliz : Beiton 
Abiel Foster. 

John Son of John Wales 
Nov. 26. 1727 
. Noah Son of Ebenezer Wis- 
well Dec 3. 1727 
Mary daughter of George 

Baptized 31. tom. 1727 
James Son of Samuel Capen 
Baptized 31. io">. 1727 
Feb. 18. 1727/8 Baptized of 
Matthias Evans. 
Feb. 25. 1727/28 Baptized 
Ralph Son of Tho. Blakeman 
Timothy Son of Tim. Tileston 
jun. George Son of James 

March 3. 1727/8 Baptized 
Christian daughter of Ebene- 
zer Cocks. 

March 10 Baptised Benjamin 
Son of Joseph Cocks. 
March 17. Baptized Elisabeth 
Daughter of Jos. Trescot 
March 24 Baptized Hannah 
Child of Jno Blackman & 
Abigail Child of John Wood- 
ward Baptized Jane Daughter 
of Edw. Kelton 12. 2"\ 1728. 
Baptized Ebenezer Son of 
Irijah Wales May 19 — 
Baptized Samuel Son of Dea- 
con Nathl. Toplifl. May 26. 

Baptized June 2 Thomas 
Son of Eben' Maudsley Junr 
and Margaret daughter of 
Consider Leeds. 

Admitted to full Com : Jan. 
is. 1727/28 

Mr Preserved Capen & His 

Mr Saml Humfry 
Mr Ed: Kelton 
Mrs Elis. Preston 
M™ Hannah Bakr 
Mrs R u th Bird 
M™ Susan Humfry 
Elijah Weeks 

Admitted to f : Com. January 
14, 1727: 8. 

m™ Mary Leadbettr wife of 
mr Israel L. 

mr Consider Leeds & His 

m™ Hanah Clap daughfof 
mr Ebenr Clap. 
Admitted to full Com". 
March 3. 1727/28. 
m r Obadiah Swift, mr Mat- 
thias Evens m™ Ralf Mor- 
gan, m" Silence Hall wife of 
mr Hall, m" Thankful! 
Evans wife of mr Tho. Evans, 
m™ Anna Morgan wife of 
m r morgan. 

March io. Admitted to full 
Comunion m r Joseph Hall, 
rn r Richard Haws, mr Tho. 
Evani m" Susan a Wiswell 
wife of Enoch Wiswell. 
March 17 Admitted to full 
Comunion Eben. Williams & 
His wife 



To be propounded 

Enoch Wiswels wife Susana 

March 24 Propounded m"" W"i 
Clap m" White M™ Hannah 
Glover raf> Elis. wife of Tho 8 
Glover Eliz. wife of Wm Clap 
Manha wife of Tho: Pimer 
Rebecca & Deborah Twins of 
R. Searles. Submit daughter 
of Isaac How Lydia daughter 
of Nathaniel Bradley 

April. 12. 1728 Propounded for 
full Comunion. Ber;j. Balls 
wife Tho 8 Blakemans wife. 
May 5. Contributed for Josiah 
Blackman 19". i2 8 '>. & io 8 " 

The LORD accept it. Amen 
m r Withams dismission to 
Gloster dated June. 1. 
Propounded for full Com : 
widow Content Mason. June 

23- 17a 8 - 

Isaac Humfry Jun r s wife ac- 
counted near Expiration, our 
God & Redeemr be gracious 
to her. 

Sept. 8. 1728. Died old m™ 
Toplif a Godly Matron Aged. 
78. y. 

Sept. 15. 1728. Died m r James 
Bird Aged 56 who nevr had (as 
is said) a fit of Sicknesse be- 

Sept. 20. 1728 Richard Hum- 
frcys laid hold on ye Covent 
Oct. 20. 1728 There was read 
a Proclamation for a Publick 
Thanksgiving to be observed 
on Nov. 7. 1728. 
Nov. 7. 1728. Then Contrib- 
uted for Josiah Blackman fif- 
teen pound. 

Nov : 10. admitted to full Com- 
union mr Joseph Blake & mr 
James Trot. 

The 2 Aged Widow m" Haws 
lately died & old widow m" 
Hensha a little before in Deer. 

Baptized June 23. Nath 1 Son 
of John Capen. 
Baptized July 7. 
Abigail daughter of John 
Glover & Nathan Son of N. 
Bradly jun r . 

Baptized July 28. 1728. John 
ye Son of John Robinson junr. 
Bapt. Sept. 1. 1728 Rebecca 
of John Triscot. 
Baptized Sept. 8. 1728 Susan- 
nah daughter of Susannah 

Bapd- Sept. 15. 1728 Mary 
daughter of Jos. Basse David 
Son of Timo. How Josiah Son 
of Tho 8 . Pimur. 
Sept. 29. 1728. Baptized 
Susannah daughter of Rich"! 

Abieail daughter of mr Durin 
or Turin & Nathanael Son of 
Nath' Holmes baptized 13. 8. 

Susannah daughter of Jonas 
Humfrey 20. 8. 1728. 
Silence daughter of James 
Swift 10. 9 m . 1728 
8. io»n. 1728 Jonathan Son of 
Jonathan Payson 
Sam 1 Son of Saml Clap 
baptized 22. 10. 1728 

James Son of Saml Capen 
anry 5. 1728/29. 

Friday April. 12. 1728 Admit- 
ted to full Comunion John 
Baiton Comfort Foster John 
Wales Wm Clap Ebenr Vis- 
well. Mary Horton. Mary 
Evans. Sarah Capen Elis. 
Baiton. Patience White 
Judith Baker Ruth Wales. 
Elis. Clap wife of wm Clap. 
Abiel Foster. Elis. Glover 
wife of Tho 8 Glovr. Martha 
Pimer. Hannah Clap wife of 
E. Clap junr; Rebecca & 
Deborah Searles Submit 
How: Lydia Bradly. 
May 26. Madam Giilam & 
Madam Tailer admitted to 
full Comunion & also m"* 
Hanah Glover — 
May 19 Admitted to full 
Comunion John Robinson 
junr & Susan his wife & 
Mary Preston 

June 30 Content Mason ad- 
mitted to full Com. 
iuly 14. 1729 Memorandum 
he Revd Mr John Williams 
of Deerfield & ye Reverend 
Mr Blowers of Beverly & the 
Revd Mr Cotton of Bristol 
are lately Deceased to ye 
Great Losse of our Churches. 

Febr. 1. admitted 
to full Comunion 
Jos. Weeks Juii*. 
and Mary wife of 
Ebenr Holms junr. 
& Then laid hold 
on y* Covenant 
Thomas Mitchel 
& Jacob Shore. 
Febr. 10. 1728/29 
The Aged mr Eben- 
ezer Withington 

Feb. 16. mr Eb" - : 
Clap & mr Philip 
Payson Chosen to 
go to Taunton to 
the Ordination of 
mr Tho : Clap on 



January. 19. 1709 Abigail daughter of Eb r . Clap 
Jun r — Priscilla daughter of Tho 8 Bird Jan. 26. 

T7 28 

Unite Son of John Brown. Feb. 2. 1728. 
Jacob Shore (called Shaw) baptized Feb. 2. 172^ 
Esther daughter of John Wiswel Feb. 9. 172% 
John Son of Tho. Michel baptized feb. 9. 


John Son of Daniel Preston Baptized March 

T7 28 
1 /29 

Bernard Son of John Capen & 



feb. 36 Si Deus 
licet with y« or- 
dained officers of 
y« Church. 
March 2 A Procla- 
mation read for a 
Publick Fast to be 
on March. 20. 

& then votes to be 
brought in for a 
first man to be put 
on probation for a 
minister to be a 
Colleague with or 

March. 9. Phebe 
Andrews mani- 
fested Repentance 
of fornication. 
March 20 mr Jona- 
than Bowman was 
Nominated to be y e 
first man on pro- 
bation for a Col- 
league with or Pas- 
tor. He bad 41 

March, 23. m' 
Phillips Payson 
was nominated to 
be ye 2 d man for 
probation. He had 
35 votes, mr Byles 
was nominated to 
be y« 3d man. He 
had a 1 or 22 votes. 
13. April. 1729. 
Sarah How was 
admitted to full 
Comunion. & Su- 
sannah Tolman 
made Confession 
of fornication & 

May 11. 1729 
Gratia Dei, mr 
Jonathan Bowman 
was Chosen a Col- 
league Pastor in 
this Church & 77 
votes were given, 
ci of ym for Him. 
May 16. mr» Hum- 
fry daughter of 
Deacon Capen 
dyed. Aged & 

July 13. 1729 Mr 
John Baker & His 
si?ter ye wife of 
mr Hopestill Capen 
admitted to full 
Contributed for 
Joseph Ward Nine- 
teen pounds 8 sh. 
July. 27. 1729. 
Mehetabel alias 
Mary Newel laid 
hold on y« Cove- 
nant Aug. 24. 1729. 
Nov. 1. the Revd 
mr Bowman was 
admitted to full 

Susannah daughter of Jonathan Capen both 

baptized March 16. 17H 

Susannah daughter of Joseph Viles 

Baptized March 23. 17H 

John Son of Benj : Bird. May 4. 1729. 

Lemuel Son of m r Collick May 25. 1729. 

Matthew Son of Aaron Bird June 22, 1729 

Mary daughter of Consider Leeds June 29 1729 

Sarah daughter of Elisha Davenport June 29 


Patience Daughter of John Day baptized July 

13 1729 

Abigail daughter of Eben. Holmes Aug 3. 1729 

Mary Newel baptized Aug. 29. 

Anna of James Foster Jun r Aug. 24. 1729 

Abigail of Sam 1 : Bishop Sept. 28. 

Eben r Son of Eben r Withington baptized Sept. 

19. by m r Dunbar in Dorch. 

A Daughter of John Cock was 

Baptized Nov. 9. 1729 

They call Her Name Mercy Cock. 

William Son of Joseph Basse 

Baptized by m r Bowman 16. 9. 1729 

Daniel Son of Ebenezer Wis well 30 9. 1729 

& W m Son of Nathan Bradley Senior 30. 9. 1729 

Anne daughter of Comfort Foster 7 : io m . 1729 

Mary Daughter of William Withington 7. io m . 


Eliz : daughf of J. Maxfield 25. 10. 1729 

Susan daughter of J. Wales 5 march 

Charles of Charles Davenport 5 march 

Mary Daughter of Sam 1 humfrey baptized april 

12. 1730 

Christopher son of John Capen april 26, 1730. 

william Son of John Humfrey 

Sam 1 Son of John Blackman Jun r & 

William Son to Enoch Wiswall all 

baptized May 3, 1730. 

Ruth Daughter of Benjamin Bird. 

Moses-Paul Son of Jonathan Payson & 

Isaac son of Sam 1 , whales all 

baptized May 24. 1730 

Isaac Son of Eben : Davenport May 31, 1730. 


May 17. 1730 Jona- 
than Payson of 
Boston owned y» 
May 31. 1730 M' 
Sain' Maudsley 
Matthew Pimar & 
Sarah Viles admitted 
to full communion 


/'Sam 1 . - VVinthrop, Son of Sam 1 : 

I Royal 
June 7, 1730 baptized < Jona*: Son of Jonathan Kelton 

Rebeckah, Daughter of Consider 

^ Leeds 
June 14. 1730 Abraham, Son of Abraham How 


l7 ' l ' 93 at the TABLE 5- ia 98 

The former Seating The new Seating 

Father Tilestone Isaac Jones 

Isaac Jones Tho. Pearce 

James White Henry Leadbett' 

Jacob Hewens Jacob Hewens 

Henry Leadbett' James White 

William Trescot John Wales 

Thomas Peirce Tho. Tolman 

David Jones Jos. Leeds 

John Wales Nath. Clap 

Joseph Leeds & Jn° Capen 

Thomas Tolman Eben. Billings 

& their two Fath r s Rog 1- Billings 
Tho* Trott Sen r 

Deacons Seat & the End next to it 

Deacon Preston Deacon Preston 

Deacon Topliffe Deacon ToplifE 

Deacon Hopestill Clap Deacon Clap 

Elice Woods Ro : Spur Sen' 

Robert Spur Tho' Maudsly 

Thomas Maudsly Israel How 



Men's first Seat below 

I Capt : Clap 

Major Clap 

2 Lt : Tilestone 

Serj. Wiswall 

3 Ensign Foster 

Capt. L'. Foster 

4 Serjeant Wiswall 

Samuel Robinson 

5 Samuel Robinson 


Si Billinge 


Second Men's Seat below 

i. Nath : Clap 

Thomas Bird 

2. John Bird 

Jn° Bird 

3. James Bird 

Serj'. James Bird 


Serj'. Samuel Capen 

5 Samuel Sumn r 

Serj'. Hopestil Humfry 

6 Increase Sumn' 

Serj'. Standfast Foster 

7 John Capen 

Dan 1 : Preston 

8 Samuel Capen 

Front Gallery 

of Men next to y* Women 

John Tolman 

James Blake 

Daniel Preston 

John Blake 

James Blake jun r 

Phillip Withington 

Roger Billindge 

Rob' Spur 

Standfast Fost r 

Samuel Wales 

Tho. Trott jun r 

Eben : Withington 

Phil. Withington 

Desire Clap 

Robert Spur jun r 

Preserved Capen 



Gallery East part 

1 M r Lord 

Charles Davenport 

2 M r Clap 

Jonath. Hall 

3 Isaac Ryoll 

James Bak r Sen'. 

4 Jn° Bird 

Samuell Trott 

5 James Bird 

John Trescot 

6 Ephraim Payson 

Eben : Davenport 

7 Samuel Payson 

Noah Beamon 

8 Jn° Blake 

01iv r Wiswall 

9 Preserved Capen 

10 Desire Clap 

11 Ebenez: Withington 



The Third Seat below 


W ra Prat 
Sam : Capen 
Nath Glover 
W ra Rawson 
Hopest. Humfry 
Tho" Andrews 
Ro : Searle 

Eb : Williams 
Tho Bird 
W m Ryoll 
Israel How 
Richard Evans 
James Robinson 
Benjamin Leeds 

Tho Andrews 
Rob' Searle 
Benj. Leeds 
W m & Isaac Ryoll 
Isaac Humfry 

The fourth mens below 

Richard Evans 
Ephr : Payson 
John Blackman 
Sam : Jones 
Waif Everinden 
Rob' Field 
Eben : Jones 
Jn° Pearce 
Df Smith. 

East Gallery 

Isaac Humphrey 
Sam : Trot 
01iv r Wiswall 
Charles Davenport 
James Baker 
Jn° Blackman 
Noah Beamon 
Eb : Davenport 
Jno : Trescott 

East Gallery 

Jn° Wiswall 
Eben : Jones 
Tho : Lyon 
Jos. Blake 
Jos. Bird 
Jos. Hewens 
Jos. Weeks 
Eben : Holmes 
Tho Maudsley Jun r 
Jonath Hall ' 

first Seat North ardly 

John Minot 
Edw. Breck 
Sam Paul 
Humfry Atherton 
John Davenport 
Sam : Web. 
Sam : Clap 
Jonath. Jones 
Joseph Leeds jun 
Nath. Butt 
Jos. Hall 


South Part first Seat 
Thomas Lion 
Jos. Blake 
Jos. Bird 
Jos. Weeks 
Eben r Holmes 
Tho : Maudsly Jun. 
John Tollman 
James Hawes 
Benj. Blackman 
Obad : Swift 



Sara : Wales 
W ra Chaplin 
Sam 1 Jones 
Peter O Kelly 
Sam Maxfeild 
Sam : Hix 
Rob' Cook 

The fifth Seat Mens = below 

Sam : Hix 
Dennis Maroh 
Peter Hix 
Oniseph : Tilstone 
Smith Woodward 
Jos. Hewens 
Sam : Capen jun r 
R. Cook sen 

The Sixth Seat below 

Nathan Bradley Sen r 
Tho* Robinson 
Rob 1 Stiles 
Samuel Chandl r = 
Jn° Plum. 
Tho' Evans 
Nath. Lyon 


Oniseph : Tilestone 
Sam : Hill 
Walt: Everindall 
Nat h : Wyatt 
James Bishop 
Smith Woodward 
Josh : Story 
Benj. Merrifeild. 

N. Bradly sen 
Tho" Robinson 
Rob' Stiles 
John Plum 
Sam. Chandl r 
Tho' : Evans 
Benj. Merrifield 
Tim : Tilstone 

7 th Seat below 

James Bishop 
Nath. Wiatt 
Jos. Angier 
Rob' Cook jun 
John Baker 
Eben Maudsly 
N Bradly jun 


First Seat of Womens below 

Old M" Fost r 
M™ Capen 

M™ Blake 
M™ Withington 
M" Trot 
M™ Wiswall 

M" Fost r 

M™ Capen 

M" Blake 

M™ Withington 

Moth r Trot 

Deacons Wives 

Capt : Claps Wife 

Second Seat Womens below 

Lt. Tilestones wife Isaac Jones wife 

Widow Bak r wid : Tilestone 

Moth r Pierson or Payson Sam Robinsons wife 



M re Jones 

Sam : Robinsons wife 

First Seat in 

Ens : ffosfs wife 
Serj : Leadbett™ wife 
Ephr : Paysons wife 
Sam : Paysons wife 
Jn° Blakes wife 
Ebe n : Holmes Wife 
Widow Withington 
Charles Davenports wife 
Hopestill Humfreys wife 
Desire Claps wife 

M™ Breck 
Tho Pierces wife 
Capt Lt Fost r s wife 
M™ Leadbett r 

Gallery next y e Pulpitt 

Ephr. Paisons wife 
Serj. Humfrys wife 
John Blakes wife 
Desire Claps wife 
Charles Davenports wife 
Rog r Billinges wife 
Sam. Wales wife 
Jonath. Halls wife 
Eben Holms wife 
Widow Withington jun 
Sam : Webs wife 

first Seat Southw d Part 

Serj : Wiswall wife 
Jn° Tolmans wife 
Jn° Birds wife 
James Birds wife 
Nath : Glov r s wife 
James Blakes wife 
widow Breck 
Standfast ffosfs wife 
Isaac Humphreys wife 
Samuel Trots wife 

John Birds wife 
James Birds wife 
James Blakes wife 
Isaac Humfrys wife 
Standf. Fosfs wife 
Sam Trots wife 
Eben Withingtons wife 
Rob' Spurs wife 
Philip Withingtons wife 
Eben Billings wife 
Jos. Halls wife 


The Double Seat at y* right hand of y e Pulpit 
« old widow Maxfield 

old mother Wyat 
Jacob Hewens wife 
Widow Pope 
Mother Spur 
Benj. Leeds wife 
John Wales wife 
Tho. Maudsly Sons wife 
Widow Woods 
Widow Swift 



The 2 d Seat to y e Double Seat 

Old goodwife Bradly 
Rich d Evans wife 
Sam : Hixes wife 
Sam : Jones wife 
Eben. Davenports wife 
John Davenports wife 
Nath Beamons wife 
Robt : Fields wife 

Tho Peirces Wife 
Moth' Trescott 
Widow Weeks 
Nath : Claps Wife 
Jn° Capens Wife 

Third Seat Womens 
in y e body of y e House 

New Seating 
widow weeks 
Moth r Trescott 
Widow Pond 
Nath Claps wife 
Jno Capens wife 
Dan : Prestons wife 
James Whites wife 

Fourth Seat in y 6 

Eben : Williams Wife 
Tho. Tolmans Wife 
Sister Prat 
Sam. Capens wife 
Increase Sumners wife 
Preserved Capens Wife 

The third Seat By y e Pulpitt 

middle of y e house 

= New Seating 

Eb. Will' wife 
widow Baker 
Serj. Capens Wife 
T. Tollmas wife 
Pres. Capens wife 
Widow Capen 
Wid. Trot Jun r . 

Mrs Horton 
Israel Hows wife 
Oniseph : Tillstons wife 
Goodwife Hooper 
Goodwife Maroh 
John Trescots wife 
Sam : Capens wife 

Fifth Seat in y e midst of y" House 

New Seating 

Isaac Ryolls wife wid. Butt. 

Bern d Capens Widow W ra Ryolls wife 



Widdow Trott 
Ro : Searls wife 
Ro : Spurs Wife 
Phil. Withingtons wife 

The 4' 


Nathan Bradlys wife 
Josh : Henshuas wife 
Will : Chaplins Wife 
Ri : Evans wife 
Sam : Wales wife 
Sam : Hixes wife 
Sam : Halls wife 

Isaac Ryolls wife 
Ro : Searls wife 
Goodwife Henshaw 
Jn° Blackmans wife 
wid. Robinson 
Tho Andr : wife 

Seat by y e Pulpit. 

James Bishops wife 
James Barb's wife 
Tho : Evans wife 
Rob. Searls wife jun. 
Tho. Robinsons wife 
Nath Wyats wife 
Nathan Bradlys wife 

The 6 th Seat in y e body of y e house 

Josh Weeks wife 
Eben : Jones wife 
Tho : Lions wife 
John Pearses wife 
Jos. Blakes wife 
Obad : Swifts wife 
Sam : Pauls wife 

The 7 th 

W m Ryolls Wife 
Sam : Maxfields wife 
Sam 1 : Jones wife 
Peter O Kellys wife 
Rich d : Butts Wife 
Tho*: Robinsons wife 
Eben r : Davenports wife 


Seat New Seating 

Jos. Hewens wife 
Smith Woodwards wife 
Tim : Tilestones wife 
Tho. Maudslys wife 
Wid. Sarah Mosely 
Jonath. Jones wife 
John Cocks wife 

West Gallery Womens 
Second Seat next y e Pulpitt 

New Seating 

Tho : Maudsleys wife 
Jos : Birds wife 
Wid : Maudesley 
Jos : Trescotts wife 

M™ Katharine Remington 
Widow Hilliard or Helia 
Widow Goodale 
Humfry Athertons wife 



Jos : Blakes wife 
Jn° Blackmans Wife 
M n Baldwin 
Widow of Jos. Math r . 

James Hawes wife 
Sherebiah Butts wife 
Ro : Peltons wife 


The Same Seat y e oth r Part of it 
Eben : Lyons Wife In y new Seating 

Jos : Hewens wife The Same as before 

James Bishops wife 
Jos : Weeks wife 
Smith Woodwards wife 
Eliz : Weeks 
Josh : Storys wife 
Nath Lyons wife 
Widow Anne Jones. 

The 5 th Seat by y e Pulpitt next y e Wall 
Benj Merrifields wife 

Samuel Hills Wife 
Sam : Chandlers wife 
Isaac Hows wife 
Widow Patten 
Goodwife Plum. 
Goodwife Hull : widow 
Doctor Smiths wife 


13 of I2 mo 42 

intelligence came from ould England that there had beene a 
battell ffought betweene the Kinge & the p'lement. 


Ordained Ministers in the Church at Dorchester in New 

1 M r Warham who removed to Winsor 

2 M r Maverick who deceased in Dorch' 

These were Contemporarys. 

3 M r Mather who lived about 34 years in Dorch. 

4 Contemporary with m r Mather was m r Bur 

5 Contemp 17 with m r Mather was m 1 Wilson who removed to 

6 M r Flint 


The Greater Part of the first Church in Dorchester Re- 
moved with m r Warham to Windsor : So that they Gatherd 
a New Church, over whom the Rev? m r Mather was Or- 
dained Teacher. 
Richard Mather. Anagram. A Third Charmer. 

Third in New Englands — Dorchester, 

"Was this Ordained Minister. 

Second to None, for Fruitfulnesse, 
Abilitys, & Usefullnesse ; 

Divine his charms, years Seven times Seven, 
Wise to Win Souls from Earth for Heaven. 

Prophets Rewards He Gains above : 
But Great's our Losse by His Remove. 


Sacred to God, His Servant Richard Mather 
Sons like Him, Good & Great, did call Him Father, 
Hard to Discern a Difference in degree 
'Twixt His bright Learning & High Pietie 
Short Time, His Sleeping Dust lies covered down 
So can't His Soul or His Deserv'd Renown. 

From's Birth Six Lustres & a Jubile, 
To His Repose : But Labour'd hard in Thee 
(O Dorchester !) Four more than thirty years, 
His Sacred Dust with Thee, Thine Honour rears. 

Obit. April. 22. 1669. 


The Deacons Ordination = Charge 
May. 3. 1724. 

The Glorious King of the Church (& world) the Son of 
God, our Lord Jesus Christ Instituted the holy office of 
Deaconship, by Inspiration to His Apostles, in the Primitive 
Church : and appointed that even the Gentile-Churches 
should have Men (Qualifyed as He has 'specially Directed,) 
Chosen unto, & Invested with the Said Office. Acts. 6. 3-6. 
1 Tim. 3. 8, 9. 


Although the office of Deaconship is Ecclesiastical & 
Sacred, Yet 'tis Specificated & Limited unto the Temporal 
Good Things of the Church, which are offered & dedicated 
unto the Honour & Service of God, for the Uses of Piety 
& Charity. 

And whosoever are Appointed to this office are to be 
Helps to y e Elders & to the whole Church. 1 Cor. 12. 28. 

Of the Churches Outward Treasure ; of all Offerings and 
Gifts (given to the Church for the Supply of outward needs 
the Care & Management belongs to the Deacons ; & there- 
with the Deacons are to Serve y e Tables, which the Church 
is to Provide for, (saith our Synod Book, call'd y e Platform) 
as Namely the LORD'S Table, the Table of the ministers of 
the word of God, And of Such as are in Necesity : To 
whom they are to Distribute in Simplicity, or Singlenesse of 

Ordination is the Solemn Comitting of office — Ecclesias- 
tical unto Persons to whom that office doth belong ; the 
solemn putting of them into the actual Possession of that 
Place, Station, Dignity, Trust & Charge in the Church of 
GOD that they were Chosen to & had Accepted of. 

And Ordination is Performed by Laying on the Hands of 
the Eldership, with Solemn Prayer to God in Christ, In 
which Prayer, the Persons on whom the Said Hands are 
Laid are Solemnly offerd up to God in Christ, for that 
office & Service that they are Called unto ; and the LORD 
is earnestly Implored & besought to Accept of Them ; and 
to Assist them, and to make them Blessings therein. Thus 
by Prayer & laying on of their hands, the Apostles solemnly 
Installed into the Sacred = office of Deaconship, the first 
Deacons of the Primitive Church wherefore 


Wherefore the Church of Christ in this Place (viz the 
Elders, Deacons & Fraternity of Fullcommunicants,) having 
Chosen You, our Dear Brethren M r Hopestill Clap & m r 
Nathanael Topliff, on whom we have now Laid our Hands 
& Prayed, into the office of Deaconship among them, and 
you having Accepted thereof .... 

^ We do in the Name of our LORD Jesus CHRIST, The 
Glorious Head of the Church in Heaven & on Earth, Ordain 
you to be Deacons of this Church, and Putt You into the 
Possession & Administration of that — holy & honorable 
Office of Deaconship in which you are to conjoyn that Aged 
& Honoured Person who Was in that office before You. 


And forasmuch as God hath set you Up in His Church, 
not to be Letts, but to be Helps, We Solemnly Charge You 
to watch, & to Pray, & to Labour all that You can, that 
You may . . . Promote & Further all Religion & Vertue 
& Charity & Peace & Beneficence among Us ; And Up- 
rightly, & Prudently, & Faithfully, & with Great Humility, 
& yet with liberty & holy Courage, & without Fear, and 
without Partiality, & in Singlenesse of Heart, as towards 
God, Discharge (not only every Part of your work as Chris- 
tians, But also) every Part of Your Office as Deacons ; — 
accountably to God & our Lord Jesus Xt and to your own 
Consciences, & to the Elders & to the Church ; 

(by the help of Christ ;) 
And we Assure You (for your Comfort,) that so Using & 
Discharging the office of Deaconship well, by the Grace 
& Help of Your Glorious LORD & Ours, You Will (tho* 
without any proper merit of your own, yet of Gods . . . 
Infinite Mercy) Purchase or gain or obtain to yourselves a 
good degree and Great Boldnesse in the Faith. I Tim. 3. 13. 
and when the Great Shepherd shall appear, You shall Receive 
a Crown of Glory that fadeth not away. 


25 of the 9 mo 43 

the 2 great Gunnes were mounted upo their Carriages & 
drawne up from the water side : 

memorandum. The Rev d m r John Wilson Junior was 
Pastor of the Church in Dorchester two years before He 
Removed to Medfield at Medfields Request He was 
Pastor of Medfield 40 years : ordained at Dorchester 1649. 
< The Lords Day preceeding His Translation He preached 
both forenoon and afternoon fervently & powerfully. The 
Lords Day y' He Expired, the Greater Part of His Church 
were present, to behold & Lament His Removal from 
them, which was on Aug. 23. 91. 


l d July 1645 

in this mo : the elders did meet at Cambridge in mattachusets 
baye in N : E to Consider of the motion made amonge the 
Comissioners of the 4 Confederate Colloneyes : when they 
did meet at Conecticute viz to thinke of some things that 
might in ffuture give some testimony from new Engl about 
the great questio now in debate about church-Govennent : 


& notice hereof was given publikely in the Assembly at Dor- 
chester vicesimo nono : Junii anno 45 that it was intended 
nothinge to bind the churches or inovate the practice there 
of but only private amonge the elders & was no Synod but 
in such case the churches ought to have notice & to send 
their comissioners : & so might express at any tyme, but the 
p r sent notice was that the church might know how to direct 
their prayer written y e daye abovesaid by me 

Jo Wiswall 
[A later hand has prefixed the title and filled out the name, 
making it read " Deacon John Wiswall " !] 

Sept. 26. 1725. About a fortnight ago m r Joseph Mauds- 
ley, m r John Preston, mr Soper & mrs Butts Son on a fish- 
ing Voyage, went into a Cove at y e Eastward in y T vessell, 
with Jos. Maudsleys Servant boy : also mr Honiwell of Bos- 
ton went in with y m , also mr Cocks strove to go in, but y e 
fog hindred Him, & the Indians barbarously murdered all 
y* went in, buty" boy. The Boy was Redeemed Anno 1728. 


Feb. 6. 17O9 Serjeant Hopestill Humfrys & Serjeant James 

Blake Chosen Deacons 

Feb. 13. 170I Joshua Severs Propounded to lay hold on y e 

Covenant = & did so feb. 20 

Febr. 20. 170® Serjeant Blake accepted y" Deaconship 

Hopestill Clap & James Blake Ordained to y r Several offices 

it being a fast = Day. 

May 18. 1709. ordination of m r Marsh at Braintrey 


Admission, terms of, 21, 104. 
Anabaptists, 175. 
Antichrist, 56, 178. 

Baptism and Baptisms, 8, 9, 22-26, 35, 38, 47, 
48,49,50,54,68, 76, 95, 99, 101, 118, 122, 
150, 151, 157, 162, 169 to 246, 184, 187, 188, 
202, 224, 230. 

Baptisms of children from other towns [see 
under the several towns]. 

Burglar, 163. 

Captives, 153. , 

Catechizing, 65, 80, 91, 95, 108, 125, 206. 

Children of the Church, 26, 27-29, 45, 46, 47, 
48,49, 50, 68, 76, 80, 91, 95, 99, 108, 124, 
"5. '45. '49. '5'. '52, 'S3. '84, 188, 196, 
197, 206. 

Church benevolence, 10, 12, 63, 70, 72, 73, 77, 
83, tax, 105, in, 113, 117, 120, m, 123, 124, 
125, 128, 131, 132, 133, 135, 136, 138, 140, 

141, M3. '44, 148, 149. 'So. '5'. '5*. 'S3. 
155, 158, 159, 160, 163, 167. [See Contribu- 

Church; First, 163,255; Second, 1. 

Church meetings, 10 */ teq., no, 146, 158, 
163, &c, 245. 

Church government, 258. 

Church organization, 52, 60, 87, 104, 144, 145, 
148, 156, 255. 

Church property, 92, 112, 138, 142, 155, 158, 
'59, '60, 163, 164, 165, 167. 

Colleague, 9, no, 166, 167, 246. 

College, The, 153, 243. 

Commissioners, 258. 

Communion, 2, 14, 17, 18, 19, 26, 27, 33, 34, 
3S. 37. 38, 39. 40, 4'. 5'. 88, 95, 106, 114, 
"5. '4S. '54. '56, 169, '74, '75. '77. '82, 
186, 191, &c. 

Confession, 62, 63, 79,06, 118, 120, 127, 150, 
'S3. '55. '5°. 'S7. '62, 228, 231, 235, 236, 
»37, 238, 240-246. 

Confederate colonies, 258. 

Consociation, 54. 

Contribution, 51, 80, 83, 87, 91, 94, 95, 101, 
102, 103, 105, 145, 154, 157, 160, 163, 167, 
'86, 235, 237, 238, 239, 240, 243, 244, 245, 
246. [See Church Benevolence.] 

Council, Ecclesiastical, 42, 43, 47, 52, 66, 67, 
75. 81, 86,89, 102, 103, 104, 134, 136, 138, 
'39. '44, '45. '46, 149. '5'. '54, «SS. 156, 
157, 160, 161, 162, 165-167, 186, 238, 241, 242, 
»43. 244, 246. 

Covenant, a, 3, 4, 13, 14, 17, 19-24, 27-30, 31, 
33. 35. 47. 49. 66. 76, 95. 96, 99. 'oi, '03, 104, 

IO8, 114, Il8, II9, I20, 122, I44, I48, I49, 

•jo, '5'. '52. »53. 'S4. 'S5. '57. »6a, 164, 

Deacon, n, ia, 13, 32, 41, 63, 65, 69, 78, 79, 
90, 125, 126, 136, 137, 15a, 157, 158, 161, 163, 
'68, 339, a42, 256, 259. 

Discipline, 23, a4, 44, 7'. 72, 94. 96, 'oa, 103, 

106, 107, 10S, 109, in, na, 113, 115, 116, 
117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 127, 128, 
129, 130, 131, 134, 135, 136, 139, 140, 146, 

147. '48, 157, 182, 186, 218, 237, 239. 
Dismissions of members, 14 [15 and 16 

omitted because the entries are given else- 
where], 17, 18, 19, 20, 30, 32. 33, 34, 36, 44, 
So-53. 56, 59. 61, 71, 79, 84, 85, 88, 113, 130, 
136, 148, 150, 153, 167, 169, 178, 192, 241, 
Drouth, 55, 56, 57, 70, 71, 93, 125, 138, 145, 
'SO, 'S3. '54, 237. 

Earthquake, 244. 

Elder, i.e., minister, 21, 23, 24, 42, 43. 44, 5'. 

S3. 54, 57, 58, 62, 70, 73, 74, 80, 8a, 83, 105, 

Elder, Ruling, 8, n, 13, ai, 42, 48, 59, 60, 63, 

64, 65, 68, 71, 74, 76, 77, 78, 83, 84, 85, 90, 

95. '°9. "6, 130, 150, 151, 15a, 157, 161, 163, 

170, 342. 
Election-day, n, 57, 163, 167. 
Evangelical Treasury (see Home Missions]. 

Fast-day, 42, 44, 46, 50, 51, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 
59. 60, 61, 63, 64, 66, 69, 70, 71, 73, 74, 78, 
80, 81, 85, 87, 88, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 
98, 100, 101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 108, no, 113, 
114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 123, 
124, 135, 126, 127, '28, 130, 131, 13a, 133, 
»34i '35, «36, '37. '38, 139. '40, 14a, '43. 
>45. '48, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 
157, 164, 165, 166, 167, 235, 336, 237, 338, 
339, 343, 343, 344, 346, 259. 

Fellowship, 31, 66, 87, 104. 

Genealogy of Minot family, 168. 

General Court, The, 43, 44, 46, 52-64, 66, 71, 
73,80,82,85-89, 93-98, 105, 106, no, 116, 
119, 120, 124, '3». '33, '45. »46, 150, 180, 

Guns, 258. 

Harvard College, 243. 
Humiliation [see Fast-day]. 

Independent, 33. 

Indians, 43, 101, 131, 133, 136, 141, 143. »45. 

148, 150, 151. 153, 156, 335, 358. 
Information of Elder Topliff, 35. 

King, The, 50, 53, 131, 133, 139, 140, 142, 145, 
'47. 'So, '5'. »S2, »53. 230, 254. 

Lay preaching, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 65, 67, 

82, 85, 87, no, 115, 137. 
Lecture, 91,92,94. 100, 101, 105, 106, no, 124, 

130. '33. '35. '38, '44, '53. '54, '65. 
Lord's Supper, 48, 49. 5'. A 90, 9', 96, 99. 

107, 118, 138, 137, 138, 145, 146, 158, 159. 

160, 161, 163, 165, 1S4. 

Malthouse, 35. 



Marriage, 168. 

Meeting-house, 37, 64, 104, 105, 106, 114, 146, 

149. 155. «°i, '63, '65. 210, 246-253. 
Members, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, si, 

22, 23, 24, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33,34, 35, 36, 37, 

38, 39, 40, 4J, 61, 62, 68, 89, 92, 99-'°'. "3. 

115,117, 120, 127, 128, 130, 131, 132, 133, 

136, 140, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, '55. 

'S 6 , 'S7> 181, 186 to 246 occasionally. 
Ministers, 5, 9, 10, 11, 28, 42, 47, 50, 52, 53, 

54, 55i 56. 57, 73. 77. 79. 81, 87. 88, 90, r 

93, IOI, I08, 114, lit, ll6, 120, I37, I45, .4O, 

'54, '55. '56, 187, 246, 255 [see Council and 

Minister's House, Ministry House, 25, 88, 89, 

95. 96. 99. i°°- 
Ministry, deposing from, 244. 
Missions, Foreign, desired, 153. 
Missions, Home, 149, 163, 164, 165, 239, 243- 
Money, 135. 

Naming a child, 171, 173, 178, 190, 200. 
Negro, 25, 157, 231, 234, 243. 

Ordinary [public house], 105, 146. 

Ordination, 8, 10, 11, 13, 32, 52, 59, 60, 61, 62, 
67. 69, 77, 78, 79, 85, 87, 89, 90, 91, 93, 94, 
103, 105, 115, "°. J'S, 124, 126, 130, 137, 
141, 142, 143. '44, 145. M8, 149. '5°. '52. 
'53. «54, 157. '65, 167, 213, 236, 238, 239, 
240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 246, 256, 258, 259. 

Orthodox, 162. 

Parliament, 42, 44, 254. 

Pastor, 9, 10, ii, 52, 60, 62, 89, 144. 145. '54. 

166, 167, 184. 
Pedobaptism, 175. 
Platform, 256. 
Popery, 54. 
Prelacy, 39. 
Presbyterian, 33. 

Presbytery, 153, 154. 

Propagating the Gospel [see Home Missions], 

Protestant, 123. .27, 153. 

Queen, The, 128, 131, 153, 154, 155, 156, 159, 

Rain, 237, 239. 

Re.ommendation, 241, 

Redemption of captives, 10, 10;, 120, 121, 123, 

124, 125. '36, 141, 142, 144. '53. 156.258. 
Reformation of Manners, 27, 28, 149, 150, 154; 

Societies for, 153, 164. 
Residence of Inhabitants, 25. 

Sacrament [see Lord's Supper]. 

Schoolmaster, 40, 41, 101, 120, 237. 

Seats in church, 64, 248-253. 

Selectmen, 68, 95, 131. 

Smallpox, 103, 105-1 1 1, '26, 127, 223, 241. 

Snow, 238. 

Soldiers, 235. 

Synod, Senod, 54, 55, 95, no, in, 124, 161, 

Synod Book, 256. 

Teacher, Teaching officer, 10, 13, 37, 42-44, 
61, 74, 81, 82, 86, 89, 105, 109, 175, 184. 

Thanksgiving-day, 44, 53. 56, 58, 66, 71, 73, 
82, 87, 89, 92,93, 95. 102, 106, in, 112, 113, 
119, 124, 127, 128, 133, 137, 139, 141, 143, 
'45. '47. '48, 149. 150. '5'. «52, 153. '54. 
'55. 'S 6 , '57, '80, 190, 199, 227, 230, 232, 
235. 236, 237, 238,239,241,243.244. 245. 

Town Records, Register, 25, 164, 166, 167, 

Vote, Silential, 161. 

Witchcraft, 138, 148. 


A ffo*6r v J 



\ (*i 



Adams, Adames: Mehitable, 235; Mr., 114; 

Peter, 235 ; William, 91, 144. 
Alcock, Hannah, 152, 232. 
Aldridge : Catharine, 6; George, 6; Mary, 170. 
Allen, Alen [see Ellen]: Benjamin, 186; 

James, 170; Mr., 77, 92, 104, 184. 
Almy, Mr., 239- 
Andrews, Andrewes, Andr: Elizabeth, 234; 

goodman, 129; governor, 133; Hannah, 

235 ; John, 25, 220, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239, 

240,241,243; Jos., 244; Mary, 236, 237; 

Phebe, 234,246; Samuel, 241; Sarah, 240; 

Thankful, 212, 238; Thomas, 21, 33, 37, 

40, 09, 171, 206, 212, 220, 235, 239, 249, 

252 ; William, 243. 
Angier, Angiers: Benjamin, 233; Elizabeth,' 

229; Joseph, 140, 157, 229, 233, 234, 235, 

238, 239, 241, 250; Margaret, 230, 235; 

Mr., 155. 
Anglesey, Margaret, 6. 
Anne, queen, 153. 
Anniball : Mary, 206; Robert, 206. 
Appleby, Abigail, 157. 
Aspenwall, Aspenall : Elizabeth, 202 ; Mehit- 

able, 201; Peter, 194, 201, 202; Samuel, 

Asten [Austin], Francis, 18. 
Atherton : Anna, 235; Captain, 10; Consider, 

100, 122, 128, 129, 130, 21;, 216, 238; 
Elizabeth, 22, 120, 215, 232; Hannah, 152, 
215; Hope, 176; Humphrey, 4, 41, 148, 
157, 232, 234, 236. 237, 238, 243. 249. 253 ; 
Increase, 173; John, 237; Margaret, 217; 
Mary, 33, 182; Mr., 85, 91 ; Patience, 100, 

101, 182,206,215; Rest, 171; Sarah, 152, 
216; Thankful, 174; Watching, 22, 120, 

Avery, John, 320; Mr., 160; Robert, 220. 
Aeres, Ayres : Elizabeth, 227; Moses, 123, 

Bacon, Bakon, Fr., 25 ; Frances, 132. 

Badcoclc, Abigail, 187; Caleb, 191; Ebene- 
zer, 194; Elizabeth, 199; Hannah, 196; 
HopestilL 195; James, 182; Jonathan, 
180; Nathaniel, 189; Robt., 75, 79, 135, 
189, iqi, 104, 195, 196, 199, 201 ; Samuel, 
178; Thankful, 201. 

Baily, Bayley, 239; Edw., 234; Eliz., 234; 
James, 243. 

Bait on. Beiton : Anne, 152; Eliz., 245; J., 3$; 
John, 345; Robert, 13. 

Baker: Abiel, 137; Abijah, 333; Ebenezer, 
237; Elijah, 340; Elizabeth, 19, 100, 153, 
178, 187,306,317; George, 342; Hannah, 
194, 306, 314, 323, 335, 245; James, 21, 
100, 183, 306, 33s, 337, 349; John, 36, 148, 
»74, 17S1 «98, 3ti, 3:4, 333, 335, 336, 237, 
»38, «39. 240, 242, »46, 250; Judith, 345; 
Mary, 173, 335, 345; Mr., 173; Pre- 
served, 36, 337; Richard, 6, 10, 74, 77. 78, 

111,114,116,194; Sarah, 175, 306; Silent, 
198, 206; Thankful, 36, 100, 148, 176, 198, 
206, 211 ; widow, 223, 251, 352. 

Baldwin, Mrs., 253. 

Ball, Bale, Balle, Baal: Abigail, 135, 148, 
206, 211, 232; Benj., 152, 2t i, 235, 236, 
238,245; Ebenezer, 238; Francis, 37, 135, 
iii, 135, 211; Mary, 148, 311; Mehita- 
ble, 336, 345; mother, 157. 

Barber: Ebenezer, 232 ; Elizabeth, 217 ; Ex- 
perience, 218 ; Hezekiah, 242, 243 ; James, 
38, 317. 331, 223, 232, 242, 2Si; Jesse, 
243; John, 242 ; Mr., 172 ; Patience, 233, 

Barker, Dorothy, 6. 

Barrett, Mrs., 148. 

Bartholomew, father, 35. 

Bartlett, Hannah, 150, 333. 

Bass, Basse : Edward, 244 ; Elizabeth, 340, 
34«; Joseph, 167, 340,341,342,344, 245, 
246; Mary, 345 ; William, 346. 

Bate, Bates: Alice, 5; goodwife, 183: James, 
4, 186, 193, 195; Lydia, 5, 178; Margaret, 
7, 195; Mary, 5, 186; Mr., 25; Samuel, 


Batten, Ursula, 25. 

Baxter: Jos., 149; Joseph, 161; Mr., 145, 

Bayley, Anne, 6. 

Beal, Benjamin, 206. 

Beaman, Beamond, Beamont, Beaumont: 
Elizabeth, 222, 224; Gamaliel, 17, 188, 
189; goody, 31; John, 19, 100, 188, 207, 
211; Katharine, 226; Mary, 100, 188; 
Mr., 35; Nath., 352; Noah, 39, 41, 320, 
222, 224, 226, 249; Patience, 41, 333; 
Sarah, 100, 153, 189, 330; Thomas, 188; 
Zipporah, 311. 

Behoe, Wm., 147. 

Belcher, Bellchar: Joseph, 18, 96, 141 ; Sam- 
uel, 337; Silence, 227. 

Bellengham : Gov. Richard, 71. 

Bennett, James, 151. 

Beton [see Baiton], Thomasin, 6. 

Bigge, Rachel, 5. 

Billing, Bellenge, Billinge, Billindge, Bill- 
ings: Abigail, 233; Anna, 175; Benja- 
min, 223; Bezaleel, 226; Ebenezer, 39, 
40, 100, 101, 147, 156, 180, 187,208,211, 
215, 219, 222, 233, 324, 234, 239, 24H, 251 ; 
Elizabeth, 100, 315, 333; Elkanah, 332; 
Goody, 7; Hannah, 30, 213, 230; Heph- 
zibah. 319; Irijah, 336; Isaac, 334; 
Jerusha, 334; Johana, 100; John, 152, 
»'5> 237; Jonathan, 101, 178; Joseph, 
153; Mary, 175, 233, 333, 338, 341; Me- 
hitable, 337; Moses, 330; Mr., 146; Na- 
thaniel, 144; R.,325; Richard, 161,208; 
Roger, 6, 38, 100, 101, 146, 153, 174, 188, 
190, 193, 313, 315, 318, 320, 331, 333, 
333, 337, 230, 333, 337, 339, 348, 351; 



£., 248; Sarah, 222, 238; Samuel, 180, 
224; Stephen, 225, 23s, 23Q; William, 
220,221,238; Zebiab,236; Zipcorah, 193, 

Birch: Experience, 154, 233; goodwife, 153; 
Joseph, 22, 120, 132, 233; Tho: 147; 
widow, 244. 

Bird, Burd : Aaron, 224, 225, 238, 239, 240, 243, 
246; Abiel, 204, 234; Abigail, 243 ; Ann, 
216; Anna, 225; Anne, 242; Bebe, 152, 
219; Benjamin, 219, 240, 241, 242, 243, 
246; Comfort, 232 ; Damaris, 206; Deiton, 
22:; Ebenezer, 217, 234, 245; Edward, 
243; Elizabeth, 35, 152, 214, 238, 241; 
Eunice, 214; George, 230, 245 ; goodwife, 
7; Hannah, 148, 209, 225, 243; Henry, 
223, 240, 242; Isaac, 240; Jacob, 242; 
James, 36, 41, 09, 150, 174, 203, 214, 217, 
219, 222-225, 230-236, 242, 245, *48, 249, 
251; Jane, 226; Jerusha, 232; Johanna, 
41, 239; John, 35, 36, 134, 150, 173, 202, 
204, 206, 209, 213, 214, 221, 223, 226, 231, 
332, 235, 243, 246, 248, 249. 351 ; Jonathan, 
343; Jos., 243, 245, 25°, 253; Joseph, 
33. 25, 4i, «5 2 . 206, 21 °. "4. 225, *3°. 231. 
232, 233, 235, 240, 242; Katharine, 152, 
334; Mary, 36, 152, 216, 231, 238, 240, 242, 
244; Matthew, 246; Mehitable, 206, 234 ; 
Mercy, 152, 216, 238; Mindwell, 234; 
Miriam, 41, 232; Mr., 167; Nathaniel, 
336; Patience, 152, 317, 233; Priscilla, 
332,245; Rebecca, 233 ; Ruth, 245, 246; 
Samuel, 174, 234, 236, 238, 242, 243 ; Sarah, 
178,216,236; Silence, 223; Submit, 2:6; 
Susan, 234; Thankful, 206, 216, 235; 
Thomas, 7, 10, 38, 99, 102, 139, 172, 216, 
317, 319, 225, 235, 240, 241, 242, 244, 246, 
248, 249; William, 231; Unice, 148, 150, 

„ 235. 

Bishop, Bishopp: Abigail, 246; Anne, 6; 
Elisabeth, 243 ; James, 232, 234, 25°. 253 ; 
Jearas, 40; Patience, 233; Samuel, 232, 
242,243, 244, 246, 252; Waitstill, 233. 

Blackman, Blakeman : Abraham, 205; Adam, 
202; Benjamin, 41, 140, 151, 197,206,226, 
328, 331, 232, 233, 236, 250; Ebenezer, 
232, 239; Eliakim, 222, 223; Eliphalet, 
236; Elisha, 151; Elizabeth, 228, 231, 
243; George, 232; Hannah, 231, 245; 
Hephzibah, 233 ; Ichabod, 151; Jane, 227; 
Jemima, 41, 140, 232; John, 2:, 32, 41, 

lOO, 133, 148, IOO, 192, 194, 197, 199, 202, 
305,306,219,221,222,223, 225, 227, 230, 
231,232,233, 243-245, 246, 249, 252,253; 

Jonathan, 119, 190, 206; Joseph, 192, 
330; Josiah, 223, 243, 244, 345; Josias, 
343; Keziah, 326; Mary, 194, 206, 225, 
334, 341. 342, 243; Peter, 238; Ralph, 
245; Rebecca, 151, 199, 228, 243 ; Renew, 
333; Samuel, 332. 346; Sarah, 33, 151, 
190, 206, 231; sister, 129; Susan, 231; 
Susanna, 244; Thankful, 319; Thomas, 
238, 239, 241, 243, 245- 

Blackmore, Dorcas, 7. 

Blake, Black, Blak: Abigail, 244; Agnes, 5, 
17, 199; Ann, 18, 233 ; Anna, 180; Deacon, 
91, 95, 106, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 138, 
158, 159, 160, 163, 164, 239,242 ; Ebenezer, 
336; Edward, 14, 22, 30, 104, 119. "93. 
303; Elder, 129, 136, 141: Elizabeth, si, 
39, J82, 189, 227, 330; Experience, 196; 
Lather, 180; Hannah, 39, 219, 226, 239, 
243; Hopestill, 224, 227; Increase, 232 ; 
James, 11, 13, 30, 37, 39, 78, 79, 90, 
100, 126, 146, 157, 166, 181, 189, 191, 

'97, 109, 306, 319, 322, 238, 239, 240, 241, 

•43, 343, 348, 351, 359; Jeremiah, 234; 

John, 18, 21, 39, 41, 100, 206, 221, 222, 
234, 226, 231, 232, 239, 243, 244, 248, 249, 
251; Jonathan, 191, 203; Jos., 240, 252, 
253; Joseph, 134, 109, 306,227,230,131, 
232,233,234, 235. 236, 245,250; Josiah, 
232, 244, 24s; Mary, 41, 100, 152, 181, 186, 
319,321; Mehitable, 204, 330; Mr., 150, 
167; Mrs., 251; Nathaniel, 100, 190,225; 
Patience, 22, 119, 121; Ruth, 233, 241; 
Samuel, 100, 112, 181, 224; Sarah, 183, 
197,235,245; sister, 84, S5; Susanna, 37, 
38; Thomas, 240, 242, 243, 245; Wait, 
239; widow, 84, 85; William, 5, 17, 18, 
35. 3°. '°4. 112, 171, 188, 190, 193, 196, 
199, 204; Zipporah, 232. 

Blowers, Rev. Mr., 245. 

Bolton, Boulton : Elizabeth, 188; John, 20, 

39, 206, 219; Nicholas, 7; Sarah, 219; 
Thankful, 178. 

Bourn, Boume: Hannah, 6; Major, 25; 
Nehemiah, 6, 171. 

Bowen, Goo., 125. 

Bowman, Bowes: Jonathan, 167, 246; Mr., 
166, 167, 246. 

Bradley, Bradly : Alexander, 239; Caleb, 235; 
David, 240; Ebenezer, 237; Elizabeth, 
203; goodwife, 252; Hopestill, 241; J., 
243; John, 152,210,235, 236,237,239,241, 
243; Jonathan, 237; Joshua, 236; Josiah, 

241,243; Lydia, 236, 243. 245; Mary, 35. 
109,206,232,233; Melatiah, 239; Nathan, 
Nathaniel, 25, 174, 109, 201, 202, 205, 210, 
332, 236, 237, 230, 240, 241, 243. 344, 245, 
246, 250, 252; Rebecca, 244; Ruth, 234, 
336; Samuel, 236; Sarah, 243; Susanna, 

40, 201 ; William, 246. 

Breck, Brecke, Breke, Brick: br., 33 ; Capt., 
25, 221 ; Edward, 6, 12, 31, 152, 184, 208, 
232, 235, 236, 249; Elizabeth, 148, 181, 
208, 232 ; Ensign, 233 ; Hannah, 220, 221, 
233; Jemima, 140, 208; John, 21, 39, 99, 
no, 114, 115, 127, 178, 308, 310, 213, 214, 
218, 230; Margaret, 236; Mary, 7, 177, 
232; Mrs., 236, 251: Nathaniel, 218; 
Robert, 154, 214; Samuel, 224; Su- 
sanna. 148, 183, 210, 236; widow, 251. 

Bridge: T., 154; Thomas, 241. 

Bridgham, Elder, 157. 

Bridgram, Henry, 7. 

Brightman, Joanne, 150; Mary, 151. 

Britton, Phillip, 233. 

Broadstreet, Mr., 55. 

Bromfeild, Edward, 149. 

Brooks, Joshua, 144. 

Brown, Dorcas, 222 ; Edmond, 189, 192 ; 
Elizabeth, 189. 231; Experience, 230; 
Hannah, 151 ; J., 237; James, 232 ; Jane, 
234; John, 22, 23, 41, 100, 128, 181,222, 
225, 227, 228, 231, 232, 233, 234, 236, 239, 
244, 346; Joseph, 232; Katharine, 244; 
Major, 159; Martha, 226, 227, 239 ; Mary, 

41, 225, 234, 245; Mr., 161; Samuel, 193, 
233; Unite, 246. 

Buckly, Buckley, Mr., 95. 

Bugbee, one, 18. 

Buuard, Mr., 170. 

Bullock, Mr., 25. 

Burge, Burgesse,: goodrnan, 135; Mr., 174; 
Mrs., 159. 

Burr, Burre, Bur: Frances, 6; Jonathan, 6; 
Mary, 171 ; Mr., 25, 34, 355 ; Rebecca, 6. 

Bush, George, 157. 

Butler: Henry, 151, 187; John, 180; Joyce, 
5; Mr., 86; Nathaniel, 187; Nicholas, 5. 

Butt: Abigail, 233; Barachiah, 313; Eliza- 
beth, 210, 233 ; Hannah, 313, 331 ; Jemima, 
333; Joseph, 153, 317; Mary, 153, 155, 



213, 132, 333, 339; Mrs., 158; Nathaniel, 
"52.231.333, 235, »491 Richard, 37, 131, 
155, 210, 213, 213, 217, 231. 253 ; Samuel, 
153, 210, 232, 234, 239; Sarah, 153, 932; 
Seargt., 236; Sherebiah, 210, 231, 232, 
233. *34. 339, 253'. Silence, 232; wid.,252. 
Byles, Biles, Mr., 166, 167, 246. 

Calender: Mr., 151; Mrs., 151. 

Callicou, Collicot [see Collick]: Depend- 
ance, 174; Experience, 172; Hannah, 
:8i ; Mr., 25; Nathaniel, 176; Preserved, 
177 ; Richard, 192. 

Cane, Birst, 25. 

Caparon : Elizabeth, iji; John, 151; Mar- 
garet, 151. 

Capen, Capin, Capinne : Ann, 225; Anna, 
230; Anne, 233, 243; Bernard, 36, 37, 
148, 178, 206, in, 213, 218, 234, 237, 246, 
252; Christopher, 246; David, 240; dea- 
con, 65, 67, 85, 86, 00, 91, 102, 106, i»3, 

124, 12s, 137, 246; Deborah, 243; Doro- 
thy, 40, 203, 204; Ebenezer, 213, 231, 
238; Edward, 216; Elijah, 242; Eliza- 
beth, 152, 198, 206,213, 223, 231,244.245; 
Esther, 244; Hannah, 37, 38, 41, 152, 194, 
206, 218; Hopestil 1 , 25, 209, 234, 238, 246; 
J., 25: J. C.,26; James, 183, 24s; Joane, 
6; Joanna, 170, 226; John, 6, 11, 13, 14, 
3»a, 35. 38, 40, 41. 61, 63, 70, 74, 77,94, 

125, 136, 152, 156, 171, 177, 189, 194, 197, 
19S, 199, 201, 203, 204, 206, 208, 213, 2:8, 
228, 330, 232, 242, 243. 244, 245. 246, 248, 
252; Jonathan, 224, 241, 24a, 244, 246; 
Joseph, 19, 37, 100, ioi, 189, 213; Josiah, 
241; Mary, 35, 38, 148, 181, 212,215, 237. 
238; Mr., 25, 113, 115, 167, 234; Mrs., 
251; Nathaniel, 208, 245 ; Nehemiah, 237; 
Preserved, 21, 37, 38, 100, 132, 157, 188, 
206, 215, 219, 223, 225, 228, 231, 233- 
237. 238, 239, 240, 242, 245. 248, 249. 252 ; 
Purchase, 206, 233, 235, 236; Radigan, 6; 
Robert, 242; Ruth, 242; S., 241; Sam- 
uel, 36-38, mj, 132, 153, 155, vrr, 1^9. 

204, 206, 209, 312, 213, 2l6, 3l8, 219, 222, 
324, 326, 230, 231, 232, 233, 235, 241, 242, 

243, 244. 245, 348, 249, 350, 352; Sarah, 
39, 148, 301, an, 343. 245; Serj., 353; 
Susan, 337, 243 i Susanna, 35, 197, 206, 
ai8, 222, 239, 246; Thankful, 39, 201, 234; 
Timothy, 243 ; widow, 138, 252. 

Carpenter: Benjamin, 216, 222, 234, 327; 
Ezra, 165, 243; Hannah, 332; John, 224; 
Jotham, 216; Submit, 227. 

Cartwright, Mary, 206. 

Carver, Robert, 142. 

Chamberlane, Abigail, 174. 

Champney, Chamney, Mr., 166. 

Chancey, Mr., 73, 90. 

Chandler, Abigail, 336; Benj., 341; EHs, 
340; Esther, 343; Hannah, 334; Hes- 
ther, 333; Huldah, 153, 322,232; John, 
238; Jonathan, 152, 153, 232, 233. 235, 
236, 237, 238, 240, 24«, 343". Joseph, 343; 
Mary, 333; Mrs., 335; Samuel, 235,350, 

Chanterlin, Joseph, 151. 

Chaplain, Chaplin: Barbara, 199; goodman, 
33; Hannah, 19; Joseph, 209; Mary, 
100; Mehetabell, 147, 205; Moses, 195; 
Rebecca, 301; sister, 147; W., 139; 
widow, 153; William, 19, 38, 164, 195, 
199, 301, 303, 305, 309, 319, 350, 353. 

Chapman. William, 34. 

Cheever, Cheevers, Mr., 157. 

Cheney, Cheyney: Benjamin, 307, 333, 333, 

234.235.236,240; Deborah, 233; Jacob, 
235.240; John, 232; Martha, 152; Mary, 
236; William, 207. 
Chip., Joseph, 206. 

Church: Alice, 151; Deborah, 151; Eliza- 
beth, 151 J John, 151, 223; Joseph, 151; 
Nathan, 151; William, 228. 
Churchill, lord, 155. 

Clap, Clapp, Uape, Clappe, 148; Abigail, 190, 
246; Barbara, 5; Benjamin, 234 ; Captain, 
75, 77. 80, 83, 85, 86, 87, 88, 100, n 4> 134, 
136, 145, 146, 148, 149, 151, 171, 24S, 251 ; 
David, 240; deacon, 138, 141, 146, 152, 
'54, "55. '6o, 242 ; Desire, 25, 36, 41, 132, 
ai6, 219, 222, 227, 230, 231, 239, 24a, 249, 
351; E., 344; Ebenezer, 19, 34, 37, 41, 
104, 174, 3:0, 333, 235, 236, 238, 239, 245, 
246; Edward, 4, 12, 13, 52, 63, 152, 190, 
192, 203,211,233; Elder, 83, 154, 157, 158, 
160; Elizabeth, 32, 36, 40, 41, 148, 206, 
aia, 314, 239, 245; Ensign, 123; Esther, 
206; Experience, 152, 172, 175, 201, 316; 
Ezra, 20, 171, 173, 199, 20J, 205, 208, 212, 
314,319; Hannah, 148, 176, 198, 306, 313, 
332,240,244,245; Hester, 21, 187; Hope- 
stilly, 2i, 36, 37, 137, i 4 3, 149, 150, 159, 
162, 164, 176,206,209, 212, 214, 219, 220, 
222,223,225, 242, 248,257, 259; Jerijah, 
232; Joane, 34; John, 34, 40, 195, 201,207, 
232, 233, 234, 235 ; Jonathan, 40, 159, 161, 
164, 204, 233, 234, 236, 237, 239, 240, 242 ; 
Joseph, 182, 234, 338; Joshua, 192; Ju- 
dith, 212,231 ; lieut., 178, 182,239; major, 
348; Mary, 199, 201, 219, 325, 231, 233; 
Mehitable, 217; Mindwell, 243, 344; 
Mr , 151, 249; Nathaniel, 32, 36, 40, 41, 
142, 150, 150, 172, 200, 201, 204, 206, 210, 
217,336,248,252; Nehemiah, 21, 38, 100, 
176, 206, 211; Nicholas, 4, 199, 301; 
Noah, 199, 239; Preserved, 174, 232; 
Prudence, 4, 32, 51, 170; Return, 205; 
Roger, 9, 169, 192, 230; Ruth, 152, 214; 
Samuel, 32, 41. 78. 79. '48, 152, 157, 169, 
•93. '95. '98, 201, 203, 205, 206, 207, 213, 
213. 231.232, 233, 234, 236, 237, 242, 243, 
244, 245, 249; Sarah, 4, 32, 36, 41, 148, 
152, 170, 201, 208, 209, 219, 233, 237; Sup- 
ply, 192,220,236; Susan, 206; Susanna, 
2J.37. 177 ; Thankes, 178; Thomas, 186, 
237,246; Unite, 188, 203, 223 ; Wait, 178; 
Waitstill, 172; William, 180,219,227,245. 
Clark, Clarke, Clerke : Alice, 151; Elizabeth, 
173; Experience, 174; Hannah, 150, 151, 
Increase, 176; Isaac, 161 : Jonathan, 151, 
171; Mahetobell, 171; Major, 25, 120; 
Mr., 25, 154; Mrs., 71, 72. Nathaniel, 34, 
172; Richard, 151; Samuel, 182: Sarah, 
4» 53. '89; Thomas, 5, 71; William, 4, 
«2, 34. 52, 53, 164, 189. 

Clement, Clements: Augustine, 4, 88; bro., 
83; Elizabeth, 4; Mr., 25; sister, 18; 
Widow, 112. 

Cleverly : lieut., 335; Mary, 335. 

Cobbit, Mr., 315. 

Code, Cocks, Cox : Abigail, 242 ; Anne, 244; 
Benjamin, 333, 345; Christian, 345; Dor- 
cas, 341; Ebenezer, 330, 241, 343. 245; 
Elizabeth, 23 1, 242; goodman, 230; Heph- 
zibah, 242, 245 ; Hesther, 243 ; James, 230, 
337, 243; John, 335, 226, 227, 330, 331, 
233,333, 337, 338, 240, 241, 242, 243. 245, 
346. 253; Jos., 243; Joseph, 333, 343, 
343. 345; Josiah, 338; Margaret, 155, 
336; Mary, 335, 336, 341; Mercy, 346; 
Mr., 358; Nabbe, 342; Rebecca, 343; 
Samuel, 338; Sarah, 226; Submit, 233; 
Susanna, 236, 331, 340; Tabitha, 339; 



Thankful, 225, ", 6 ,j., Thomas ' S3 ,V »!' 
244; Unite, 242; William, 227, 228, 238, 

240, 24', 242, 243. 

Coddingto,.: Capt. N., .50; Content, 15'. 

g |iary, 151 i Nathaniel, .5. i Patience, *»« ; 

Rebecca, 15.; Sarah, i S xi Thomas, 151 5 

William, 151. 
Collen, Sarah, 7. 
CoUick: Lemuel. 246; Mr. 240. 
Condlifie, Cundliffe, Cunlife : Elizabeth, 5, 

Henry, 5. ">i 5». 53, «8a; Susan, 174. 

Susanna, 53. T . 

Cook, Cooke : Elijah, 231 i Jane, 232 .John, 

131,232; Lieut., 10; Mary, 6; Robert, 

^ 230, 23.. 232, 250; Rush, 241; Ruth. 

241 242; William, 228. 

SSftV&iU Mrs., 6; Willie, 23S. 
Copp, Elder, 171. 
Corbin, Olive, i63. 
Corie, Sarah, 235. 

Corlet, Mr., 94. ., ,,, ,,,. 

Cotton: John, 200- Mary, 3*; ™ r .' R a ": 
Rev. Mr., 245: Role-on-god, 200, Kow 
landus, 200: Theophilus, 243- 
Coulboume. William, 184. 
Crandoll: Mary, 15' i Samuel, 151. 
Craine, Elizabeth, 7. 
Creek, Sarah, 150. 

Crehore, Crohore : Ann. JBhB,H7 : 
MarV, 217: Rebecca, 217; Teague, 217. 
Timothv. 122, 217- 
Crocker, Crooker, 173 i . Elu - r M*lu <>th „. . 
Curtice, Curtis Curt. se: E 1 tabeth. ^. 
Isaac, 189; Joseph, 206; Mr., 17I1 *ucn 
ard, 180. 
Cushen [Cushing], Mr., 114. 

Daddy, Sarah, 151. „ 

Damon, Dammon, 233; Abigail, 234; Han- 
nah, 233 ; Josh., 234; Mr., 164, 105- 
Danf^rth.Danford: Bro., 1.6; Doctor, 167; 
E.,236; Elijah, 152, 2.6, 24f", Elizabeth 
226; George, 233; Hannah. »*>,«■ i 
Israel Stoughton, 22.; J., 159 .John. , «. 
,7, 114, 117, «6i, '<*, 167,216,221,222, 
226, 23., 232 233. 240; Mary, 23.; Me- 
hetable.'aja, 244; Mr.. 22, Il 5> «7. "«. 
122, 124, 128, 131, 134, ij6, 137. , 3 8 ',^* 1 ' 
14?. 151, 213, 219, 221, 237. 3 4i ' Mrs *' 
40, 241; Samuel, 9 3. '37, 184, 230, «45 . 
Stoughton, 232, 244; Thomas, 2x9. 
Daniel: Hannah, 186; John, 177 . Mary, 
178, i«i: Samuel, 100; Susanna, 35. 17*. 
,02 ; William, 35. > 6 4. »8°, ,0 °» * oa - . . 
Davenport: Abigail, 186, 226, 244; Ann- "i, 
Anna, 178, 206; Ben)amin, 15" i Charles, 
„. 38, 100, 181, 206, an, 217, 221, 222, 
226, 229. 23«, 233. *38, 242, 243, 344. >4&, 
149 251 ; Ebenezer, 22, 132, 15'. 19*.» ,8 > 
216, 228, 23., 234, 244, 246, 249| , «}*, *53 . 
Elisha. 233. 244. 246; Elizabeth. 148. 
Ephraim, 231; Hannah, 100, 151 . »«; 
ter. 224; Hephzibah. **.' Iaaac. 246. 
Jeams, 225; Jemima, 242; John, iJU 
162, .64. 195. 206, 229, 231, 232. 233. 249, 
a S 2; Jonathan, 151, '89. 200; J 09 ^; 
,|,. 232; Mary, 7, 1 77. » ,8 ' P * S V «!'• 
Mehitib.e.asS; Mr.. 75. .77? *«]. "' 
Sarah, .52, i 7 4. »°°. ^6; Samuel. 231 . 
Simon, t 5 t ; Stephen. 233; Susanna, 242 1, 
Thankful, 231; Thomas, 7. ". I,6 j J7S» 
189. .92. .95. »«. ""». >38, 244; Unice, 
3 7i: Waitstill, 222,223; Z*miah.aa8. 
Davis, Mr., 25. 

Day: Johanna, 244; John, 244, 246; Pa- 

tience, 246. . , 

Dean: Abiel.232; Hannah, 150; John, 232. 
Deeble: goody, 7 ; Robert, 5. 
Dennis, Mr.. 173- 
Dentson, William, 239. 
Devotion, John, 235. 

Dickerman'goodwife. 33; Isaac, 170; John, 

,7c; Sarah, 206; Thomas, 4- 
Dier Dire, Dyer: Abigail. 243; Bath. 224. 

George. 4, 9 i father, 25; Jonathan, 224, 

232, 243- 
Dill. Jane. 150. 

Dudley, Uudlee: Joseph, 153; Mr., 117- 
Dummer, Mrs., 34- 
Dunbar, Mr.. 244. 246. 
Duncan: Elizabeth, 4 ; Nath . 3- 
Dunton: Ebenezer, 238,240; Rebecca, 238. 

Durin, Mr.. 245- _ . . . . .... \t. 

Dwight, Diwte, Dwitt: Josiah, 143. Mr., 

iL^rrooklVubrook: Benj., .48; Mr., 

Eastiet'236; Ben., 237; Ithamar 236; Jos., 

238; Sarah, 237 i Theodore, 238. 
Edson, justice, 161. . ,, 

Ida, Eelles, Ealles: Major, 235; Mr., a 5 , 

i6 7 ; Samuel, 169, 17'- _,. 
Elder, Elders : Daniel, 95: E " $ ""°: 
Edndg, Eldridge: Edward ,34 j Nath., 234. 
TlUn Isee Allen]: Ann, 189: Darnel, 107, 
E °. .,'46, 238; Mary, 206; Nicholas, .89; 

Sarah, 181. 
■FMlire Ellis: Joane, 34'. John, 34- 
EUtohSbt Eliot: Benjamin 86; Jacob, 
a^rjohn. 34, 59. 60, 6.; Mr., 42, 50. 
73,79.9°. 1.6, ..7. "8, 126, 166,184. 
Emerson, Mr., 79, '°S- 
Endicot, Governor, 174- 
Ftheridee, Nath., 238. 

Evans, havens, Eavins Evens, Euens see 
Hewens], Ewens: Abigail, 233 i Alice, 
2 ,c; Anna, 175; Ebenezer, 227; Ehz., 
l]l\ father! 24. i goody, 7; ««•»* »4. 
229 Henry, 235; Jane, 239; J oh » n » a - 
,7; John, 222, 24-; Mary, 35. 148. 174. 
iU, 226, 229, 243. *45; Matthias 2., .«.. 
,74, 209, 227, 235. *37. »38, *40, 2 43.J45. 
Rebecca, 210; Relief, 238; Richard, 7, 
I 7( 21, IOO, 210, 222, 234, 249, »5*. Sa- 
una, zoo ; Sarah, 231, 235; Silence, 240. 
Thankful, 238, 245 5 Thomas, 40, 132, 20, 
222, 229, 231, 233. »34, 235. »3». »39, >45. 

IreEfrEverindall. Everend^r: Benj, 
230; Elis, 2.q; John, 233; Mary, 223; 
Robert, 222; Walter, 153. 233. 249. *5°- 

■c Fan- Farre Fawer, Fower: Abigail, 
F % F s r'Ba™£as, 4; binah,6; Eliezar, 
173; Gibson, 173, ao6 ' _,. , . ,. T _ 
Farnham: Benjamin, 175; Elizabeth, 6, Jo- 
anna, 172; Jonathan, 17H Jo«ph, 173. 

Farnwo'rth, Famwoorth, Famsworth: Eliza- 
beth, 5; Hannah, 170: Joseph, 5; Mary, 
,70° Rebecca, 171 5 Ruth, 173! Samuel, 
100, 101, 175, 176. l88 - 

Fenno: John, 164; Ruth, 234- 

Fessenden, Mr. , 244. 

Field : Mehiuble, 240; Robert, 140, *49» *5»- 

Fish, Samuel, 147- 



Fisher, 18; Daniel, 195; Hannah, 18; Re- 
becca, 18. 
Fisk, Fiske, ffisk, Mr., 91, 141, 149, 156, 157. 
Fitch: John, 235; Mr., 162. 
Flint, fflint, fflent: Dorothie, 209; Henry, 40, 

204, 205; Josiah, 35, 41, 203, 205, 207; 
Mary, 203; Mr., n, 25, 2-), 36, 38, 86, 87, 
88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 94, 95, 96, 99, 104, 106, 
108, 109, no, 113, 148, 202, 204, 209, 2IJ, 
255; Thomas, 213. 

Flood, fflood: Eleazer, 170; Joseph, 170. 

Fobes : Constant, 151 ; Elizabeth, 151 ; Mary, 
151 ; Mercy, 151. 

Fordgier [Folger], goodman, 42. 

v oster, ffoster : Abiel.245; Abigail, 226, 237; 
Alice, 245; Anna, 39, 152, 21S, 246; 
Anne, 246; Beulah, 243; bro., 185; 
Capt., 25, 75, 77, 80, 83, 85, 86, 83, 91, 
93> 2 45> 248; Comfort, 21, 100, 189, 206, 
223, 236, 237, 239, 241, 244, 245. 2*6; D., 
172; Edward, 155, 215, 234, 235, 236, 237, 
338,241, 245; Eleanor, 236, 239; Elisha, 
38, 100, 181, 206, 230; Eizabeth, 109, 200, 
>22, 228; Ensign, 10, 248,251; Hannah, 
172; Hatherley, 202; Henry, 244; Hope- 
still, 6, 70, 174, 179, 186, 189, 192, 194,232; 
J., 341 ; James, 3b, 39, 179, 205. 207, 212, 
218, 220, 222, 223, 225, 228, 231, 235, 
»33t243,246; Jemima, 223; Jerusha,237; 
John, 177, 222. 241, 242: Joseph, 236; 
lieutenant, 65, 67, 251 ; Mary, 179, 187, 

205, 206, 225, 232, 233. 236, 241; Mr., 
173; Mrs., 237, 251; Naomi, 201, 206; 
Patience, 5, 176, 220, 235; Priscilla, 241 ; 
Prudence, 152, 218; Rebecca, 206, 233; 
Richard, 194; Ruth. 39, 196, 206, 238; 
Sarah, 38; Silence, 148, 152, 207; Stand- 
fast, 21, 39, 192, 206, 213, 226, 230, 232, 
248, 251 ; Thankful, 14, 32, 172, 215, 233 ; 
Thomas, 220; Timothy, 34, 38, 128, 172, 
196, 199, 201, 202,206,215,218,220,222, 
23S. 23ft, 237- 

Fowler: Elizabeth, 243 ; Stephen, 243. 

Fox, Foxe, George, 144. 

French: John, 7, 174; Tho., 174. 

Frev, Fry, Frye : Elizabeth, 14, 32 ; Mary, 32. 

Fuller: Jonathan, 174; Robert, 6. 

Gallet, Elizabeth, 7. 

Gamline, Benj., 173. 

Gardiner, Mr., 154. 

Garnesey, Gamsey : goody, 229; Hannah, 33, 
208; Henry, 33, 39, 212; John, 100, 191, 
208, 2iz, 218; Joseph, 191; Mehitable, 
208 ; Mr., 25. - 

Gates: Margaret, 229; Susanna, 229. 

Gatliffe : Prudence, 182 ; Thomas, 182. 

Gay, Ebenezer, 239. 

George : Abial, 225, 238 ; Elizabeth, 172, 236 ; 
Goodwife, 7; Jonn, 174, 220; Joshua, 
107, 111, 148, 230, 236, 239, 240; Mar- 
garet, 242 : Mary, 175, 240; Mother, 25; 
Mr., 25 ; Nicholas, 35. 206, 220; Sister, 
123; Susanna, 240; William, 239. 

Gibson: Christopher, 4 : Marie, 4; Mr., 25. 

Gidney, Bartholomew, 142. 

Gill: Goodwife, 7; John, 7, 18, 33, 172; Re- 
becca, 178. 

Gillam, Madam, 245. 

Gingen [see Jenkins], John, 158. 

Glasseland, Mores, 147. 

Glen: Elizabeth, 241 ; goo: 241. 

Glover, Gloover: Abigail, 245; Alexander, 
235; Anne, 4; Elijah, 243 ; Elizabeth, 41, 
152, 216, 244, 245; Habbakuk, 50; Han- 
nah, 41, 152, 235, 743,245; John, 4. i3'» 
183, 221, 222, 239, 240, 242, 2.43, 245 ; lieut., 

238; Mary, 33, 6:, 148, 211, 237; Miriam, 
22,240; Mr., 243; Mrs., 21, 50; Nathan- 
iel, 19, 21, 30, 37, 61, 99, 127, 135, 148, 152, 
181, 208, 211, 216, 221, 222, 224, 232, 233, 
234, 235, 249, 251; Pelatiah, 32, 42, 47, 
52. 53. >7°» 238; Rachel, 232, 234; 
Thomas, 224, 239, 243, 244, 245; Will- 
iam, 242. 

Goad: Hannah, 19; Joseph, 19. 

Godfree, Mr., 242. 

Gold, 124. 

Goodall, Goodale : Elizabeth, 231; Mary, 22, 
127, 150,221, 231 ; widow, 253; Zipporah, 

Gomell, Gomhill, Gornehill : bro., 191 ; John, 
5, 10, 90. 

Graves, ship Mr., 120. 

Gray: Edward, 151; Mr., 241; Thomas 
Bridge, 151. 

Green: John, 147; Mr., 173. 

Greenaway, Greeneway, Grenaway : John, 4; 
Mary, 4 ; Ursula, 5. 

Greenow : Anna, 198; father, 25; William, 

Grosee, Eliz., 206. 

Gulliver, Jonathan, 161. 

Gurnet: Mr, 25; Mrs., 159. 

Gutheridg: Mary-Ann, 236; Robt., 236. 

Haaws, Haws, Hawes, 171: Amity, 235; 
Anne, 4; Bithiah, 170; Damans, 24, 230; 
Desire, 202, 228, 229; Ebenezer, 200; 
Eleazer, 175; Eliazer, 36, 203 ; Elizabeth, 
232 ; James, 24, 140, 197, 206, 229, 232, 
233. *34. 235, 236, 238, 250; Jane, 238; 
Jeams,229; Jeremi,44; John, 238; Mary, 
35. 23'. 234; Obediah, 35, 128, 132, 197, 
200, 202, 203, 205, 206, 231; Richard, 4, 
152,203,234,238,245: Ruth, 203; Sarah, 
205; Stephen. 234: widow, 245. 

Hale [see Hall]: Elizabeth, 100; Ensign, 116; 
Experience, 131 ; Joseph, 204, 205; lieut.. 
205; lift., 131; Richard, 100, 201, 204; 
Samuel, 100, 223; Sarah, 201; Thomas, 223. 

Hall [see Hale]: Bathsheba, 152. 214; David, 
236; Dependance, 197; Edward, 234; 
Elizabeth, 40, 41, 206, 227, 233; Experi- 
ence, 193, 206; Hannah, 225; Hopestill, 
234; Jeremiah, 206; Jonathan, 21, 40, 41, 
189, 206, 225, 227, 230, 232, 233, 234, 249, 
250, 251; Joseph, 148, 167, 180,205,206, 
225, 230,237, 245. 249.251; Lieut., 25; 
Martha, 177,232; Pelatiah. 233 ; Priscilla, 
234; Prudence, 230; Richard, 7, 19, 21, 
159. 163, 165, 188, 189. 193, 197, 205, 233; 
Ruth, 235; Samuel, 21, 41, 206, 214, 221, 
»35. 237, 238, 239, 252; Sarah, 230; Si- 
lence, 230, 245; Susan, 223 ; Susanna, 237; 
Solomon, 237; Thomas, 234; wid : 41; 
widow, 2t7. 

Hallowaye, Holloway, Holway: Elisha, 178; 
Esther, 178; Malachi, 23, 178; Mr. 51; 
Nehemiah, 178. 

Hamon : John, 181. 

Hampton, Catharine, 151. 

Hancock, John, 165, 167, 243. 

Harding, Sarah, 230. 

Hartt, Susanna, 224. 

Hawkins, 128; Abigail, 173; Capt., 25; Mary, 
6; Sarah, 170; Thomas, 6, 171. 

Hawoorth [Howard]: Bethiah,i7i; Robert, 6. 

Hawthorn, Hawthron, John, 143. 

Heath, Isaac, 184, 

Hellier, Experience, 131. 

Heman, Humphrey, 242. 

Hemawav, Hemenway: deacon, 161; John, 
17; Joshua, 17; Mary, 17; Mr., 338. 



Henshaw, Henshua: Daniel, 238; Elizabeth, 
217; Exercise, 227; goodwife, 252 ; John, 
.« 314; Joshua, 22, 120, 214, 217., ai, 
i«; Katharine, 23.; Mrs., 245; Patience, 
,3V; Samuel, 214, 235,238; bumner,22 7 , 
Thankful, 214; William, 214- 

Hersey, William, 161, 162. 

Hewens, Heauen, Hewen [see Evans]: Anna, 
yg; Benjamin, 202, 23:; Ebenewr, 234, 
Elizabeth, 193; goodman, 38, rlannan, 
306, 233; Jacob, 32, 100, 189, 191, 193, 

*& 20I, 202, 224. 234, 248, » 5 * ; Jo*., 253 ; ; 

Joseph, 40, 155. 200, 206, 224, 230, 23*1 
233, 233, *SOi Mary, 21, 32, 100, .9', 
Meh., 226; Samuel, 99, 189. 
Higginson, Rev. J., 157- . *■_„„, 

HiJXi75; Ebenezer, «oo, 175. 206; Frances, 
6. 18; goodman, 149; Hannah, 18, 33. 
,72; Israel, .52, .53, »32i>aathan, 19, 
q9,; 7 2,2o6; Martha, 206 ;>lehiuble, 178 , 
Mercy, 174; Nathaniel, 206; Rebecca, 34 , 
Samuel, 77. 99. '°°. *3»- '7°. 2 5°, J 53 . 
Thomas, 222 ; widow, 18, 34- 
Hilliard, Helia: Abigail, 151; Saran, 151, 

widow, 353. 
Hinkly. Hinckly: Mr., 33; Mrs., 61. 
Hinsdall, goodman, 131. . 

SS: broiler, 146; eJ*., 148,208; Mfaer.'S; 
Peter, 14a, 250; Samuel, 21, 37. 208, 2 5°' 
Sarah, 41 ; Sister, 128. 
Hixon, Walter, 234- 
Hoar, Hore: Dr., 02; Sarah, 151- 
Hobart, Hobert: Mr., 144, 160, 337, * ' eter '£ 
Hobs: Hephzibah, 339; Jonah, 338, 239. 

243 ; Alary, 238. 
Hobby: Hannah, 333; John, 219. 
Holbrook: Abigail, 177 i J ohn ' l8 ' ■■» It>4 ' 
Mary, 178. 

Holder, Houlder, Nathaniel, e. 
Holland: Deliverance, 172; John, 4, 30, ,34, 
Judith, 4; Mr., 25; Nathaniel 170. ' 

juaitn, 4; nr.,^5, »'— -^ 1. > 

dience, .73; Prudence, 175 i Relief, 179. 
Sister, 183. . 

Holman, 333; Abigail, 37, '74! Ann, 2.3, 
Anna, .75; Hannah. 207; ^Pa'tience* 
Mary, 308; Mr., 25; Mrs., 6, P^nce, 
177,207; Samuel, .76; Sarah, 207, Tho 
19, 37, >oo, .04, 164, 172, "7; Thomas, 

Holn^s, 2 Home 3 s: Abigail, 246; Ebenezer, 

227, 231, 232, 243. 244, 346, 2SO, 2S1, 

Elisabeth, .94. .98; ^^\ 20l ' j0 ^ 
,< 109, 201,205,206; Joseph, 192, '94, 
Us.^,». 203.206; alarah, «Q9; Mary, 

!& 227', 230, 243. 243. 246; Nathaniel, 
17. 195, 231, 232, 342, 243,244,245. « 
tience, 5 '.7; Peleg. 20. ; Rely. «>3; »»*• 
343; Samuel, 305, 343 i Sarah, 3S> '99. 

Honiwell, Mr., 358. 

Hooper, goodwife, 353. 

Hoppin, Joseph, 306. ,.m~ , ca 

Horton: Martha, 226; Mary, 245; Mrs., 152, 

236; Sarah, 241, 246; Submit, 234, 245; 
Susan, 240; Susanna, 313; Thomas, 233, 
235; Timothy, 224, 240, 241, 244. 245? 
Zeruiah, 229. .... , j 

Howard Isee Hawoorth]: Abiel, 176; goody, 
7 ; Hannah, 174; John, 175; Jonathan, 
173, '74'. Mr., 10, 25; Nathaniel, 7, 173; 
Robert, 10, 17, 181 ; Sarah, 180. 

Hubbard, Mr., 101, 141, «J7- 

Hucheson: Mercy, 190; Ralph, '9°- 

Humphrey, Humfry, Humphry, Umphrey, 
ifphrey, 6; Deacon, 73, 74; Dorcas, 238, 
Elder, 79. 80, 85, 86, 87, «7. »'. ™% x £* 
Elizabeth, 231,242; Hannah,237i Hope- 
still, 21, 39, 41, too- '57. 177. 206, 212, 214, 
217, 220, 222, 230, 231. 248, 249. 25'. 259, 
Isaac, 2., 4'. 'oo, 181, 206, 22., 226 230, 
331, 232, 2*1, 243, 345, 249. 251; J^ob. 
aj,; James, II, 13. 35. °9, 74, 76, 77. 7». 
3i3, 238; John, 222, 237. 238. 239. 243. 
344, 246; Jonah, 343; Jonas, 6, 230, 243, 
345; Katharine, 330; Mary, 35. '52, '75. 
314 343, 346; Mr., 35; Mrs., 346; Pa- 
tience, 331; Relief, 33.; Richard, 345; 
Ruth, 41, 317, 226; Samuel, 225, 242, 245. 
346; Sarah, 330, 241, 243; »*rj.. *5' • 
Susan, 345; Susanna, 245! Thankful, 
339; Thomas, 244; William, 346. 
Hull, goodwife, 353. 
Huntington, Mr., 184. 
Hurs, Moses, 206. 

Ireland, 179; Anne, 181 ; Rebecca, 178; Will- 
iam, 5". l8 7- 

Jenkins, Jinkins [see Gingen] : James, 239; 
Mary, 152, 170, 232; Mr., 239. 

Jewet: Joseph, 6; Mary, 6. 

Jones, Joans, Joanes : Anne, 148,253. Bar- 
bara, 232; Consider, 233. 234. 245; Vi- 
vid, 25, 32. 35, 39, '32, 190. '93. '95. '98, 
303, 206, 216, 223, 348; Ebenezer, 33, 39, 

41,193,306, 2l8, 221, 233, 324. 225, 228, 
330,331,232,233.234. 237. 24', 243, 244, 
349 250, 252; Eleanor, 334. 243 ! -Ellen, 
6; Elijah, 244; Elizabeth, 193, 206, 226; 
Esther, 230; Hannah, 19, 100, 113, 170, 
,89,206,222; Henry, 238; Ichabod,2a8, 
Isaac, 19, 25. 30, 94. "3. "°. '28, '32, 
158, 181, 186, 189. 190, '93, '95. 201, 331, 
348,251; John, 198, 206; Jon., 35; Jona- 
than, 40, 190, 198, 306, 216, 231-233, 237, 
349. 253 ; Lydia, 23. 1 Marv, 195, 20V 221, 
244; Mehitable, 148, 301 ; Mr., 25; Mrs., 
251; Nehemiah, 231; Praisever, 148, 202 , 
Rebecca, 40, 173.225; Ruth, 229, 233 ; S., 
226; Samuel, 218, 223, 224. 237. 238, 240, 
244. 249, 250, 252, 253; Sarah. ; 55. 232; 
Silence, 232; Stephen, 240; Thomas, 3, 
181, 100, 241; Timothy, 223 ; widow, 7. 
Johnson, Captain, 17, 52. Mr., W4- 
Jordan: Benjamin, 152. 23?; Esther, 237. 
Olave, 237 ; Tho : 168 ; Thomas, 237- 

HoucSn, Houtchin : Jeremiah, 6; Mary, 173. 

Houghton, Hotton : John, 61; Margaret,33o, 
Mr., 25. 

House, Nath., 151. D - d 

How: Abraham, 152, 212, ,243. 247 . D *™£ 
220,245; Dorcas, 344; George, 222. good- 
^an, ,4; Hannah, 22.; Isaac, .48. 2.0, 
2?2,'2?3 234. 235. 236, 238, 2J9, 24', »«• 
3 53 ; Israel, 3 7. 212, 216, 2 19, 222 229, 
,48 249, 252; James, 152, «6; J oh °. 
V52'; Joseph, 22., 239; Mary, '4. 34, 206, 
3^3 Moses,' 24.; Mrs., .48; Nathaniel, 
219; Nicholas, 182 ; Samuel, 152, 161,2 18, 

Kebby, Kibbe, Kibby : Henry, 6, 190; Shere- 

biah, 190. T . , 

Kelie, Kelly: Christopher, 328 ; Josiah, 333. 

Kellum, Mr., 173. , 

Kelton, Edward, 343, 245; George,*44j J ane » 

345; Jonath, 24.. 242, 247; Mary, 343. 

343; Solomon, 242; Thomas, 241. 
Kenny, Ruth, 155, 233. 
Kent, Mr., 147- 
Key, 236 ; Mary, 236. . 
Kimberly, Kimberley, Ales [Alice] 5- 
Kimwright, goo., 34, 61. 



Kin;r, Charles, 238, 139, 240, 241, 243, 244: 
Ebenezer, 239; Jane, 240; John, 241: 
Mary, 238; William, 242. 

Kingesley : Eldad, 1 70 ; Elizabeth, 4 ; John, 3, 
182,202; Renewed. 174. Susana, 202. 

Knap [see Nap], 243; Ebenezer, 243. 

Knight: Mary, 5; Mrs., 5. 

Lake, Leike : Mr., 2s; Tho., 7; Thomas, 44, 
112, 158. 

Lamb: Elizabeth, 224 ; Thomas, 224. 

Lane : Agnes, 5 ; Job, 189, 192 ; John, 192 ; 
Mary, 181; Rebecca, 189; Sarah, 177. 

Lawrance, Lawrece, Lawrence, J46; Benja- 
min, 202; Ebenezer, 155, 206, 218, 220, 
234,238,239, Mary, 30, 100,206,238,239; 
Mr., 25; Nathaniel, 191, 206: Nicholas, 
39. '89, 191, 193, 195, 202, 206, 220, 238; 
Patience, 100, 157, 189,206.220; Rebecca, 
195,206; Samuel, 181,239: Thomas, 206; 
widow, 39, 220; William, 220. 

Lawranson, Thomas, 182. 

Layeland: Henry, 30; Hopestill, 181. 

Leach, Sarah, 23. 

Leadbetter: Anne, 240; bro., 146; Deliver- 
ance, 200, 206; Henry, 35, 112, 114, 200, 
201, 203, 206, 210, 233, 248, Increase, 
2°3. *33> 234. 236, 241, 242; Israel, 210, 
237, 240, 243, 245; Katharine, 200, 206; 
Mary, 237, 245, Mrs, 251; Ruth, 201; 
Sarah, 35, 100, 200, 206, 234; Serjeant, 
150,251; Thomas, 2*3; Waitstill, 234. 

Lee: John, 237, 239, Margaret, 237; Mary, 

Leeds: Benjamin, 32, 41, 169, 171, 239, 249, 
252; Bro., 74, 116, 135, 146; Consider, 229, 
230. 242, 245, 246, 247; Elizabeth, 217, 
238; Hannah, 32, 171 ; Hopestill, 232, 
243; Isaiah, 242; John, 231; Jos., 243; 
Joseph, 14, 32, 37, 38, 4«, «i8, 119, 169, 
171, 212, 217, 220, 227, 229, 231, 232, 242, 
245.248,249; Josiah, 243 ; Margaret, 245; 
Mary, 231, 233, 234, 246; Nathaniel, 152, 
2)3. 234; Priscilla, 245; Prudence, 234; 
Rebecca, 152,220, 247; Richard, 10, 132, 
169; S.,238; Samuel, 152, 212,234,235; 
Sarah, 225, 242 ; widow, 238. 

Legar: Ann, 18; Bethia, 1S0. 

Leichfeild, Goody, 113. 

Leonard, raadame, 160. 

Lever, Levars, Levver: Joshua, 157; Marga- 
ret, 6; Margery, 25. 

Leveret: H.,25; Mr., 242, 243. 

Lewis, Lewice: Barachiah, 206; Bethiah, 
206; Ebenez., 234; Hannah, 210; John, 
106,210, 234; Mary, 233; Rebecca, 196; 
Thomas, 5. 

Linckolne, Mary, 206. 

Lion, Lyan, Lyon: Anna, 154, 205, 233; 
Bathsheba, 224, 242 ; Ebenezer, 39, 122, 
134,192,206,253; Edward, 210: Elhanan, 
21, 165, 181, 219, 220, 223; Eliab, 204; 
Elizabeth. 223 ; Freegrace, 208 ; George, 
19, 35, 104, 121, 200, 205, 206, 210, 224, 
230; Hannah, 231, 233; Henry, 233; 
Israel, 196, 198; Jane, 222; Joanna, 226, 
237; Js., 206; Mary, 100, 180. 219; Me- 
hitabell, 39; Mr., 25, 171; Nathaniel, 100, 
«54, '83, 233, 250, 253 ; Peter, 39, 189, 19a, , 
194, 196, 198, 204, 206, 208, 220, 223 ; Susan, 
100; Susanna, 6, 189, 206; Thomas, 41, 
132, 200, 206, 224, 326, 230, 231, 232, 237, 
350, 252 ; Zech., 224. 

Lippincot : Goody, 7, Remembrance, 172. 

Loc, Mary, 151. 

Long: Eliz., 152,232; Mary, 206. 

Lord: Joseph, 20, 144: Margaret, 152, 232; 
Mr., 40, 144, 349; Mrs, 238. 

Lovell. John, 206. 

Lovett, Man', 5 

Lowder: Elizabeth, 240, 241; John, 241; 

William, 240, 241. 
Ludlow, Ludloe, Mr., 25. 
Lumberd, Jobaniah, 169. 

M [ . . . ]: Mercy, 234: Sam , 234. 

Maccarty, Mr., 241 ; Thaddeus. 241. 

Magewick: Abieaile, 151; Elizabeth, 151; 
Mary, 151; Mercy, 151; Mr., 151; Mrs., 
151 ; William, 151. 

Makepiece: Joseph, 176: Wait-a-while, 173. 

Mamford, Memford [see Momiord]: Airs., 
151 ; Steven, 151. 

Man. Mr. 150. 

Maree, Daniel, 223. 

Marion: Elizabeth, 241 ; Mr. 241. 

Marlborough, duke of, 155; John, earl of, 153. 

Maroh: Dennis, 148,230,250; goodwife, 252 ; 
Hezekiah, 152, 232, 234; Josiah, 234; 
Mary, 24, 229; Nehemiah, 152, 230; Rich- 
ard. 230; Sarah, 234 

Marsh, Mary, 140; Mr., 259. 

Mason: Content, 23, 146, 222, 226, 236,245; 
Henry, 17; Hester, 31; John, 25, 100, 
191, 206, 216, 222; Noah, 180; Samson, 
191 ; Sarah, 152, 216. 

Mather: Atherton, 20, 194,206; Cotton, 124, 
■ 54,194; Dr., 162; Eleazer,i7o; Eliazer, 
32, 52; Elizabeth, 214; Encres, 115; In- 
crease, 33. 54, 5°. 59.8i, 118, 171, 194; 
Jos., 253; Joseph, 23, 192,206,220,223; 
Katharine, 4, 187, 206, 223 ; Mr , 9, 10, 13, 
25, 42-48, 50-60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 68, 
<>9. 7°. 7*. 73. 74, 75. 76. 78, 79. 80, 83, 104, 
116, 122, 131, 137, 175, '82, 184, 185, i»6, 
188, 201, 217,253; Mrs., 18,32; Nathan- 
iel, 107, 108, 181, 189; Richard, 3, 81, 100, 
164, 182, 206, 214, 218, 220; Samuel, 180, 
218; Timothy, 21, 83, 99, 189, 192, 194. 

Martine, Joane, 5. 

Maudesley, Maudsley, Maudsly, Moseley: 
Abigail, 235, 236; Clark, 234. »42 ; Eb: 
25; Ebenezer, 41, 152, 159, 163,204,229, 
330, 232, 234, 236, 238, 239, 240, 241.243, 
243, 245. 250; Elizabeth, 39, 174, 201, 230, 
332, 340, 242, 243; father, 25, 156; Han- 
nah, 232, 236, 242; Increase, 194,206,323, 
324; John, 5, 14, 151, 167, 172, 206,232, 
234. 235, 242, 243; Joseph, 41, 170, 243, 
358; Margaret, 235; Mary, 22, 33, 117, 192, 
196, 206, 234, 242. Mr., 164; Nathaniel, 
175, 210, 238; Samuel, 234, 231, 233, 246; 
Sarah, 223, 232, 234, 242, 245; Silence, 
231, 239; Susan, 233; Susanna, 224; Re- 
becca, 232, 238; Thankful, 229; Thomas, 
«. 32. 33. 39. 40, 102, 128, 131, 148, 192, 
194, 196, 198, 201, 202, 204, 206, 210, 221, 
323, 224, 229, 231, 232, 233, 235, 236, 238, 
243. 245. 248, 250, 252, 253; Unite, 202, 
238; wid., 253. 

Maverick, Mr., 255. 

Maxfield: Clement, 32; Ebenezer, 209; Eliz., 
346; Ichabod, 219, 244; J., 240; John, 
153, 209, 233, 236, 244, 245; Judith, 217; 
Mehet: 148, 209; Mary, 32, 37, 156, 209, 
236; Richard, 225; Ruth, 245; Samuel, 
31, 37, 209, 213, 2:7, 219, 225, 233, 344, 
*S°> 3 53*. Sarah, 213; Thomas, 344; 
widow, 252. 

MayT, Henry, 150, 157. 

Maystead, Mr., 242. 

Mead, Meade: David, 178; Experience, 173; 
Gabriel, 4, 14; Israel, 36, 171, 205; Jo- 
anna, 4; John, 205; Mr., 25; Patience, 
176; Sarah. 14, 174; Thomas, 205. 

Mealuns, Meekins, Tho., 14, 18. 



Memory, Dr., 25. 

Merrifield, 230; Abigail, 109, m, 140, 187; 
Benj., 25, 189, 230, 250, 253; Elizabeth, 
178; Hannah, 22, 127, 178, 221; Henry, 
12,109,189,192,195; Jerusha, 234; John, 
73, ioo, 103, 178, 221; Martha, 193,230; 
Mary, 181; Robert, 226; Ruth, 178; 
Sarah, 22, 127, 221; Thomas, 182; Zech- 

ary, 233- 

Michel, Mitchel, 113; John, 246; Tho., 246. 

Mihill: Mr., 208; Thomas, 208. 

Miles, Mils, Mills: Daniel, 151; John, 151; 
Mr., 25, 175, 223; Mrs., 133; Stephen, 
223 ; Thomas, 151. 

Miller: Alexander, 4; Tho., 7. 

Millett: Mary, 4, 171; Mehitable, 173; Mr.,. 
25; Rebecca, 173; Thomas, 4. 

Minot, Minott: Elizabeth, 195, 203,230,231, 
236; George, 3, 13, 100, 131, 168, 193, 224, 
233; Hannah, 33, 168; Israel, 23, 136, 
193, "4; James, 33, 47, 101, no, 120, 
168, 170, 181, 193, 194, 195, 10; Jerusha, 
224; John, 23, 35, 4«, 73. 78, km, 120, 
127, 132, 136, 148, 168, 178, 193, 196, 224, 
231, 232, 233, 234, 236, 249; Josiah, 224; 
Martha, 4, 100, 168, 188, 195,206; Mary, 
41,234; Mehitable, 196, 206; Mr., 74,75, 
79, 113, 115; Samuel, 16X, 174, 196,222; 
Stephen, 34, 168, 193, 195, 196,203,206; 
Susanna, 224; True-cross, 34; widow, 203; 
William, 194. 

Modesley, Moseley [see Maudesley]. 

Modey, Moody, Mr., 136, 163, 165. 

Mokork, Mary, 229. 

Momford [see Mamford], Edward, 151. 

Monk: Christian, 233; r reelove, 2341 George, 


Moody, Mr., 243. 

Moore, Thomas, 169. 

More: Elizabeth, 169: Henery, 36, 203 ; wife 
of, 36 ; William, 203. 

Morey [see Maroh]. 

Morgan: Amy, 243; Anna, 240, 245; Eben- 
ezer, 241; John, 238; Margaret, 242; 
Ralph, 237, 238, 240, 241,242,245; Sam- 
uel, 237. 

Morrice: Eliz r , 232; Martha, 232. 

Morse, 235; Amity, 236; Jos., 236, 237; Mr., 
165, 240. 

Morton, Mr., 144. 

Moseman: Anne, 233; Sarah, 152; Timothy, 


Mountjoy, Mr., 170. 

Moxom : Anne, 5; George, 5. 

Muning, Munnings: Goody, 7; Hannah, 188 ; 
Hopestill, 172; Mahalaleel, 44, 187; Re- 
turne, 173; Sion, 237; Take-heed, 174. 

Nap [see Knap], Joseph, 206. 

Nash, Mr., 175. 

Nevis, 155. 

Newel: Mary, 246; Mehitable, 246. 

Newman : Samuel, 5 ; Sybill, 5. 

Newton: Abigail, 178; Anthony, 19, 104; 

Ephraim, 100, 176; goodman, 7; John, 

174; Hannah, 173; Mary, 173. 
Nile, Niles, 22: Abigail, 218; goody, 218; 

Mary, 218; Moses, 218; Mr., 167, 236. 
Norman, William, 144. 
North, Ales, 5. 
Norton: content, 151; Mary, 151; Mr., 55, 

57, 105. 
Nullaines, a negro, 231. 

O'Kelly: Hannah, 148; Henry, 230; Heph- 
zibah, 230; Josiah, 230; maxgaret, 148, 

230; man', 230; Mehatabel, 148, 230; 

Peter, 148, 230, 250, 253 ; Susanna, 230. 
Oliver, Thomas, 184. 
Ormond, James, duke of, 153. 
Osbume, Recompence, 174. 
Oxenbridge, Mr., 85. 

Pain, Paine: Ebenezer, 243; Mary, 150; 

S., 243- 
Palmer: Aaron, 151; Anne, 151; Benjamin, 

147; Edward, 151; Elizabeth, 151 ; Joan, 

351 ; Sarah, 151. 
Parker, Azrikam, 169. 
Patrick, col., 153. 
Patten: David, 227, 228; Gershome, 224; 

goody, 224; Mr., 25, 44, i$8; Mrs., 7; 

Sister, 146; Susanna, 230; Widow, 230, 


Paul, Paule : Abiel, 223; Captain, 163, 164, 
243; Ebenezer, 152, 212, 233, 234, 235. 
237, 239, 244; Elizabeth, 152, 208, 235; 
Hannah, 148, 203, 234, 239; Mary, 37, 41, 
205,233, 243; Pnscilla, 214, 239; Rush, 
240; Ruth, 228; Samuel, 37, 40, 41, 128, 
131, 148, 158, 160, 164, 201, 203, 205, 208, 
ai2, 214, 219, 228, 231, 233, 242, 243, 252; 
Sarah, 237; Susanna, 219; widow, 223. 

Payson, Paison, Pason, Passon : Ann, 225, 
234,244; Bathshuah, 18, 224; Benjamin, 
222; Desire, 240; Dorcas, 231, 232; Ed- 
ward, 116, 218, 229; Elizabeth, 234; 
Ephraim, 38, 132, 146,218,220,226,229, 
»3'. 233, 239, 240, 241, 242, 244, 249, 251 ; 
George, 232, 244, 245; Hannah, 39, 235; 
Henry, 231; Jacob, 228; Johanna, 39; 
John, 18, 37, 39, 148, 212, 218, 220, 222, 
234, 228; Jonathan, 231, 243, 244, 245, 
246; Joseph, 220; Katharine, 38, 244; 
Mary, 39, 152,218, 222,231, 245; Moses- 
Paul, 240; mother, 251; Mr., 166, 167, 
234; Phillip, 233, 244, 246; Prudence, 
312; Ruth, 222, 229; Samuel, 38, 39, 132, 
146, 222, 223, 225, 226, 229, 330, 331, 332, 
»33, 2 34. 235, 249, 251; Sarah, 152,220, 
223,241; Susanna, 233; Tobie, 234 

Pearce, Pearse, Peerce, Peirce, Peirs, Peirse, 
Pierce, 175; Abigail, 41, 228; Anne, 6, 
232,233; Benjamin, 234; bro., 146,178; 
Elizabeth, 41, 213; father, 156; goodman, 
148; Hannah, 218, 235; John, 4, 39,41, 
167, 182, 199, 228, 230, 231, 232, 233. 234, 
235,2491252; Judith, 237; mary, 38,150, 
172, 105, 230; Mr., 166; Nehemiah, 170, 
173; Robert, 6, 202, 304; Samuel, 180, 
332; Sarah, 40, 211, 231, 238; Thomas, 
34, 38, 39. 40, 41, 123, 194, 195. »99. 202, 
204,211,213,218,236, 237, 238, 248, 251, 
252 ; Zebulon, 236. 

Pearson, Mr., 42. 

Pease, Pese, widow, 133. 

Pebody, William, 161. 

Peck: Ephraim, 213; Simon, 51, 213. 

Peimer, Peimur, Piemur, Pimer,Pimur: Eliz- 
abeth, 231; Josiah, 345; Martha, 245; 
Mary, 236; Matthew, 231, 233, 346; 
Thomas, 233, 245. 

Pelton : Christian, 148,230,237; Deliverance, 
214; Hephzibah, 236; Itharaar, 219; 
John, 100, 175, 215, 219, 231, 232, 233; 
Mary, 100, 183,210; mother, 155; Robert, 
152, 231, 232, 233, 236, 237, 253; Samuel, 
22, 25, 120, 176, 210, 214, 215, 219; Susan, 
234; Susanna, 336; Timothy, 232, 233. 

Pemberton, Mr., 150. 

Penn, James, 184. 

Penniman, Mr., 175. 

Perdue, Hannah, 151. 

Perkens, Mr., 241: 



Phillip, the sachem, 94. 

Phillips: Israel, 173; Joanna, 4; John, 4, 
176; Mary, 170; Mr., 25. 

Phips [PhippsJ, William, 137. 

Pierson, Mother, 251. 

Pitcher, Picher: Abijah, 237; Andrew, 7; 
Edward, 237; Eliakim, 237; Experience, 
»73'. Jane, 237; John, 178; Mary, 175, 
186; Nathaniel, 181 ; Ruth, 176; Samuel, 
172; Sister, 18. 

Pitts, Elizabeth, 5. 

Plimbles : Mr., 25; Thomas, 221. 

Plum, Plumb, Plumbe : goodman, 149; good- 
wife, '55.253; John, 12, 250; Samuel, 

206, 223. 

Pocock : Bridget, 151; Elizabeth, 151; Rob., 

_ 'So- 

Pole, Poole: Theophilus, 101, 120, igi ; 
William, 35, 19:. 

Pomery: Hannah, 238; Josh, 235, 236, 238; 
Mary, 235; Sarah, 236. 

Pond: Abigail, 176; Elizabeth, 188; Experi- 
ence, 195; George, 197; goody, 7; Judith, 
100, 190, 206; Martha, 188; Mary, 200, 
ao6; Mindwell, 199; Samuel, 187; Sarah, 
ij3, 182, 206; Thankful, 193,206; widow, 
252; William, 7, 102, 152, 188, 190, 193, 
■95. '97. 199, 200; Zipporah, 222. 

Pope: Alice, 148,230; Ebenezer, 239; Elijah, 
236; goody, 226; Hannah, 237; Jane, 6, 
225; Jemima, 234; Jerusha, 232; John, 
3, 25, 234; Lazarus, 238; Mary, 225; . 
Rachel, 232, 233; Ralph, 231, 232, 234, 
*36, 237, 238, 239; Sister, 230, 231; Su- 
sanna, 225; Thankful, 225; widow, 230, 

Potter, Christian, 132. 

Prat, Pratt: Elder, 25: Elizabeth, 174; John, 
7; sister, 252 ; William, 20, 40, 144, 249. 

Preston, 175; Abigail, 207, 233,243; Daniel, 
36, 116, 126, 128, 142, 146, 152, 161, 178, 

207, 210, 216, 217, 221,223,224,225,227, 
241, 24a, 243. 246, 248, 252; deacon, 132, 
»33» '35. '36, 137. '38, 141, '43, iS4i '55. 
157, 15S, 248; Deliverance, 152, 216; 
Elder, 159, 160, 163,243; Elizabeth, 217, 
221, 225, 245; John, 152, 180, 207, 232, 
233. 234. 235. »38. 240, 24'. 246, 158 ; Mar- 
garet, 152, 234, 241; Mary, 152, 207,232, 
241, 242; Preserved, 235; Relief, 224; 
Remember, 152, 210, 242; Robt., 242; 
Samuel, 240; Sarah, 238. 

Price: Benj., 240; David, 164; Deborah, 
239; Francis, 25, 151, 232, 233, 234, 235, 
236, 237, 239, 240; Gurnet, 233 ; Jane, 
237; Mary, 233; Peter, 234; Phinehas, 

Prince, Thomas, 241. 

Proctor, 6; Abigail, 169; George, 6, 25 ; Mr., 
25; Samuel, 172. 

Puffer: Abigail, 230; Elis., 237; Elizabeth, 
237; Hesther, 232; John, 232; Miriam, 
233; Mr.. 173; Ruth, 234. 

Purchase: Hannah, 171; Mr., 25 ; Oliver, 4;^ 
Sarah, 4. ' 

Quincey: Major, 238; Norton, 238. 

Randolf, 11. 

Ransteed : Elizabeth, 242 ; Esther, 242. 

Rawson: A., 227; Ebenezer, 225; Ed., 98; 

Edward, 225; Grindal,24i; Hannah, 241; 

Mr., 19, 154; Nathaniel, 224; Pelatiah, 

241; Thankful, 222; william, 249. 
Redman, Thankf., 233. 
Reed, Reede: Abigail, 170; Israel, 173; 

William, 5. 

Remington, Katharine, 253. 

Rice: Ebenezer, 231 ; Mary, 231. 

Richards: Benjamin, 169; Charles, 239; Jo- 
seph, 169; Monsieur, 238; Sarah, 239; 
Susanna, 24;; Thomas, 238. 

Richmond: Abigail, 151; Ame, 151; Anne, 
151; Benjamin, 151; Edward, 151; Eliz- 
abeth, 151; Mary, 151; Silvester, 151. 

Rickdall, Alice, 5. 

Rider, Ryder: Elizabeth, 229; widow, 132. 

Rigbe, Rigbey, Rigbie: Abigail, 175; Eliza- 
beth, 22, 120, 170, 206; Isabel, 5; John, 
5, n, 215; Mehitable, 22, 120, 174, 206, 
215; Mary, 206; Mr., 25; Samuel, 22, 
100,102,107, '°9- •". "2, no, 172,215, 
223; Silence, 148, 215; Susanna, 22, 132, 

Roberts: Dorothy, 218; Henry, 38, 218, 221; 
John, 218; Martha, 218; Mary, 221; 
Sarah, 218, 222. 

Robinson, Robeson, Robenson, 120, 171; 
Abigail, 226, 228; Ebenezer, 214; Eliza- 
beth, 232; Increase, 173; James, 36, 204, 
205, 214, 233, 249; John, 41. 152, 205, 233, 
234, 245; Martha, 231; Mary, 204, 206, 
230,231,235; Mr., 153; Mrs., 239; Pru- 
dence, 174. Rebecca, 228; Samuel, 204, 
206,223, 22S, 234, 235, 248, 251; Sarah, 
231; Susan, 245; Thomas, 132, 204, 223, 
228, 231, 232, 233, 234, 250, 252, 253; 
Waiting, 176; wid., 252; widow, 123; 
William, 5, 182, 234. 

Rock, Mrs., 237. 

Rocket, Elizabejh, 206. 

Rodgers: Ichabod, 19:; Jeremy, 189, 191; 
Margaret, 181; Mehitable, 189; Sarah, 

Rones, Wm., 25. 

Rook, George, 153. 

Rossiter, mr., 25. 

Rouse, Mercy, 151. 

Royal, Ryall: Anna, 209; Hannah, 209; Isaac, 
25. "8, 175,209, 212, 219, 221, 229, 235, 
249, 252; Jacob, 152, 213; Jemima, 225; 
Jerusha, 219; Joseph, 229; Maria, 223; 
Martha, 212; Mary, 209, Robert, 221, 
241; Ruth, 209; Samuel, 209, 230, 247; 
Saml Winthrop, 247; Sarah, 221; Wait, 
118; Waitstill, 152, 218; William, 37, 209, 
*i2, 213, 218, 221, 223, 225, 230, 235, 243, 
249, 2p, 253; Zebiah, 219. 

Rush: Elizabeth, 182; Isaac, 175; Jasp., 7, 
35, 164; Judith, 35; Thankful, 188. 

Russel, James, 159. 

Saffin, justice, 147. 

Salsbery: abigail. 207; Cornelius, 207; Eliz- 
abeth, 207; Hannah, 207; Joseph, 207; 
Samuel, 207; Susanna, 207; widow, 19, 

37. 2°7- 
Saltonstall, governor, 243. 
Sanders: father, 25; goodman, 12 ; Hopestill, 

206; mrs., 236. 
Sanford, Bridget, 151. 
Savage, Perez, 141. 
Seabury, Joseph, 151; Martha, 151. 
Searl, Searle, Scale : Abigail, 234; Ambrose, 

237; Deborah, 35, 207, 230, 231, 245; 

Eibpn,204; George, 239; Hesther, 233". 

Jabez, 41, 148, 233, 234. 235, 236, 237, 238, 

239; Jabish, 211; John, 151; Mary, 232; 

Nathaniel, 147, 151, 199, 230; R, 24s; 

Rachel, 233 ; Rebecca, 231,245; Robert, 

35. '48, '99. 203, 204, 207, 211, 230, 231, 

232, 233, 235, 249, 252; Salter, 199, 230; 

Sarah, 151, 236; Susanna, 235 ; Thankful, 




Seleke, Selleck, Zeleeke : David, 7; mr. , 25. 

[See Zeleeke.] 
Sevars, Sever, Elizabeth, 239; Josh., Joshua, 

235, 236, 238, 239, 259; Lieut, 167,241; 

Mary, 23s, 236; Samuel, 238; William, 


Sewall, Sewell. Samuel, 141. 

Shaw, Shore, Jacob, 246. 

Shepard, Shepherd: John, 234; mr., 25, 103; 
mrs., 235; Tho., 234. 

Sherman, mr., 154, 155. 

Shoue, mr. , 67. 

Skelton : Deborah, 213; Edw.,232; Joseph, 
37,213; Thomas, 213. 

Skinner, John, 160, 161; Thomas, 147, 161. 

Smeade, Judith, 5. 

Smith: Abigail, 200: Anna, 180,214; Benj., 
245; bro., 1S2 ; David, 25, 214; Deliver- 
ance, 100, 192, 206; Dorothy, 4; Dr., 
237, 249, 253 ; Elizabeth, 176; Hannah, 
206; James, 206, 216, 222; John, 4, 12, 
21,22,83,8s, 100, 183, 186, 18S, 189, 192, 
194, 195, 200, 206, 216; Lawrence, 10; 
ilary, 17, 22,61, 79, 174, 1S6, 206, 216; 
Miriam, 214; mr., 173; Ralf, 232; Re- 
becca, 175; Samuel, 194, 206; Sarah, 195, 
206, 214; Waite, 100; Waitstill, 189, 20O. 

Snelling: Joseph, 241; Mary, 241. 

Soper : Alexander, 240, 241, 242; John, 206 ; 
Joseph, 206; Mary, 241 ; Mr., 258 

Spur, Spurr, Spuer: Abigail, 240; Ann, 122, 
\ 241; Capt., 167,241,242, 243; Col., 25; 

Elizabeth, 197, 225, 236; Johanna, 197; 
John, 100, 107, tit, i2i, 146, 148, 197, 
242; Lemuel, 24^2; Mary, 197, 223; 
mother, 252; Patience, 197; Robert, 22, 
35.39. 4«, 68,96, 107, 109, 113,122,127, 
197, 217, 221, 223, 225, 241,242,248,251, 
252 ; Sarah, 235; Thomas, 221, 235, 236, 
337,240; Wait, 118; Waitstill, 197. 

Squire, Stephen, 147. 

Stanton: John, 234; Robert, 25, 132; Tho., 


Staple, Staples : Abraham, 32, 192 ; Thomas, 

Starr, Starrs : Constant, 5 ; Susanna, 5. 

Stevens, mr., 157. 

Stiles: Benj., 234; Hannah, 233; John, 23, 
22s, 233, 234, 235, 237, 240, 245 : Joseph, 
234; Mary, 235, 245; Nathaniel, 237; 
Nehemiah, 240; Robert, 116, 250. 

Stimson, mr., 166. 

Stone: Daniel, 237, 238; Mary, 237. 

Story: Dorothy, 226; Joshua, 40, 226, 230, 
250, 253. 

Stoughton: Elizabeth, 4; Hannah, 168, 170; 
Israel, 4; John, 170; Lt. Gov., 151; Mr., 
18, 25, 55, 60, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 72, 73, 
74, 75. 76, 77. 79. 80, Si, 82, 83, 85, 86, 87, 
88, 89, 91, 93, 95, 106, 114, 128, 136, 148, 
150, 158, 159, 171; Mrs., 75; Rebecca, 
172; Thomas, 175; William, 35, 55, 56, 

Street, Mr., 47. 

Strong, Stronge: Jedidiah, 169; Samuel, 321 ; 
Susanna, 221. 
. Styth, Margaret, 5. 

Sumner, Sumer: Ann, 210; Benjamin, 207; 
Bro., 87, 88, 116, 18;; dea., 148; Ebene- 
zer, 204, 210, 232; Edward, 307; Eliza- 
beth, 181, 206, 232; George, 19, 36, 104, 
195, 19s, 200, 204, 207, 3ii ; Hannah, 190; 
Increase, 30, 35, 36, 144, 174, 203, 205, 
307, 210, 213, 217, 319, 348, 253; Joseph, 
305, ait; Marie, 4; Mary, 32, 182, 195, 
197; Mehitable, 200, 220; Preserved, 
197; Rebecca, 35, 197; Roger, 31, 32, 34, 

189,210, 213; Samuel, 35, 100, 148, 189, 
197, 200, 202, 204, 206, 210, 217, 24S; 
Sarah, 35,303; Thankful, 302, 210; Will. 
iam, 4, 30, 94, 101, 102, in, 114, 181, 190, 

Sunderland, mr., 148. 

Sutton: Anthony, 241 ; Eliz, 341. 

Swan, Mr., 117. 

Swift, Swifte, 193; Abigail, 41, 152, 157, 207; 
Anna, 176; Ebenezer, 209; Elizabeth, 5, 
172, 198, 206, 212; Ezra, 243; Hopestill, 
204; James, 178, 203, 206, 230, 240, 241, 
242,243,245; Jane, 233; John, 161,211; 
Mary ; 175; mother, 157; mr., 161; 
Obediah, 36, 41, 148, 171, 203, 204, 206, 
207, 212, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 242, 245, 
250, 252; Pri^cilla, 234; Rest, 203, 206; 
Ruth, 174; Sarah, 231, 245; Sergt., 132; 
Silence, 245; Susanna, 180, 232, 240, 241 ; 
Thomas, 5, 10, 19, 100, 104, 198, 201, 209, 
311 : widow, 252; William, 201. 

Sykes: Phebe,6; Rebecca, 172; Richard, 6. 

Tailrr, Taylor, 75 ; Col., 25, 240; Elijah, 2:9; 

Elisha, 219; James, 219; madam, 24;; 

Mary, 38, 217; Mr., 172; Mrs., 18, 76; 

Sarah, 240. 
Talbot, Talbut: Edward, an; Peter, 135, 164, 

Tcag, wife, 100. 
Thacher, Thatcher, Therher: Mr., 61, 62, 81, 

92, 108, 112, 115, 116, 130, 149, 150, 151, 

152, 154, 163, 239, 144, 245; mrs., it"*, 161 ; 

Peter, 157, 211; Theodora, 211; Thomas, 

Thayer: Benjamin, 235; Mr., 236; Zebulon, 


Tileston, Tilsto, Tilestone, Ty'estone, 
Naomy, 177; Anne, 152; Bathshuah, 18, 
178; Benjamin, 240; Caleb, 235; Captain, 
237. 339; Cornelius, 176, 186, 200, 206, 
234; Elisha, 238; Elizabeth, 5, 171,197, 
206, 233; father, 248; Grace, 228, 230; 
Hannah, 233 ; James, 210 ; Johanna, 239; 
John, 232; leift., 146, 149; lieut., 148, 
248; Lt., 351; Mary, 234; Mindwell, 
224; Mrs., 236; Naomy, 177; Onesiph- 
orus, 180, 228, 230, 235, 250, 252; Ruth, 
172; Sarah, 35, 196, 202, 233, 253; Ste- 
phen, 228, 230; Thomas, 18, 52, 78, 123, 
151, 152, 206, 232, 233, 234, 235, 238; 
Timothy, 34, 39. "8, 152, 196, 197, 200, 
202, 206, 210, 231, 232, 233. 234, 235, 240, 
345, 250, 253 ; widow, 251. 

Tilley, Tilly, Mrs., 164. 

Timberlake, Sarah, 150. 

Ting, Major, 25. 

Tollman! Tolman, Touleman : Alisse, 234; 
Aquila, 234; Benjamin, 207; bro., 116; 
Daniel, 152, 211, 235, 236, 238; David, 
230; Desire, 236; Ebenezer, 215, 238; 
Elijah, 236; Elizabeth, 36, 204,206, 234, 
241; Hannah, 171, 235; Henry, 152, 211, 

334, 335, 237, 238,339, 340, 341; Hope- 
still, 241; Jane, 238; Jemima, 231; Jeru- 
aha, 232, 240; John, 36, 41, 128, 173, 204, 
305, 207, 211, 215, 219, 221, 231, 333, 333, 

335. 236, 338, 339, 248, 250, 251; Jonas, 
235; Joseph, 205; Josiah,_235; Mary, 
305, 230, 231, 339; Nathaniel, 337; Pa- 
tience, 239; Prisalla, 235, 238; Rebecca, 
176; Ruth, 175, 319, 337; Samuel, 41, 
•52,234. 335, 236, 338, 240, 241; Sarah, 
335; Susan, 233, 234; Susanna, 41,346; 
Thomas, 6, 36, 37, 40, 205, 206, 311, 337, 
330. 231, 237, 248, 252; Timothy, 227; 
William, 221, 240; widow, 344. 



Tomkins, Tompkins, Raph, 4. 

Tompson, Thomson : Mr., 63, 146; Sam, 233; 
Mr. William, 5. 

Topley, Toplif, Topliffe, 175; Clement, 6, 8, 
17, 243; deacon, 138, 141, 146, 149, 151, 
231, 242, 248; Ebenezer, 223, 236, 238, 240; 
elder, 152, 153, 155, 164, 237, 24:; Eliz., 
148; Jonathan, 170, 238; Joseph, 221, 237 : 
Margarite, 242; Mary, 239; Mehitable, 
204; Mrs., 245; Nathaniel, 164,225, 237, 
342, 245, 257; Obedience, 173; Patience, 
17, 309; Samuel, 3, 36, 132, 135, 137, 152, 
159, 176,204,205,209,212,218, 221, 223, 
225, 229, 237, 239, 242, 243, 245'. Sarah, 6, 
171, 231; Thankful, 148, 212; Waitslill, 
218. irz 

Tory, Torry, Torrey, Mr., 55, 62, 92, 101, 104, 
114, 116, 134, 141, 156. 

Trescot, Trescott, Triscot: Abia, 217; Abigail, 
206, 241, 242 ; Chanty, 236; Ebenezer, 214 ; 
Elizabeth, 196, 206, 214, 227, 245 ; Ezekiel, 
220; J., 242, 245 j Jeremiah, 214; Joh., 
204; Johanna, 237, 243; John, 21, 38, 100, 
180, an, 213, 214, 220, 222, 225, 277, 242, 
-45, 249, 252; Joseph, 200, 206, 221, 224, 
J35. 237. 240, 241, 242, 243, 245. 253 ; Mar- 
tha, 100, 192, 206; Mary, 17, 175, 225, 240 ; 
Miriam, 39, 224; mother, 252; Mr., 25; 
Patience, 100, 182, 234; Rebecca, 152, 218, 
245; Samuel, 9, 19, 21, 38, too, 160, 163, 
177, 214, 215, 217, 220, 236; Sarah, 39, 
194,206,315,245; Silence, 242; William, 
7, 9i 'o» "7. 39. "5. "8, 152. '92. "94. 
196, 200, an, 313, 234, 235, ^36, 248; 
Zachary, 152, 314. 

Trobridge, Trowbridge: Elizabeth, 193; 
James, 33, 34, 61, 170, 193; Margaret, 33, 
34, 61; Mind weil, 193; Mrs., 5; Thank- 
ful, 306. 

Trot, Trott, 35; Anne, 339; Bro.,116; Chris- 
tian, 343; David, 337; Elizabeth, 238; 
Hannah, 232; James, 41, 148, 202, 234, 
236, 237, 238, 245; John, 195, ao6, 234; 
Lemuel, 235; Mary, 152, 215, 234, 236, 
237; Mercy, 40, 235, 338, 242; Mother, 
251; Mrs., 157,236,251; Preserved, 176; 
S., 40; Sam., 39, 191,238; Samuel, 206, 

326, 330, 331,333,334,335, 242, 343, 249. 

151; Sarah, 182, 230, 233, 234, 235; 
Susan, 233; Thankful, 199, 206; Tho., 7, 
31, 39; Thomas, 100, 132, 191, 195, 199, 
303, 315, 319, 233, 234, 235, 337, a39» 248; 
widow, 252 ; Zebiah, 237. 
Trow, John, 182. 
% Tucker: 125; Ephraim, 37, 104, 239, 240, 
341; Experience, 208; James, 19, 37, 
100,104,313; Joshua, 239; Manasseh, 37, 
104, 161 ; Rebecca, 208; Robert, 104. 
Turin: Abigail, 245; Joseph, 241; Mr., 241, 

Turner, Tumear: Increase, 19, 173; Jeffrey, 

5; Mr., 174; Patience, 175; Prais-ever, 

17, 171 : William, 7, in. 
Twitcheli, Joseph, 7. 

Umphrey, Uphrey [see Humphrey]. 

Underwood, Mary, 14. 

Upsall, Upshall: Dorothie, 4; Experience, 

17a; Nicholas, 4; Ruth, 173; Susanna, 


Vener, Rebecca, 5. 

Viles: Joseph, 343, 346; Sarah, 346; Susanna, 
346. • 

Vos, Vote: Abigail, 212; Capt., 175; Edward, 
«9> 37. 212; Elizabeth, 208, 212; Henry, 
ao, 308; Jane, 308, 313; John, 313; Na- 

thaniel, 312; Thomas, 20, 37, 208; Waite, 
37; WaitstiJl, 100; William, 212. 

W [ . . . ], Sarah, 233. 

Wackman: John, 151; Mary, 151; Mr., 151. 

Wadsworth, Wodsworth: Benjamin, 148, 155, 
202; John, 161; Joseph, 200; Mr., 166; 
Sam., 164, 200, 202. 

Wait: Abigail, 242; Eiis.,242; Ruth, 243. 

Waldo, Zech., 233. 

Wales, Walls: Content, 100, 208; Ebenezer, 
233,345; Elijih, 153; Elizabeth, 152,214, 
240; Elkanah, 206, 208, 242; Ephraim, 
343; father, 157; goodman, 22, 120, 185 ; 
goodwife, 149, 182; Hannah, 233; Injah. 
41, 148, 152, 234, 235, 236, 238,241, 242, 
243, 245'. Isaac, 246; J., 246; Jedidiah, 
an; John, 37, 100, 127, 208, 231, 338, 
339, 340, 242, 245. 248, 252 ; Jonathan, 232, 
~" 241 ; Mary, 39, too, 206, 207, 224, 234, 235, 
340,243; Mr., 25; N.,243; Nathaniel, 4, 
50, 100, 101,207; Ruth, 239, 245 ; S.,236; 
Samuel, 39, 207, 211, 214, 216, 219, 221, 
224, 232, 233, 2j6, 346, 248, 250, 251, 252; 
Sarah, 216, 234; Susan, 4, 50, 346; Tab- 
itha, 223 ; Timothy, 22, 120, 220. 

Walker, John, 151. 

Walter, Walters: Mr., 130, 153, 154, 156, 167; 
Samson, 155. 

Ward: Benjamin, 241; Elizabeth, 244; Jos., 
237. 244; Joseph, 24", 246; Mary, 237; 
Thankful, 237; Zebia, 239. 

Ware: Goodman, 7i t -William, 10. 

Wareham, Mr., 255. 

Warner, Abraham, 45. 

Warren, Mr., 171. 

Waterhouse: Anna, 171; Mary, 6; Mrs., 6; 
Mr. (Tho.), 6. 

Watkins, Sarah, 152. 

Way, Waye, 179; Aaron, 51, 178, 190; Eliza- 
beth, 188; father, 25; Henry, 7; Hester, 
30; Jonathan, t88; Mary, 177; Mr., 25; 
Richard, 7, 30, 186, 188; Susanna, 190; 
Thomas, 147; William, 181. 

Web, Webb, Weibb : Benj., 234 ; Eben., 233 ; 
Elizabeth, 38; Katharine, 234; John, 239; 
Mary, 218; Nath., 230; Sam., 226, 249, 
251; Tho., 232; Zebulun, 230. 

Weeks, Wickes: Abigail, 221, 344; AraieLl.ji, 
190, 194.. 19°. '99. 202, 204, 206, 215, 322, 
233; Deliverance, 234; Ebenezer, 39, 196, 
206,233; Elijah, 245 ; Elizabeth, 109, 181, 
188, 206, 226, 242, 253; Experience, 23 1 ; 
George, 6, 189, 195; goodwife, 182 ; Han- 
nah, 152, 200, 229, 232; Jane, 6, 194; 
Joane, 206; John, 100, 122, 128, 180; 
Jos., 246, 253; Joseph, 36, 40, 199, 200, 
201, 204, 206, 226, 229, 231, 232, 234, 250; 
Josh., 252; Lemuel, 244; Mary, 100,206, 
226; Mehitable, 222 ; Mindwell, 148, 204; 
Renew, 100, 191, 206, 216; Repent, 148, 
206; Sarah, 19X, 306, 326, 237, 244; Sub- 
mit, 202; Supply, 302; Thankful, 190, 
306, 331; Thomas, 304; widow, 352; 
William, 31, 187, 189, 191, 194, 195, 193, 

200, 20>, 216, 2l8, 224, 244. 

Welds, Mr, 148. 

Wentworth, 236, 239; John, 236; Mary, 234. 

Wheelock, Eleazar, 161. 

Whipple, 177; Benjamin, 182; David, 188; 

Eliezer, 176; Goodwife, 7; John, 172; 

Samuel, 174; Sarah, 173; William, 181. 
White, Whine: Abigail, 333, 337; Abijah, 

338; bro., 146, 157; Ebenezer, 318, 236, 

237; Edward, 4, 153, 235, 236, 3J7, 338; 

Elizabeth, 316, 330; Experience, 303; 

Hannah, 329; Henry, 159, 163, 16s, 215, 



a:6, 318, aao; June*, 33, 36, 14a, 170, 197, 
199, 201, 303, 206, 209, 212, 218, 248, 252 ; 
Jerusha, 224; John, 171, 201, 209, 235; 
Josiah, 165, 215, 227; Martha, 4, 206; 
M?ry, 209, 215; Mr., 146, 236, 237. 238, 
343; Mrs., 245; Patience, 237, 245; Re- 
becca, 230; Richard, 152; Sarah, 36, 197, 
337,228,236; Submit, 222; Thankful, 199, 
206, 209; William, 218. 

Whitman, Rev. Mr., 87, 244. 

Wilcox: William, 151. 

Wilkins: Brave, 6; Bray, 25; Hannah, 5; 
Henry, 180: John, 173; Lydia, 175; Mar- 
garet, 178; Samuel, 171; Thomas, 176. 

Willard, Mr., 102, 103, 116, 138, 139. 

Willett: Alice, 151; Bethia, 176; Susanna, 

William, King, 133, 139, 153. 

Williams, William, Wills: Daniel, 241; Eben- 
ezer, 2s, 37. 38, >°°, '32. 152. '7*, '7%, 207, 
309, 332, 233, 234, 235. 238, 239, 245, 249, 
352; Elizabeth, 6; Frances, 6; John, 153, 
156; Josiah, 152, 207; Kath, 230; Martha, 
37,333; Mary, 152,235,245; Mr., 154.156, 
162; Mrs., 153; Nathaniel, 171; Nicho., 
243; Preserved, 234; Rev. Mr. John, 
345; Richard, 6; Roger, 178; Ruth, 238; 
Samuel, 222; Susanna, 22H, 237: Thomas, 
228,232; William, 232; Zebadiah, 234. 

Willice, Willeyes, Willyes: Adding-srill, 173 ; 
Cornelius, 175; Elizabeth, 209; Experi- 
ence, 176; Goodwife, 7; Joane, 5; Jo- 
seph, 171; Michael, 5: Roger, 37, 209. 

Wilson: John, 9, 10, 184, 258; Joseph, 5; 
Mr., 25, 62, 131, 163, 194,237,255. 

Winthrop, Wintrop: Adam, 133; Major, 133. 

Wiswall, Wiswell, Wizzell, 179; Abigail, 41; 
Anne, 243, 244; Benjamin, 178; Captain, 
167, 242; Daniel, 246; deacon, 63, 64, 84, 
85; Deborah, 172; Ebenezer, 172, 215, 
331, 241, 243, 343, a44, 245, 346; elder, 
*4H Elizabeth, 4, 198, 206, 243; Enoch, 
3a, 136, 138, 156, 189, 192, 193, 195, 198, 
aoi, 303, 305, 208, 212, 215, 319, 230, 342, 
244, 245, 246; Esther, 246; grandfather, 
187; Hannah, 193, 206, 228, 240; Hester, 
53, 182, 201; Ichabod, 233; James, 243; 
Jo, 258; John, 4, 10, 12, 17, 63, 74, 84, 85, 
186, 189, 221, 231, 240, 241, 242, a43. 244, 
346, 350, 358; Lt., 25, 243; Lvdia, i75i-. 
Margaret, 4; Martha, 180; Mary, 148, 
178, 208, 241, 242; Mr., 157; Mrs., 40, 
336,351; Noah, 170,245; Oliver, 41, 148, 
195, 206, 225, 228, 231, 233, 233, 234, 
243, 249; Rebecca, 171 ; Ruth, 127; Sam- 
uel, 41, 156, 212, 234; Sarah, 174, 239, 
242; Serj-, 146, 248,251; Susanna, 148, 

203, 245; Thomas, 4, 10, 34, 52, 59, 60, 
61, 225, 239, 240, 241 ; William, 246. 
Withams, Mr., 245. 

Withington, Withing: Abiel, 231, 241; Abi- 
gail. 2-£, 2j£r-i.->->e, 227; Anna, 21,236, 
4*3! 3.15; ji>~!'-Ai. 3; Constant, 192; De- 
..liverartce.W"* «i Ebenezer, 21, 41, too, 
•132V140, n?> -i't. ax, 227,237, 239,240, 

. - a46r24*. JftaJ »► 2 Elder, 10, 184, 186; 

; _ El:».abetti, ♦£, 3K1H7, 198, 206, 230, 241, 
C 343»^-245; 'Faith,' c 5 ; Hannah, 100, 152, 
220; Henry, 3, 13, 36, 39, 181, 218, 
220, 222, 227, 230; Hopesrill, 234; John, 
3°, 37. 4», «02, 125, 128, 178, 204, 206, 
211,213,217, 220,223, 235, 236; Jos., 40, 
230; Joseph, 200, 227, 242; Mary, 7, 21, 
204,211, 223,246; Mather, 237; Mr. ; 64, 
65, 167,244; Mrs., 35, 237, 251; Phillip, 
40, 122, 132, 135, 162, 167, 189, 217, 
219, 221, 223, 225, 227, 230, 231, 232, 233, 
248, 251, 252; Richard, 5, 79, 80, 114, 152, 
«57. 189, 192, 198,200, 213, 234, 235, 240, 
242; Samuel, 41,217, 238, 240, 244; Sarah, 
152, 157,218,232; Silence, 222; Susanna, 
223; Thankful, 152,219,239,34a; widow, 
351 ; William, 325, 238, 242, 243, 246. 

Wood", Woods: Abigail, 136, 151; Deborah, 
151; Eleanor, 226; Elias, 40; Elice, 248; 
Elizabeth, 151, 224, 235, 241- Ellis, 38, 
214, 216; Father, 25; John, 151, 224; 
Lt., 151; Margaret, 151; Mary, 151; 
Miriam, 38, 214; Peter, 136, 221; Sarah, 
151; widow, 156,2^2; William, 221. 

Woodbridge, Mr., 154, 155, 156. 

Woodcock, Thos., 147. 

Woodland, 148, 177; John, 178; Martha, 
177; Thankful, 176. 

Woodward, Wooward: Abigail, 231, 232, 236, 
245; Deliverance, 231; Ebenezer, 231; 
Elizabeth, 53,234; Experience, 174; ffree- 
dome, 173; Hannah, 233; Henry, 6, 17, 
52; John, 232, 242,243, 245; Mary, 330; 
Nathaniel, 242; Samuel, 234; Sarah, 335; 
Silence, 233 ; Smith, 41, 136, 210,' 225, 227, 
330, 331, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 250, 253; 
Submit, 333. 243 ; Thankful, 227. 

Woodworth: David, 151; Grace, 151; John, 

Worth, Sarah, 233. 

Wright: Goody, 7; Henry, 7; Samuel, 169. 

Wyat, Wiat, Wiet, 25; Benj., 232; Comfort, 
218; David, 223; Edward, 217; Jonathan, 
218, 232; Maria, 227; mother, 252; Na- 
thaniel, 100, 107, in, 146, 177, 317, 318, 
350, 352; Rebecca, 218; Standfast, 218; 
Waitstill, 175, 228. 

Wyman: Jacob, 156; Mr., 154. 


Abington, 160, 161, 162. 
Albana [Albany], 105. 
America, 153. 
Andover, 154. 
Attleborough, 238, 24a. 

Barbados, 170. 

Barnstable, Bastable, 61. 

Bay, The, 43. 

Beverly, 245. 

Billerica, 154. 

Black-point, 101. 

Boston, 10, 14, 17. »8, 19, 3*. 33. 36, 44. 47. 
5°. 5'. 53. 54. 57. 58, 59, 6a, 64, 69, 70s 71, 
7*. 75. 77. 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 88, 89, 92, 102, 

ISO, 132, 184, 190, 192, 194, 198, 200, 203, 
206, 209, 2IO, 219, 220, 224, 236, 237, 238, 
241, 242, 244, 246. 

Braintree, Brantree, &c, 18, 22, 58, 63, 69, 86, 
88, 89, 91, 104, 105, 118, 150, 155, 156, 158, 
16:, 165, 167, 173, "75. '77. «84. Joo, 202, 
218, 227, 235, 236, 243, 259. 

Bridgewater, 19, 20, 172, 241. 

Bristol, 160, 243, 245. 

Cambridge, 14, 57, 58, 59. 61, 69, 89, 128, 163, 

226, 229, 258. 
Cambridge Farms, 148, 154. 
Cambridge Village, 34, 59, 60, 61, 144. 
Canada, 133, 159, 224. 
Canton, 138. 
Capeford, 72. 

Caribee [Kereby] Islands, 72, 73. 
Charlestown, 38, 57, 58, 59, 69, 89, 103, 105, 

106, 131, 144, 159. 215. 
Chatham, 242. 
Chelmsford, 154,211. 
Colony, 46, 80, 95, 106, 114. 
Concord, 105, 144, 148, 154, 174. 
Connecticut, 14, 20, 43, 108, 115, 170, 258. 

Dedham, 40, 58, 88, 93, 104, 118, 141, 150, 170, 

184, 220, 242. 
Deerfield, 153, 154, 156,245- 
Dighton, 241. 

Dorchester, So. Carolina, 144, 145. '48. 
Dolthester Village, 165, 235, 236, 237, 238, 

»39. J 43- 
Dunstable, 148, 154. 
Dutch, 66, 03. 
Duxborougn, 153. 

Easthampton, 235. 

Eastward, The, 126, 153, 155, 258. 

England, Ingland, Old England, 42, 44, 45. 
46, 50. 5*. 54, 55, 56, 57. 58, 60, 67, 70, 71, 
73, 73, 74, 83, 84, 86, 87, 88, 91, 95, 102, 103, 

105, IIO, 112, 115, ll8, 119, I20, 133, 124, 

"7, '3>. '33, '35, '37, '43. 'S3. '7°. «7«. 
172, 180, 184, 186, 188, 235, 254. 
Europe, 92, 153, 154- 

Fox Point, 25. 

Framingham, 161, 162. 

France, 127, 143. 

French, The, 133, 139, 145. «5°. '53, '55, '5°- 

Gloster, 245. 

Groton, Groaton, 102. v 

Hampton, 243. 

Hartford, 42, 43. 45- 

Hatfield, 18, 105. 

Hingham, 38, 51, 105, 114, 169, 170, 171,213, 

238, 239. 
Holland, 93. 
Hull, 87, 165, 243, 244- 

Ipswich, Ipswetch, 162, 174, 210, 212, 215. 
Ireland, 133. 

Jones' Lane, 25. 

Kereby Islands [see CaribeeJ. 

Lancaster, Lanchaster, Langchester, 17, 34, 

47. »54, '9°. 2°7. »'°- 
Leeds Lane, 25. 
Lexington, 167. 

Little Compton, 147, 150, 151, 161. 
London, 67, 71, 72, 243. 
Long Island, 42. 
Lynn, Lin, 36, 170, 205. 

Maiden, 113. 

Manados, 92. 

Marlborough, 154. 

Martins [Martha's] Vineyard, 42. 

Massachusetts Bay, 1, 155, 258. 

Medfield, Meadfeild, 9, to, 33, 34, 118, 131, 
«45. '49. '61, 207,255, 258. 

Medford, 154, 155, 156. 

Mendon, 154. 

Mill, The, 25^ 

Mill Creek, The, 44. 

Milton, Melton, 19, 20, 22, 75, 100, 104, 112, 
115, :i8, 119, »l, '44, '50. '57. 161-164, 167, 
198, 199, 202, 203, 208, 211, 213, 223, 224, 

»37. J4', 244. 345- 
Mystic, 156. 

Namur, 145. 

Naraganset, 149, 151. 

Nashaway, 12, 191. 

Netherlands, 155. 

New England, 1, 11, 44, 143, 158, 159, 163, 

180, 258. 
New Hampshire, 155. 
New Haven, 172. 
Newington, 148. 



Newport, ijo, 151, 182. 

Newtown, Newton, 34 [see Cambridge Vil- 
lage], 157, 160, 167, 170, 237. 
New York, 93, 153. 

Nonantum, 34, 144 [see Cambridge Village]. 
Northampton, 14, 17, 19, 52, 53, 154, 172, 174. 
Norton, 160, 241. 

Our Native Country [see England]. 

Pascataway, Pescattoway, 121, 156. 

Pennsylvania, 149. 

P"rt Royal, 156, 235. 

Portsmouth [see Strawberry Bank], 136, 162. 

Providence, 163, 164, 165, 173, 174, 243. 

Punkapoag, 163, 238, 244. 

Quenectecot [Connecticut], 14, 20, 43, 108, 

Reading, 144, 154. 

Rehoboth, 102, 108, 147, 149, 170. 

Rhode Island, 147, 149. 

Rocksbery, Roxbury, 17, 18, 19, 25, 33, 42, 
3«. 57, 58, 59. &9. 7°. 79. 86, 88, 89, 90, 93, 
105, 114, "7. "8, 125, 128, 129, 130, 144, 
>57» 167, 174, 184, 186, 201, 202, 214, 222, 236, 

Rowly, 34. 

St. Christophers, 155. 

Salem, 30, 173, 174, j86. 

Salley, 142. 

Sandwich, Sandidg, 33, 16;, 200, 243, 244. 

Scituate, 167, 173, 174, 238. 

Scotland, 124, 127. 

Seakonk, Seaconc, Seaconck, 191, 227. 

South Carolina, 20, 144, 145, 148. 

Southfield, 235. 

Spaniards, 153. 

Springfield, 52, 53, 170, 172. 

Stamford, 172. 

Stoughton, 167, 244. 

Strawberry Bank [see Portsmouth]. 

Sudbury, 144, 148, 154, 155, 159, 209. 

Surinam, 237. 

Taunton, Tanton, 18, 19, 23, 24, 32, 35, 47. 

65, 66, 67, 121, 148, 15s, 160, 173, 174, 186, 

191, 245, 246. 
The Neck, 25. 
Tiverton, 239. 
Topsfield, 19, 189. 
Truro, 220. 
Turkey, 141. 
Turks, The, 125, 144. 

Uncatye, 187. 

Virginia, 186. 

Watertown, 14, 57, 58, 128, 149, 155, 171. 
Waymouth, Weymouth, 19, 32, 40, 47, 61, 62, 

88, 89, 104, 118, 134, 156, 157. 174. '92. 242. 
Westfield, 172. 
West India, 140. 

Windsor, Winsor, 1, 14, 20, 169, 171, 255. 
Wobum, Woobume, 52, 154, 156. 
Woodstock, 142, 143. 
Worcester, Wocester [in England], 180. 
Wrentharo, Rentham, 147, 150, 164. 

York, 136, 243- 

New England 



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